Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Special MOMents

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  1. first

  2. eh

  3. It would make me smile if Ben was our Ben!

    You go Judy! Wash his mouth out.

    Jazmin, do a little family tree research. Do you know what a cousin is? Aunt? Great Aunt…?

  4. #2 is aweomse!! hahaha

  5. hmmm…awesome**

  6. Why doesn’t Ben’s mom just tell that to his face instead of being a dyke and saying it to all his friends? Some white parents have very unorthodox ways of doing things..

  7. Before the giant attacks I’m about to receive come, just know that the last sentence of my previous comment was in reference to the last entry.

  8. Swearing, or the idea of “naughty words” makes no sense to me. Why is the “fuck” word bad? Other than we’ve all decided it is?

    Also, if you don’t want your kids drinking your wine and drooling on your carpet kick them out. Once they aren’t 17 anymore they are nothing more than boarders in your home.

  9. Hey, Greg C, “your” the one who’s fucking retarded.

  10. And the only thing I’ve ever done to my kids is mess with my son’s MySpace.Get to them before they get to you.I’ll change it to show that he’s gay (not that there’s anything wrong with it)make stupid status updates,etc.
    Saying that your kid is trash is very harsh though.Her son has no respect because he doesn’t GET any.

  11. beanstalker – so you feel compelled to backpedal on the white people comment, but have no problem randomly call some lady a dyke? wtf

  12. Gregs grandmother was just correcting him, because he spelled “retarded” wrong.

  13. @10 imaging if you put you son is gay and he said to you how the hell did you find out

  14. lmao lusty

  15. Another loss for Ben

  16. No Greg, your half-assed attempts at correctly using the English language shows that Y-O-U-FUCKING APOSTROPHE-R-E retarded.

  17. I feel like a loser, but I don’t understand #3′s lameness.

  18. I feel sad for Ben… I can understand how annoyed and angry is mother can be, but by publicly humiliating him she isn’t helping her son.

    And why didn’t they fully blur out Greg’s picture? Just to show that he is fat?

  19. Ben’s mom sounds like she’s just pissed her got to her $40 wine before she did. Hide that shit better! Shiiiiiiiit.

  20. *he got to her. Stupid no edit…..

  21. Greg spelt retarted right, however. Yay.

  22. lol… id really love if this was our Ben!!! and i luv judy!!! she is sooo like ma grandmother… Jazmin is a fool.. who spells Jasmin like that?

  23. oh ye… Ben’s mom obviously does not kno how bad that is to put on facebook… i dont care if she is a mom… friggin mofo…

  24. Hehe retarted, it would be almost intentional if he hadn’t spelt you’re wrong

  25. Feel sorry for Ben? At most his mom was immature – but this sounds like an ongoing problem, and she is probably right. There are way too many people like Ben out there right now; a wake-up call on their facebook won’t be the worst thing that happens to them over the course of their lives.

  26. Ben – is that really you? Was the computer open to the lamebook home page?

    Three new awesome names here: Jazmin, Hamza and … (OMFG) Fatema.

  27. lol @ ben’s mom announcing her “$40 bottel (sic) of wine” — that’s not pricey. white trash ftl!

  28. $40 for a bottle of wine is pretty pricey for most people, unless they’re wine snobs. Most wines you’ll find in your average grocery store are in the 10 to 20 dollar range.

  29. Ben’s mum sounds drunk – apaprently, bottel, cirrohis, proceede.. The weird thing is that her apostrophes were pretty good.

  30. Why does this ‘sputnik’ guy always have to be ‘first’? Is he OCD or something?

  31. I hate family members complaining on facebook.
    If you havea problem with a kid/grandkid swearing, dont add them as a friend.

    My aunt comaplined to me once that she doesn’t want my cousin exposed to the type of content on my facebook page (which is very tame, mind you). Well, know what, she’s not obligated to be my friend. She was the one who added me, and if she can’t handle the way adults talk and act, then I can happily remove her. It’s my page, and I decide what goes on it, screw whoever might be having a look.

