Thursday, June 21, 2012


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  1. I’m sure our good friend 9 would happily fuck this guy in the ass, then rub his tiny cock all over this guy’s face. Just sayin’ …

  2. ^did you have to put much thought into that annoying piece of shit comment?
    just sayin‘…that you should probably not even fucking bother.

  3. ^^^ pot, kettle, black. just sayin’

  4. Much thought? No, I get all the inspiration from you and my other chums! :-)

    By the way Anne, are you coming on to me?

  5. #3, fatfacecunt, that cliched crap has not only been said before, it’s been said twice this fucking week.
    I’d advise you to fully stick it up your ass, but I get the feeling that your ass is currently full of my fist.

  6. Oops. Someone has a dried up old cunt. Wonder who it could be..

  7. ruth

  8. almost as cliched as “angry commenting bitch on the interwebs.” i see you got that covered.little confused – is it my face or cunt that is fat? either way, ooooohhh burn.

  9. Derp.

  10. Hey Anne, just sayin’ but isn’t it time you just fucking died already?

  11. I’m predicting this thread reaches #50.

  12. This coward’s girlfriend didn’t text back because I was fucking her. Boom roasted.

  13. ^ I’ll take that bet.

  14. such a cunt, beatus. such a cunt :D

  15. 15!

  16. 24 crossed out comments to go! It’s the weekend, 50? no problem.

  17. ^the weekend? where do you even live, man? i live in the fucking FUTURE and it’s only friday morning here.

  18. BEATUS! That’s CHEATING!

  19. My weekends start on Friday, you can start your weekend anytime that you like. I’m generous like that.

  20. Oh btw.. That would be 35 to go at that point. My bad. 29 now. Where I’m from we are not ahead only ahead of time, we do not have basic Math skills.

  21. Wtf obviously.

  22. *gurgles diarrhea……hey, this is just like being addicted to Lamebook trolling!

  23. ‘scuse me but your code is open.

  24. Beatus can’t be the only code nerd here. Anyone know how to stop this shit?

  25. yeah. I think if teeko was to delete it’s account, then the code will automatically reboot. totes.

  26. wait

  27. h t ml not w…ork…in…g

  28. jesus christ… who is this idiot taking on MS. cudos to you, you’ve got her a bit dry around the legs at the moment. then again, i have read your comments teeko and you do seem like a baseline idiot. MS would say thats something coming from me.

  29. last attempt hello?

  30. and herp. you are just a fucking retard. leave it at that

  31. last one this is futile

  32. yeah herp you a cake tin

  33. I like that beatus’ attempt to cut this thread off has in fact been cause for discussion. :p to Beatus.

  34. …and with that post, I have used up all my possible code solutions for fixing this shit..

  35. Mrsbeatusmongous?

  36. I know how to fix this.

  37. alert(“I LOVE MsAnneThrope”);

  38. ^Is she holding your children hostage?

  39. ^
    look, it’s a smilie wearing a hat.

  40. /. /

    I'm too cool for this shit.

  41. /. /

    “I like cock”
    – SLG

  42. I would feel like a filthy little whore if I didn’t contribute to this numbers game…slash be damned!

  43. Thank you Capn! It started as a statement about personal attacks on lamebook threads, but I now am treating this, if we get to 50, as a personal victory against beatusmongous.

  44. I’m ok with personal attacks. :P

  45. and post whoring, even…

  46. Maybe it’s because I never really take anything serious, anyways..

  47. or, maybe I just don’t care..

  48. , but, I’m teh Cap’n, so, I can easily get away with it :D

  49. Nearly there…

  50. FIFTY! Suck on that, beatus

  51. Dammit!

    Fine, Frank, your duck is on its way.

  52. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I see we are still fucking around with the HTML.

  53. chicken dinner.


  55. heh. fair enough. just as long as it didn’t start as a statement AGAINST personal attacks. because that would be needlessly combative and harsh and shit.

  56. ^oh hell no. This place wouldn’t be lamebook without the personal attacks. And the last think I want is a combative, harsh shit.

  57. poupfifngrlkdfkldf I hate people who shorthand it

  58. How times’ have changed. Back in my day we’d only moan if our girlfriends wouldn’t let us get our knuckles wet.

    In fact we’d be fucking made up if the missus didn’t want to converse, the incessantly chatty little twats.

  59. I betcha we get to 59.
    Oh! Yay!

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