Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some Ink That Stinks

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  1. Fizzzirst!

  2. i’m getting a little tired of the misspelled tattoos.

    @mamalumps: congrats!

  3. and for 1, the confederate flag AND the gun tattoos on the head kind of gave away the “rednek” piece anyway….

  4. #2 is shaped like a man…why would a man get this tattooed on them??? YUCK!

  5. I never knew Failville had its own forum until I saw the post above. Alas, some quick searching has yielded a URL to this tattoo’s creation:


  6. By the way, the person who got it has the screen name “Fat Chevy” and most people seem to like it. Winning comments from the thread:

    “Totally awsome choise of image, but tbh the tattoer dun seem to have been the greatest.”

    “friendly reminder to play nice! you can not like the tatoo, but you cannot call Fat Chevy (or anyone for that matter) stupid or any other names.”

  7. what worries me the most is the 12,761 likes.

  8. is it just me, or in the last one has the guy shaved his ass…?

    or maybe it’s just cleaner that the rest of him.


  9. also… there’s a duck driving the hot rod tractor. kinda makes it a bit less hardcore, really…

  10. *than

  11. you know what’s lame?

    commenting “FIRST!”

  12. Know what’s lamer than that?



  13. I know lots of true “rednek”s and I am even married to one, and none of them, not one, would wear earrings like that.

  14. @6: Fat Chevy is stupid.

    I’m so rebellious today.

  15. At least the ‘o’ will be easy enough to change to an ‘a’. But they will get caught doing it…

  16. When #2 gets an erection, it’ll look like a nose.

  17. @enoch: you’re just jealous. no doubt we’ll see you posting “first” soon. who are you, ben?
    @anlg: i think that tattoo is on the person’s back. note the distinct lack of belly button.
    @BritishHobo: good work! keep it up.

  18. I agree: Enoch=jealous.


  19. holy moly

  20. bollywood_rocks83

    “holy moly”? That’s it, slim? I’m disappointed. Where’s the snark?!

  21. sorry… you cought me slacking

  22. @16 anlg
    Eh…that makes no sense at all. Do you seriously think it look like his front??

    And slim, holy moly’s your new catch phrase, right? ;)

  23. @pinona you have to shave any area before you tattoo it :)

  24. Holy lame tractor batman! Now that’s a tattoo. Now I know what I want for my trampstamp.

  25. #2 is definitely the back of the person. That is a US Army PT uniform.

    Sooo, that’s a soldier. lolol

  26. lol

  27. aw man, antiaphrodite beat me to it while I was trying to sign up for lamebook…

  28. Ha, Calyph, I just signed up to say that too.

  29. I posted first once, really really long ago. Sadly, I was not the first to post first ever. That would have been very cool.

    @British Hobo: Fat Chevy is stupid, you’re right. Oh I am off to Old Country Buffett ie: Ryan’s.

  30. @SeeBea: keep on trying! You can do it.


  31. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  32. I was wondering if that tractor pic I found and submitted was going to make it or not.

  33. Fat Chevy = Fat Frodo!

  34. I wonder how much they would have to pay me so I get a truck tattooed

  35. THIRTY-FIFTH!!!!!!!

  36. People that say THIRTY-FIFTH are lame because nobody cares about 35.

    Also, THIRTY-SIXTH!!!!!!!

  37. * giggle * you guys are silly today

  38. At what point in life will Erin realize her parents failed her?

  39. Yup, “cought” me looking, pointing and laughing at your muffin top!!!

  40. Where is my eye bleach when I need it?
    And is that tractor tattooed on a chicken leg?

  41. Maybe #2 will dill with the fact that he misspelt “caught”.

  42. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    I just threw up in my mouth a little at the last one.

  43. #2 is wearing an Army PT uniform, and appears to be in great physical shape (round).

  44. Tat two,

    Those brows look like sperm.

  45. 7,615 comments about a tractor tat? I always miss the most enlightening conversations

  46. I’m pretty sure I was in the Army with #2. I really hope there is not more than one person with that tattoo…

  47. Oh…no, it was a chick right? Maybe it’s just me but it totally looks like a guy.

  48. The dude tag himself as a “redneck.” If you pride your self being a “redneck” why in the hell would you get a tattoo of an AK-47?

  49. waaaaah #4 isn’t loading for me :( what is it?

  50. Pathetic with the tractor.

  51. canadianinthehizzouse

    yea she cought me lookin at her stretch marks… it is a she right?

  52. I’m really surprised that no one’s commented on the Union Jack in the “Rednek” tattoo. Isn’t that the flag for the UK….?

    I mean, I guess there might be “redneks” in the United Kingdom, but it’s an automatic association with the Southern US…

  53. PS. #2 doesn’t even look like it’s centered on her/his back properly…poor him/her will never find a man/woman with such a tattoo that is, to me, proof of small dick/giant p-nanny situations.

  54. @bry – I thought it looked more like this: http://www.worldflags101.com/other-flags/confederate-flag.aspx

    It’s some ‘Southern Cross’ or something. All I can really say is that it’s definitely not the Union Jack :)

  55. Well, I am more than okay with it actually being somewhat correct, though that makes it less humourous!

  56. It is neither the Union Jack nor the Southern Cross.. both of which are on the Australian flag. The Southern Cross is a constellation.

    It is the confederate flag.

  57. Southern Cross is another name for the Confederate Flag.

  58. at least the first person is honest about them being a redneck who can’t spell for shit.

  59. I hate to say it, but there is a band called Rednek, and the tattoo is of their band logo. They also spell the name as ReDNeK which really makes me wanna throw up. I was just checking out their myspace page- lots of bottles of Jack Daniels everywhere. And one of their songs is called Panty Raid, yuck!

  60. saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadness.

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  61. Elixabeth, cut it out. You’re annoying. And you failed Inspiration 101.

  62. .

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