Friday, December 11, 2009

Spread the Love This Weekend!





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  1. first again woohoo

  2. I think Abigail will find Brennon doing dudes before to long…

  3. *sigh* @ gruss

    Jaffari will be single in no time at all!

    More Lesbians in the world! Our planet just became a little more bearable.

    Puke at the 3rd one. What is with all of these Emos on Facebook? Emo Love at that. I’m off to snap some puppies necks and to kick a baby around!

  4. Can’t type…. puking..

  5. $10 they break up within 6 months.

  6. If you’re out of the closet, doesn’t that mean you’re not keeping it between you and your lover anymore?

  7. I hate you gruss.
    Jaffari, that had to be one of the worst metaphors I have ever heard. (It is a metaphor, right?)
    Abigail and Brennon can get off the internet and go love each other for real. People like that annoy me so much, especially when it’s littering my home page. The occasional “I love you” or whatever is OK, but crap like this? Come on, show a little fuckin’ discretion?

  8. such hatred for being first? Or for making the observation that any guy who talks like that on a FB wall might be gay? well you’re a giant douche Finn so there.

  9. Abigail has all the signs of a true stalker in the future when her and her bf breakup. She’s clingy as fuck, which is annoying after you blow your load after sex and she’s still all over you and wants to cuddle..ugh.

    “I TOLD you I LOVED YOU! How could you do this to me?!!?!?”

  10. No, just the first bit, the second comment wasn’t too bad. I’m a giant douche? I clean girls out? OK, I can live with that. You’ve already had your ‘First’ fun, where’s the satisfaction of doing it again?

  11. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    1 – Creepiest. Thing. Ever.

    2 – Fake

    3 – Pathetic. And over within a week. And then it’ll be Brennon waking up three times a night, to check all the windows and doors are locked.

  12. well… i thought the last one is adorably disgusting.

    then i clicked to make a comment… and now im just disgusted.

  13. I don’t know I never really got it myself, just happened to notice a week or two ago that it really pisses people off so I find it quite funny to say “first” now. I’m easily amused.

  14. As much as I hate when couples publicly spread their love around the internet for all to see like this, it’s crazy to see such hate for their actual relationship.

    For all we know, they’re meant to be for the long run.

    Me? I just think they’re crazy for each other but also feel the need to baby talk over the net. Remember what it’s like to be in love for the first time? It’s a great feeling. It’s not their fault yours didn’t last. Lighten up

  15. Are these: =3 =3 =3 supposed to be little balls and penises? Because that’s what I see when I look at them.

  16. I’m really really really really so so so so so annoyed right now . So there !

  17. 1. That is the lamest shit ever! Who say that shit??

    2. Coming out of the closet means it’s not between the two of you anymore. FAIL

    3. If I saw these two in public, I’d punch them both in the face. This totally made me sick.

  18. That’s the most romantic ting I ever read.

  19. @smith24: Yes emo love is fantastic (if you like that kind of thing), but is it necessary to share it with people who generally couldn’t give a flying fuck that they’re are virgins in puppy love? I’m sure once they actually ‘do it’ a couple of times they will be less prone to making the rest of us (close to) normal people sick with their trivial garbage!

  20. haha minus the *are* on line 3.

  21. Whack.

  22. Oh, for fuck’s sake.

  23. think i just got sick in my mouth a little

  24. I took a picture in february, then the bitch broke up with me, so I posted that shit all over the web. Her reputation as a skank is what developed.

  25. Sensible Madness FTW!!

  26. gayyy

  27. I imagine Abigail weighs tons and tons.

  28. Vince from purchasing

    #1 – Impotence is wrecking that relationship.
    #2 – Now Ashley’s dad knows what she gets up to on weekends. Yawn. Impotence probably isn’t a factor here.
    #3 – Impotence is wrecking that relationship.

  29. photography metaphors make me shutter

  30. How can you come out of the closet but only tell your lover about it? Bah. Such people give me migraines.

  31. @ Katers: Naw, =3 isn’t balls and penis… c=3 is balls and penis! Musn’t forget the little soldier’s helmet. :D

  32. Abigail, give it a few years and you’ll be a lesbian. If you want a man to be this mushy, then you want a vagina.

  33. And PS. What kind of name is Kine? And is Jaffari gay, because Kine would be a guy’s name.
    Apparently I’m obsessed with people being homosexual today.

