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  1. So unbelievably bored of football now.

  2. Oh, and BEN whatever that means.

  3. I saw a news story today that there’s a village in South Africa where most of the houses have no electricity, and they have a poor quality of life.
    and so, this charity group got an idea and decided to help them out. They set up a project and foundation, opened a website and started raising money.
    Then before long, they’d gotten enough, to go out there and go help those poor South Africans living in poverty. So what did they do?
    Set up a way to provide the whole village with electricity?
    Hand out food to the people living there?

    Nope, they ecrected a big inflatable screen so that the people of the village wouldn’t miss out on the world cup. -_-

  4. Lisa is clearly unaware of the surprisingly high nutritional value of a vuvuzela.

  5. If I lived in that village those guys’d be going home with their vuvuselas shoved firmly somewhere they’d never be able to fucking play ‘em.

    I second Nicoretta’s first comment and… first her second? I dunno.


  7. Inflatable screen? This.technology.must.be.mine.

  8. i don’t get why people think that fleetingly referencing either something current/topical, or outre/abhorrent, instantly invests whatever they’re saying with humour.

    it doesn’t, as evidenced by these efforts.

  9. See Jo’burg lately?

  10. Did anyone else think the ’4cm bamboo stick in her tuna’ post was going to go in a totally different direction?

  11. I’m with mcowles. I want a freaking inflatable screen, as long as it plays bluray.

    Otherwise. Posts are kind of meh….

  12. @ heisenberg: I know, right? They coulda been super pervs, but instead went the literal route. Bastards.

  13. MachineGun Monica

    Lisa FTW!

  14. I must still be trashed from the other night but this shit made me laugh.
    “Here, instead of this bamboo stick, you can have our BP flavoured tuna. Choke on it and die fucktard.”

    ok, maybe it was just that one and Camerons. Concentrate Germany, concentrate!

  15. @Nicoretta: The story of Ben, as often retold here.

    One day, not so long ago, Ben posted angry rants about people post “first if they were lucking enough to get on first. He ranted and he raved. But THEN, Ben started post “first.” Well, there was a big backlash and may posters commented negatively about young Ben. But THEN Ben claimed someone was using his username. Yes, that’s right. There was also a fake Ben, can you believe it?

    Anyway, it was quite fun and may people, to this day, enjoy bosting Ben if they were able to post first rather than just posting “first.” The Frodo thing (Ben is Frodo; Frodo does not have a pool) comes up occasionally because I, and others, began posting “Ben is Frodo” based on an old Lamebook posting which you can see here: http://www.lurkingglass.com/showthread.php?t=84864&page=9

    You may also see some herpes notations. This comes from the fact that Ben (we think it is the real Ben, not the Fake Ben) who claims to be a medical student was posting some very lame and false things about herpes and how it is transmitted.

    That is pretty much the story of Ben. Hope this helps.

  16. ^^sorry for the typos! damn you lamebook. fix the site!!!!! sick of holdind down the mouse button to type!!!!

  17. Lisa = sikipedia joke theif

  18. @dc, I was able to get around that by typing a single letter with the mouse button down and then highlight that letter (by dragging over it with the mouse). After that, I could type like I was meant to!

  19. Lamebook and FailFile both have so many funny World Cup posts, and yet failbook seems to be, well, failing >.<' I wonder why?

  20. @ dcrearview, you are just an absoutely star! I have wondered about the Ben and Frodo references for a while now and that clears it all up. Thanks muchly. x

  21. :-D

    thanks Peach!

  22. Yes Lisa, that’s what you all think- that everybody on the entire continent of Africa (54 seperate countries) is starving-right? Thank god for your cents to save us. Nou ek’s haartseer. ignorant world. :-(

  23. Calm down Lisa. We are not starving in South Africa but thanks for your “donations” we quite enjoy our VUVUZELAS. It comes in handy to annoy ignorant people like you.

