Saturday, October 17, 2009

Surgereez Louise

Surgereez Louise

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  1. A few MONTHS? Omg. I think she misunderstands the meaning of the phrase “root”

  2. My ex-girlfriend who still lives in Ireland once broke her pelvis while having sex.

  3. Was she doing it with you at the time, Boz? And what was the significance of Ireland especially?

    I nearly had an asthma attack the other night, but that’s as bad as it gets.

  4. Stupid Australians.

  5. Anyone care to explain “root”?

  6. @ Sa
    Who said owt about the Ozzies?

  7. @Pink

    Only Aussies say “root”

  8. how how many times this guy mentioned he gets sex, jeez… thats a lame in itself, let alone added with the freaky operation lol!

  9. Surely “Kelliee” is a woman?

  10. “Root” we use this in New Zealand too, slang for Sex.

    Boz your comments are annoying!

  11. @M Whoever’s trying to be me is taking information from my LiveJournal and randomly dropping it into unfunny comments.

    @Bex That’s not me, that’s someone copying me. There are two or three people posting as Boz on these boards at the moment. I can see how it can be annoying, but there’s not a lot I can do about it. This happened before – the experience is that eventually they get bored and wander off.

  12. the lamest part of all of this is either the way Brad is spelt with a capital R or how desperate Kelliee is to tell everyone she’s not a virgin…

  13. Her slutiness became destiny the moment her parents added the superflous e’s to her name.

  14. oh god i hope it isn’t spelt with a capital R so it doubles as Rad..

  15. I think she is referring to the genital warts she just had burned off. Or possibly the D&C she had after she aborted/miscarried her unplanned pregnancy. Kelliee, if you are going to claim ‘sex injury,’ either describe it in detail, or don’t say anything at all. Your description points anyone of average intelligence in only one direction, you dumb whore. You are the type of lying slut I warn my brothers about.

  16. That bleeding is your period. Its normal and nothing to worry about. You can have sex during this time too.

  17. @Boz impersonator
    Please stop impersonating me. It’s annoying.

    She was fcking my best friend Chad, and I think the full force of his thrust is what split her pelvis–I made a post about this on Live Journal not too long ago.

  18. Torn off piercing?

    @Bex – cheers. I thought it might have something to do with virginity specifically.

  19. Kelliee’s posts don’t add up.

    On one hand she’s saying she had an operation, then on the other she’s saying she has a sex injury. Which one is it? Or is saying she had an operation to fix the sex injury? That really makes no sense.

    Exactly what kind of an injury can you get from sex that is then going to prevent further sex for months? Did her vagina get torn open? Perhaps Kelliee’s into bestiality with horses, I hear that can do some damage.

    Kellie is literally the biggest attention whore I’ve seen on Lamebook to date.

    @Lucy – HAHA brilliant

  20. Ps. Lamebook admin FTW for posting something on a Saturday. What a treat!

  21. Root?

  22. Having your clit piercing ripped off?

  23. Yes. Root. As in fuck.
    Even if you didn’t know what it meant, I’d think it’d be pretty easy to figure out.

  24. What the fuck is wrong with these people?

  25. Sometimes when I’m rubbing one out, my old hernia hurts but that’s about it. Wow, I’m sad.

  26. What’s the bet that before Brad* even posted this, his desperate friends had asked him to hook them up with anyone BUT ‘that skanky whorebag Kelly*’.

    (*Refusing on principle to use that f’king retarded spelling they’ve both got going on.)

  27. So what, she says she wants sex and talks about it. Big fucking deal…it doesn’t mean she’s a slut or whore it just means she wants some…I’m sure everyone gets horny once in a while!!!

  28. @ BLIM BLIM

    That was exactly my reaction. Wow Brad, we’re totally convinced that you’re a unbelievable stud who gets lots of sex. The more you say it, the more convinced we are.

  29. @ big deal: mmmm, not sure about that. Wanting some is one thing, but taking so much that you have to have an operation to repair the damage? Then telling everyone on FB? Is possibly a tad whore-ish.

    Forgive me for that slice of judgement pie.

