Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Super Sweet


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  1. What a bitch.

  2. YES!

  3. Haley is my kinda bitch.

  4. And yet, they’re ‘friends’.

  5. haha, awesome.

  6. rawr! kitty has claws!

  7. What a horrible “friend”. I’m betting she’s the one that calls Rebekah’s boyfriend when she is drunk and asks him favors.

  8. PWND!

  9. Soulja Boy Tell 'Em


  10. that is priceless

  11. hmm nice backhanded comment there, I love when girls do girl shit, just reinforces why men continue to run shit

  12. Hey, at least she’s honest. I personally think it would have been worse if she was like ” awwww…. we both have the best boyfriends ever, lolz, luv ya girlie<33333333 xoxoxoxxxooo"

  13. Women.

    Nuff said.

  14. This is the definition of Women.

  15. At least Rebekah had the good sense to stop right there rather than airing her dirty laundry all over someone else’s facebook wall.

  16. Catty crazy bitches named Hailey seems to be a growing trend.

  17. @Val: Only I don’t think honesty was the motivating factor behind her post, was it?

  18. “What I also forgot to mention is that I’m so incredibly insecure that I have to make out like every single guy we know is in love with me, despite the fact that I probably have a monobrow and no personality whatsoeverLOVEMELOVEMESOMEBODYPLEASE!!”

  19. Stop spamming, george.

    Stop being a bitter baby, Truth.

  20. charles c. bobuck

    if she doesn’t answer the phone how does she know he’s drunk?

  21. charles c. bobuck

    sorry, “super drunk.”

  22. ^ i’m guessing it’s because it’s actually her calling him when she’s super drunk!

  23. This is what I’m talking about. Women are horrible people. Put them in cages.

  24. Yay, misogyny!

  25. @charles

    Perhaps he leaves her drunken voice mails? That’s probably how she knows.

  26. Hailey FTW!!!

  27. Haley pwn’d.

  28. The real Boz hasn’t posted at this website in the past week. These impersonators are douches.

    Anyway, this is indeed lame 12-year-old (even if they’re 16, same difference) bullshit. I’m afraid for when these chicks grow up. (If they ever do.)

  29. See…typically. Dudes will fight and forget. Chicks are conniving, manipulative, backstabbing, treacherous pieces of shit that will suck the life out of each other.

    It’s insane.

  30. Zoned
    November 3rd, 2009 at 8:09 pm
    What a bitch.

    I can’t think of a better way to put it.

  31. I think Rebekah’s the bitchy one trying to rub the fact that she’s dating Haley’s ex in her face, and Haley deserves applause.

  32. @nomore

    I miss the real Boz too

  33. @nomore and JJ

    Poor Boz.

  34. # 30 #34 #35. And Mr Haiku!

  35. Quote from South Park: “Haiku is just like our poetry, except it doesn’t rhyme and it’s really stupid.” -Mr. Garrison(teaching the kids)

  36. It’s funny how I feel sorry for Rebekah..

  37. Muthafukin' Maurice

    Haley is a fucking cunt

  38. ^ “Shut your goddamn Jew mouth!!!”

    Also a quote from South Park

  39. I’m going to have to side with Haley on this… I would’ve probably said something similar, if not the same thing.

  40. Anna, now why am I not suprised by your reaction?
    Women’s logic…

  41. that’s why women make shit managers and run businesses like crap.

  42. That’s why you never get laid

  43. LIKE.

  44. Bahahahahahaha

    This is why I only have like 2 girl friends and why I could never be a lesbian. They are ALL BITCHES! Except me. Well, I’m a bitch, but not an evil one.

  45. i fuck my uncle all day long

  46. I’ve noticed that often the girls who say all girls are bitchy are actually much, much worse.

    That being said, girls really are bitchy.

  47. i love a good backstabbing nasty bitchfight , above all between girls posing as friends

    Their quotes always start with

    You know she’s my friend but …

  48. I’m losing hope in humankind…

  49. Did any of you morons think that maybe it was two friends joking around with each other?

  50. Don’t think so buddy.

    It’s called the art of bitchiness. Perfected by females.

  51. Thesaurapist 13(F)


    Do you think any of us morons care?

  52. I’m not going to side with either of the girls in this post. They’re both idiotic bitches.

  53. I agree with Steve.

    I also agree that the only think lamer than a bitch girl is a girl who says “Oh I just cant get on with girls, they are just like soo bitchy, all my friends are guys yah yah yah…” yawn.

