Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stormy “Skyes”

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  1. Beeeeen!

  2. Why would someone tell everyone they’re shitting themselves? Seriously?

  3. Hello btw. I used to be here, then I stopped, now I’m back. It was a long time ago. Why does everyone seem to hate each other now?

  4. Probably no one told her you have to cook the meat before you put it in the pot pie. Salmonella is no fun, mix it with a lot of alcohol and I imagine she was in pure misery. Stupid mistake though.

  5. ^ Cool story, I was riveted.

  6. @loma I’ve been lurking during the time you’ve been gone. It just kinda evolved like that.

  7. :( I used to write stupid poems and apart from this one girl who I think is still around, Keona, who I never hated tbh – everyone got on. Maybe I am just a giant pedobear hipster and I should start necking pure vodka from some hottie’s navel or something.

  8. I’m sure the guys would love that.

  9. Unless I’ve got you pegged wrong and you’re a guy. Wait… pedobear… yeah, probably.

  10. How is it homemade if she’s not home

  11. maybecakes – that’s a dumb question. she could have been making it at a friends house. OR maybe she happened to leave the house after making and consuming it, considering the time difference between the posts.

  12. @Disturbed Artist: No, I’m a girl :) I just think women are cuter than men on the whole.

  13. Skye has the constitution of a fucking ten year old sickle cell anaemic and why is she moaning about the puke and shite?!… Sounds like the party’s just getting started to me!

  14. ^ So you’re saying every party you have been to starts with you shitting yourself?

  15. where did you get ‘every’ out of that? I think he just means the really good ones.

  16. Don’t be stupid, not every party starts that way… just the fun ones.

  17. beat me to it cheeky!

  18. @jed7 shut up, don’t believe everything u read

  19. Ahh it all makes sense now,MsAnne=cheesus and a bunch of other accounts. And i know I’m right ,y’all like italization huh?

  20. @yodawg. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Has anyone else here read about Miss Scribe? Because MsAnneThrope is really starting to remind me of her.

  21. That’s actually really pathetic. I’m sure it’s just an act to go with her “clever” username.

  22. @BigSpence17 You never know what’s lurking behind a name. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if MissAnne had more than one account on here, though.

  23. where the fuck’s that delusioned black supremacist cunt gone? wasnt great but it was original. better than the shit all you ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ cunts are coming out with.

  24. And this is what makes me wonder. You see MissAnneThrope go on a blaze of comment-making, then Crusty shows up a couple of hours later and does the same thing, defending her… Curious indeed.

  25. crusty, it’s fucking insane, isn’t it?
    there’s too fucking many misinformed, gossipy bitches here than can be healthy.
    you people really need to stop spending so much time online.

  26. I love you so much, MsAnne. It’s deeply entertaining how you can’t get off your high horse for all the horseshit you’re standing in.

  27. Horses are cunts. But your name is ‘Jeffles’. So there’s that.

  28. Troll @ comment # 25

  29. You guys with the conspiracy theories. It’d be cute if it wasn’t so ridiculous. You’ve been speaking with that loopy cunt, sababe, haven’t you?

  30. Peter Whitley

  31. BigSpence, did you have a Google search failure, or are you trying to send us a message?

  32. Neither. Just wait and see.

  33. ^or just ignore you.
    I’m going with that. Because nothing you’ve said so far has been of any value whatsoever. And I know whatever fucking treat you think you’ve got in store will only be another big, fat disappointment.
    Just. Like. You.

  34. MsAnne, sweetie, that’s not ignoring him.

  35. I thought the pie had marijuana in it

  36. It appears MsAnne is losing her touch…

  37. Btw, MsAnne, you should keep answering my questions/comments on Tumblr. I’m enjoying your rants.

  38. Oh my motherfucking great good LORD I just clicked on MATs name and the fact that he spent so much time crappily photoshopping all that creepy weirdness just……….

    wow. WOW. we are dealing with real mental instability here.

  39. (i know it seems at first glance like he was just posting “cool” stuff he found online but i did a search on for several of the images and only found the original versions. he even made that creepy avatar thing himself. fucking hell.)

  40. I love how no one really know if it’s a guy or a girl.

  41. …fuck me. The ambient levels of incessant fucking whining just hit critical up in here.

    It’s like wave after wave of stinking, stumbly zombies.

    …ah well.


  42. Y u no on Tumblr?

  43. ^headshot!

  44. I don’t get it

  45. MsAnne: Well, I think it’s sweet that you tried to draw the retards away from Lamebook.
    Didn’t work though.

  46. I’m not done with them yet, Bacchante.

  47. Where do you live?

  48. ^you are fucking amazing at trolling, bigfella.

    BigSpence17: Huur. I came and trolled yew.

    me: *deletes his verbal diarrhea*

    Oh he sure telled me. I feel like such a fool.

  49. At least the message is sinking in. If you take the time to reply, I’ve done my job.

  50. ‘your job’.
    Dude. career path lulz.
    you should get a fucking bonus AND a promotion up into mid-level management where all the useless, talentless, boring pricks end up.

