Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Somebody Run Me Over XP haha ♥


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  1. Reading that was easily the worst time of my life so far.

  2. I think I just lost brain cells reading that. And I feel like I need to trow up….

  3. Tinaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  4. I think the thing that gets me the most is the fact that it gets completely redundant after the first two posts. Oh yeah, and the fact that they are morons. Can’t forget that.

  5. What really gets me, this was all within one day. They fall in love (in one day) over freaking facebook. sheesh.

  6. Blumpkins4Mccain

    don’t these failfags have telephones fuck…

  7. foremangriller1

    get off facebook.. get a room kids

  8. The Horror… The Horror…

  9. obviously they didn’t use a telephone because they wanted to end up on lamebook. success!

  10. I’M going to run them both over…

  11. OH! Poor Helen got email notifications of each one of those b/c she “liked” it. The Torture!!!

  12. i’m sure they’re broken up by now.

  13. From The Land Down Under

    I think I lost a few million brain cells reading this.

  14. another Matthew

    Okay, I’m going back to bed. That just ruined my day.

  15. That was awesome. Never have i seen such a brilliant display of prepubescent love. I’m so glad i read most of that.

  16. holy hell. does this set a record for most status replies??

  17. Do people know about this page and deliberately write such lame statuses (stati?)?

  18. wow. I didn’t think these people actually existed, thanks lamebook!

  19. Is the phrase Facebook sexaging?

  20. Instead of finding the cure for AIDS, we’ve found the cure for AIM.

  21. holy shit… i gave it a 5 before i even saw the extended version

  22. they wrote all of that in the same day. my eyes burn.

  23. i can’t believe this shit happens all the time.
    i need to vomit.

  24. I’m now a big fan of Instant Messaging… because that’s where this shit belongs. I think I died a little inside scanning through this pre-teen garbage.

  25. its called chat. nobody wants to read that garbage..

  26. haha i love how marcos is obsessed with jaci and by the middle of the conversation he has actually convinced her to tell another guy she loves him!

  27. LoL.. this thing got so redundant after about 10.. I went straight for the reply box…!! OMG.. I am bored and kids are funny!

  28. Good god…

  29. OMFG.

  30. @ em: yeah, that other guy was him, it turned out XD

    that was cute

  31. Jeez, just stfu already!

  32. fuckin hell!

  33. Must you be so obstreperous.

  34. tldnr

  35. Just some Boring love….where’s the drama…..NEXT!!!!!!!!!

  36. Looks like he was getting on her nerves there towards the end…

  37. Has anyone else noticed how after a few posts Jaci really isn’t getting into this conversation even half as much as Marcos? If I was Jaci I think I’d be scared…he seems like the kinda guy that would be impossible to break up with

  38. True. Marcos seems extremely clingy towards Jaci and always seems to change the subject to how much he loves her. All this in one entire day too.

  39. i think jaci was terrified in the end..

  40. i seriously have a stomach ache after reading that shit. barf. and marcos seems like the girl in this relationship.

  41. I’m willing to run him over if the mom isn’t.

  42. I’ve gone blind

  43. My eyes really really hurt…i hate the person who posted this i kept waiting for the twist that made the pain worth it..it never came

  44. I’m s full of hate and rage right now….

  45. omg… puberty flashback!

  46. I couldn’t even get past halfway of reading that.

  47. I forced myself to read half of it and then gave up… the general gist is it’s sickening, yes?

  48. *snore*…*sick noise*…move on…


    Break up, kids!

  50. Holy fucking shit! I would like to murder them both now. Please!

  51. Now *I* want to run them both over with a car.

  52. Feel bad for the mutual friends that had this polluting their news feed. Or, people that got notifications about this. Is this really what girls are looking for nowadays? Why would anyone want a boyfriend like this? lmao.

  53. This was the lamest and most sickening thing I have ever read.

    @52 Gods, no. I would punch my boyfriend if he EVER acted like this. Especially in public.

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