Monday, January 30, 2012

Something’s Not Right

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  1. #1) Geez. Another one?
    #2) It took me a few minutes to see it, but when I did, it took a while to stop laughing.
    #3) Don’t forget to buckle, and slow down. Poor kid.

  2. “Look everyone, I’m a terrible parent who definitely shouldn’t be allowed to raise children, LMAO!”

  3. #2 Lol, pmsl, lmao, haha and all that stuff. Something was funny on the internet today!

    #3 You just ruined my good mood … Go sort your kid out.

  4. 1. mehh.
    2. seen it, old news.
    3. thats one of those lmaos you keep to yourself, not put on the internets for everyone to see how terrible of a parent you are.

  5. vaginalroundhouse

    First one has to be true, no white guy would dare touch that piece of trash. Only black guys take a white man’s trash.

  6. #3 pic….
    So basically its makes more sense when your child is in pain,first to take your mobile phone,go into the photo app,take a photo and then help the poor little thing…Nice parenting

  7. #1 – They all look like real winners. Wonder if they’re gonna hit an N.A. meeting after.

    #2 – Pretty funny!

    #3 – Not bad enough she didn’t strap the seat in, but leaving her helpless kid sideways in a 60lb seat so she can take a picture! Real Mom of the Year candidate!

  8. Why must girls do those stupid poses for every Facebook photo? It’s either the teapot or the leg fling, not both, fatty.

  9. Looks like Team Retard has a new Captain, and it’s Ashley.

  10. #3 has actually happened to me before. Being a new mom and getting no sleep for months will make you forget things, like checking to make sure the carseat is strapped in the way its supposed to be. It doesn’t make you a horrible parent. However, I was really upset about it. I didn’t take a pic and put LMAO as the caption.

  11. Forgetting to strap in the car seat doesn’t make a horrible mother. Taking a picture of your child and posting it on Facebook while he’s being squished by his own car seat does.

  12. #1: I think I saw this episode of Maury. I have a feeling I’ve seen that ugly retarded face before, and I doubt I live in the same country as her.
    #2: I didn’t lol. I was too busy trying to see what the hell was going on in #3 to notice the boobage. Then when I did notice it, I was already pissed off that #3 exists.
    #3: With luck, the next time she takes a corner too fast she’ll remove herself from the gene pool. What a bellend.

  13. The second one’s funny, but the other two make me feel like we need to ban paint, because it seems like people have been huffing too much of it.

  14. Those chicks in pic #2 are all fat, right?
    I got growled at on the weekend for complaining that every chick I saw at the venue was like those bloated lumps. But I know I was right.
    Get a salad up you, you chunky cunts. You’re only 10 years away from being the creeping horror in pic #1. Is that really the future you want for yourselves?

  15. MsAnneThrope I bet youre some fugly little slut that doesn’t get enough attention so she takes it out on everyone else. People like you’re sad sack parents shouldn’t be allowed to spawn more scum of the earth like yourself. Go back to that hole you crawled out of you nastly little redneck.

  16. I bet the woman in pic 1 is really fucking mouthy and thinks it makes her sassy. It’s always funny to see someone in glasses and think ‘it doesn’t matter how cheap your glasses are, you’ll be fucking hideous anyway’. Just save the money, fatty.

    Forgetting to strap in the baby seat as you put the seat into the car is pretty retarded. It’d be like starting the ignition then forgetting to tread on any of the pedals.

  17. missmacarbe, did i upset you, fatty?

  18. For what it’s worth, I think you’re funny MsAnneThrope, even if you are a massive cunt…

  19. Feeling bored, Ms? Start a war.
    I’d do the one on the left.

  20. Ah, fuck it. I drink a lot. I’d probably do all of them.

  21. Slut I’m not fat I’m just a decent enough person to be able to see people for who they are on the inside. I bet you’re just an STD riddled lil redneck with about two whole teeth in her mouth.

  22. how far inside to you have to get? To see, I mean. Do you use ropes?

