Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stormie Weather


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  1. Women can be so cruel.

  2. peasents.. first

  3. Fucking peasants!

  4. “fuckin peasents” made this post worthy :)

  5. The meek will inherit the top half flash.

  6. Why can’t she just give him a top half flash? Poor guy…

  7. Stormie’s response made me laugh. And I love that her name is Stormie.

  8. He sounds nice.

  9. KNB approves.

  10. Silly disabled boy likes to play with webcams.

  11. I normally make fun of stupid names but I really like the name Stormie… hmmm, I might name my future daughter that.

  12. LOL! Such a loser! Nice try wheelchair-faker, horny boy.

  13. Fucking peasants! – ha ha

  14. pathetic. sad.

  15. I gotta say, “fuckin peasants” IS pretty much the best insult I’ve ever heard.

  16. I love how is email address is “speedy___@hotmail.com

    How ironic.

  17. how was he intending to prove that he was disabled?

    Peasant: “See, I’m in a wheelchair”
    Stormie: “Get up”
    Peasant: “I can’t”
    Stormie: “Okay! Flashing time!”

  18. “Fucking peasants” She’s been watching too much “Repo!”

  19. That peasants comment honestly made me swoon for Stormie.

  20. Pathetic.
    Great insult though lol

  21. She was a nice person by her standard, she forwarded it to me. Unfortunately, I’m also wheelchair bound and had a difficult time flashing him. He also wasn’t expecting a man but you get what you get (when you ask some random person to show you their boobs over the internet), you know.

    He should have been on the Okkervil River forum. All those people talk about are boobs.

  22. 2 weeks later, Stormie was found buried in Ryan’s basement.

  23. im pretty sure strip clubs have wheelchair access.. he could probably just buy a lapdance for $20..

  24. obama – Discrimination! Ryan being disabled can’t get down the basement steps!

    He’ll just have to leave her where she drops after he kills her for not flashing him.

    Unless he’s got an assistance dog. Then problem solved.

  25. I used to call my parents “peasants” when I was stoned in high school. Thanks for the memories, Stormie!

  26. Desperate Ryan is desperate. However, Stormie’s response is awesome enough for me to ignore all grammatical/spelling errors.

  27. Wow… how pathetic. Kudos to Stormie, though.

  28. hahahahahaha that’s just made my evening !

  29. Did he actually forget that he had a friend in high school named Stormie and try to hit her up for some anonymous pity boob? That seems like a pretty memorable name…

  30. “Fucking peasants” is the most degrading insult I’ve heard in a long time. I can’t wait for an opportunity to use it myself.

  31. “Barley any friends.”

    The mind reels–his proposition does not make any logical sense. “I am disabled and therefore think I can pity my way to some free nudity.” And I’m jumping on the bandwagon about the “peasants” bit too. Nice one, Stormie.

    I’ve got a friend with a cool too: Cashew. She’s nuts. *roll on snare*

  32. *cool name too. Dang it.

    But I’m surprised, looking back, we haven’t heard any “paralyzed from the waist down” innuendo or jokes about how she rained on his parade.

  33. Muthafukin' Maurice

    You’d think, seeing as that his ass is in a chair at all times, a few books would find their way into his hands and he would learn how to spell. That said, he should hire a couple of badass cats to sodomize ol’ Stormy and film it for his cripple assed viewing pleasure.

  34. This guy just needs a good stippers and about $300

  35. To mcowles:

    Please, dear God, don’t name your daughter Stormie. I am a woman, and this is either stripper name or horse name. Trust me. Although her reaction was completely appropriate

  36. To mcowles:
    I’m also a woman, and I think the name Stormie is awesome. Go for it.

  37. Do you think “fucking peasants” was meant to be “fucking pissant?” I think it’s an insult fail

  38. I had a horse named Stormy when I was a little kid. Different spelling, but yeah….Stormy is definitely a horse name.

  39. Stormie, marry me. And we can oppress peasants together, the world over.

  40. Ratcoon’s widow – you made me LOL

  41. I wonder if she would have reacted differently if it was Eric the Midget asking for the flash.

  42. haha.
    This madee me laugh. I once had a guy try to make me go out with him on pity.
    Yeah no.

