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Study Hard

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  1. I think Jessica’s doing well. All the relastate aprasiers I’ve ever encountered have been complete retarts. She’ll fit right in.

  2. Oh yeah, FURST!!!1!!!!!lolwUt.

  3. “Seairuh”?! Is that supposed to be “Sierra”? Good Lord, no wonder the girl can’t write or spell. Her mother doomed her.

  4. seairuh massive fail. most likely thats not her real name too.

    John FTW!

  5. I’m surprised Seairuh mum didn’t go for full phonetics. Or ideograms of Sea, Air and an unidentified Uh?

  6. hugs.incorporated

    What project does Seairuh feel is stupid? I’ve read it 5 times, even aloud, and can’t figure it out.

  7. What Thea wrote is completely mind boggling. I mean seriously, you wrote THAT on your late teacher’s page? My child is 3 and has better sentence structure than that, obviously that’s saying a lot considering he’s 3!!!!

  8. If that teacher wasn’t already dead, he would probably commit suicide after witnessing the utter failure of his life’s work.

  9. @hugs.incorporated Presumably carees = careers.

  10. hugs.incorporated

    Thank you!

  11. I’m assuming that the dead teacher was not her English teacher.

  12. Maybe Mr D *was* her English teacher, and Thea’s saying he was the only person who could decipher her impenetrable txt babble and make it understandable. Now he’s dead and she’s like a lost lab chimp with no translator.

  13. What makes this the most LAME is that if you go to this group there is a link to this page. LAME, LAME, LAME!!!

  14. Anonnymouse – I’m going to have to agree with you, that’s the only explanation!

    Again and again I see things that reinforce my choice to homeschool.

  15. @ Penny Lane – I don’t mean to make home school sound trivial but out of curiosity what about the benefits of public school such as social skills and problem solving without your parents help? Learning to be more independent. Again, please don’t take that the wrong way I just never understood the benefits of home schooling.

  16. @pennylane

    Homeschooling may garner a child a better education… But it’s not worth the social and networking set backs they take… And I don’t mean their facebook friends… I mean social skills, problem solving in social situations and making friends and contacts that could help them in their life and career… Try private or charter schools… Or supplement their public school workload with what more you think they should know or do

  17. I resent Thea for making Theas everywhere look bad.

  18. And place take what I say the wrong way… I am completely trivializing homeschooling :)

  19. oops *please not place

  20. Thea should just go right to jail

  21. In amongst her jibberish, Thea spelt understandable correctly.
    All is not lost

  22. Slimjayz and Username…the socialization in public schools is nothing but a piss-poor after thought at best. Every homeschool child I know has better manners and healthier attitude about diversity in human beings than any public school child I’ve ever met, including myself and my husband. My daughter is 5 and she can have conversations with people of any age.

    There is nothing in “real life” that is anything similar public school socially speaking.

    Not going to go into a huge tirade here, but why do people assume that homeschooled children are coddled and locked away. My daughter and I spend our days in parks, museums, aquariums, stores and friends houses. We talk to a multitude of people and my daughter is SO independent in these public places I don’t ever speak for her anymore. She asks adults in these places questions she wants answered and they happily answer her.

    She also does not have to spend 9-12 hours a day doing this crap. She gets to learn and then also gets to be a kid.

    Anyway, if anyone SERIOUSLY wants to talk about this I will, but I’ve rambled on too much for “lamebook” purposes!

    BTW, all of these morons we see on lamebook talking like this are in public school. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. How’s that for “socialization” for you?

  23. To be fair, only about 2.5% of pupils are home-schooled in the states, only about 100,000 in the UK, so you may just have to wait longer for a moronic home-schooler’s effort to appear on lamebook.

    Also, 72% of statistics are made up.

  24. True Anonnymouse…very true. But I am willing to bet also that this kind of internet speak you see here from kids is a public school infection, where it’s cool to be ignorant. Just like it’s cool to bully/tease/be mean/abuse/attack/gossip, cool to disrespect people who aren’t your precise age (picking on younger kids, disrespecting older people)race/sexual orientation/religion/economic class/…etc…

  25. “Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes”

    No malice attached Penny, it’s just every time I see your name, I break into song
    Beatles 4 eva!!

