Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some Ink That Stinks!

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  1. Go, go, Frodo, go!

    Are tattoo misspellings still funny?

  2. Pretty sure the last one is marker, lest Gooch is…well…a gooch.

    And number three hurts my eyes.

  3. Why is Gary Coleman’s hair wet?

  4. The first one just made me loose something in my pants.

  5. The quest to find out what Willis was talking about still continues. Rikki is simply the latest person to dedicate his life, and apparently also his ass, to the journey.

  6. Gary Coleman on your ass. What more could you ask for?

  7. #1 is a looser.

  8. I got a picture of Ben tattooed on my left butt cheek.

  9. And Frodo’s on the right.

  10. @Benisglory

    because the tattoo is new so it’s still healing. the skin scabs and falls off…pretty gross process.

  11. If my suspicion is correct, #1 is a stripper – so the misspelling doesn’t matter. It’s not a prerequisite for the profession. And Gooch, while I try to be cool about one’s personal choice of body art, I’m not sure I could even buy fries from someone with genitalia inked on their necks. But props for living life your way, I suppose…magic marker or not.

  12. I’m going to pretend that Rikki loosed his bowels in his pants, and the unmistakable shit-image of Gary Coleman was smeared on his butt cheek.

    ‘Cause that makes way more sense.

  13. What is #3?

    …and I can’t lie… I lol’d @ the Gary Coleman tattoo.

  14. @katypants: you should get a Gary Coleman tattoo.

  15. @skeleton_key – I was being facetious.

    Or should I say fecesious?

  16. I see, in #3, the numbers 7772 and someone with a misshapen pinky holding their thumb and pinky out…

  17. Hey dc! Yeah, I’ve been considering it for some time now… what’s holding me back is wondering where it should be put so I can both hide it but still be able to whip it out and random times in order to ask people exactly what they talkin’ ’bout.

  18. Or, upside down, it’s eLLL and a camel toe.

  19. @Benisglory: i think you know how to spell. if not, use google.

  20. krasivaya_devushka

    What a looser!

  21. @Benisglory

    sorry about that! not quite awake and feeling a little…crappy

  22. I googled the words “Gooch,” “Penis,” and “Tattoo.”

    I suggest you all try it.

  23. #3 looks like a horrible version of the hang loose sign with the #’s 7772 (possibly). Is that a small knife wound on the pinky part of the tattoo?

  24. Hang Loose Yourself in the Movement of Dance.

  25. did anyone notice the silk boxers in #3? it looks like the guy next to him is in his boxers as well…with sneakers on?

  26. And what appears to be speaker wire on a cement floor.
    No, this isn’t right at all.

  27. Even if spelled correctly, that would be one of the worst tattoos I’ve ever seen. I’d say it’s worthy of Joe’s portfolio, but I don’t really think that Joe could pull off the font. I mean, “Lose Yourself In The Movement of Dance”? That’s a slogan for some high school dance team’s graduation T-Shirt. It shouldn’t be a tattoo, certainly not one that takes up 25% of your torso.

  28. Also, I just want to come back to Gooch, for a minute.

    Gooch, get thee to a shower, young man! You are filthy. And your hoodie seems to be covered in pollen or rodent entrails or something. And loose the bandana, you Monster-chugging gooch!

  29. Totally unrelated, BUT…
    Ths one guy on my facebook had his status about killing himself, it said something along the lines of, “What is the quickest and painfree way to kill yourself?” Anyway, everyone came with their lame comments, “Don’t do it.” “We’re all here for you.” and the works. Then I read one that said, “Hang in there”
    I laughed!!

  30. If the 3rd one is supposed to have “7772″, the 3rd 7 is different than the first two.

    That 4th one looks like marker…and I also agree with #28: he really needs to shower and do some laundry..gross.

  31. And no one gave any suggestions? What a bunch of dicks.

  32. The third 7 is different because the top of the 2 intersects it.

    It’s some surf thing, I’m sure…?

  33. There were one r two of those, but the hang in there really got me. Maybe it’s not that funny, but maybe I have a weird sense of humour.

  34. nice boxers ryan. gross.

  35. 2 guys sitting around in their boxers, one with his pants around his ankles…..


  36. Spicy Boughner

    Guys like Gooch are apart of some race of people that desperately want to do things to themselves (like getting cock tattoos and calling themselves Gooch) that will make it near impossible for them to get a decent job somewhere.

  37. #1 Kind of sounds like it might be from an Andrew Lloyd Webber song, or some sort of musical. I am also picturing Billy Elliot. In reality it’s probably a polite way of calling herself a slut.

    #2 The ass speaks for itself.

    #3 My first thought was “That’s one small dick he’s tattoo’d onto himself…” then figured out it was probably a ‘hang loose’ sign. But really….two guys sitting in their boxers and they’re wasting time taking photos?

    #4 I really don’t have a lot to say about this one. Except that his ear looks like it’s running away from his tattoo.

  38. Grammar Police

    Misspelled tatoos are always funny, because they’re pretty much permanent. Seriously though, how much effort is required to get it right?