  23. how fucking macabre are you anyway? you can’t be a whining little vanilla bitch and be macabre too. It doesn’t work and you look like a try-hard.

  24. When people are fat you can call them fat, just like if they are dirty you can call them dirty.

  25. and if they are stupid, you can mock them mercilessly until they flounce off to scrapbook some shit.

  26. Driving fast…eh. Not securing child…eh. Taking a picture of trapped child before helping child…eh. Dangling participle…totlly un-fucking-acceptable. Sentence should read ‘…forgot to buckle in the car seat.’ Stupid cow.

  27. *totally

  28. “Hey, Cow! You got no shoes on. You gotta leave. Stupid cow.”

  29. aww Christ can’t we all just get abong?

  30. Aw, Jeffie. That woukd be nice, wouldn’t it? Your naivety is endearing. This isn’t even bad compared to Edge and msanne’s hundred-post argument.

  31. Don’t need abong. Got one already.

  32. Hm, I wouldn’t say the chicks in #2 are fat. Badly dressed and not really hot, maybe. Especially given the poses.

  33. MsAnneThrope is just mad because these “fatties” are prettier than she’ll ever be. Me whiny? You sound like a pathetic little emo kiddy, now run off and cut yourself because the only attention you get is on the internet.

  34. ^knows me personally?

  35. Lol I come back a few hours later and get an immediate response. Hmm, someone needs to get a life. Don’t you have some cutting to do? Or meds to take?

  36. if you keep saying it, I’m sure it’ll come true. because you’re just so…macabre. and gothy.

  37. Sure thing kiddo. Pity your only friend is the computer. Sucks to be you.

  38. And the world has so many shitheels like you in it,too. Why can’t I have boring cunts like you for my fweinds? It’s just not fair.

    We could totally be bffs. can’t you just see it? Sitting around, chilling, just watching you be pointless and fat while I took potshots at your heavily-mascaraed head? Sounds like a great time.

  39. I think miss and Ms should both take a photo of themselves holding up three fingers and a sign with their name, and we can be the judge of who’s fat, who’s ugly, who’s gothy and who is actually macabre or indeed AnneThrope-like and then we, the internet public, can put a stop to all this teenage bumfluffery. After all this is a democracy! Unless you’re African.

    P.S. Have a go at me, I’ll definitely read your reply and cry.

  40. who said this was a democracy?

  41. I can’t figure out how that kid is positioned in the turned over car seat, can someone draw me a picture?

    #2 I don’t think they are all that chubby..just me?

    Such anger between the miss and Ms….. rawr!

  42. Peterpipedown (see what I did there?) you’re a cunt too. But you’re a cunt who doesn’t care about any of our comments. I appreciate that in you, son. But you’re also boring as shit. So be a dear and fuck off. There’s a good chap.

  43. Just to be clear. I’m not having a go at you because., clearly, you’re unaffected by it. I’m asking you to go (again, see what I did there?)

  44. I’m a freshly minted card carrier in Team Chunk (fucking kids) and I have to say, Ms, you are acting quite the nasty bloody cunt. It does my soul good to imagine how grossly fugtastic you must be.

    Also I feel strongly that you can only call someone fat or dirty if you, yourself, are fat or dirty. Which is why I say Ms is ACTING like a cunt and I IMAGINE she is grossly fugtastic. Because I am not a grossly fugtastic cunt. Unlike MsAnneThrope. I imagine.

  45. You fuck kids?

  46. I just snorted with a mouth full of water, and it burned my delicate nostrils…thanks Bacchante.

    BTW, I won’t be recycling this bottle after I have consumed this delicious spring water.

  47. No one has yet to explain how that child is contorted in that seat. I see a foot and the leg or arm is throwing me, and the angle of the foot. It’s driving me crazy, I’m about to go shit in the woods if someone doesn’t explain. (That’s a threat)

  48. ^the booster seat is empty. It just landed on the kid next to it. But where’s the half-cocked rage in that?

