Monday, December 28, 2009

Stereo Typing



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  1. first bitches

  2. I clap my hands intensely to you Rob!!

  3. Rob makes an excellent point.

  4. I hated Boyz In The Hood because of the black people talking.

  5. Rob FTW!! Also kudos to Lamebook for not blurring out Brittany’s profile picture :)

  6. Hahah. Nice.

  7. @ndeezlo: changing the movie doesn’t make it a new joke.

  8. Rob is a douche for obviously submitting his own joke (2 seconds ago? Really?).

    Isaiah seems like the kind of guy who subtly makes fun of white people just to see if they ever realize he’s fucking with them…I respect that. Of course, the timing on his suggests he might have submitted it himself too, so now I’m conflicted. I’m going to go ahead and assume Brittany submitted that one, for my own peace of mind.

    Lauren and Melissa seem like the type of people who probably sit around talking about how “cute” adults of other races are, and think they’re enlightened because they’re not really being “negative”.

  9. i dont get while rob is so mad, some black guys were talking through a movie brian was trying to watch at the movie theaters and he complained about it… he didnt say ‘i hate all black people ESPECIALLY Morgan Freeman’

  10. Misses white ppl…no disrespect. None taken dear.
    That’s funny.

    Also, maybe a Lamebook first, they didn’t moderate “niggas”. Don’t know if that is good but for what it’s worth. There it is.

  11. Rob just sounds like a sanctimonious prick. Although Shawshank Redemption is a really bad film, maybe that’s why he got so upset.

  12. @aleesh87: Shawshank Redemption has Morgan Freeman talking throughout the whole thing…it’s subtle wit.

  13. Yeah, I hate it when people talk through the whole movie in the theater. So, one day, after having a few too many Raisinets, I got brave and stood up and started yelling at them: “If I hear so much as a mouse fart in here the rest of the night I swear by God and sonny Jesus you will all visit the infirmary. Every last motherfucker in here.”

    Well, it worked. I didn’t hear a peep out of them the rest of the movie. Later, on the way out, they jumped me, beat me up, and left me for dead in a storage shed out back. I escaped by tunneling through the wall and crawling 500 yards down a sewer pipe. I haven’t been able to watch the Shawshank Redemption since.

  14. Lauren you’re such a retard

  15. I knew some “people” in here wouldn’t understand the racism in that comment. There was no need to point out that the people talking were black. Had they been white boys, do you think good ol’ boy Brian would have pointed that out? Um, no.

  16. Melissa and Lauren are retarded.

  17. Nice one Rob.
    Kudos of the moderators not to blur out Brittney’s face. lol

  18. ah, rob is far wittier than i :p

  19. What is wrong with Lauren’s comment?

  20. I mean, God wants them to wonder in the streets :D They should thank to people like Lauren! God bless you, Madame.

  21. Does nobody know the difference between wander and wonder?

  22. BUT i will have to say, BringYourOwnSun, that i do point out if people are white… my friend dragged me to see twilight 2 or whatever (i still havent seen the first one) and i DID complain about the little 12 year old white girls giggling through the whole movie. and if some fat old white guy did it i would say that too :p but you’re probably right in general, im just quirky like that

  23. Shawshank Redemption was a terrible movie, IMO. That’s all I got out of this post.

  24. No, Shawshank was a good movie because it had Morgan Freeman’s voice in it.

  25. This is extra lame. “Stereotyping is one word”.

  26. @steppendawg…cuz you ddin’t get it, it’s funny.

  27. @Sensible Madness: Praise be to you for the gigglefest your comment left in it’s wake. Bows to Senisible Madness!

    @BringYourOwnSun: You cannot be certain. There lies a possibility that Rob maybe white and severely dislike racism.

    Isaiah is absolutely hilarious! He is probably on his way over to Brittany’s house to make an alibi with Brittany, all night long!

    HAHA Mexicans wondering the streets!? Beware, the Mexicans are becoming more intelligent, they wish to overthrow the US government. ARGHHHHHHHHHH!

  28. @15 BringYourOwnSun: Draw your attention to their display pictures. Sure, they’re pixelated but they’re quite obviously of light skinned people. Also, putting inverted commas around that word makes it look like you’re questioning whether or not they actually are people…

  29. Oh, I should have read the whole conversation before I posted. Nevermind.

  30. wow the face was not blurred

  31. No, black people don’t talk nearly as much as fucking white boys throw popcorn and whoot in the cinema. And IMO that is by far more irritating then someone talking through a movie.

    Also, Shawshank Redemtion was a fantastic movie. @ aleesh87 – agreed. I DID see the first one and it was terrible. Twilight is fucking gay anyway. It’s a vampire that SPARKLES. Harry Potter has got more balls than Edward. Just saying.

    BTW, Insane, why are you always apologising if you rant? :| This saddens me.

  32. *Redemption

  33. Sensible Madness-

    You are my favorite poster. You never cease to make me laugh.