  26. Home-School ONLY if you are a capable enough person to be a parent, meaning: able to distinguish what a child is necessary to learn for this world & teach it to them effectively / find someone who can…

    Otherwise, just hand your little brats over to the Officially Incapable, i.e. the public “system” school.

  27. @Penny Lane: You win. Thank you.

    I went through both public and private schools, and know many home schooled students from college and within my extended family – the “poor socialization” thing doesn’t even exist anymore. There are tons of homeschooling groups around the U.S. that provide socialization between kids close in age and frankly, I’ve seen far worse people come out of public schools than home schooling.

  28. @ Penny Lane – I am not sure where you live but if you think that public school is a bunch of gun totting morons you are WAY off. My son is 13 and has gone to the Math Superstar competition at the State Level TWICE. Is in an accelerated gifted program for all of his classes and for being only in the 7th grade has started learning to speak several languages. I have spent hours upon hours getting know all the students that my son has gone to school with since kindergarten and their parents and they are all so well behaved and some of the most independent children I have ever met. However, every home school child I have met in my time seems very withdrawn especially when it comes to their peers, they tend to loosen up after about a half hour or so but still seem cautious of people they don’t know.

    What about things like school dances and sporting events with there friends? I just hate to see a child deprived of going to a pep rally and screaming for school spirit. I love to see all the children at my son’s school get so excited and proud preparing for school events. Prom? What about prom? You would really want your children to miss out on that? I just asked a simple question and you grouped me with the ignorance of someone else. I openly admitted my ignorance and was curious and you tried to rip into me so in my mind that puts you in just about the same category as the people on LAMEBOOK.

  29. Username_Login FTW

  30. *toting sorry my fingers got carried away.

  31. I love it when people who waste money on private schools feel the need to justify it by insulting public ones. No, just because it’s owned privately it doesn’t mean it’s better, that makes no sense. It’s the fact that it’s private that means you need to pay, not the fact that it’s better (since, as a general rule, graduates of private schools do worse).

  32. Marc, you sure that’s not because the people who don’t do well in public school don’t graduate?

  33. The only reliable indicator of student success is parental involvement. Your kid can be in private school, public school, or even home schooled. If parental involvement is not there, or if parental involvement is primarily negative (like homeschoolers who do it primarily to keep their kids away from “bad” influences such as atheists), the child will not succeed. If parental involvement is positive and reinforces education, the child will excel, regardless of where they go to school.

    I send my kids to public school because I recognize they can get a good education there, and I can deal with (or teach them to deal with) all the nonsense that goes with being in society in general, including unfairness, bullying, bad influences, and whatever else they run into. I recognize I don’t have the limitless time or expertise to home school, and I have better things to spend money on than private school, so I choose public school. I don’t disparage others for choosing differently than I have, except for the ones who choose home schooling because they want their kids to be as close-minded as they are (not every home schooler).

    It does bother me, however, when people endlessly bash the public school system. Just about all of the bad kids you see coming out of public schools are bad because of a lack of quality parental involvement, either because the parents are too busy working 2 and 3 jobs to pay any attention, or because they’re just bad parents. Everyone blames the school system because it’s an easy target, but as someone who went through the public schools with good parenting and who is sending his own kids through the same system, I can tell you it’s just like anything else: You get out of it what you’re willing to put in.

  34. Right on, Sensible Madness!

  35. @ Pennylane

    The socialized aspect depends on the school district… I did the research and found the best school district I could… It’s a small community and ranks as one of the tops in the state… Because you see it’s not about home vs. public for the education your child will receive, it’s about parent involvement… Your child will continue to thrive on a purely scholastic level as long as you keep putting in the time and effort

    And I could not disagree more with public school doesn’t represent real life social worlds… I don’t know what barn you live in but peer pressure, bullying and drugs are in real life also… Its better to have real working experiences with these and have a parent discuss them with you… The problems are the parents that send their kids to public schools and don’t provide that feedback and support to what the child is experiencing at school.

