Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Straight Up Dbags

Straight Up Dbags

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  1. brust

  2. Chandler… when you are trying to convince someone that you’re NOT gay. Never say anything to the effect of cumming in another guys face.

  3. ^^haha ignore that, i suck cocks !!

  4. Somebody should hook them up with Ryan in the post below.

  5. Is that David Spade on the right? ;)

  6. good GOD.. gay or not I would bounce on that

  7. ^^ haha i’m a whore anyways, i’ll bounce on a carrot too !!

  8. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m sensing some hypermasculine insecurities…

  9. I think we have a split personality inpersonator in the comments section. YAWN.

    As for the photo – why blue? Personally I would have gone for an arty black and white to show off the abs.

  10. *impersonator. Duh.

  11. :) you betcha

  12. i love you bunnz.

  13. So, is it safe to say the Cody who believes the picture is gay is not the same Cody in the incredibly gay picture?

  14. welcome to juniors? Is that what is it called these days?

  15. I know you do tittie :)

  16. It’s the same Cody, he was trying to get a comment on the news feed so girls would notice it, find the picture and gush about how hot they are.

    I’m here looking at this picture, just ate 11 slices of pizza washed down with a liter and a half of Pepsi, jacking off to the Pamela Anderson ad on the side of this screen thinkin’…what the hell? What do these guys want? What do they want from me?

  17. sausagefest

  18. I don’t care what anyone says this is STRAIGHT

  19. Hahaha the only girls who like this crap are like 16.

  20. @19 haha i dont think you are giving 16 yr olds enough credit!

  21. Fuckin’ peasants.

  22. Way to attract the bottle blonde, silicone chested, jewellery jingling kind of babeeees.

  23. gawd their names are so cool

  24. PMSL@21

    Also, I would take the one on the left, but the other two are too scrawny for me..

  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUO7sjkeG3Q (2:18)

  26. it doesn’t get any gayer then saying “me shooting in your face” that right there folks, surpasses the no homo limit breaker.


  28. Uhmm… yeah didn’t put number 3 there.

    How mature you are… idiot. You were probably one of the dumbass AIDs infested jocks in the picture weren’t you?

  29. Drew’s comment is the best

  30. Please, measuring penis size is soooo 2008, especially since ‘roids shrink your dick anyway.
    These days it’s all about who can jizz the furthest and still hit a bullseye on Drew’s face.
    Chandler reckons he’ll win.

  31. Remember the Icy Hot Thrillaz meme back in 2001 or so? Yeah. That’s what this reminds me of.

  32. *sigh* You know what’s REALLY depressing? These soon-to-be Maury guests have women throwing themselves at them; the women who then complain that they’re not being treated right, or that they’re getting beaten up, or that he’s boning their best friend/sister/mother on the side.

    Ladies – if you stop sleeping with assholes, there will BE no more assholes.

  33. I agree with Spike: Girls, stop sleeping with assholes! And for the flip side: Guys, stop sleeping with idiots who’s breast sizes are bigger than their IQ and can’t carry on a conversation with a brick wall! Pretty simple, huh?

  34. those are such douchebag names too.
    I know a douche by the name of each of those names.
    no offence to anyone with those names who isn’t a douche, I know another Matt and Cody who are super nice.

  35. fuck my crusty asshole with a dirty dildo that my mother chews.

  36. typical douches.
    why take a gayass picture with other guys??
    shouldnt they be with the ladies?? i know i would be
    unless theyre gay…

  37. Guy on right is jerking off in this picture. Middle fag is practicing his reach around technique. Douche on the left is bending over for some unknown reason, and homo up back….decisions, decisions.

  38. youve put a lot of thought into this picture, havent you bueller??

  39. I wonder what are the other photos in ‘randoms’.

  40. #22 Probably the whole plan behind this picture.

    #34 Nothing to add – my thoughts exactly.

    #41 Haven’t you suffered enough ?

    This photo could only be more gay if they each used their arms to make one of the letters of Y M C A

    They look like chavvy car thieves to me.

  41. Chandler is a real name.? I only heard of it in ‘Friends’I'm way too under informed about the world..

  42. @21 T.R.
    I’m mightily impressed that you managed to get that phrase in there!

    Me too!

  43. Notice how no girls commenteed on this photo? They all yawned at how vain these “guys ” are and switched off. MEN who spend too much time with other men = seriously deluded.

  44. I’m not gonna lie….I’m a HO….yet I still wouldn’t do any of these guys :X
    What a turn-off to say the least…
    (and LOL at this being a “muscle shoot”)

  45. the only thing gayer is professional wrestling

  46. I don’t understand how you can be in a picture that looks like it was taken in a gay dance club and then try to call someone else a fag. I guarantee you these douches have constant status updates about “hittin’ the gym for a killer workout”.

  47. ^true

  48. Ha! How sad. What absolute wankers. And king neckbeard? HAHAHAHA! Funny as fuck.

  49. hahaha you whore bouncing carrot f*cker

  50. What is supposed to be so tough about hyper masculinity and being so bone thin they look like Ethiopians?

  51. Only people who like these shots are the test tube dealing females at the nightclubs who love the roid raging patrons of the club.

  52. When I was 15, I talked to a female friend of mine about “picking up girls”. She said “why don’t you just take your shirt off and walk over to her and say hello.”

    Yeah… 15 year olds would love these guys.

  53. Canaduck –

    It was these guys – http://www.famouspictures.org/index.php?title=Icy_Hot_Stuntaz

  54. yeah, whatever. i’d do at least two of them.

