Monday, May 3, 2010

Some Ink That Stinks!

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  1. glueyourfingers

    That Kramer tattoo would’ve been amazing had it not been so horribly done.

  2. Who is Patiense?

    Oh thats right, permanent spelling errors are hilarious.

  3. The thing that scares me about the “Patiense” tattoo is that it LOOKS like it was spelled right at first, and then he later changed the C to an S.

  4. Personally, if I got a “Seinfeld” character tattooed on me, it would have to be Newman.

    It would take up a bit of space though, but I think he’s somewhat slimmer these days, so it could work.

  5. Who's That Girl?

    #1 – Embarrased to say that I actually know how to do the soulja boi dance – and used to encourance my staff to do it on Fridays at work. Go aheah – hate on me.

    #2 – I thought that was a tattoo of a black guy

    #3 – Yes, I’m guilty of the tramp stamp. Will soon be enhanced to a larger back piece to avoid the sterotype. Regardless, this one is FTW!

    #4 – STFU! So sad…

  6. @5- i know how to do the soula boi dance too. it’s kinda fun. the tattoo is really lame though.

  7. Jana’s tattoo isn’t so bad. I’ve got a gramophone with the words “Dig that crazy cat Duke Ellington, daddy-o.” underneath it.

    I think her and I would get along famously. I’d take her to some gin joint and we could do the Charleston.

  8. LOL!!!

    omfg the first one is so tacky I just want to take a dump on his back!

  9. Bucky Fellini

    With regards to the first one, imagine some old burnt out rocker in his 60s with an 8 Track of CCR’s Green River tattooed on his neck. Now you know how much of a clown Jana will look like in a few years.

  10. Bucky Fellini

    Whoa, malteaser! A capitalized “lol”, a full sentence, AND a poop reference! You’re all over it today!

  11. I’ve never heard of that dance girls.

    I thought it was some crazy slang for “Soldier boy”, or is it?, and the tattoo was a way of him asking a soldier boy to pull him or something, and the ipod was there for no particular reason.

    Excuse my ignorance on this one.

  12. The soulja boy was popular for about 5 minutes a few years ago. Nothing says “hip” like getting a permanent tattoo featuring a fad that’s been over for 2 years.

    Of course, I have the steps to the Macarena tattooed down the length of my penis, so I guess I’m not one to talk.

  13. LOL at Malteaser!!!!
    and I always love the Tramp Stamps ones …HAHAHA this time it’s on a guy you don’t see that too often , at least I don’t!

  14. Who's That Girl?

    Hey now sensible madness – let’s pay a little respect to Travis Barker’s remix. He took an awful song and rocked it!

  15. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    Is that supposed to be Kramer as a black guy?

  16. Lets do the Nutbush instead.

    Go Tina.

  17. CommentsAtLarge

    The first one – color’s definitely too dark but I don’t think it’s supposed to look like Kramer in the face. The caption leads me to believe that the individual had his face put there instead. It doesn’t forgive the lameness, or anything, but it does explain not looking like Michael Richards.

    It’s sort of crazy slang for “Soldier Boy” — that is the stage name for the rapper that made the song and it’s how he spells his name.

  18. That second one looks more like Alex Winter.


  20. CommentsAtLarge

    There are foul things afoot at the Circle K…

  21. BeautifullyDizzy

    The Kramer one looks like Shia LeBeouf with a ‘fro.

  22. “Kramer”‘s real name isn’t Michael Brown, it’s Michael Richards.

  23. Thank you thagrrrl, I thought I was the only one who realized that.

    If you ask me, I think it looks like Chris Brown.

    “TRAMP STAMP” Is just dumb. You’re bagging on people who get ink jobs placed there.

    Lmao@ Sensible.

  24. That first one is the equivalent of getting Tony! Toni! Toné! and a Walkman tattooed on your neck in the 80s.

  25. I have zero problem with tattoos if they’re something personal to you and if they’re accomplished artistically, and, spelled correctly. That said, I’m constantly shaking my head at some of the ish that people put on their bodies. I mean… Soulja Boy? Are you serious? That is going to be played out in two years, to say nothing of fifteen years from now. Is there anyone among us that sees Soulja Boy becoming an enduring musical act, like the Rolling Stones or Dr. Dre or anyone else that you’d still be proud of having on your body ten or twenty years later? It boggles my mind that people don’t have the ability to look five years in the future. I can’t wait until these people have grandchildren.

    The thing that bugs me the most about dumbassed tattoos is that they make me sound like an old man even though I’m only 30. Which I guess is kinda old compared to some people. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some kids to get off of my lawn.

  26. thehiviewarcade

    The worst is definitely the outdated technology. I mean, come on, people have the iPod touch these days.

  27. best line – “…dump on his back”

  28. I don’t know Bulldog, I think I’ll still be proud of my “Justin Beiber” tattoo when I’m old and grey.

  29. And I had it spelled incorrectly too.

  30. thehiviewarcade

    I can’t see the Kramer one, but I have a feeling that it’s supposed to be a portrait of the guy who has the tattoo, dressed up as and posing as Kramer. And I’m guessing his name is Mike Brown. But it’s still a shitty tattoo.

  31. Soulja Boy Dance:

  32. despite the fail of the Ipod tat, the Tramp Stamp one has got to be the worst. I’m sure all his prison buddies will get a kick out of it…

  33. thehiviewarcade

    I don’t know what I was trying to type there. I definitely can see the Kramer picture. I meant that I can’t see the guy’s face in order to make a comparison.

  34. #1 – If that’s meant to be an iPod Nano, mine doesn’t have a headphone jack there.
    I know that’s not the most important thing, but it’s bugging me.

