Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Still Lost in Translation


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  1. really Gemma, really?

  2. Too bad North American includes Gemma.

  3. ha!

  4. wow. Just wow. I sincerely hope that Gemma is 10, and not just another example of widespread stupidity permeating society.

  5. what is “singing in Sweat?” I think they are both dumb.

  6. Testing

  7. also, this login stuff is going to stop Jason’s Monster Fail from happening again probably.

  8. A look into the future: Texan presidential candidate Gemma assures the American nation that she is highly experienced at foreign relations as Texas is just “next door” to South America. *wink*

  9. Ahh…it appears I am unable to post under my nickname, which is my original name {Ratcoon’s widow}. I shall miss the apostrophe in my name.

    That being said…

    Gemma appears to be very good in both geography and language. I wish I could have sat next to her in high school….

  10. Wow, apparently Gemma was a child left behind.

  11. Jason’s Monster Fail will probably never happen again anyway. If some caps lock crazy doosh bag wants to insult people and wreak havoc on the internet, I doubt a pesky little log in will stop them.

  12. So…many…failures. Brain…cannot…compute.

    Seriously. This literally hurts my brain just thinking about the utter fail of Gemma’s comments. And who the hell names their kid Gemma anyway?

  13. Gemma speaks fluent Americanish, it seems.

  14. @ratcoons widow: Oh no, prepare yourself for the grammar nazis who are going to come and tear you apart for forgetting the apostrophe.

    The sad thing is I’m serious.

  15. CumDog Millionaire

    Is it me or do both of them make no sense?

  16. @ CumDog

    First, love the name. Second, you’re right. Neither one of them makes any sense. Gemma’s comments are just so much worse (IMO).

  17. singing in sweat is scottish. the english call us sweaty socks (Jocks)

  18. insert clever name here

    Someone find Gemma on fb. I want to punch her in the throat. I’m willing to bet she thinks Brazilians speak Brazilian… or worse Brazilish.

  19. I’d hit it.

  20. @Boz

    yeah, with a car…

  21. insert clever name here

    LittleBit FTW!

  22. mr haiku i love you

    a Mexican speaks. gemma hears mexicanish. ignorance is bliss.

  23. Sweat is Cockney rhyming slang for Scottish. Sweaty socks = Jocks.

    They’re English not American

  24. Last time I checked Mexico was in North America*

    and the idea that a language’s name would be based on a country’s name must be a purely *English*(England) thing.

    Just forget that many countries other than England speak English, and the same goes for almost every major language in the world.

    I seriously had no clue that someone could be this ignorant.

  25. Gemma speaks Englandish.

  26. @humperdinck

    YES! HAHA! Exactly my point…except expressed in a much simpler and more beautiful way.

  27. When you say ‘Scotchness’, do you mean ‘Scots’?

  28. Nothing worse than misplaced intelligence fueled by arrogance. I.E. Gemma

  29. Well that’s how it goes when you decide to save money on schools.

  30. Yay for registration…and wow this is apalling. Mexicanish? Really??

  31. Considering Gemma is a Spanish name, I’m guessing at least part of this is a joke. Maybe she calls it Mexicanish because she feels that Mexicans butchered her native language too much for it to still be called Spanish?

    That still doesn’t excuse the South America part, though. Or much else…

  32. @LittleBit – more like with my fist, but whatever.

  33. @Mel
    I doubt it.
    I’m sure she doesn’t even know her name is Spanish.
    I think she’s just really ignorant.

  34. Gemma went to the Miss America School of Geography and Maps

  35. Geez, what an idiot. I guess I speak Bolivianish then.

  36. insert clever name here

    @Mel – Mexicans wouldn’t even speak Spanish if Spaniards hadn’t travelled there and slaughtered and robbed the native people there. I’d rather have someone slaughter my language than my people.

    @mol – Gemma’s geography was correct. Mexico is indeed not in Spain.

  37. insert clever name here

    oops Please subtract one of the “there”s in that first sentence.

  38. It’s these kinds of submissions that need a follow up to Gemma’s retarded comment. It’s no fun if you don’t see the bitch get pwned.

  39. Mexico isn’t in South America.

  40. insert clever name here

    ouch! Good point Name. Duh.

  41. Me gustan las tortugas.

  42. Heh. insert clever name here – Did you go to school with Gemma? ;)

  43. I like this new log in policy :D

  44. And now Neil wonders why he has someone like Gemma on facebook.

    Second, Gemma should look under the facebook languages to find “mexicanish”.

  45. What makes you think Gemma is American?

  46. I think Gemma was joking when she said ‘mexicanish’ and ‘scotchness’, however she hit rock bottom with her geography and official language knowledge.

