Friday, December 4, 2009

Taco Belles


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  1. You can lick my TACO… its tuna flavored

  2. Normally posts like this gross me out, but…. I actually find this funny, haha.

    @Martha it’s*

  3. Love losers who spen time correcting
    typo’s on blog comments.
    You much have such a fulfilling life.
    No one cares.

  4. guess kent isn’t TOTALLY supportive. dick.

  5. @rimme

    Maybe Kent doesn’t like the reference to massive taco bell diarrhea that you get after a drunken night? Personally, that does sound pretty gross.

    Hmmm, rimme…….job……..hmmm.

  6. Supportive friends or no, sore orifice information should be left off of facebook.

  7. hahaha Go Kent ! Never has a truer word been spoken.

  8. Billy is comparing sex with Richard to Taco Bell?

    Does that means it smelled like rotten meat, and was full of farting all night?

  9. twitter – probably. My asshole doesn’t generally smell like roses.

  10. You know how I know you’re gay?…You just told everyone on facebook.

  11. If I was Richard, I don’t know if I’d be insulted or complimented by the Taco Bell comment!

  12. Is anyone else bothered that Ann gave this mentally disturbing post a thumbs up?

  13. at least he didnt compare it to the DMV.. they REALLY fuck you in the ass

  14. probably bullshit

  15. Why would it be bullshit, everyone says that.

  16. blah blah blah.

  17. ewww

  18. Sex with you is like riding a bumpy roller coaster. My ass hurts like hell, my knuckles are white, and there are pictures of me screaming at the end.

  19. thats very… awkward!?

  20. LMAO mcowles !

  21. Billy has a way with words. I’m sure that is what enticed Richard to ride the hobby horse with him.

  22. somebody got fisted

  23. mcowles FTW

  24. Hahaha mcowles

  25. I back Kent on this one 100%. It’s fine to be gay and do whatever it is they do. But NO to sharing to much information on Facebook. No. So much information was shared that …sniff sniff… hardly any jokes have …sniff sniff… been made.

  26. Mcowles you’re a fucking crack up!

  27. “Smells like seven layers,
    That beaver eats Taco Bell.”

  28. Honestly, in the end, this is hardly the worst thing that’s going on on facebook.. I’m all for this post, I think it’s funny, and I think it’s sweet they’re able to be open about it. Anyways, anyone else think it might be a southpark reference gone wrong? Either way.. gross? I guess.. if you’re still scared of poop and gay sex.
    Kent’s a fucking cock though. Very supportive wording there buddy. PS: Kent, you’re the friend that everyone hates but nobody knows how to tell, because of THESE kinds of fucking awkward statements.

  29. @25:

    “and do whatever it is they do.”

    Wtf, are they a separate species now?

  30. hahahaha mcowles that is hilarious :P
    and aniskai, no one needs your utterly boring lectures, lamebook is all about making fun of posts, so if you made an account to tell peple off for doing what the site is about, get a life.. and delete your account

  31. @29 Aniskai: You have read into my statement too far, that you are putting words in my mouth. It was a generalised statement because there are different catergories of homosexuals, and even then you cannot say that one thing (a favourite activity, preferred style of clothing, a behavioural trait etc) that applies to one will hold true for others. Hence i was trying to save myself some time there. I support the Gay community and their need (i mean need. not want) to be allowed to marry and rear children. More loving and supportive parents are needed in this day and age. Anyway i hope that you get the point now.

  32. I’d like to get the point, but it looks like Richard is busy tonight.

    Awww he wouldn’t like my bits anyway.

  33. @Anitalaff: I will like them for you :)

  34. @3 MarthaSpewitt: *spend, *typos

  35. #32 Insane wins for liking my bits

  36. LMFAO @ fistacular

  37. #33…. still lamer than this post.

  38. DMV lolololololol

  39. Billy announces to the ears nearby “I’m bending over to tie my shoe laces”. Richard who happens to be the only one nearby notices two things wrong with Billy’s statement. 1- Billy is not wearing shoes and 2- Billy is in his birthday suit. Upon this extraordinary deduction Richard proceeds to bang Billy as if the world were ending in 5 minutes. After hours of angry yetti sex, Richard summarises this whole ordeal in his Facebook status.

  40. @30

    Alright, if that’s how you meant it. But the way you expressed it wasn’t all that clear ;P

    I also like the scenario you’ve presented us with in #38.

  41. @39 – yeah i have that problem sometimes. Assuming people will know what i am talking about if i miss some minor details. I will try to not do that in the future.

  42. Bump. ’cause you suck

  43. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m pretty sure you’re doing it wrong if it burns the next morning. In both cases; anal and eating Taco Bell.

  44. (O)

  45. I just find it REALLY funny that apparently Kent, Richard, and Billy are best friends, and Kent didn’t know they were gay. When they crashed at each other’s house (and all the other things best friends do…), I wonder what Richard & BIlly were doing while Kent was sleeping in the next room…LOL. Now to make Kent think about all those moments….

  46. Kent was probably asleep in the same room. Woke up to suspicious sounds. Opened his eyes and saw his best friends getting down and dirty. Cried a little inside while wishing he could partake in the festivities. Finally after a while he fell asleep while his besties and still getting freaky… Following day Richard puts up a post. Billy reciprocates the kind [dirty] words. Kent feeling shattered on the inside decides to say something nice, but the deep seeded resentment for not being allowed to be involved in their fun, makes it way into Kents comment.

  47. Ann is a faghag.

  48. Fake. Talking about last night after 9 PM? Everyone replied withing minutes of each other. I like this site. Some really funny stuff on here, but this set-up stuff is boring.

  49. that could have been the next time, after that night, that he got a chance to go on FB. He could have been busy all day- Idk.

  50. That was kinda hot!

  51. man i had taco bell last night..hopefully my ass won’t be paying for it later…yikes!

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