Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some of Those TypOHs

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  1. The first and last one are hilarious.

  2. Ha! link and park. awesome, no dought.

  3. I tried to make sense of the second one. When my brain threatened to explode, I stopped trying.

    The third one is just dumb…not even a little bit cleaver. I dought that it belongs here.

  4. ehh, lots of people misspell knowledge as ‘knowlege’…nothing special there

    last one made me laugh though

  5. I read the last one about 3 times and kept reading “drought” and it didn’t make sense. I see it now, though. lawls

  6. Give my retards to broadway is an actual song, but I can’t really say that she was going for that..

  7. Trade SOCCER for FOOTBALL, the proper word like the rest of the world does…

  8. Trade Soccer(Football) for spelling lessons.

  9. Took a few seconds to figure out what “dought” is supposed to be. I can’t belife it.

    Also, fsjguy, I totally agree.

  10. the second one should be
    “just realized the guy who tells Jason Statham, that the drugs be needs is in Nasal spray, is the lead sing in Linkin park”

    makes more sense

  11. @gwang: I can’t ‘belife’ you spelled “believe” wrong while criticizing someone else’s spelling.

  12. @Dannielle: im pretty sure gwang was making fun of the last one

  13. hahahah Dannielle didn’t get gwang’s joke.

  14. Trade draught beer for Belize? What?

  15. Laughing at the stupidity of other people makes my world go round.

  16. I can’t belife it. I dought people are that retarted.

  17. Trade photoshop for a dictionary.

  18. @Danielle: You have no idea how difficult it was for me to type “belife”; I literally had to slow down my typing and retype it to make sure I actually typed “belife.”

  19. leave the u.s. and our SOCCER alone!

    i wouldn’t send my retards to broadway, but i would send my REGARDS…

  20. I send my retards to Broadway, but that’s just because I love to watch the silly bastards sing and dance.

  21. MsBuzzkillington

    The only thing that I can understand from Shaun’s post is “link and park”

    Someone please decode

  22. i believe shaun’s post translates to: “i just realized that the guy in crank, that tells jason statham what drug is in the nose spray, is the singer from linkin park. weird.”

    other than that, anyone have a dought that they would like to trade for my belife?

  23. hi gaiz. i’m the one who submitted the last one. the girl who uploaded it, deni, is actually my friend… but she can’t spell for shit. she gets really pissed when people correct her spelling… & even once corrected my spelling of “doubt” to “dought” once (not even kidding). so. yup.

  24. You beat me to it Soup, damn!

  25. To provide a little perspective to my previous comment, I’ve actually put together a production called Extremely Chromosomed. The rehearsals alone have taken twelve years to get everything right, but it is finally ready to be unveiled. I will give you a brief synopsis, but please note that words alone cannot capture the unbridled beauty or savage tragedy of this creation:

    46 special dancers perform exquisitely precise maneuvers, all the while singing the ever poignant E lucevan le Stelle in perfect synchronicity. The moves and the songs only grow in complexity as the show goes on. For the denouement, while the 46 specials are engaging in the most intricate human pyramid ever put on stage, I take a 47th special, shove a raging beehive down his pants and just whale on it with a stick. I then push his ass right towards the rest of the performers. That fucker is like a wrecking ball. It is glorious.

  26. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    I tried to come up with a funny comment, but I guess I’m just not that cleaver.

    Also, Soup is hilarious.

  27. Fuck Soup, well we were having the same thought, but you just took it somewhere my mind would never go.
    I like it though, you crazy mongrel.

  28. word, it can’t always be fruit and spankings. Sometimes you have to get down with new syndromes.

  29. Soup baby, you KNOW I’m about more than that.

  30. And I called you a mongrel, not a mongol, but as always, I do love your wordplay.

  31. Nicely done. I didn’t even catch the mongrel/mongol connection.

  32. It still boggles my mind that people don’t utilize the spell check program. Seriously? It’s right there! Turn that fucker on and use it!

  33. Soup, you had me chuckling with your ‘fruit and spankings’.

  34. eenerbl, I conduct the most fabulous rendition of Tards on Ice ever put to text, and you giggle at produce and paddles. What am I going to do with you?

  35. Lord knows Soup. What can I say, I’m a giggle girl.

  36. But your rendition was fabulous.

  37. Without trying to offend the delicate flowers around here, I am asking in the most respectful fashion…

    How’s your ass today ee?

  38. Ahh word, seems to be a touchy subject around here huh?

    It’s healing quite nicely.

  39. Yes ee, it does seem to be for some, though not all.
    I’m glad you’re mending, and mine’s just dandy as well.

  40. Glad to hear!

    And last night was funny as shit in my book.
    Night word.

  41. 1. You guys need to hook up private chat – I don’t wanna have to read your comments if it’s not funny.
    2. I’m drunk. Don’t bother trying to correct my grammar or spelling cuz I’m well raised and well educated, and that stuff doesn’t matter unless it’s hilariously lamely submitted, so don’t judge me unless I posted on my FB status and you managed to catch it.
    3. I don’t even remember why I thought it was important enough to sign in to comment in the first place, but it can’t be that good if British Hobo hasn’t bothered to comment yet… unless he’s on vacation or something.
    4. I wish I could promise I wouldn’t get all commenty after the bar again, but this is the first site I pull up when I get home so…

  42. Dought for belife?? She sounds baked…(sorry, it’s too early for anything better)

  43. It is kind of an odd venue to choose for your flirtings, when yahoo or AIM would be so much quicker.

  44. Why should any honest-to-god, taxpaying exhibitionists be FORCED to go to private chat, when they could be showing off here? Americans are so ridiculously prudish, it’s beyond belife.

  45. lol

  46. @malteaser: lol

  47. I have a feeling Melissa hardly ever feels clever.

  48. Ladies, you can be both sweet and strong, just like my delicious tea. Drink up gentlemen.


  50. Come on, the last one is hardly accidental – that’s clearly a lifestyle choice.

  51. I’m not sure why of all the things they could have traded for strength, they picked sweetness.

  52. I think they wanted to say “intelligence” but couldn’t think of the right word. So they went with “sweetness”.

  53. @geezmom or they couldn’t spell it…

  54. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @Soup when u said “and just whale on it with a stick.” I was already thinking “glorious” before u said it.

    @gawds I was about to type up something (hopefully) witty and scathing @ #41 but because u r drunk (as am I) and I highly respect functional alcoholics, I didn’t

    funny @ #52 and 53

  55. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @46, yes I agree

  56. Link and park is not a typo. If he thinks the name of the band is link and park, then he’s just dumb.

    Then again “dought” isn’t a typo, if she really thinks that’s how it’s spelled. Oh well, nevermind… do what you do.

  57. mcowles!
    I’ve disliked that band for a long time, but I would totally wear a “Link and Park” t-shirt. Depicting two train cars on a rundown track, perhaps? Or maybe that’s too lame….nope, don’t care, I would still rock it.

  58. I’m feeling pretty cleaver myself. Although I’ve no idea how I’ll get the blood of my victims out of the carpet. Hmm.

  59. Melissa’s not too sharp for a cleaver.


  60. @53: that didn’t stop them before…

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