  24. krasivaya_devushka

    Ugh, I hate people like Lisa. I doubt she even donates money.

  25. krasi – ya tebya ljublju!

  26. LOL at Lisa! Not!!! Sorry as a South African I feel the same as ImissBen and SA girl, I actually feel sorry for ignorant people like this…

  27. Somebody please give Lisa back her donation, and send her a free vuvuzela with it! :-)

  28. I’m thinking of starting my own Lamebook running joke that I’m going to have to explain to everyone on every post. That whole aggravating period of somebody asking about Ben on every post (no offence to the person who asked here, it has been a while since the last time) is long over…

    Barry’s FakeBoz. Or… a ratcoon.
    Was the ratcoon even Lamebook? Fuck it, I don’t know. Should probably cut back on the swearing.
    Think the heat’s made me go boring.

  29. Wait, what part of that above comment caused it to be moderated? It can’t be the word ‘Ben’ since everyone says that. Not the word fuck. Which means it’s either ratcoon or FakeBoz…

  30. FakeBoz

  31. Holy crap! The word r*tc**n is blocked on Lamebook! What the fuck?

    Okay, I’m going to look mental if the rest of my comments don’t get through.
    Hell, I’m going to look mental if they all do.

  32. @krasivaya – I bet you’re right. Lisa strikes me as the same type that goes online and rants about “MY tax dollars,” never stopping to think that all that withholding from the part-time job really doesn’t add up to a lot in terms of the federal budget.

    And Stacey – it’s not the lottery. Why do you think you’re entitled to any “winnings?” How about a replacement can of tuna and we call it good?

  33. krasivaya_devushka

    @alordslums, ya tebya tozhe ljublju : )

    @Vox, I was thinking about the whole “my tax dollars” thing, too. People like that just annoy me.
    And I hate when someone donates money and then tells everyone about it. Keep it to yourself! If you donate with good intentions, then you’ve done *your* part. You can’t control how someone spends it.

    Oh, and since someone mentioned vuvuzelas, I logged into my Facebook and my friend left me this on my wall.


    It made me LOL :)

  34. krasivaya_devushka

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    What’s that all about and since when??

  35. @Krasivaya_devushka – Weren’t you supposed to be coming to Europe? Or are you already here?



  37. krasivaya_devushka

    @Kaktus, yes, but next month.
    July 15th.

    Um, why are comments being moderated?

  38. pretty girl. ;-)

  39. She should have accidentally ate the bamboo stick and then choked on it. Maybe then it would have been worth something.

  40. Lol!! I just had to register and make my LOL be visible in the wonderful world of the internets… Lisa, hun, who told you that all of SA is starving and needs your petty donations? If you’re so annoyed then just stop donating, I’m pretty sure ur donation wasn’t even sizeable to begin with. The vuvuzela,as annoying as it is for foreigners, is ours and shouldn’t dissuade u from ur ‘donations’. Oh, we eat a whole lot more then rice… and fyi, “poor” people buy a lotta maize-meal [Google it!] as opposed to gorging down lotsa rice. I didn’t want my first post to be ‘charged’ but hey, someone had to put Lisa in her place… Hi yall!! ☺☺☺

  41. The vuvuzela: South Africa’s own, made in China.

  42. krasivaya_devushka

    @alordslums, I wrote that I love you too, but it never posted (being moderated) lol

  43. i was beginning to worry!


    p.s. beginner’s russian is sexier than expert german. that’s why i cherish my beginner’s russian.


  44. Ha ha :)

  45. CommentsAtLarge


    Isn’t that where everything is made? I always chuckle at the amount of “USA” red-white-and-blue-themed stuff that have the same birthplace.

  46. Yes Comments, most of that shit does come out of some part of Asia. I just hate those things with a passion. They’ve ruined my World Cup viewing experience.


    Sorry. I made a comment, but them damn vuvuzelas were too loud.

