Friday, July 24, 2009

Song Fight!

Passive Aggressive Song Fight!

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  1. Because everyone knows that what song you “have” is the most important part of the relationship…

  2. What exactly is a “lovee story”?

  3. Sickening

  4. WHAT THE HELL!?! Why do some people take what others say and do so seriously? They let others control their lives.

    There are probably a million others who feel it’s their song too. So you better write one from scratch ya retard.

  5. Holy shit that bitch is crazy.

    And I’m assuming they are talking about the Taylor Swift song.

  6. Christ on a cracker, how old is this crazy bitch – 13?

  7. Sorry but I’m not keeping up with the txtng jargon. Is it a new fad to double letters at the end of a word? Really doesn’t make sense. They abbreviate everything like idk, lol, & bc but then add other letters. Is that to make up for not typing the other letters? I’m scared to think what the written English language will look like in a couple of decades.

  8. I REALLY hope these girls are not over the age of 12, but judging by the guy’s facial hair I assume they are. They need lives, especially Meghan.

  9. Holy crap, that was awesome.


    Taylor Swift fans are idiots. I’ve yet found any being prove me wrong.

  11. but that’s my ‘lovee song’!

  12. This is awesome.

  13. “haha haha lol haha”–I assume this is the way these stupid cunts talk in real life, too

  14. To answer the double-letters question, some poor idiots try to imitate the vocal drawing out of a word, for some strange reason, by repeating the last letters. So what cuntface was probably going for was “looooooove story,” but her stupidity turned it into what would sound like “lovieeeeeeeeeeeee story.”

    Some of my friends do this on Facebook constantly, and it drives me INSANE!

  15. some people shouldn’t be allowed to have relationships if they are going to handle it like this

  16. Friends OFF! Plus, my bf can totally kick your bf’s ass…
    Hey, lameasses, maybe find something more interesting to hate each other over. Like who is dumber.

  17. Wow, that’s some industrial-strength passive-aggressiveness. “lol, you skank you stole our song even though it’s a stupid song that makes no sense I’LL KILL YOU BITCH, ha ha, love you, BFF!”

  18. are you fucking kidding me
    thats every couple’s song from here to zimbabwe for fucks sake
    girls like this make me ashamed to be female

  19. haha, im sad and laughing at the same time LOL, haha

  20. haha wow two friends jokingly having a non-serious argument with each other, what bitches

  21. Lol omg Lovee Story is MY songg haha u fucking cuntss die lol :) i will cutt u bitchess hahaha see u Fridayy!

  22. This is the definition of a WTFight.

  23. The best part is that they haha through he whole thing

  24. *the

  25. LMAO.

  26. these girls’ boyfriends are probably also just as ridiculously lame…

  27. I think my brain just broke. Holy shit.

  28. Do they… know that Romeo & Juliet isn’t a ‘book’?

  29. The answer is “no”, Suoh. I’ll hold you while we cry for our nation’s ignorant youth. -_-
    Meghan scares me. She kept saying “haha”, but then would say, “I find no humor in this.” She’d laugh, but then she’d be so serious about such a stupid, little issue. I think that might be a sign of bipolarism or schizophrenia… maybe she did cut Melissa that weekend…

  30. “whatever. we got a new song anyways”

    HAHAA take THAT Melissa and Stephanie! Y’all can totally suck Meghan’s wet cock.

  31. Meghan scared me,too. Some of those threats seemed a little too serious. Anyone know if Melissa made it through the weekend?

  32. I have absolutely no idea what is going on in that Facebook “conversation”.

  33. haaaaaaaaaaaaha

    do people not realize this is FACEBOOK and everyone can see it

  34. I don’t understand ANY of this conversation at all.

  35. wheres chairman mao when u need him?

  36. oh



    merciful heavens.

    please, get over yourselves, girls. picking “your” song is not something to get catty about.

  37. Taylor Swift should be notified.

  38. and while these dumb blondes are having this arguement the guy has left because he’s realised she’s a brainless git!

  39. oops, the stickler for spelling correctly better correct her own spelling! *argument.

  40. @22 and 37, yes YES.

    Once a Taiwanese girl who liked this song, bit my on the chest when I threw her out of my apartment, then called the cops, my workplace, and I had to leave the country :(

    Dumb as rocks but juicy.

  41. This literally makes me want to hurl…because I know people exactly like this.

  42. lol. Love Story song was on the radio while I was reading this post.

  43. Classic example of a lovee/hatee relationship…

  44. 1: We’re so in love we have our own song and everything! *swoon*
    2: No it’s my song!
    1: No it’s mine!
    2: We had it first!
    1: No, we did!
    2: You can’t keep it!
    1: I’d like to see you try!
    2: I hate you!

  45. I blame MTV.

  46. OMG. Grow up…

  47. Where in fuck’s name do they even find the time to talk about shit!?

  48. passive-aggressive much?

  49. haha, whatever.
    you’re like an ugly fucking skank hoe.
    and i’m gonna slit your throat tomorrow.
    but, haha, it’s okay, whatever. love you!

  50. @Hailey

    Totally read my mind, lol! Your comment made me laugh way harder than the actual post.

  51. why do they even have a “song”? Are they married??

  52. @chinski – To ‘have’ a song, you usually have it prior to being married. Clearly you are single.

  53. OH MY GOD. Can we get a little more childish and immature?

  54. Oh my goodness I had to comment on this!
    The other day a friend of mine was in hospital and a girl came into the ward, she was on her cellphone.
    You will never guess what she said!

    “I’m too pretty to have pneumonia”

    Are you serious?? She then proceeded to refuse treatment and try and bite everyone.
    Yes, the life of an idiot.

    This is Vanessa’s blog. Me, me, me, me!

  55. Hey Vanessa, your blog is shit. I hate you.

  56. Has this little twat ever even read Romeo and Juliet? Her comeback about them not dying together could only have been more pathetic and lame if she had added “SO THERE!” on the end of it.

  57. Wow. First off, no human being should ever debase themselves to the point of arguing over a Taylor Swift song.
    Secondly, “Romeo and Juliet” was basically Shakespeare commenting on how foolish young people were (and are). It’s not about undying love or sacrifice, it’s about the stupidity of youth (as outlined by the opening and closing soliloquies). Hmm. Actually, I guess it’s applicable in this case.
    Third, is anyone else annoyed by the whole “adding the extra letter to the end of the word” thing? I have the tendency to imagine the person’s voice when I read their comment, so it always comes out weird, as if they’re pointlessly elongating their words.

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