  51. Please, I’m a student, remember? You think I have time for a job? Hah!

  52. But, honestly, as much as I would love to continue this, I do have class in the morning, and it’s 1:00 a.m. I need to get some sleep. See, education is something I take seriously, and I shudder to think how I would feel if I missed class because I was up all night feeling like I was talking to a wall with Tourette’s. Ugh, how embarrassing that would be. My fellow scholars would shun me for weeks. Goodbye, Philanthrope.

  53. ^no one cares what you do.
    but it would be nice if you had a nasty accident.

  54. lol Ms. mentioned something about other people ‘spending too much time on the internet’…funniest thing he ever posted. @ ‘Bacchante’ , you just proved everyone’s ‘conspiracy theories’. Your excuses might have worked if other people also didnt start noticing it.

  55. ^/spittake!

    good lord! it thinks it’s people!

  56. sababe, just shut the fuck up. You give Australian women a bad name. Obviously, MsAnne and I are not the same person. We have commented on posts at the exact same time previously.

    Sheesh, just deal with the fact that more than one person can hate you at any given moment and insult you on the internetz accordingly. I, for one, find that to be totally plausible.

  57. @19 yodawg No secret that I have an alter ego buddy, but they’re to scared to let a mofo comment, to avoid confusion I think you should set up a petition to get the lame bastards to let me out of purgatory.

    To be honest I’m a little hurt that you all might think I’m not me… nah i’m only joking, I’m hurting because the urinary tract infection has flared up again.

  58. I think i like the “Bacchante” account the most :-) …she’s feisty.That same time posting makes it even more evident that you two are the same person,i can imagine you having two windows open at the same time and submitting simultaneously…or some computer geek way of doing it.

    I don’t give a fuck who insults me on the internet, to me it’s just random names floating around in space, i can “deal” with it…something you obviously can’t do and that’s why you feel the need to create all these lame accounts.

  59. Btw…i wonder what makes you think i am from Australia…smart people do not assume honey.

  60. I like to call these types of people the “now I’m walking, now I’m sitting, now I’m eating, now I’m shitting” gang, because no matterwhat they do they need to update us all about it.

  61. I’m assuming you’re gonna need a skin-graft on that heavily charred taint of yours, sababy.

  62. Ok, ok! You win! I will admit… I’m officially bored with this now.

  63. You have a funny idea of what a “burn” is, MsAnne. “Oh, your name is Jeffles. Hurr hurr I’m so witty for pointing that out.” Yeah, people use odd screen names. What of it?

    To be honest, watching you foam at the mouth and attempt to batter people from your high horse (which, as it turns out, is more of a hobby horse stuck in the mud than anything else) is most of the reason I come here nowadays. It’s like watching bear-baiting in text form. And we get the added bonus of near-instant responses because you seem to be on here 24/7.

  64. The comments section needs a ‘like’ or ‘fuckin ‘awesome comment’ button.

  65. I don’t think MsAnne has multiple logins. I think MsAnne is a single login for multiple people.

  66. Could be. There’s just something weird about it, ya know?

  67. Oh, thank Christ. I read the signs wrong. It’s NOT from Australia.

    If you ever do move to Oz, sababe, I recommend Darwin. That migration with raise the average IQ for both Darwin AND your hometown.

  68. jeff…les…? I can’t call you that. It makes you sound like a plush purple unicorn.
    I love how you think your opinion matters.
    It doesn’t.
    In fact, everything you say is complete crap.

  69. What the frack is the deal with people pissing and moaning about someone being two people at once? Is this somehow cheating at a game that no one gives a shit about? Boo hoo—who cares?

  70. The best bit is how wrong they are, LadyCat.
    I have made it a point to neither deny nor confirm anything. It sends the mouth-breathers absolutely spastic. good times.

  71. I don’t know why you’re so stuck on the name thing. It’s almost like you’re obsessed with me or something.

  72. hehe…’jeffles’…ha! :D

  73. Bacchante, go sit in the corner and think about what you have just done.

  74. The one-login multiple-people theory actually makes some sense…

  75. ^ So does Euthanasia but the world’s still fucking full of geriatric cunts and the French, so what’s you point?

  76. Even IF MsAnne had more than one account (which is a retarded theory, but whatevs) , why the fuck do any of you care? He/she is one of the only reasons this site is still entertaining and isn’t going to go away just because you guys finally had the balls to make an account and say something “mean”.
    I think that maybe all of the winners bitching and moaning are the same person because they all sound the fucking same. Adieu.

  77. oh noes! Lebowski – you’re probably me, too. Aren’t you?


  78. Well shit, don’t you know? As that genius sababe pointed out, I’m just one of the many account pages you have open.
    Did I say genius? I meant sperm dumpster.

  79. As if ANYONE would dump their seed into sababe’s rancid gash, lebowski.
    Oh, except for her big brother, Todd. He likes her sour cheese aroma.

  80. Wow. Just… wow. And I thought Keona used to take some crap, but what the hell is all this fuckery? I feel dirtier than I usually do when Lamebooking.

    Why don’t you all plan a televised gangbang? I feel like that might help the sexual tension. And possibly create some interesting looking children.

  81. In all fairness, I can kinda see what people mean by multiple accounts; you all sound the same.

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