  32. #2 is the best thing ever. I love the irony in him saying sorry

  33. @shaz

    That is not irony; if he were to tell his grandmother to mind her own business, then it might be ironic.

  34. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    I wish my name was Hamza.

  35. @ eenerbl
    They can still be cousins. Perhaps her mum had a brother, eh?

  36. Your grandmother is listening. Always listening.

  37. The mum is going on about a $40 bottle of wine like it’s 100 year old cognac, it’s $40 bucks a standard price for a decent wine! White trash…drink your moonshine!

  38. The Ben thing sounds like its an ongoing problem where this guy’s just been mooching off his parents and given nothing back.
    That or his mother REALLY loves her wine, and, well, judging from her spelling…

  39. Very presumptuous thinking that Ben’s mother is white… I see no way to know…

  40. All Ben’s dad is good at is reserving the 1st spot for him on lamebook…and look at Ben now… :(

  41. LOL @ moomzi.

    @ JacksSmirkingRevenge, i also wish my name was Hamza…or Fatima.

    And Greg you douche!! Learn how to type/spell.


    It saddens me that the English language is being degraded so often.

  42. Ugh! It’s spelled *Fatema, even better.

  43. @ Blair: While I agree Greg should have spelled you’re correctly, he did get retarted right… :p
    And I would love to think that that is Our Ben in at No. 1 again.

    Mind you, if Ben’s truely an alcoholic, I can’t see how he could have passed out on just one bottle of wine even if it did cost $40. Had he come in after a heavy session, thought he’d have a drink and a spot of ‘one-handed-typing’, but passed out before RedTube had loaded? Is he just a spotty little snot that deserves beating to within an inch of his life? Or perhaps he needs some love and support from his parents to put him firmly on the straight and narrow? Tune in next week kids, same time, same place!

  44. Ah yes, Ben is back to lamebook, but this time he’s at the receiving end of mockery. No wait…

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  46. Good to see Daniels1986 has opened up the discussion to a full and frank footwear sale. I have a year-old pair of flip-flops I’m throwing out, but I’ll accept $40 or a nice bottle of wine, if anyone’s interested.

  47. lostintranslation

    Oooh! I have a $40 bottle of wine I’d be happy to send your way :)

    …Oh no… wait… where’d it…?? what the…?? on my carpet??!! BEN, YOU DRUNKEN RETART!!!!!

  48. lmao. Well, it looks like the mystery of what happened to our Ben has been solved. Too drunk to post.

    I agree that Ben (#1) sounds like a useless mooch but mom is the one behaving in a childish way. She is the adult and has the power to put an end to Ben’s moochy ways by tossing him. It’s called tough love. My gut instinct says mom won’t do that though because THEN who is she gonna blame for all her drunken moods swings?

  49. If Ben truly is an alcoholic, I feel bad for him. Obviously his mother knows nothing about the disease and won’t do a damn thing to help him.

  50. LOL @ danieltunnard and lostintranslation

    I feel more pity for ‘Fatema’ in #1; to be so thick that you don’t realise it is in fact NOT Ben talking about himself in the 3rd person is really a feat all on its own. Well done Fatema, could I perhaps interest you in a look at the Darwin Awards? Might be able to pick up some tips and do us all a favour. :D

  51. What if I “addmit” I’m wrong all the time, but with one d? Am I still fucking retarded?

  52. insert clever name here

    @shiyu: No, then you would just be retardded.

  53. insert clever name here

    If I were Ben’s mom I wouldn’t be going around telling the world her son is a bastard. And, for the record, $40 is expensive for a bottle of wine to me but then I drive a 2001 Hyundai. *sigh*

  54. GrammaticalErrors


    I think I love you! I am so sick of my friends saying to me you can’t post this or that or the other on my page as my parents/grandparents/uncles cousins dog 24 times removed might see it. I’m 27 mind you, I think that makes it sadder.

    My mum looked me up once and said I don’t think you should have this and that on your page, I told her don’t like it don’t look at it! and changed my privacy settings so she can’t even search for me anymore and piss me off.

  55. yo dis is the story of ben the alcoholic bastard
    He treats his mom like shit with no respect whatsoever

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