Friday, September 4, 2009

Stalk Like an Egyptian

Stalk Like an Egyptian

Stalk Like an Egyptian

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  1. Oh, Elaine.

    Maybe he died and she will spend the rest of her days solemnly waiting at the airport wearing a bonnet and clutching a handkerchief to her weeping visage, like something from the most depressing of Anthony Minghella films.

    How very Greek tragedy.

  2. Omfg.

  3. Disney World is where all the available hot folks are nowadays?
    Damn, I was looking in the wrong places.

  4. Elaine, have you considered Depakote?

  5. #3: Maybe Elaine is a furry?

  6. Surely these are Junior high kids, right?

  7. Oh, wow, this is the same Elaine and Ahmed from one of the more recent Lamebook entries. They seem like pretty cool guys.

  8. I hate it when something good happens too. The other day, I won an i-phone on a competition I didn’t even realise I entered. I showed those bloody bastards. They can have it back, stick it up their arses and ruin someone else’s life with their free Apple goodness.

    But 12 minutes per phone card? I think perhaps Elaine might benefit from Skype.

  9. Man I love girls with confidence.

  10. Ooh good catch on that #7–
    Elaine the Period Ghost strikes again…


  11. Donald Trump's Comb-Over

    This is classic. I love how Elaine and Ahmed’s wall-to-wall consists of Elaine and…well, Elaine. He chimed in once, and I’m convinced it was accidental.

  12. omg…how do ppl get this messed up?

    She has no dignity

  13. is he referring to lamebookers as the spies?

  14. Actually, I think I might know who this is…I’m off to investigate/stalk.

  15. – Elaine & Ahemd

  16. Woah…. I thought it stopped at 10:28. That girl’s a whole angry-ferret-bag of crazy.

    Remind anyone else of this?:

  17. I DID have a friend Ahmed that went to Egypt, but sadly, no crazy Elaine was found on his wall. Damn, and here I thought I had stumbled onto something good.

  18. Em… WTF
    I dont care if its a high school romance – there is NEVER any excuse for this level of mental!!

  19. This is Elaine of period blood ghost fame,yeah?
    Oh,duh,just saw #10.She’s insane,by the fuck!

  20. You never know, she might meet that special someone at Disneyland.

    And how weird is to crack jokes about hijacking planes with a guy called Ahmed who’s from Egypt?

  21. I hate everything. I wanna ravioli NOW.

    Ha! She needs to start taking her meds again.

  22. I bet this girl often wonders why she can’t keep a boyfriend, why guys take advantage of her, and why guys probably sleep with her once and then disappear.

  23. Phone cards do really cheat you out of minutes (I frequently call Colombia–I get about 15 minutes knocked off every time)… but I’ve never called Egypt…

    This girl’s wacko, and I thought I was pretty crazy. This is insane.

  24. Mom????

  25. Elaine and Stacey need the same meds.

  26. Wow….3 words…bat shit crazy

  27. She lost me at “I hate it when something good happens, I cannot just call you immediately…”

    she sounds like just the type of girlfriend that I might dump via pillow over the face

  28. Oh man, after reading that I am now craving ravioli.

  29. dude needs to check the bitch, I tell people regularly that if they post nonsense I cut them out, shit like that would get a bitch dropped instantly. He’s prob cheating on her with some fly egyptian hoe

  30. Maybe if she goes to Disneyworld she can hook up with Goofy – then they can share a brain cell.

  31. She must have forgotten to just sit down and eat some ravioli. That would have made it all better.

  32. Is this psychotic bitch not a ghost yet? The ball’s in your court, Ahmed…

  33. This bitch is crazy. I wish the person who submitted this will post her last name.

  34. *recites lyrics from Snoop Dogg: Can you control your hoe*
    says it all for me really

  35. I like the way she seems to think she can get to Egypt as easily as she went to Penn Station.

    There are millions of FB users and yet we see repeat lamesters – seems like we need to increase the gene pool. Make it your mission today to attach a link to lamebook on your facebook profile.