    #2 – I had to read the comments to work out that was meant to be Kramer… it’s a nicely done tatt, I suppose, but that doesn’t stop it being shit.

    #3 – Would you all hate me if I said I liked it? *ducks rotten vegetables*

    #4 – Jaycee7, I think you’re right, it looks like it’s been “corrected” from the right spelling. Oh dearie… And what’s with the random capital T? PaTiense? Maybe there’s meant to be a space there, and he/she’s paying homage to his/her grandpa Tience?

  35. prolefeedprocessor

    Tramp stamp FTW!

  36. #1 Shit
    #2 Shit
    #3 Shit and played out shit to boot
    #4 It is an indie group

  37. …and count me as another one who knows how to do the Soulja Boi, but in my defense I learned it with my son helping him practice for a dance solo at one of his competitions a year or two ago.

  38. You know how common thinking is you get tattoos you won’t regret later in life?

    Those are tattoos I’d regret immediately. The first one especially is extraordinarily stupid.

  39. The first is definitely the worst.
    I gotta admit I think the tramp stamp one is cute and clever. I can appreciate the humor of it.
    I think the best line today is Malteaser’s “take a dump on his back” LOL

  40. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    i’m glad I have no tattoos and have no desire to get one.

  41. lamebook_kills_my_boredom

    I want to get in contact with Soulja wannabe and give him one hell of a slap.

    Still, it’s people like this that make me feel better!

  42. @MonkeyC

    Well la-di-da. I suppose you don’t do heroin or like to reuse toilet paper, either. Some of us like to live a little.

  43. I don’t use either one Soup, But I have been known to reuse rubbers. It usually happens at a gay orgy though.

  44. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    * hugz soup* :) you sounded like you needed a hug… hehehe

    You’re absolutely right! I don’t do either! I need to live a little :(

    LOL @Hesaid

  45. So #3 Mike “Creimer” Brown…Mike Brown is his brothers name…which is whose face is tattooed on Kramers body. Honestly it’s hilarious to see in person, looks just like his brother.


    I don’t know if you have to become a fan on Facebook or not but here is the link to see some shitty ink.

    Nothing spectacular, just a bunch of dumb asses.

  47. What’s funny about it is that they spelled tattoo tatto on the page name on you page bar.

  48. Sorry meant #2

  49. Gonna suck to be them when when they are in their 80s and nobody even knows what an Ipod is.

  50. justbeingmiley

    how much cum has that tramp stamp seen?

  51. Good one miley, there is the originality this place has been missing for awhile.

  52. Charlotte Sometimes

    I don’t even dislike the fact that the first tattoo quotes a ridiculous song. What really scares me is how poorly drawn the iPod was compared to everything else.

  53. dietpillpyramidscheme

    I certainly wouldn’t get one, myself, but I did get a laugh out of Tramp Stamp.

    The best tat I’ve ever seen, was a guy sporting two ‘Radiohead bears’ on his chest. I was rather drunk, so told him I loved him, and we hugged.

  54. justbeingmiley, I’d say bucket loads.

  55. Or none at all.

    There would be no middle ground.

  56. o god what has this world come to when wordperverts can’t decide on how much cum is deployed onto men’s backs!

  57. Egads, man!

    Any guesses as to what’s going on in those tats on the sides of Jana’s neck?

    I see a revolver cylinder pooping blood and a missile hooked up to an IV.

  58. The_DreadLord

    Soulja Boi’s biggest claim to fame is the fact Ice-T posted a Youtube rant about how much he sucked, which prompted a mini-YouTube war of video rants.

    Soulja Boi’s uber-witty intro to what I believe was his first video reply? “Ice-T? Man, he old!” With his two little wanksta chums laughing on in the background.

    Yeah, Ice-T’s older than you. He’s also done stuff that you don’t even have the imagination to dream about. He’s a successful musician and actor with a career that has spanned almost 30 years. You, Soulja Boi, will be completely forgotten in a few more years, unless of course you’re the butt of jokes on late night shows but even that’s doubtful, since you’re no Kanye.

  59. 1- I hope I never end up in line behind her and have to stare at that monstrosity…

    2- looks like a confused black guy…

    3- that guy is probably a total douche.

    4. Besides the obvious misspelling, is that another e coming off of the capital t?

  60. Tramp Stamp FTW! It reminds me of a boy I knew that got a large star with the word ‘porn’ tattooed on his ass.

  61. I like the kramer one. It’s obviously him or one of his friend’s faces on kramer’s body. That’s funny!

  62. #1 is the dumbest tatt I have ever seen. Don’t people know that shit is for life? Unless you want to spend more money having it covered up or lazer treatment to remove it that is. What is really sad is these retards will go on to have kids who will be raised by someone who is dumber than the family dog. We should start giving them IQ tests at the end of high school and if they fail lock them up and throw away the key. There are WAY too many stupid people walking around out there. Luckily we can spot them because of the stupid shit they tattoo on themselves… oh hey, maybe it is usefull after all… :-)

  63. Allen, I can’t speak for everyone as you never know what is going to come out of anybody’s mouth in here. Well, almost, we know what is coming out of word’s mouth.

    But anyway, I’m getting off track here, your website sucks. Twss moments have been around since middle school. It is old and can be said about anything. For instance, in your last sentence, ” and they should pop up” can be one of the moments.

    It’s just not funny anymore.

  64. I have my own face tattooed on my ass.

  65. Wow. I was so distracted by that bloody AWFUL Soulja Boi tattoo that it took me a second look to realise that those are some weirrrrdly sloping shoulders.
    That is a neck right?
    And if so…bacne.

  66. @jelly- seriously? they’re called freckles. you should learn the difference between pimples & melanin.

  67. That stupid ipod tattoo already looks dated. Not a good idea.

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