  47. @dollymama

    Who said Gemma is American?

  48. @Galvin

    It doesn’t matter whether she was joking on a part of it or not. Either way she is ignorant and needs a bitch slap.

  49. Gemma is a cunt.

  50. looks like someone had too much margaritas on their own. LOL

  51. Oh you’re so clever anonymous.

    But to answer your question, comments numbered 2, 8, 10, 13, 34 all refer to Gemma as being American, in some way or another

    That being said, Gemma is typically a European name. Chances are she’s from over there.

  52. I’m Canadian…does that mean I speak Canadianish? :O GASP I never knew!

  53. She’s definitely European…the time stamps are in military time

  54. Gemma’s actually an Italian name, so she’s really got no excuse now.

  55. *facepalms*

  56. @52


  57. @dollymama

    OK, so 2 and 13 apparently does.
    8 is hypothetical and should not be taken seriously
    10 I am assuming is referring to the “no child left behind policy”(U.S.A.) but is just a joke
    34 is the same basic idea as 8

    I realize I should have read more comments before posting #47, but truthfully I was just being lazy and didn’t feel like reading.

    but there was no need to get hostile, or get defensive by posting more proof than there actually was. I was just asking a question. damn

  58. tee hee – these comments are almost as amusing as the post

    Way to teach him about Mexicanish Gemma… I too, speak fluent Canadianish… and a little Francish too… mmm or would that be Quebecish

  59. “Quebecish” is totally different than Francish! It’s like Francish’s red headed step child.

    French Canadians and their stupid nonsensical slang.

  60. There are so many fails here that I can’t process them all.

    1.) Mexico is in Central America, not South.
    2.) The obvious fact that Mexicanish does not exist.
    3.) The fact that she thinks you can translate song.

    And those are just the ones that bother me the most. Wow Gemma, wow.

  61. I dislike this login business

  62. North*

  63. I was going to say this was why the rest of the world laughs at us, but after reading the comments the USA can hold her head a little higher. Since I live in America would I have to speak Americaish? Would I have to go back to school to learn this since I can only speak English? Now as for writing, I totaly have Americanish nailed, my grammar stinks and thats not my mother’s mother that smells.

  64. Stupid girl.

    Everyone know Mexicans speak Mexicanian.


  65. I’m more disturbed Gemma thinks it’s possible to translate a song into ‘Mexicanish’.

  66. I dislike the “login” “logout” thing, too annoying and it means we won’t get the subjects of the post jumping on and raging.

  67. @ Falateda
    That’s true! And the Argentinians speak Argentinish and the Swiss speak Switzerlandish.

  68. To be fair to Gemma, I think she was playing it for laughs with the whole scotchness / mexicanish thing. I’m not altogether surprised or upset by her inability to describe Mexico’s location correctly either – it might seem shocking to the Americans here, but then I’d love to see some of you pointing out Poland, Wales or Hungary on a map of the world.

    I think the real lame here is that Neil thinks life is good while listening to The Proclaimers. Anywhere. Ever.
    I’d be horrified If I’d flown 5500 miles away from here and still ended up listening to “they raj c*nts.”*

    *genuine colloquial Scots [particularly Fife] (abusive)

  69. Down under we speak Ostrayan.

  70. Where do they speak Outlandish then?

  71. I must say that after visiting the States (mostly the South) my views about Americans are intensified. I did not meet anyone that knows something about geography or politics or whatever outside the States. It’s like their world ends at the border … i met one guy who knew something bout Europe and Asia and he was Canadian go figure.

    Sorry to be generalising because there are probably a lot amongst you who do realise that America does not equal world

    Other then that i m guessing Gemma was joking, or at least attempting to be funny

  72. Yeah that’s a really great fucking story Father Sha except for the glaringly obvious fact that Gemma is English.

  73. i’ve got a feeling you all look pretty lame for not picking up on the fact that this whole thing is a joke.

  74. at least on gemmas part, she’s kidding

  75. It has clearly moved since she last checked. Pfft, some people are so stupid.

  76. what on earth is singing in their normal scotchness?

  77. Jag talar inte ‘Swedenese’. HA!
    I like the login stuff. Now people can know that every moronic comment I make is indeed coming from me. x)

  78. All I want this holiday season is the opportunity to punch Gemma in her smug face and let her know she has a stupid name too.

  79. no way , did you read my post ? Am i saying she’s american ? Angry much ?