    And I have to agree with username… I have only met a couple homeschooled children and they are so socially shy and reserved… I’m not sure how familiar you are with male socializing, but we are brutal… The shy reserved guys get swallowed up in a pack… Gals also need guys that are strong, represent safety and are not momma’s boys… And some of the wildest chics I ever met were homeschooled at least partially or over protected by their parents… They get out on their own and do freaky things with dirtbags like me

    Oh and my 5 yr old son can have a conversation with someone of any age also… The thing that separates is the fact that I spent time with him, not where he is schooled… I talk to his teachers a few times a year, coach the schools soccer and little league teams through the city and help him with his homework and do the reading thing nightly

  36. @Marc “since, as a general rule, graduates of private schools do worse”

    I’d absolutely LOVE to see something to back this up.

  37. Sensible types faster and speaks more eloquently than I… I blame parental involvement… I was raised purely on public schools… Had a single mom that worked multiple jobs… Get involved with your children or they might end up like me or with a guy like me… just fair warning

  38. @ slimjayz – thank you so much for standing up for our public school system, I salute you =) I know emoticon = bad but I could not help it.

    I do have to say that girls are way more brutal then boys and we travel in packs and will seek out the weak and eliminate them. This practice actually gets worse as we get older. I am sure I am going to catch a lot of crap for that statement but it is true.

    I also feel that if you don’t get experience in those situations before the so called “real world” that “real world” will chew you up and spit you out, running back home to mommy and daddy.

  39. slimjayz with your comment 37 I think you just became my next ex-husband HAHAHAHA

  40. Cheers Sensible Madness.

    I purposefully looked up school zones and did research on the schools when I was buying my house. I wanted to live in a zone of a “A” rated school where I knew my child would get the best public school education that the teachers and myself can provide for him.

    I’m not saying that this is the best option for people, I’m saying that this is the best option for me. That being said, time will tell if it’s the right one. I hope to God it is, I doubt I’ll be able to resale my house for another 10 years due to the stupid market.

  41. Here we go with the home school/private school/public school debate.

    Umm kay, I went to two private schools and a public school.

    Catholic school was EXCELLENT. Only problem is, I am learning disabled and teachers didn’t cater to it, in fact they treated me as if I was stupid and/or lazy. Not that public school teachers were any better, but at least my parents weren’t paying for the insults there. As far as the extracurricular programs and teachers and general education was concerned, the quality was amazing.

    Baptist school blew. Total waste of money. Teachers were sub-par and ignorant (well, some of them – some of them were good). Academic expectations weren’t all that.

    Public school the kids were so nuts it was everything most teachers could do just to keep them from fighting, much less give them an education – though I was in the gifted humanities, English, and social science courses and those were good classes because the students and their parents gave a shit.

    In summary, I plan on home schooling when I have children. I’m educated, my husband is educated, and I trust our judgment better than others. Plus if I have a girl I may well pass my learning disability down to her, and I want her to have opportunities that I didn’t have educationally because of that disability.

    Don’t be so hard on Penny Lane, I know where she’s coming from.

  42. This comment thread seems excessively polite and well thought out. What the fuck did you people do with the real commenters? I demand their return, post haste or I will summon the authorities!

  43. @ 42
    Fuck yeah!

  44. @ tanizaki

    For your benefit only I have made some comments below that may be more appropriate for you.

    Penny Lane you are a moron for wanting to home school your children because you are only going screw them up in the long run.

    Slimjayz – because you are so screwed up I want to do you and pretend I love you and make your life absolutely miserable so that you have to divorce me or commit suicide cause somehow I always seek out all the losers from public school who never learned anything cause there parents worked to much or just did not care

  45. @Slimjayz

    So you think that actually living and growing and learning in the REAL WORLD will not prepare a child for the REAL WORLD? That doesn’t make any sense…

    And again, why do you assume a homeschooled child doesn’t experience any kind of resistance socially? My daughter has many many friends, all with different personalities and she’s learned to handle her own battles already. Why do you believe these things ONLY happen in public school?

