Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some White Trash to Start Your Wednesday

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  1. Ha.

  2. And llamas? Where would this be?

  3. The first one is REALLY not funny and really disgusting.
    I hope this guy was joking about his eight-year-old daughter.
    Too many girls are falling towards the hands of sexual abuse.

  4. Mark is utterly disgusting, I hope it is a fake one…

  5. Wow. That last one is like a scene from Idiocracy.

  6. First:Ithink we should ignore this and hope it goes away-don’t give the submitter the satisfaction of a response.

    Second:Llamas? where the hell are they living?

    Third: If I was Daniel’s wife I would murder him. Death by Duchoven.

    Fourth: Why is Tera on Sherry’s friend list?

  7. #2 Llamas are somewhat popular these days. You see them sometimes in farm areas around the US.

    #3 I have a couple of friends (husband and wife) who post each other’s business and TMI all the time. I still don’t get it.

    #4 Tera and Sherry both have crappy self-esteem, one lets a guy cheat on her, and the other doesn’t even have that going for her. They are arguing over some scummy guy who treats them both like crap. I expect to see them on Jerry Springer sometime in the near future.

  8. Why do people go on Lamebook and post with completely serious attitudes?

  9. Mark should not be allowed to drink

  10. I love the one about llamas. I can picture Grandma holding a gun, llamas at her side, forming a llama guard. Father and son are running for their lives, while Gina is trying to control the llamas and Grandma. I so want to meet these people just to see what they look like.

  11. IvannaHumpalot & blablah: You can find llamas in SouthAmerica, specially in Peru & Bolivia’s highlands, where temperatures can get really low. They are used for carrying food, wood (domestic use), and also, you can use their wool. Some foreigners have started to buy llamas as “pets”. I’ve seen a bunch of them in a farm in Germany, and not only llamas, they have also Alpacas (like a “cousin” of llamas)

  12. Who needs porn when you have a disgusting eight year old daughter?! O_o Oh, hell no.

  13. eenerbl: good one. I wonder how Grandma looks like… maybe like Granny from “Tweety & Sylvester”

  14. Mark is sick by the way, I think the state should investigate him for child abuse. He’s drunk and just compared his 8 year old to being better then porn. Hello!!! Red Flag!

  15. lostintranslation

    @Madrid on fire: Thank you for that mental image… it made my day! :)

  16. I think Mark was trying to say his daughter spreading her ass cheeks and farting on the dog is more amusing than what he normally uses for entertainment… which is porn.

  17. @lostintranslation: cheers mate.

    @eenerbl: I am with you. RED.FLAG. I wonder what his friends think about this post. If they are laughing, that wee girl is lost. If not, I hope they give him what he deserves!

  18. I think @erikaxox is the only one with sense on here. Geez, the site has the word LAME in the title, and you’re taking it THAT seriously?
    /slowly shakes head back and forth

  19. asilannax..yeah everyone is just missing the whole point of this site.. they are too busy with the serious comments that they missed the funny part…that the little girl farted on the dog.. lol

  20. lol, cumdumpster…I’m a girl and that cracks me up every time! I grew up in Southern Minnesota and there are llama “farms” there.

  21. @asilannax: I think we do know what Lamebook is about, so no need for more explanation.

    For me that guy was pretending to be funny but he failed completely. You can talk shit if you want, but using your children to be “cool” is really lame. I don’t take it personal, for me is one more post here to ridicule and that’s the end.

    About Sherry, Tera and Shawn. I think these girls are not friends but Shawn has them on FBK. The worse thing is that even when Sherry knows about Shawn’s infidelity, she stays with him and even more, she defends him. Why does she not love herself more and gives him a good kick in his balls?

  22. Here in Texas we have quite a lot of llama and ostrich farms…and a monkey ranch…and a tiger preserve…I-I don’t know why…

    also, what’s ricotti cheese? I thought maybe he meant ‘ricotta’ but that doesn’t really have a smell — now, parmesan, THAT’S some stanky cheese, in or OUT of a dead raccoon!!

  23. Is it me or does Daniel’s comment look fake? The font is completely different to all the others, like it’s been edited in MSPaint or something.

  24. Jeez, sarcasm people, use it, love it, make it your friend. I’m with Madrid on fire on this one.

  25. @erikaxox I’m not saying it wasn’t disgusting, or in bad taste, it was. I agree that he probably just sits around getting off to porn for entertainment. Tasteless, but not necessarily a bad dad because of it.