  30. So the main thing I’ve gleaned from this conversation is that Kelliee is a wee bit of a slut, whose waaay too open about her vajayjay, and would be rather happy to take a bit of BRad’s manmeat.

    My personal theory on out friend BRad would be that, despite having a girlfriend, he tried it on with another girl and got fed the “I’m saving myself for marriage line.”

  31. So BRad’s assuption is that anyone who is not a virgin will be happy to fuck his mates, no questions asked. Hmmm.

  32. BRad is on a hunt
    For hymens that are intact.
    Kelliee can not help.

  33. Is it not possible that her “injury” was obtained during sex, but has nothing to do with her sexual apparatus? Maybe she got poked in the ear and any energetic activity will undo the work of the operation.

    Just a thought…

  34. Nah, it was a Mandingo related injury.

  35. I think kelliee is more of an attention whore than anything else and uses her sexuality to get that attention

  36. Brad’s a fag for even asking the question then reinforcing the fact he has regular sex, as if he’s somehow superior and wants to know who is below him.

  37. It’s true. I am a fag.

  38. LOL. Kellie has most def had a d&c. there are not many other things it could be. something you just shouldn’t explain in detail on a facebook post. if you’re going to admit to have sex-related surgery.. make up a story that doesn’t end up in you bleeding for months cause it’s pretty obvious.

  39. D&C? I’m curious…

  40. Dilatation and curettage

  41. Maybe she calls her newborn baby her sex injury.

  42. Facepalm at Brad trying to let everyone know that he’s had sex before.

  43. Whoa!

    Thanks to 40)Canuck for posting the wiki and 38)iho for pointing out D&C. You guys should read the wiki. I don’t know what happened to this chick, but if it was a d&c, that’s some really wild sh…

  44. Lol @ Mr Haiku.

  45. Why can’t she drink alcohol?

  46. This is the first LB thats made me wince and carefully cross my legs.
    *Sex injury* why? how? Ew…

  47. I bet Brad’s surname begins with R.

  48. or possibly Jax he’s being really lame & wanting people to pronounce his name B-Rad. As in be radical.

  49. LOL, I know a guy who likes to be called B-Rad when he’s drunk. I have no idea why, but he is very adamant about it.

  50. that’s hot.

  51. Bitch got slutalitis.

  52. Lordy, this one is the lamest of the lame.
    The more people talk about shagging, the less they actually are in reality.
    These two are morons.

  53. @45- she can’t have alcohol because it causes her to become a whore and abuse her already battered genitals

  54. “the millions of comments you’ll eventually get”
    yes im sure all your friends are going to willingly post the status of their virginity for everyone to see…

  55. “the millions of comments you’ll eventually get” – she says this the next day, after she is still the only person to have commented

  56. @ Gina

    Actually, that response was only 42 minutes after the original post. Sorry for the following word…fail.

  57. *punches BRad and Kelliee in the face*

  58. Thanks, Ryanoceros. Makes sense.

  59. @knucklepopper
    hahahhahahaha! you are hilarious.

  60. A women in Australia won $2000 worth of damages from her lover for sex injuries earlier this year. I’d take a courgette/zucchini over a pineapple normally but for two grand….?

  61. Is anyone else sick of the long descriptions of what people are doing in between asterisks? It’s starting to get to me.

    *Slams head against wall hoping that I will black out and no longer be able to read your terrible status updates*

  62. ROFL, if she was jumping up and down really fast her boobs would jiggle…ALOT.

  63. *wipes away the tears she cried from laughing at mad’s comment*

  64. It sounds like he was tryin to set up a clever way of announcing he just lost his virginity.
    “who’s a virgin?” (BRad)
    “Who ZOMG?” (One of BRad’s lame friends)
    “Not me any more! Bam!” (BRad)
    or something like that.

  65. @ mad

    Slamming your head against the wall may be hazardous to your health, please be careful.

    *just saying*

  66. either it was an abortion… leep procedure or she had some really rough sex and needed stitches…

    Any type of surgery your not suppose to drink for a bit afterward due to it thinning your blood.

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