    Username – “I do have to say that girls are way more brutal then boys and we travel in packs and will seek out the weak and eliminate them. This practice actually gets worse as we get older. I am sure I am going to catch a lot of crap for that statement but it is true.”

    That hasn’t been my experience in life at all. I’m 31 years old. I went to public school. I’ve had friends in school, outside of school, as an adolescent and as an adult. Women do not behave this way in my experience. The “mean girls” thing peaks at 14 and then tames. I do not have mean, gossipy, combative and negative relationships with women. I seek out friendships with people I enjoy and learn from.

    And again, how is learning social behavior in a non-real world situation like public school superior to learning social behavior in a real world setting? Why learn about France from a book when you can learn about France living IN France? Understand what I mean? That is completely illogical.

    Also, good luck to those of you who live in fantastic school districts now…because they can change in the blink of an eye. They will make new districts, tear schools down, rezone you and dictate to you where your child must be with out any questions. I’ve seen it happen in the city I live in now 4 times in 5 years.

  46. @Penny Lane: That is a very good point about zones, and something every parent should consider.

  47. actually my school district can NEVER change unless a hurricane wipes me completely off the map since I live on a barrier island off the coast of Florida

  48. @ Username_Login: Same boat.

    @ slimjayz: I think we may have dated when I was in college! Hypothetically speaking based on your personality of coarse.

  49. I’m just glad that no home-school parents harbour any overblown neuroses about the big evil world out there that they might impose on the children. Oh, wait…

  50. That’s a completely unfair statement Antarctican. Care to elaborate? I’ve spent several years in therapy I think I’d be aware of any accusations concerning neuroses I may have. :o )

  51. Oh Goodness Penny Lane how did I miss your “Mean Girls” comment until just now please let me address that now.

    You obviously do not work in the corporate world, women are the most brutal in this enviroment and are willing to tear anyone to shreds if necessary to claw there way up to the top. I do not have negative relationships with other women either but the women I know would not think twice about throwing a weaker counter-part under the proverbial bus in order for them to get to the top. I have seen many women running crying out of an office because they had to take the blame for what someone else did. What is that you say? You want your homeschooled child to be an attorney? That is a great dream but keep dreaming it because most of the homeschooled kids I know would never hack it in a real law office. There are days I want to rip out my hair screaming and yelling, alas I just go home and drink before bed. Wait that must make me a terrible parent and to top it off that my children attend public school and someone should call CPS. Honey you must live in one effed community where the public schools only produce criminals and corporate offices are filled with cupcakes and puppy dogs.

  52. As fascinating and productive as this homeschool vs. public school vs. private school debate is, I’d like to point out that apparently NONE of you are properly educated since no one seems to have noticed that the exchange between Patrick and John was lame because of John. Carlo even went as far as to say “John FTW!” Unless I’m missing something, “Fourscore and seven years ago” is from Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

    That is all. Please continue defending your preferred methods of education. I’m sure if you convert even one person, the world will be a better place.

  53. SUCK IT TREBEK!!! By that I mean you alexxx (sorry it just seemed to fit)

    I noticed I just really thought this whole thing was so lame I could not take it. One of the jerkoffs in these comments posted this because there is links all over facebook that lead you hear and the group in question. So I went off on a tangent, so sue me =)

  54. insert clever name here

    @tanizaki – THANK YOU!!! After the login thing happened all the funny people left. Things got out of hand after the brains/brians debacle and that was when they changed it so that you had to login. What happened to Boz and Jonas and all those people? The commenters now consist of people who would have been ripped to shreds a few months ago. Hell, I even miss the trolls at this point. *sigh*

  55. “What is that you say? You want your homeschooled child to be an attorney? That is a great dream but keep dreaming it because most of the homeschooled kids I know would never hack it in a real law office.”

    The generalizations in your post are something I cannot agree with. I have friend in the “corporate world” and they do not have these issues. And who said I want my kid to be a lawyer. What *I* want for her has really not baring on her life because it’s her life, not mine. I have no urge to control her or have her be controlled.