  26. worst_episode_ever

    people like mark should have their kids taken away wtf… the only one that was really funny here was the one about granny shooting at ginas husband and son. very funny indeed…

  27. @CrashBall: Why this? FFS, I don’t care if is fake or not!!!
    Ok, I am done. THANK YOU CrashBall… why dont you go and crash that only ball you have!
    Where is Ben???!!!

  28. Mark’s comment just made the skin on the back of my neck crawl. What kind of drunken sicko father of the year compares his daughter squatting and “spreadin her ass cheeks” over the dogs head to porn!?!? Sick nasty freak. As a survivor of child sex abuse, this just sickens me.

    On a lighter note to Daniel, the earson your wife just spent all night ripping them is because she probably spent all day holding them in. As a nightime ripper I KNOW.

  29. earson = reason

  30. I don’t understand why he’s comparing porn, to his daughter farting on the dog. That is so completely wrong.

  31. To some people, porn is entertainment. To others, it’s a passion and commitment. I am hoping that Mark’s comment is clearly putting him into 1 of those two camps. For me, it is the latter.

  32. ThinkingInPictures

    First of all, the guy is not saying that his 8 year old daughter is like porn to him, he’s saying that what she just did was more amusing than his usual form of entertainment (that would be the porn). Yes, it’s idiotic and probably didn’t have to be said, but it’s not child abuse.

    Second, poor Shawn. His only options are an illiterate, skanky and admittedly tubby moron and an illiterate, less skanky, and admittedly tubby moron…

  33. @ThinkingInPictures: Don’t be sorry about Shawn soap opera, they deserve each other and I wish with all my heart that they CAN NOT have kids… EVER!

  34. I agree. I don’t think Mark is a child abuser. I think he’s just drunken, moronic white trash that thinks farting on dogs is funny. Unfortunately, it seems his precious 8 year old daughter is going to grow up to be just like him. Or, at the very least, she’ll grow up to be like Tera and Shelly. Either way, she is doomed.

  35. Post 1 is fucking awful either way. If it’s true… then that speaks for itself. Even if it is just a joke, Mark’s a fucking unfunny drunk idiot. I hope for her potential sake, that he doesn’t actually have a daughter at all.

    Actually, to this whole entry in general… just wow… Jesus Christ, this is depressing.

  36. NB: I have a rule, which is that if your name is Mark, you have to prove yourself to me, because the name makes me think based on previous experience that you’re a fucking idiot. This post serves only to further my argument.

    No offence to anyone called Mark. Unless you’re one of the several Marks that have led me to invent this rule.

  37. Gina is worried that the gun-toting granny was scared? What about having a gun pointed at you? Isn’t that scary? I don’t get that one at all.

    Mark’s a douche.

  38. Bring on the ratcoon!!

  39. Hey, I like laughing as much as the next idiot… but comparing anything to do with your young daughter to porn is NOT cool, NOT funny and downright sick.

  40. What kinda porn is Mark watching to get off on that??
    Dirty bastard

  41. Granny with the shotgun is straight out of the Beverley Hillbillies!

  42. mmm i know what being a cumdumpster is all about. Drop your load over here boys!

  43. I love how these people who have it out so brutally are ‘friends.’ Facebook is more incestuous than 90210.

  44. These people who hate each other and comment on the other’s Facebook don’t have to be friends. If someone’s Facebook is completely public (as in, you’re able to view it if you have your own Facebook), they could comment on it without being your friend.

  45. I wish Mark would startle the gun totting granny! One less sick fuck in the world.
    What has that poor girl witnessed, to think to do such a thing?

  46. the last one doesnt even make sense, they reenter into a relationship and tara says ‘thats y he was cheeting on you with me’

    i dont get it, obviously she said it just to start drama (but lol about chunky thighs)

  47. insert clever name here

    Sherry is a little more discerning. She travels at least 10 miles before she starts fucking everything.

  48. comebacks beginning with “at least i don’t” are just pathetic, and obviously defensive

  49. 2 minutes is a pretty long scrap actually…

  50. What does farting have to do with your wife’s poor performance in steel manufacturing, Daniel?

  51. midnightmarshmallow

    I lived a month with my aunt and uncle in Kentucky a few years back, and their neighbors raised llamas. They were pretty cute. =)

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