  55. These guys are still hot, no matter what anyone says. I would do the one on the left. Note that I didn’t say “date.”

  56. oh my gosh I know the second from the right (chandler) hahah he’s actually hilarious and only puts up a few pics like this as jokes.. he also went through quite the phase of quoting ‘my new haircut’ back in the day.. I wouldn’t really say he’s a douchebag who likes ‘silicone blondes’ cause his gf is naturally pretty but not some gorgeous model bimbo

  57. Wow buddy, I played Jr’s and I don’t think anything went this homo. Joking or not joking, your a complete plug for actually putting this up. Have fun playing Jr.B you fucking benders.

  58. hey, number 46? try saying that to a wrestler in real life, and enjoy the taste of your own shit when your scrwany pencil necked head with its fine dick sucking lips gets rammed up your ass, now quick, move your faggott fingers to type another response that shows your lack of IQ and functioning genitals.

  59. bahaha wrestlings gay… roid fuck

  60. Its okay. I know what you are. You’re either scrawny or fat as fuck, never been laid, hell, I bet all the date rape drugs in the world couldn’t get you a handjob. Don’t be jealous because wrestlers are stronger and better looking than you will ever be in your wettest dreams. Now go eat mommys pussy, I know she loves the way your little shitstain mustache tickles her cunt.

  61. It looks like Christian is the exact example of what steroids do to the brain.

  62. I don’t do steroids, Im addicted to your moms sweet pussy. Tell her to shave tonight, I don’t wanna be pulling pubes outta my teeth again. Fucking pathetic internet virgins.

  63. Just seems like you’re awfully defensive. This isn’t even MySpace or an actual Facebook, it’s Lamebook. Seriously just relax.

  64. YIKES! take a chill pill christian. and learn to take a bloody joke you eejit. i’m guessing you either are a wrestler, want to be a wrestler, or date a wrestler. it wasn’t personal, and you’re giving wrestler’s a bad name with your excessive fuckwittage.

  65. if you knew people who are in wheelchairs because of “fake” pro wrestling, you’d probably get a little pissed when some limp dick internet nerd whos probably never been in a fight in his life starts calling them gay.

  66. fair enough… it was a pretty cruddy comment, but I’m sure it was meant as a joke. not a good taste joke, granted, but a joke all the same. if you fly off the handle like that we’ll think you’re an idiot, but if you just say it like you just did we’ll respect you. thanks

  67. Christan actually confused me. Are they virgins or MFers? You should go back a bit if you want to talk about wrestlers.

  68. I let men in wheelchairs fuck me in my loose ass until I blow a huge fart/liquid dump right when they blow their load.

  69. Wrestlers arent gay, if anyone knows about gay and facial cum blasts, its ME.

  70. I know more about cock than a twenty year veteran hooker. I mean, I have albums with pictures of thousands of different dicks.

  71. My favorite wrestlers are the black guys, cause I imagine there hard Darth Vader helmet slapping me in the face, but an occasional white guy stuffing me with his Nazi helmet is good too.

  72. I just had to have 21 pounds of cum removed from my stomach.

  73. Anyone know where I can get a number 10 can from? I need it to keep my guts from falling out of my ass-crater.

  74. Is this from the rainbow spank calendar?

  75. If they arent gay. then Im chinese

  76. #55 and #56; thanks for proving my point in post #33.

  77. Ah, but Spike, in Yola’s defense, she made it clear she meant ‘do’ and not ‘date’ so I doubt she’ll be doing any complaining because she don’t give a shit.

  78. Oh sure, but “do” still leads to douche-DNA getting passed on. Dry these dbags out and they’ll have no chance but to either change or die off. And when “do” leads to how babby gets formed, good luck finding child support. Or *any* support. He’ll be off to mistreat the next wet hole.

    But, I understand how life works. Women don’t really want mental stability, intelligence, devotion, faithful or someone who isn’t utterly obsessed with themselves. It’s just not sexy.

  79. lol at the christian troll

  80. …but sorry yola I am a 100 percent committed to my young asian boyfriend.

  81. We gays do that all the time. Were vain and conceited!

  82. Cesar November 11th, 2009 at 9:54 am
    “We gays do that all the time. Were vain and conceited!”


  83. Cesar November 11th, 2009 at 9:54 am
    “We gays do that all the time. Were vain and conceited!”


  84. How would date-rape drugs get anyone handjobs?

  85. The Photoshopping only makes it gayer…as if it needed any help.

  86. Ha ha! Ignore that! I suck cocks!

  87. Were not gay you internet virgin fags! Your just jealous because you don’t have six packs like me and my crew! You’re girlfreinds want to be with dudes like us and not little pussyfarts like you LMAO I’ll bet you couldn’t do 10 reps. And were not on steroids just muscle stackers so we can be strong when we bang your moms LMAO Now stop talking shit about us you fagz!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF theres a rubber hanging out my ass..

  88. HAHA dude I left it in there on purpose. Pay back for the last time, bra.

  89. makes me question my sexuality

  90. lmfao @ chandler for thinking it’s possible to convince us that he’s not a douchebag with comments like those

  91. bahaha!

    Nah dude it’s not gay we’re just standing together with our shirts off and yeah so what if we shower together after the gym I mean carin’ about the environment is cool for the ladies and then why make a big deal about rubbing Cody’s back when we’re in there I mean c’mon it’s not like he can reach back there with those rippling deltoids

  92. Pffft. I know an openly gay frat-boy who’s more muscular than these guys and has about eight times the dignity.

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