    BTW, I’ve not been hostile, so there is no need to get hostile with me. We are adults who can communicate as such.

    “Wait that must make me a terrible parent and to top it off that my children attend public school and someone should call CPS.”

    And I actually do apologize if I came off judgmental. I don’t mean to be. Not all public schooled kids are morons. This I know. I really don’t care how people parent/educate/raise their kids as long as they are involved and responsible and appreciate the huge task it is to raise a human being. I don’t want to come off that way and I am sorry if I did. I’m an atheist/evolutionist/homeschooling mom of an only child, who lives in a deeply religious area. Trust, me, I know judgment!

    People do the best they can, hopefully it works out for the best.

  56. Oh wow, Lamebook comments have reached an alltime low.
    All I have to say is this: Penny Lane is a moron. Homeschooled kids generally have poor social skills, unless they are actively involved in extra-curricular activities, such as church of summer programs.
    As for me, I attend public school, but if you have the money, send your kids to a private school. Better surroundings and teachers. That’s all.

    Funny comments nao, plz?

  57. *church OR summer programs. Not of.

  58. Slimjayz – because you are so screwed up I want to do you and pretend I love you and make your life absolutely miserable so that you have to divorce me or commit suicide cause somehow I always seek out all the losers from public school who never learned anything cause there parents worked to much or just did not care

    Fuk!! Looks like my wife found me on here!

  59. Blimey, this is all way too serious and boring, I miss Zombie Kid

  60. @ insert clever name here

    Way to step up your game in the absence of talented posters…

  61. ThinkingInPictures

    What the fartknockers happened to you people? Reading the comments used to be more entertaining than the posts… I feel as though I’ve somehow been gypped!

  62. insert clever name here

    @slimjayz – You’re a 8====D

  63. I’m sorry. I’ll stop.

    I’ll refrain from being anything other than rude and ignorant from now on…I promise.

  64. @ insert clever name here
    He’s a shovel??

  65. @ insert

    I see what you did there… but no, I’m an (!) Get it right

    Next time say insert clever comment here and people might actually get a chuckle

  66. alexxx:

    ““Fourscore and seven years ago” is from Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. ”

    How is it ignorant that NOBODY has pointed that out? I can only speak for myself, but it was so fucking obvious, it wasn’t even worth mentioning.


  67. ThinkingInPictures

    Penny Lane, please don’t misunderstand and think I was singling you out. I have no problem with your position on home schooling (other than the fact that I disagree with a lot of it). You can think whatever you want and more power to ya. My only thing is that this is the second or third post I’ve seen recently that evolved into a drawn out battle/debate on the merits of home schooling vs. public school. When I’m looking for an entertaining way to kill time I don’t give a good goddamn how any of you choose to educate your children and why you think it’s better than the way I’d choose to do it. Really, I don’t. Sorry.

  68. insert clever name here

    @slimjayz – Was that meant to be an insult? You can do better than that. Incidentally, I never comment in an attempt to be funny. You, on the other hand, never stop with your incessant stupidity and pathetic attempts to be funny. It’s sad really. By all means, though, keep trying, it’s amusing.

    p.s. “Chuckle”? Really? Who the fuck says “chuckle”. Choade.

  69. insert clever name here

    @wordpervert – Now YOU, on the other hand, I like. You’re comments are usually awesome and the people who irritate you tend to be the same people who irritate the piss out of me.

  70. I apologize deeply for offending the humorous sensibilities of this website. I simply must find another outlet for myself. I do apologize.

  71. insert clever name here

    @Penny Lane – If you are referring to my remark about commenters not being funny, I was not aiming that at the discussion you were having on home schooling. In my opinion, those back and forth conversations can often be amusing and occasionally quite necessary. I’m referring to people who try to be funny but aren’t or start “crying” when they feel insulted.