  54. This Haley is a nasty piece of work, but don’t you guys get all ‘men never do this kind of thing, we just duke it out in a straightforward manner’ about it and think you’re superior. Girls are like this precisely because it is socially unacceptable for them to duke it out – they’re expected to be friends with each other and be nice to others. And sometimes that’s impossible, which is when the horrible bitchiness comes out.

  55. Agree with exilednzer. Also, men say mean shit like this to each other all the time, but when they do it it’s ‘funny’ and ‘just joking around’, but when women do it they’re ‘bitches’. Double standards much?

  56. Who wants to bet Rebekah’s boyfriend dumped Haley and Haley is just bitter?

  57. I agree with #55, totally.
    I ALSO agree with #56 och 57

  58. *#56 AND #57 . wtf, self. *derrp*

  59. Thank you exilednzer.

  60. Someone sounds bitter…

  61. @ coollady

    just go google some porn ffs!

  62. damn, haley is a super bitch.
    they’re both bitches, really.

  63. I think I am in love with Hayley!

  64. Rebekah was asking for it. The phrase “noo, i have a better bf!!!!1 lolz” should always be backed up by “shut up bitch.”
    Haley just knocked it up a notch. BAM!

  65. super fucked up!!!!lol

  66. …fucking hilarious. some people just love feeling superior.

  67. i hope haley is dating stephen. they would be the most amazing couple ever.

  68. Muthafukin' Maurice

    Other than being a cunt Haley is also a liar. if she ‘doesn’t answer’how in the hell would she know he’s “super drunk”?

    Haley is a dishonest cunt and any girl on this board that agrees with her is a cunt too.

    Thus spoke Muthafukin’ Maurice

  69. Maurice – people leave voicemails. they get listened to eventually.

    thus spoke me.

  70. @yeah

    WAHAY 69!!!

    and daim this is some murkage

  71. [...] http://www.lamebook.com/super-sweet [...]

  72. @xyz no, probably not.

    But I have to agree with #54 & #55.

  73. @39. Anna
    November 4th, 2009 at 1:12 am
    I’m going to have to side with Haley on this… I would’ve probably said something similar, if not the same thing.

    Uhmm… then you are a bitch, too. I mean if you are jealous of someone dating your ex in the first place then break up with your boyfriend cause he deserves better.

    @40. Issh
    November 4th, 2009 at 1:21 am
    Anna, now why am I not suprised by your reaction?
    Women’s logic…

    Not all women. I, personally, think that this Hailey girl is just an envious pathetic little child.

  74. it’s funny, get over it !

  75. arguing on the internet. Classy !

  76. BURN

  77. interwebz drama=greatness

  78. Anyone else get the feeling that Rebekah was being sarcastic as well? I dunno, the exclamation marks and smiley face at the end kind of made it seem like she was mocking her.

  79. I don’t understand fighting on facebook or myspace through bullitens and such. if you don’t like them DELETE THEM gaah it makes nooo sense

  80. ”sisters?” – from Big bang theory…

  81. did anyone consider this could have just been a joke? you know, like how guys say “I fucked your mom last night”

  82. Blatently fake.

  83. burn

  84. Tune in next time for another great episode of Reality Check

  85. Ouch.

  86. the famous.. HALEY! :]

    jsut so you know this is really me..
    and matter of fact I broke up with him…
    haha and i said this cause this girl is a little bitch and she deserved the cards dealt to her…
    buuut however all your comments about .. well how’d she know it was him?! haha why’d she answer?
    answer is… i got about 15 unknown caller calls every other night and when i picked up it was him however i didn’t do the bitchy thing and tell his poor helpless girlfriend i IGNORED THEM!.
    unntill they became voicemails then i ofcourse listened to them.
    amazing how technology works right.
    anyways i do have the sweetest boyfriend on earth and thanks to all of you who backed me up :]

  87. you’re a bitch… and not a very good one.

  88. I’m going to have to side with haley on this one… if this rebekah girl has the nerve to say she has the “sweetest” boyfriend to someone who has already dated him, it’s obviously in attempt to throw it in her face and be bitchy, therefore, Haley’s response was completely relevant. there is obviously something wrong with rebekah’s boyfriend, and she’s seems very naive and gullible considering she’s dating someone who is still in love with his ex. pretty desperate and pathetic if you ask me….

    I’m on team haley.

  89. @Zoned

    What a bitch! is just enough!

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