    And when guy #4 turns 60, that tatoo is going to be funny as hell.

  39. Walter Sobchak

    “Ben”isglory, tattoo misspelling are still funny. References to “Ben” are no longer funny.

  40. rebarbativebecc

    I think the third one is a uh, hang ten hand if that’s what they call them
    Rocker hand?
    \__/ thing
    and it kiinda looks like Japanese next to it, but I’m not sure.

  41. Grammar Police, how hard is it to spell tattoo right since it’s been said on this post approximately 100 times?

    Also, #3 looks like a basement tattoo.

  42. Is it just me or does #1 look a bit masculine? I was trying to figure out if the dude had his arm wrapped in a tube top or something before I realized that was a rack.

    Why the hell would you get Gary Coleman’s face tattooed on your ass?? And why would you get a penis on your neck?? These two should have traded tattoos – a penis pointing into the guys butthole. And then Gary Coleman over the other guys whole face. Then those tats would have a real message.

  43. I think the third one has the numbers 1172. Those numbers mean just as much as 7772, if you ask me.

  44. Isn’t #3 the Shocker sign? Really really really badly done?

  45. Walter Sobchak is Ben

  46. I think we should show a little compassion to the guy in #4. He’s obviously riding the same bus as the guy in the background. Gooch can’t help that he’s special!

  47. Don’t get your panties in a twist chiiro, you’re assuming that:

    1. I read the other posts

    2. I give a damn

  48. With that being said, I am ashamed due to my username. I’ll be turning in my badge now.

  49. There’s nothing more menacing than a rogue ex-grammar cop. This board just got a little less safe.

  50. @Benisglory: lest does not mean unless. it means in case.

  51. Nothing funnier than some obnoxious twit who tries to have something “meaningful” tattooed on themselves and it completely fails. Love it.

  52. That Gary Coleman tattoo looks like a cross between Aunt Jemima and the Gerber baby.

  53. You could always change your name to “Grammer Police”

  54. It’s may be lame to some, but putting Gary on your ass…that’s some funny shit.

  55. Number 3 is the worst I’ve ever seen!
    What are the chances that two men in the same vicinity have equally horrible taste in undergarment attire?

    Why is the guy with no pants wearing shoes and the one *with* pants on barefoot?

  56. Gooch must be from Nantucket.

  57. gooch is crazy

  58. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    the guy with the pants at his ankles has some nasty feet/toes.. Yuck

  59. The “tattoo” with the dick under the dude’s ear doesn’t even look like a real tat. Looks like a painting or something. I highly doubt this douchebag is going to walk around with a REAL tattoo of a dick under his ear for the rest of his life. (which wouldn’t be long once the gay bashers see that)

    Then again, someone got a tattoo of Gary Coleman.

  60. butterflysandsocks

    @mamalumps- No, it doesn’t. It indicates the intention of preventing something undesirable.

  61. Grammar Police

    I don’t have my badge anymore, but that only means one thing…

    I’ll have to work outside the law!

  62. The definition of Lest is “for fear that”.

  63. I’ll be honest. I just broke up with my boyfriend so that I could do naughty, naughty things to Rikki while staring into the eyes of Gary Coleman. Yeah, baby.
    And the dancer’s body isn’t as much masculine, it’s moreso a weird angle, and dancers have athletic bodies to begin with.
    On that note, I’d still do her. With Gary.

  64. i think #3 looks like the one guy from “Ice Age”…

  65. #3 could be “1-1-72″, like a birth or death date. Still hideous. It doesn’t help that the guys in that pic are sitting on ratty car seat in a garage. Blech.

  66. That’s not Gary Coleman, its Esther Rolle, the actress that played Florida Evans on “Good Times.” The Gary Coleman hand fan in the picture is just a random coincidence.

  67. Getting tattoos on the neck can be indicative of sociopathic tendencies. Just sayin’.

  68. I hate when someone starts a sentence with the words “lose yourself” (misspelled or not) because I always start singing along to MeninmE.

  69. @butterflysandsocks and gawds… “in case” could be substituted for both of the definitions you provided. try it in a sentence.

  70. lol

  71. championhustler

    @rebarbativebecc, the writing in pic #3 is japanese. the first is katakana for “ku” (kooh)the second hiragana for “ne” (neh) i’m still trying to figure out what the hell it means…

  72. @championhustler are you failing japanese? because no way in hell is that katakana.

    what kind of “ku” symbol looks like that?

  73. championhustler

    the first symbol only… the part that looks like an “n”. thats Katakana. the pictue isn’t of great quality but this is what i see:ク ね if it’s not then you tell me what it is.

  74. “lest” > “in case”

  75. I read it as カね myself… but that makes even less sense…

  76. Seriously, my use of the word “lest” is being debated?
    Fucking…I don’t know…I need to stop coming to this website.

  77. The third picture is a gang sign for MS 13. It was probably done in jail or something. That’s their hand symbol. And the writing either says MS 13 or it’s numbers, they all incorporate numbers.

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