  72. @ insert

    I say chuckle motherfucker… Just because your lameass has to rely on others to entertain you doesnt mean we are all the same… I am here to entertain myself… I give not a shit if cockguzzlers like you are not amused…Go to a different thread if you dont like the topic or step up your game

  73. Uh… I was going to comment on how Seairuh’s lack of spelling probably results from too much brain power being used in attempting to spell her own name correctly each day, leading to deficiencies elsewhere…
    But seeing as the thread has apparently turned into a way of people saying “My kid’s better than yours because of the type of education I chose for them” perhaps I should offer my two cents and comment that my Barbie dolls were all homeschooled and turned out to be the most foul-mouthed hussies that ever wore plastic stilettos.
    Then again, perhaps that was due to mine and my friends’ public school socialisation.

  74. Jelly come lately.

  75. @jelly: you need to stop letting your Barbies hang out with those slut Bratz dolls. My sister’s Barbies were all fine, upstanding citizens. She had Lawyer Barbie, Doctor Barbie, Secretary Barbie, and even CEO Barbie. Then, she brought home one of those accursed Bratz dolls.

    Before I know it, Lawyer Barbie has lost most of her teeth and her hair is falling out from an out of control meth habit, and Doctor Barbie is blowing Ken for crack money in the back seat of her pink convertible. Veterinarian Barbie got arrested for dealing horse tranquilizers from the back of her office, and now she trades sexual favors for cigarettes in the slammer. Meanwhile, CEO Barbie has been embezzling money to cover her massive gambling losses. Secretary Barbie threatened to rat her out, and got thrown to the neighbor’s dog. That thing has been crapping plastic for a week.

    Bratz dolls are evil.

  76. Well I have decided after reading this to send my kids to Hogwarts.

  77. @ insert clever name here

    Like your style

    @ slimjayz

    You don’t have any

  78. insert clever name here

    @slimjayz – Yawn. Keep trying.

  79. insert clever name here

    Waiting for my last comment to be moderated.

  80. slimjayz,
    Just shut the F up. Really, you have no idea what you are talking about.

  81. THIS MEANS WAR!!!1!

  82. Gimme a gun, people need killin’. Armando and John get to live.

  83. Yeah! This thread is going somewhere now! Keep it up you retarts! WOOHOO! All the silly commenters I’ve seen here as of late make my brian hurt.

  84. @hollymar:
    Well I apologize for apparently insulting your intelligence, but I was pointing out that someone actually said “John FTW!” and no one seemed to catch it.

    You seem awfully bitter. Which method of education has driven you to make such biting remarks to innocent Lamebookers? I’m guessing some kind of Christian private school, judging by your reference to Jesus. But if I’m wrong, please berate me mercilessly.

  85. @mittens
    Who is Brian, and how does he hurt?

  86. lol alexxx

  87. @mcrib
    Brian hurts when retarts make stupid Lamebook comments. Go read some old LB comment threads if you are confused and/or think I don’t know how to spell.

  88. retarts FTW and John used plagarism to accent Pat’s plagarism, as a rip. Pretty sure he didn’t come with that all by himself to harsh Pat’s gig. If he did, wow, he could’ve been the 16th president.

  89. Oh, wow, for once there was genuinely a civil discussion on Lamebook, where people saw and respected other’s views, debated them politely, didn’t swear or insult the others involved in the discussion, use a spelling mistake as some kind of argument, or in fact abuse anyone at all.

    Then some dumbfucks came along and started complaining that they missed the loud, stupid, sweary users and it all fell apart.
    Oh, I’m sorry, do you want more people like Armando? Yeah, genius, she missed a letter out of a word and he ripped the piss out of her, that makes him clever AND funny.

    Side note, stop the Lamebook posts where as above, someone makes one spelling mistake and some tit comes along and goes ‘hmm, I could make a funny comment here’ and corrects them.

  90. BritishHobo, in your first sentence “other’s” should be “others’” as your are denoting ownership by a plural. If it was a singular “other”, your use would have been correct.

    Otherwise, your sentence structure could be improved.

  91. hahaha and my “your” should have been a “you”.

  92. Yes, BritishHobo. Sorry, BritishHobo. You’re absolutely right. The internet should always be exactly as you want it to be, and we should all try harder to live up to your exacting standards.