    Kudos to Stormie (:

  43. @Feudal Lord

  44. I think Ryan’s lack of boob action is more to do with his desperado personality than his disability.

    I would think of something more intelligent/amusing to say, but I’m too engrossed conjuring up situations in which to call someone a “fucking peasant.”

  45. I got stuck in 10 second a time loop reading the phrase “I have barley” then I got sad because I don’t have barley and he’s bragging about his.

  46. Ooh, see what I did there? With the typos?

    Don’t tease me, I get teased a lot. Ryan has barley.

  47. @no- if someone doesnt notice your joke, then it obviously wasnt funny

  48. I know a bunch of wheelchair bound people and they’re all either in a relationship or married.Someone should give him a guide on how not to be desperate before he ends up a real peasant.

  49. I knew this kid in middle school, pretty dorky but an overall cool guy. However, in a desperate attempt to look cool in front of the popular guys, he was convinced to ask me if he could touch my breasts because he had cancer. He never had cancer. And he’ll never grope my boobs.

    Fucking peasant.

  50. i have a cock too, my dad gums on it

  51. Yes!

    Chris Morris > The Day Today > Speak your brains > ‘Hello Peasant’. Oh the memories..

  52. stormie is my hero. or should that be heroine?

  53. No-one’s really disabled as long as they have COURAGE!!

  54. @awesome I thought no’s barley reference was funny.

  55. @awesome I thought the barley reference was funny too. and you noticed it, which by your logic means it obviously was funny.

  56. No “higher” I’ve heard people refer to each other as peasants quite a bit so I don’t think they meant pissant

  57. God guys are desperate, i swear they get more pathetic every day.

  58. I had a pet bird named Stormy once. His mom got killed and his nest knocked down in a big storm. I was about five and thought the name was brilliant. He died like two days later, because baby birds are shitty at staying alive.

    Anyway, I think Stormie’s pretty cool.

  59. he’s in a wheelchair
    and he doesn’t like full stop.

  60. Stormie’s response made me fucking roll on the floor.

  61. Baby bird taste good.

  62. I would slap that hoe into tomorrow

  63. @Ha. Im sure that was exactly what he was thinking. “ima roll this pimped out shit right over that bitches crib and slap tha hoe into tomorrow. hope tha bitch dont got stairs” *sigh*

  64. @k Nice!

  65. Fortunately, some women utilize mating preferences perfected during Evolution that will weed out weak genetics…Stormie seems to be one of them. Ryan’s mom isn’t. Hopefully, Ryan will not breed and we’ll have one less pathetic male roaming this Earth.

  66. Weakness of body doesn’t compare to weakness of character. I bet you and Ryan have a lot in common, Darkwing.

  67. epic attempt tho

  68. The “peasants” part is because she’s an amateur model. They are seriously like this.

  69. i don’t get the link between “peasants” and being an amateur model…

  70. @flips she and her crazy model friends think they’re in a class above, she was like that in school too

  71. Haha I like how her name is Stormie

  72. i feel bad for him. sounds like a sad life. but how pathetic and desparate do you want to get. learn to spell you peasant. lol

  73. @”me too” -me too

    “ohh, see what i did there? i laughed at my own joke”

  74. sounds like it was a dare, and the kiddo didnt know how else he could make that happen other than pretend he’s in some wheelchair to beg for pity, +1 for storm

  75. Fucking peasants! C’mon, the boy is in a wheelchair, be nice and get your wang out.

  76. i would have guven him a bigger mouthfull than that wankker… lol good on him 4 trying… lol

  77. I know this girl and also commented on this guys post…. How he was planing on this working i have no idea.

    P.s Stormie is a beautiful fashion model.

  78. Stormie is a stuck up bitch
    flash the poor dude some tit

  79. Stormie is not a nice name… Google stormy summers…

  80. It gives me a headache deciphering teeny IM and text message slang.

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