Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Special Liz

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  1. aaCHOO

  2. ::hands Walt a tissue::

  3. bless you

  4. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    The face-heel turn the status made is was the high point of this post for me. :D

  5. Thank you. *sniff*

    I think I’ve discovered a sure-fire way to elicit a response here.

  6. I wonder how your baby will feel having a retarded mother, Liz.

  7. I love when god brings his wrath to FB posts and chain emails.

  8. Oh my hell, Liz. Get your tubes burned, honey.

  9. blondebimbo, god is very interested in what you say on facebook. He also likes it when you say prayers to him on there.

  10. If retardation is hereditary then the kid stands no chance Liz.

  11. Walter, did you have lunch at ‘The In & Out Burger’ today? I think whoever handled your food had a cold…possibly cold sores, I don’t know I wasn’t there ..I work right across the street from you ffs .. wouldn’t kill you to invite me for a fuckin’ burger now and again.

  12. i can’t post anything funny because i have shingles and am too busy feeling sorry for myself. think of that when your fap fap fapping.

  13. Liz is a retard.

  14. are you selling shingles HPCAN? i need a couple for my roof

  15. Here’s an idea; Don’t add God on Facebook. Saves you a retarded child.

  16. also god is a status whore. always updating his status and posting nature documentaries clogging up my news feed. i had to block him

  17. It’s only 10:40 in the am mass. I try to hold out until 11 for lunch. Otherwise I get hungry before punch out time at 3. I’ll meet you at the in and out in 20 minutes.

  18. I forgot that’s how religion works.

  19. walter. nice link, i just wish his duck was a rabbit

  20. Awesome, thanks!

    Since your having your Wednesday lunch and it’s Tuesday here I best take the DeLorean.

  21. Just be careful not to disintegrate Einstein.

  22. That’s gross Conor.

  23. I disintegrate on a daily basis Walter … piece of cake.

  24. Don’t worry, Walt. Einstein is perfectly fine.

  25. Sorry. but it was just the only thing i could think of while also realising that ill never be able to look at sesame street in the same way

  26. @12, *you’re

  27. LOL@Walter link!!!

  28. see im not the only one. your living in a world of innocence Walter

  29. #28 *you’re

  30. #29 *all yours

  31. * See *I’m *You’re *, *.

    Please excuse my igorance/arrogance of the English language. Quite frankly my dear I was too lazy, also too lazy to finish the quote.

  32. #30 *I’m

  33. #30*your’s

  34. #32, *I’m a douche

  35. #33, *you were right the first time

  36. word.. nice to be so close to you.

    hope all is well!

  37. I thought I mighta been.. damn

  38. #34 *that smells like a summer day

  39. @38.. hot asphalt?

  40. #34, *I’m a douchebag

    #36, (why am I using numbers?) I am well.

  41. @40, 10-4

  42. Yes you got it. My douching brand specializes in the hot asphalt smell, we monopolis the smell

  43. @42, *monopolize

  44. Hey hey now. I’m not american so none of that fancy z rubbish

  45. I apologize..

  46. Haha, you lot are brilliant.

  47. @46, *ha ha

  48. Nice touch

  49. @47 *Ha ha

  50. Thanks dude, good night!

  51. Dear god, when did buzzkillington get to you all? I thought I buried her in my garden

  52. @51,
    You’re the buzzkiller around here.

  53. Sorry, I’ll let you get back to it.

  54. God: “Your callous attitude towards the weak and infirm has angered me. You will be punished with a retard baby.”
    Sinner: “But aren’t we all created in your image? Does that mean some part of you is a spaz?”
    God: “That notion is not to be taken literally. It just means all things flow from the Lord”
    Sinner: “Ok. I will do my best with this burden, and try to teach the child to follow the ways of the scripture.”

    *16 years later*

    Sinner Dad: “He is a loving God…”
    Tardington (in his head because he can barely speak): “Ah, so it’s like shacking up with Josef Fritzl. It’s starting to make sense.”
    Tardington (out loud): POTATO!

    God: “LOL.”

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  56. Heh

  57. @ Soup – Good work fella, as soon as I’m finished with this sheep, you’re next, pucker up sunshine.
    @55 – Really? REALLY?

  58. Liz is as dumb as an American :P

  59. liz undoubtably IS american.
    we can smell our own, you see.

  60. I once had a retarded child…. Shit at crosswords but good in bed, swings and roundabouts I suppose.

  61. Oh ok so here it is. I must be going mad. I blame you guys for that. I was well balanced before Lamebook.

  62. @61, I doubt that.

  63. curly Why do you think you’re going mad?.. Is it because you can hear voices telling you to cleanse all the filthy, vile women of the world with your sperm of purification?

    Because if so, that is totally normal I assure you.

  64. Ah ok, I won’t start to worry just yet. I’ll take myself of to the loony bin when I get to the stage you’re at.

  65. Now Soup is just awesome, ain’t he? Bravo, you bastard.

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