  34. ^ Mine too, I love you man.

  35. No offense. But white people talk at cinema’s too. I don’t see why it has to turn into a racial thing. Apart from Rob, the rest are complete retards, and I say that lightly.

  36. @-ShakAttack-

    Agreed – that is the point I am trying to make… White people behave just as badly – if not worse, sometimes… :(

  37. Wait a minute, I’m a white person…oh, I do behave badly…never mind.

  38. “Thank god for mexicans”. Should be a rally cry.

  39. That’s what the Channel tunnel needs, a handy gang of Mexicans hanging around at the entrance…

  40. I find racism and endless debates over it boring. It exists, it is wrong, but also wrong is this new tone society has adopted in which they judge EVERYTHING as racist. We are politically correcting ourselves into silence. Soon no one will be able to express anything because it will offend some-damn-one.

    *climbing down from soapbox and off to wonder the streets in search of a man of latin american heritage with a snow scooping device.

  41. @ yaya (40)

    Great comment! May I wonder along in them streets looking for robustly-pigmented specimens of the human race?

  42. I always like to have a shovel with me when I wonder the streets.
    Wish I was Mexican.

  43. The Shawshank one had me laughing so hard. Thank you, Rob.

  44. Well it’s most likely to be black people that are talking. They mostly adhere to a clique of being a bit ghetto, which usually contitutes talking in movies.

    Most white people don’t adhere to this clique so are more likely to stay quiet in a movie. It has also been shown that on average a black person will behave worse in school and have a lower IQ than a white person.

    Rob’s point about the shawshank redemption is also flawed. The girl wouldn’t avoid movies with black people in because her comment proved her only to be slightly ignorant perhaps and not racist.

  45. Sensible Madness FTW!! That comment was genius

  46. I have a suspicion that Sam_Peterson123 doesn’t quite grasp the meaning of the word ‘clique’.

  47. Christ on a cracker

    Brittany, you need to get your ass kicked BIG time by a bunch of angry sisters. And Isaiah, FTW! Never ceases to amaze how all the Britneys, Brittanys, Britnae and all other variations of the names are a bunch of fucktards, clueless bitches. I’m naming my daughter Josephine.

    And Lauren is another example why minorities will be ruling the world shortly, the gringos don’t wanna work! You rather pay than move your fat asses; oh well, I guess it would take too many brain cells for her to do it at least half assed. Viva la raza, fuckers!

  48. @Sensible Madness: I am amused. :)

    @Sam_Peterson: Where do you get your information? I do agree that it is statistically plausible that African Americans may not do as well in school and may not do as well with testing. But what the heck does that have to do with talking during a movie? I also must say, that if you go by that logic, we should be saying that when in a Tokyo theater, it is more likely that White people will be talking instead of Asian, because White people don’t do as well as Asian people on testing and have lower IQ’s. Your logic is flawed my friend. I agree with Ballet Babe. Just because people adhere to cliques (which we all do, just do so differently) doesn’t make someone more talkative. And standardized testing is shown to be a skewed measure of someone’s intelligence, and social norms are shown to support the middle and upper class ‘majority’ in schooling. WTF? Just because you speak well doesn’t mean you say something factual.

  49. What is so racist about that comment? I stopped going to certain theaters around Philly because of African Americans. That’s makes me racist because I don’t want to pay 13 bucks to see a movie that I can”t hear?? it’s annoying. Don’t get me started on the guy who pulled out a gun on Christmas day last year in a philly theater.
    I am far from Racist but it’s true. Not all African Americans are like this and I am sure there are plenty of white folks who talk in theaters but from my experience (An AA butted in front of me once in line for this noisy theater with his kids and when I said something he threatened to hit me in front of his kids…classic) I’d prefer to go to a classier theater like the Bridge.

  50. Ok, I skipped half the comments because they were boring, but I saw the word “racist” being tossed around by people who definitely don’t know what it means. It is not racist to say “all black people talk during movies”. It may be “racially insensitive” or some retarded politically correct thing, but racist it is not.

    Racism is the belief that one race is genetically superior to another. Saying “All black people are better at sports than white people” would be borderline racist. Saying “All white people are born smarter than black people” would be borderline racist. But linking a behavior to race is not racist because behaviors are neither genetic nor racial.

    On top of all of that, the “black people talk through movies” thing is a line from Family Guy.

    Get some culture. Damn.

  51. @rockon

    i agree that it is not racism
    but how are your examples only “borderline”
    what would you consider full on racism

    also im a fan of family guy but never have i treated it as cultured

  52. Black people DO talk through movies. I’m in Australia and this is NEVER a problem until one of your aircraft carriers visit and then its notable. I don’t know if its cultural or not, but it comes across as rude and aggressive. Maybe they’re just afraid of the dark?

  53. Well they can’t see each other in the dark so they talk, like the way dolphins whistle in the water to find each other…

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