  36. who the hell is she talking to?
    And Ahmed is even more of a Psycho then she is, he is worried that she will cheat on him? he goes “watch yourself I have spies”?

  37. She needs help in a major way.

  38. It’s sad that Elaine seems to want to have black-out sex with a stranger in order to get back at Ahmed. Yeah! That’ll.. uh.. show him. …?

  39. BelladonnaAnodyne

    Well. I think we can all agree that Elaine is utterly. Fucking. Mental.

    Dear me.

  40. I decided she’s amazing after reading the other post– where she’d brush his hair while he’s sleeping! She sounds like she definitely needs some Adderol, but she’s harmless! Hahaha. I would crack up if this bitch was my girlfriend.

  41. this challenged ace and yvonne for my favorite post ever.

  42. She’s a Borderline Personality Disorder. She’ll OD on 2 panadol next week and get herself admitted to a psyche unit because she can’t handle Ahmed not answering her.

  43. The aliens built the pyramids

  44. I don’t know what bothers me more about Elaine – her psychotic-ness or that she calls a laptop a labtop…

  45. Whoh… this bint needs a 5-mile exclusion zone around her! Elaine has some serious insecurity issues that send her into global thermonuclear mode when things don’t go her way. Ahmed, you are sooo gonna get it if you marry this nutter and you are 5 seconds late arriving home from work; she will be there on the doorstep with an axe, you just know it…

    Elaine dear; Ahmed’s passport just isn’t worth all of this crap. Go and get some nice Mills and Boon books and read about the other side of romance, where people don’t get hacked to death for not answering the phone.

  46. FINE GO CHEAT ON ME!! and so will i!! u dumb bitch!

  47. wow…OK BYE!!!!

  48. I really want some ravioli now!

  49. This reminds me of George Carlin’s “People I Could Do Without”. A hysterically crying girl in a wedding dress who walks into a sports bar with a harpoon gun. This it. That’s this girl.

  50. I think she’s a MR. F.

  51. lmao!!! damn that’s like what the? Most of the time she was speaking/typing to herself?

  52. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey


  53. Why is Ahmed from Egypt a ‘dumb bitch’?

    Is Elaine calling herself a dumb bitch? Well, she is talking to herself the whole time anyway. . .

  54. ha! i found a guy at disney bitches! it actuallyis a good place tpgo. i live in orlando so always manage to have a friend or 2 who works there that can hook us up with free ticketsso we kno the place inside nout and we end up “helping” poor unsuspecting guys lol its cool when they are our age n rich too cuz thenwe getto be goldddigers without feeling bad cuz they spend money on us and we never have to see them again so we dont get attached…cept thsi one guy buthe likes spending money on is and we are attached. hes just a friend tho we dont make him spend money on us but he insists for sum reason. that part kinda sucks cuc we feel bad for feeling good when he gives us stuff lol

  55. Who’s gonna be smart enough to make “I want ravioli now” t-shirts? Does Lamebook have a store?

  56. aaall those messages and ahmed only comments back about eating ravioli :) )

  57. OMG!!! Bi-Polar much?

  58. 3 status updates in the span of a minute? Congratulations, your are officially an attention whore.

  59. is Ahmed a Terrorist from Al-Qaeda??

  60. I don’t know about you all, but I met lots of hot guys when I interned at Disney World. This girl’s too dumb to find one, though.

    I think this might be the same couple. Run Ahmed. Run.

  62. same couple ^^^^^^ check Ahmed’s pic.

  63. Wow! Psycho much.

  64. the messages go from 8th to 13th July

    you just know they met on the 7th!!! and that they’re 12…

  65. damn ravioli sounds delicious.

  66. WHaaaaaaaaaaaaat the hell is wrong with her?

  67. That BIOUCH is Crazy

  68. @PotKettleBlack
    I’m with you there. This actually put me in the mood for some ravioli.

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