    I was responding to the yanks here that openly critise people for not knowing geography whereas i only met americans that could hardly name their own neigbouring states …

    And obviously you didn’t pick up on my last paragraphes at all , so maybe you are reinforcing the stereotype about americans , shallow and hotheaded. You do not seem to process information before you jump to conclusions

    And again , i m not saying all americans are like that , just about 95 % of the ones i met.

  80. Finding it difficult to understand how life could ever be good even if one of the following occurred (i) being in a Mexican bar (ii) drinking a Margarita or (iii) listening to the Proclaimers. The thought of all three together fills me with horror.

    Now, if he was in a Brazilian bar, drinking a Caipirinha and listening to The Clash then Neil really would have something to celebrate.

  81. @Mandy
    People in glass houses… Gemma is a much better name than Mandy.

  82. @72 FTW.

    Even though I agree with most of what Father Sha has said. I’m American, but our schools really ought to require more geography classes… And if they stopped focusing on the few hundred years of U.S. history that they bother to teach and worried about the thousands of years of history in the rest of the world instead it would be nice too.

  83. Again, a great fucking story. But I’m English.

  84. the Purple Apple , i agree and i m sorry if i offended you because i know that there are a lot of Americans that do know their world and have an open spirit.

    I must admit that i can not name all of the US States so that means i m lacking a bit of crucial geographical knowledge as well.

    I loved the national parks and calm safe roads in the States , i did not love the food culture and especially in the South the people weren’t very welcoming. But i was maybe unlucky in my choice of diners and human encounters

    Who knows …

  85. well no way that explains a lot , no m8 just having a laugh

    you have stupid people everywhere be it Europe , Asia or the States

  86. Glad im not in Europe Asia or the states then :)

  87. What are there people living outside these three regions ? What a shocker

    damn i forgot the aussies , africans, inuit …

  88. mexicans south americans latin americans cubans jamaicans etc etc… kiwis? lol

  89. I live on a boat in international waters.

  90. I like turtles.

  91. @ 89 way to go legal gambling for all!

  92. @Mercure
    Sweet! I’ll go get The Clash CDs, you buy the first round of drinks . . .

  93. @Thesaurapist 13F @Mercure

    listening to The Clash is always a reason for celebration and drinks

  94. I think Thesaurapist 13F and Mercure are missing the sarcastic nature of Neils original status, “Life is good”. And also the irony of being in a Mexican bar yet listening to Scottish music. Also the “mexicanish” and “scotchness” comments were a joke. The point is the geographical and linguistic mistake made by Gemma. And yes, sweat is rhyming slang for Scots people, (sweaty sock – jock), although both Neil and Gemma are Scottish.

  95. Why are people so dumb!

  96. Just to make it clear:

    -Mexico is not from south america, neither central america, it’s from north america, but for some reason, people won’t admit it (maybe cause they don’t like calling them northamericans)

    -if you think about it, most of central america it’s like a sub-region of north america (I would avoid panama and costa rica)

    -In fact Brazilian is considered a dialect (not a language) because it has a lot of differences between portuguese

    -This freaking gemma is freaking stupid (and i’m not sure her name is spanish cause double m’s are not common in spanish)

    -I’ve noticed many people suck at geography.

    -No, mexicans have not modified spanish into a level that it could be considered as “Mexicanish” (correct form if ever happens: Mexican)

    -I don’t think this is a joke, some people are that stupid :(

  97. I would like to point out I am NOT the Gemma in this post. I have to agree that she’s likely to be European, and Gemma is not a spanish name, it’s of Italian origin.

  98. @96

    No, “Gemma” is not Spanish, here it’s “Gema” with a single ‘m’.

    And, as you say, no, there is no such thing as Mexicanish (or even Mexican). In all America what is spoken is Spanish, witch is sightly different from what is spoken in Spain, the Castilian. But it’s pretty much the same language.

  99. Which not witch.

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  101. I don’t care if it was suppose to be a joke, or what country she is from I want Gemma dead, for either her poor attempt at humor or her blatant stupidity……..

  102. @stickfigure
    If you think Gemma is a better name you’re just about as stupid as Gemma. Reading your other comments I’d say thats about right.

  103. I think everyone missed the fact that the Proclaimers are Welsh, not Scottish.

  104. @Aphrael
    The Proclaimers are Scottish you idiot they were born in Leith, Scotland. Also they aren’t backward enough to be Welsh.

  105. I thought they were welsh. No need to call me an idiot!

  106. @ Aphrael: There was EVERY need for him to call you an idiot. Thinking the Proclaimers were Welsh? Mind-boggling ignorance that ranks right up there with Gemma’s.

  107. I don’t even know who these bloody Proclaimers are, nor do I care, but you people amuse me.

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