  49. Oh, and seledouche (#44)?
    Put the fucking fork down, love. And get some exercise. Then you wont have to offended by my comments because you wont be one of the (many, many) fatties that they apply to.
    See how easy it is to be pro-active?

    Also stop fucking children, and stop blaming them for your crappy lifestyle.

  50. Goth girls are frequently really, really hot.
    Also, this interchange between MsAnne and MissMacabre has been quite entertaining, and I hope to see a great deal more pointless namecalling in the future.

  51. Also, seledouche, you can call anyone fat or ugly if the ARE fat or ugly. The speaker’s own fugliness or weight does not affect the validity of their judgment upon others.
    This is basic logic, something which as far as I can tell 99.35% of the internet is not aware of.

  52. but it makes fat saggy people feel better if the name-caller is ugly too. I get called shallow for sneering at the fatties in so-called ‘public’ spaces. I mean, wtf? I’m not being the eyesore here – why am I somehow the bad guy?

  53. Ahh, yes it would be must more ragetastic if a child had actually been in the seat. Oh well. Thanks for helping me out and saving a tree.

  54. I think the 3 girls picture is supposed to be funny because the girl on the right’s t-shirt has a face on it (marylin monroe?) which looks like it’s biting the middle girls boob.

  55. Holy shit, hatty! You’re right! I would have stared and stared at that picture all night without your assistance!

  56. so it’s not funny because they are all heifers?

  57. Paranoid Android72

    Can I just say cunt and be done with it?

  58. ^yes you can. Come to think of it, #s 1, 2 and 3 are all cunts.

  59. freddy. suck my giant donkey sized dick. and if you can, balls as well. I know you’ll like it.

    As you Meg1 and Meg2, yet to see those photos, I think that means I win by default, and you are both feet-meets-shovel ugly and arse-meets-both-sides-of-a-doorway fat. I hereby confiscate your right to the internet.

  60. Dick size metaphors. That’s about as original as Pam Anderson’s jugs (not that I don’t appreciate them).
    That all you got, fuckwad?

  61. i) Not a metaphor.
    ii) Her jugs ARE original, only she has them, no-one else does? THat’s about as original as it gets.
    iii) No I’ve also got two beachball sized testes and an anus the size of Jupiter’s ring, in case you’re interested in those. Anyway, come round some time and I’ll put my hand up your arse. Can’t wait.

  62. Which ring of Jupiter do you mean? Because that’s a huge ass-variable you’ve left there.

    I want to have a soapy pool-fight with MsAnneThrope and Macabre-whatever. So much anger, I’d probably drown but I’d be happy.

  63. Hmm… why would she type “potential” in full and then shorten “gonna”!?!? I sense a FAKE! Also, the photo is blurry and the shadows don’t line up (or some shit like that)! FAKE!!

  64. missmacabre is definately a fat ass, gothy wannabe.

  65. I LOL’ed Bacchante. Damn lazy sentence fragments.

    I’m not offended by random cunts on the internets, I just think they’re probably pretty pathetically cunty.

    I *could* be proactive, OR I could troll Lamebook for hours every day. Isn’t that what keeps you so thin? Constantly commenting on the worse of the two facebook fail websites rather than cooking and eating?

    Meh, back to my cheesecake *oink*.

  66. Just look at you. When the virus hits, you will be one of the very first to fall to the zombie horde. I see you as the Chunky Housewife in The Pink Chenille Bathrobe Zombie.

  67. I love MsAnneThrope.
    And all you fat chicks, either stfu, or control the stuff that goes into your mouth. Your inability to control your lifestyle habit shouldn’t affect the financial and medical burden we already have. You can be as fat as you want to as long as you don’t leech money from taxpayers due to disability and chronic diseases (medicare-medicaid).
    Obesity is an epidemic. If you are fat, we will call you fat. Being fat is a disease. So shut up and diet.
    And not everyone suffers from metabolic diseases, that’s just 10%. Rest are lousy and lazy.

  68. *Shut up and DIE, not diet.

  69. <3

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