  34. Did anyone else notice that Brennon usually took an entire day to respond to the message from Abigail (sometimes more than that), but Abigail’s reply was always within an hour, with a couple within 5-10 minutes?

    Yeah, Brennon is being lame with his lovetalk, but it’s obvious that he’s doing it for her sake and that he’s barely in the relationship (at least compared to her).

  35. @ Bry: I don’t know, but if his last name is Bud, that would be pretty amusing.

  36. Well done to Ashley who managed to spell ‘to’ wrong twice!

  37. Brannon & Abigail cutesy little love messages really makes my IBS flair up!

  38. @23 Sensible Madness For The Win!!!

  39. I notice that Brennon never came up with any examples of his amazing perfection as requested. Hmm…

  40. I know this Brennon guy, and his gf is leaving him creepy messages like that every frickin’ day. It is disturbing.

  41. By the fuck, the things some people will do for semi-regular awkward sex.

  42. Why is it cute that the girl had to wake up to look at pictures of her bf? Am I the only one who reads this as:

    I was dreaming about doing loadsa hotter guys so I forced myself to wake up and look at pictures of you to remind myself I am taken.

    Think about it, if she was dreaming about her bf she wouldn’t need to wake and look at pictures. Just a thought ;)

  43. Abstinence is a bitch ain’t it?

  44. @41 ‘semi-regular awkward sex’

    Sign me up

  45. WOG, no-one else seems to have appreciated the “shutter” joke, but I enjoyed it so here’s some public appreciation, I liked it.
    WOG for president(taken)/PM!

  46. BWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA, I loved the shutter joke too… I think I scared the cat with an involuntary outburst

  47. Shutter joke was very good, as was Fistacular’s “I bet she weighs tons and tons”.

    Am also loving Pink Broccoli’s c=3, but think o=3 looks a bit better. I’m going to have fun with that this week…

    – o=3 Look someone is jizzing!

  48. ohmygod. Someone please introduce Abigail and Brennon to Yahoo! Instant Messenger. Spare the world 3 weeks of this drivel.

  49. So Abigail is convinced her true love is “perfect”. I am not clairvoyant but I already know that within 2 years we’ll have seen many tears and an “I hate all men” post from Abigail.

  50. @48.

    oh please Mercure…. –o=====3

    that’s a bit more interesting, don’t you think? -o=3 is the small stuff I don’t sweat

  51. MakeLikeaLeafAndBlow

    …does this remind anyone of that crazy chick from wedding crashers??
    clearly silly bear is avoiding abby as much as possible or else this whole gag fest wouldn’t have gone on for a WHOLE flippin WEEK!!

    @ anitalaff it’s not the size of the ship that counts but the motion of the ocean :P …but then again who wouldn’t want the titanic over a tug boat..?lol

  52. wooooooooto wooooooooooooooooot!

  53. 3====D~~~~
    That’s how you do it Anitalaff and Mercure!

  54. Thank you Insane.
    Penis texting is safe now thanks to YOU.

  55. I live to serve Lamebook!!!
    Does that make me lame???

  56. and i thought me and my boyfriend were too smoochie

  57. im going to have to agree w/ hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    #1 – is just werid… I dont think the man is to bright
    #2 – Dykes are fkn dumb
    #3 – brennon be prepared to move… change your cell number and lock all your doors 24/7… Abigail – get regularly tested for HIV/AIDS

  58. uh the second one is two friends joking.

  59. @the lesbians. Two* or 2*. and I bet she uses the number 2 when she’s supposed to be using to or too

  60. Hi folks. its the Brennon from up there. i just wanted to let you all know that Abigail and I are actually very very happy, but in a long distance relationship. =) one of our dickbag friends must have posted this on here so sorry for all of you who were annoyed.

  61. Geez dude. that’s bloody awful. I wouldn’t tell people that that’s you…

    I was in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend for almost the whole of last year, it was very hard to deal with but WE TOLD EACH OTHER how much we loved and missed each other… having long soppy back and forth messages on facebook for all to see that just go on and on and onnnn… now that’s just lame. Hence why it made it on to LAMEBOOK. Geez dude, have some dignity.

    Your friend was a douche for posting it to lamebook, but you were a douche for having it on facebook outside of PRIVATE MESSAGING in the first place. FAIL.

  62. p.s. the stalker signs everyone has mentioned: it’d be a good idea for you to take good heed of these warnings. seriously. she sounds clingy to the point of stalker. It’s bloody creepy.

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