Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Star Trek: First Contact…Maybe


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  1. Aw that’s sort of cute in a sad way. He would probably be a good boyfriend, at least you know you would get cupcakes on your anniversary.

  2. Star Trek themed cupcakes.

  3. I don’t know. I had an ex a long time ago who was into Star Trek. They’re the sneakiest kind. And his mum used to check the mileage on his car every day to make sure he wasn’t driving out of town. He was 21.

  4. Haha I agree with #1, he DOES sound kinda cute…in a geeky way.

  5. He’s pedantic.

  6. Meh, I’d probably date him. Nerds FTW.

  7. At least he can spell

  8. 50th anniversary? oh man, michael is such a dumbass!

  9. What’s with the dog obsession?

  10. Yep, pedantic much

  11. Anthony, strippers is your the answer your are looking for… dog

  12. I am more bothered by Michael´s constant use of the word “dog” than Anthony’s desperateness.

  13. This “be yourself” business is bullshit. The trick is to pretend to be interesting just long enough so the girl will feel bad about dumping your boring ass.

    Only then can you “be yourself”.

  14. “desperateness” Erin? That’s a new one. Might just use that. Not sure where or how…

  15. Star Trek: Deep Throat Nine

  16. @STC: In your AdultFriendFinder personal ad.

    OHHH, just kidding, you’re my second favorite lamebook commentor.

  17. I don’t want a dog. I do want a Star Trek fan. I have one.

  18. i’d date anthony over michael…just sayin’

  19. Me too, lizzy, me too. He sounds way more interesting. And I don’t like Star Trek.

  20. I’m not a star trek fan, but i’d like star trek themed cupcakes

  21. He sounds like someone I’d really really fancy. In fact I DO really really fancy him.

  22. I like Star Trek and Star Wars.

    WHAT NOW???

  23. I’m cleaning my monitor because Anthony’s last comment made me spit my drink out in laughter. He’s like a dog (canine, not trying to emulate Michael here) that you love because he’s so pathetic but you don’t actually want him in your house.

    I agree with the obvious lady posters, he would treat me good. I would treat him very, very badly.

  24. I just love the anniversary correction afterthought.

    “um…”, pushes up taped-on-the-nose, horn-rimmed glasses, “actually it was 40th anniversary.”

  25. Omg. I think I’m in love. I want to be Anthony’s ‘special someone’.

    But seriously, he does sound quite cute.

  26. And if he was anything less than “cute”, all you girls claiming that you’d date him wouldn’t give him a second look.

    Be honest now, it’s the internet.

  27. We like the idea that we’re good people and can get past looks but that’s not the case. You know he’s not cute and no, no one would date him. He’s a sad sack.

  28. I hate it when people “like” their own status updates.

  29. Michael’s advice is the best thing ever.

  30. Anyone else confused why a Trekkie is friends with someone who apparently wants to be Randy off American Idol?

  31. Aww, Jonas, do you self-define as not-cute? Else why the bitterness?

    For the record, dating non-cute boys is fun. When you tell your girl friends enough times that a boy is cute, they will inevitably also find themselves attracted to that not-cute boy. Just one of many helpful hints on how to amuse yourself in a bar when the company just isn’t cutting it.

  32. Haha, I totally understand and dig the cupcake thing, I hope he finds himself a fellow trekkie!

  33. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey

    michael is white…what a cunt (dog)

  34. I find this meatloaf both shallow and pedantic.

  35. “and besides, i’ve graduated”. is he viewing that as a turn-on to get women? i can’t think of another reason why he would say that.

  36. No, I’m fucking gorgeous.

    I’m just sayin’

  37. Anthony is endearing but I would never in my life date someone that needy. Fuck.

  38. aw i like nerds… sometimes…

  39. I loled, oh how I loled.

  40. dude…if a guy brought cupcakes to celebrate star trek.
    i would be all over that shit.

    star trek + cupcakes = win

  41. What is that sound i hear?

    Why I believe it is the sound of Michaels palm hitting his forehead.

  42. http://cdn0.knowyourmeme.com/i/6512/original/DoubleFacePalm.jpg

  43. it’s spelled Trek…

  44. that was pure joy to read

  45. N-E-R-D!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. As a female and a Trekker, I feel qualified to say that Anthony is the kind of boy I’d want to date. Obviously, I feel this way because we have Star Trek in common, but I also feel this way because, even from the small amount of exposure I’ve had to his personality, he seems like a sweet guy.
    However, Michael just reminds me of all the guys and girls I know who ridicule me. In short, Anthony FTW; Michael is a jerk.

    And anyone that thinks Star Trek’s 50th anniversary has happened yet isn’t even trying. Star Trek’s 40th anniversary happened in 2006 (1966-2006) (I have the commemorative shirt).


  47. I’m assuming you’re obese with a uni brow. =/

  48. I’m almost completely certain that I went to high school with Anthony. And sat next to him in economics. Good times…

  49. I would say Anthony won me over with cupcakes and Star Trek but considering all avid Trekkers I’ve met have being either skinny as a match or as wide as a cornfield, I think it would be safe to withhold that statement. Plus, it’s only Star Trek. Not like it’s something important like Star Wars.

    I’m amused at the thought that Anthony and Michael could possibly be best friends.

  50. So average weight Trekkies don’t exist?

  51. I agree, that’s super cute, in an obviously geeky way.

    Lame Trekkie misconceptions. No, not all of them are overweight or super skinny. No, not all of them live in their parent’s basements and no, not all of them are super geeks. It’s all stigma.

    He obviously wins simply for the cupcakes. Michel shouldn’t be telling him to ‘be yourself, dog’ but to make a lot more cupcakes, especially Star Trek themed ones.

  52. Who says “dog” anymore? That stopped being cool, like, 2 years ago.

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