  48. True, alordslums :D

  49. Vuvuzelas are SA’s gift to the world. Enjoy ;)
    Just think of it as revenge for Jennifer Lopez (shudder).

  50. Some parts of South Africa do need your donations.
    And some of us are able to afford the R20.00 it costs to purchase a vuvuzela. And we blow on our plastic trumpets with pride.
    How bout you watch the game on mute instead of whining about it?

  51. Dear Lisa
    Do you really want me to believe that you are so arrogant to judge a country based on a few cents you donated? Have you ever been to South Africa? Please do some research before making such strong accusations, we are a different culture with different needs. And please also stop forcing your believes and ways on us, just because you donated your change in a tin. Your needs are not necessarily our needs. And this is South Africa, not Asia. We eat Mieliepap (or Maize Meal), not rice. And sport is a big deal for us as well. So let us blow our Vuvuzelas, it’s been a while since we as a nation felt so united and excited about something. I invite you to come and visit our diverse and dynamic country, I bet you will be very surprised that we are not villagers with bones through our noses.
    Keep well. Mooi bly. Sala Kahle!

  52. holy sh*t people, LIGHTEN UP! its LAMEBOOK not an open forum to discuss politics in 3rd world countries. get a freaking life. IT WAS A JOKE! …and it was FUNNY!

  53. It is sad that people are so uneducated about South Africa. We may be poor but most of us don’t starve. Try Somalia, Ethiopia and Nigeria. That is where the donations go. To starving skeleton children in war torn poverty.

  54. I created an account just to have my LOL @ Lisa published… so here it is:


    @rockmebritney: It wasn’t a joke at all, look at Lisa’s post, she clearly meant it and the ignorance is sad!

    Ik spreek geen Afrikaans maar ik spreek nog een beetje Nederlands, en misschien jullie hebben de zelfde word:

    Lisa=Kutwijf ;)

    Groetjes Zuid Afrika!

  55. Wow, i love how oblivious the “first world countries” i.e America especially (no offence) are to what the real world is. To them they think of Africa been some jungle where we have Elephants runing around in our back garden or Lions chasing us around. Seriously, our sewerage systems are better, we can drink our water straight out of taps but yet i need your donations. Whatever! i think its time they start teaching you more about the world and not your country is the world.

  56. its called SARCASM people. seriously. stop being so freaking sensitive. worry about important sh*t besides whats on lamebook. her comment about africa was SARCASTIC and it WAS funny. this is why i left the US, you people take everything WAY WAY WAYYYY too seriously and its freaking pathetic… the entire world makes fun of how sensitive and ridiculously politically correct you are and you dont even know it!! LOL

  57. Ah… read some of the comments, so may be repeating what some people have said, as a Proudly South African citizen, but here goes anyway:

    As much as the Brits hate being stereotyped as pale, tea drinking bores or Camden-style punks with attitude; and the Americans hate being classified as Yanks with no sensitivity, too much patriotism (flags on every house, thinking they’re the only country in the world, etc) and a serious weight problem, we Saffers hate being pigeon holed as the poor “villages”, with no electricity, terrible crime and the odd elephant traipsing along our dirty, dusty roads.

    I hate to break it to those who don’t know better, but we actually have a relatively stable economy, big cities with buildings (skyscrapers, no less O-: http://www.southafrica.to/transport/Airlines/South-Africa-within/flights-to-Johannesburg/johannesburg-skyline-night.jpg ) and varying degrees of financially classed people.

    We have our rich, middle class and yes, we do have our poor. We do have crime, but as a citizen who has lived here all my 26 years without being touched by it, I’d have to say this is blown maybe a little too much out of proportion. We do have electricity. And computers. And Internet. And pretty much the latest of all technologies, if delayed in the getting here by a few months.

    Lastly, those lovely, ignorant people out there who jump to conclusions without moving their lazy butts enough to Google the word “South Africa” need to realise that although we are part of Africa, we are NOT Africa.