    Fuck off. If you want a site where all the posts are sensible, go somewhere else. Maybe you can set up your own site, where only boring comments are allowed.

    I remember the happy days when all that happened here were massive flame wars, and the lamebook entry was insulted and lambasted with an impressive array of swear words.

  93. @sensiblemadness,
    I am female, married and do not mean this is any sort of lesbian way, but you are my new lamebook hero. Every single thing you have posted here about parenting, education, etc I 100% agree with. I could have written every single sentence. Thank youy for reading my mind ripping the thoughts out and succintly posting them herein.

  94. @yaya
    Thanks, but I’m deeply troubled that everyone around here apparently thinks I’m a chick. I’m all man, baby, so feel free to fantasize about me all you want without worrying about your own sexuality. All I ask is that you tell me every lurid detail.

  95. @Sensible Madness: you go girl!


  96. LMAO @sensiblemadness then let the hot torid fantasies begin, I promise to pass on every lurid detail if you promise not tell my hubby. As he is not exactly computer literate and only knows how to locate porn on the net, I think I may be safe from discovery ;)

  97. oh my god this comment thread is boring. you’re all retards and you all suck for caring about your children. please move to downtown LA and send your kids to drug dealing school.

  98. There are schools to learn how to deal drugs? Consider my mind changed!

  99. pacman123 is the man

  100. pacman123 are you available to babysit? GOODMOM:FAIL

  101. Oh my God I hate you all. I give up on this planet.

  102. Yes, Penny, there are schools, payed for by tax dollars that teach children how to create, properly weigh and distribute the product as well as market it to their target audience. Look at the bright side – at least they are learning to make a living to get their sorry asses off of welfare, eh? Product is product, and a sale is a sale…

    Now, for those who are more socialized, it would appear that some of these twits need remedial English and perhaps an IEP to assist in their Federally mandated right to a “free and appropriate education”, as it would appear that their ability to learn, retain and utilize their education has been a huge, gigantic FAILURE.

    Stan, it would appear that you are either being dramatic or you cannot handle scrutiny. Either get some therapy (and I am not saying that with sarcasm), or hop off the drama llama and put it away before you fall off and bump your cranium.

  103. me2u, before you continue sounding like an ostentatious asshole, I have to point out that you’ve failed to retain the definition of ‘payed’. Of course, the difference between payed and paid is easily mistakable for ‘some of these twits’. I would not, however, expect it from someone who claims to know the logistics of a ‘drug school’.

    Get off your high horse and stop watching FOX news.

  104. footfootfootfoot

    rraus, that was possibly the most ridiculous grammar attack I have ever read. If you really can’t add anything to the conversation besides your comment above, I suggest you think twice before throwing the first “ostentatious asshole” stone. Not that me2u added much either.

    If I may, I’d like to mention that I am given a lot of opportunities to engage in the type of learning I would not be able to engage in if it weren’t for my public school system. An anecdote: I am a senior in public high school and live in Virginia. If you ever done research on school system quality, you’ll have found that Northern VA is notorious for the highest achieving schools and students in the nation. I live in the Tidewater district, which receives a very small portion of state funding in comparison (I’ve seen numbers that say we get around 8% of what they do in some instances) and boasts some of the worst standardized testing scores in the state. Despite this fact, I have been given opportunities to travel across Europe, fundraise for the building of a sister school in Uganda, organize political rallies and protests, study among local artists, have artwork hung in a local art gallery and create organizations based on my interests, including a gay-straight student alliance and a club that organizes art students to use their talents throughout the community. All of these projects have been created by student leaders, not paid faculty or the school board. I can honestly say that to do all of these things, particularly to participate in these clubs with other students, has molded me into the aware individual that I am today, and that there are very few resources in my community – a community that, like most, is oriented toward what is most convenient for adults – for me to have accomplished the majority of what I spent my time in school doing. Furthermore, I would go as far as to say that after elementary school I have been affected more by my extracurricular hobbies than anything I have learned in class.

  105. How about you raise your kid the way you want and I’ll raise my kid the way I want, and as long as neither of them eats glue and dies we’ll call it a tie.

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