    In so saying, I’m not denying that certain parts of our country and continent (in particular) are starving, but so are people in India, China and yes, even the USA. Starving, poor classes are a sad reality of any economy or country throughtout the world.

    Vuvzela’s are annoying, yes. I personally heard them at 6am on the day folowing our first game against Mexico. But they also symbolise something uniquely South African and I am proud to own one and will blow it loud enough to drown out the people of the world who have nothing better to do than complain about a Vuvu. Do yourself a favour: come visit our country, then make your judgements.

    Well now. Rant over.

  58. @dare2claire *vuvuzelas

  59. Thanks Fleurs. I double checked for spelling, but guess I missed that one :-)

  60. see also *following. Oops!

  61. I agree with dare2claire, I like living in South Africa and I hate all the misconceptions people have about this country.

  62. Atually, Lisa replied to her own status saying, ‘haha you love it cos it’s true’, so it wasn’t sarcasm but thanks for trying to defend her.

  63. krasivaya_devushka

    Hey, you guys did a great job yesterday in beating France! :D
    They deserve it after they cheated to qualify!

    And I agree with your comments about ignorant people. They’re ignorant ’cause the media paints that picture of African countries and that’s all they have set in their minds.

    &OMG, if this comment doesn’t get posted, I quit!!

  64. krasivaya_devushka

    yay success! :D

  65. Well said dare2claire! You make SA proud :D

  66. Bafana Bafana :’(

  67. I felt so angry at first when reading Lisa’s status, and was about to give her a piece of my mind, when I scrolled through the comments and saw that so many fellow South Africans have done it already. Its so fantastic to see us all uniting together at last, despite our history. AYOBA!

  68. I am South African and I will defend my beautiful country for all its worth! We have our ups and downs like any other country but we are unique, colorful and creative.

    Suid Afrika is my trots! If you can’t read it sorry, but I am proud of my country and all eleven official languages.

  69. I’ve done a lot of international traveling. I love different cultures and truly consider myself to have a lot of acceptance for cultural practices.

    The Vuvuzelas: Yes, they are a part of your culture, and you should have fun with them, however, you guys are drowning out the fans of every single other nation, at every single game. How is that showing courtesy for the other cultures? Yes you are the host nation, so please, for the love of god be a host. This is not the South Africa Cup, this is the World Cup.

    South Africa is a beautiful place, and I would recommend anyone to go there. I love your culture, but please, have some respect for the cultural practices of the nations you are hosting.

  70. Dear dcrearview,
    Thank you for the Ben and Frodo explanations. The post for the Frodo one is better than any other Lamebook post I’ve ever read. I guess Lamebook is truly getting more lame as people have indicated.

  71. Just to let you know i am South African and can’t stand the vuvuzela. I really do hate it but as i walk around town there are more foreigners blowing the god damn thing at the moment than South Africans.

  72. Brazil’s next to host the world cup… I wonder if people will be as upset by the Samba Drum at Soccer Games (a Brazilian tradition, I am told by those in the know) as by the Vuvuzela, when the time comes. Just a thought.

  73. http://www.vuvuzelasouthafrica.co.za/the-vuvuzela-must-stay/

  74. We are actually far too poor here in South Africa to attend any of the world cup games- you know, you first world countries haven’t donated any tickets to us… so all the annoying ‘trumpet playing’ that you are hearing must be coming from your fellow ignorant countrymen?
    Just a thought… back to my bowl of rice I go…
    And ps – I had to hike for 12km through the bush to get to this computer to post this message as seeing as we can’t afford rice we definitely can’t afford computers???

    And aren’t you glad that Ghana knocked you out of the world cup so you won’t have to listen to our VUVUZELA’s anymore – wonder how they managed to kick your asses on their empty stomachs???

  75. You go SAGirl85!! The Vuvuzelas aren’t annoying plastic trumpets, they’re fucking awesome! And they’re part of the host country’s culture. Pfft, this person so needs to get over it

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