Friday, October 23, 2009

Social Rednecking



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  1. FIRST

  2. Wrestling is fake and gay and not a sport.

  3. OK, besides being first, I have to say that this guy is very passionate about wrestling. It reminds me of people who couldn’t take a joke about Obama during the last elections.

  4. David is right. people bash wrestling like is not a sport but fuck people dont know how hard people work its a sport. Fuck you timmy Wrstling is an americen past time. It has been around for decades and will be around for ever.

  5. Cause everyone love a man whole roll around with another man while in spandex.
    Ohh sorry WWE is just guys throwing shit isn’t it?

  6. Mankind was totally my favorite when I was 14.

    I hope Jeff shoots himself with his own hunting rifle.

  7. *loves *rolls

  8. WWE Wrestling is obviously fake, and WWE isn’t a sport… but I’m not denying the fact that they do train intensely, and the strength training could be considered a sport.

    Oh, did anyone else find it completely hilarious when the world wildlife foundation sued them?

  9. The amount of time something is around doesn’t exempt it from mockery. Case in point: nascar, rednecks, ghetto and/orl33t speakers, midgets. That’s right. I said it. Nascar. :D


  11. The do have to train, no one can deny that, but so do actors in general…doesn’t make them athletes.

  12. bet his last name is Hardy…

    WWE rules! And I don’t even live in America :p IT’s great entertainment and those guys do awesome stunts. It really is a sport, only not a competitive.

  13. I will wrestle anoyone then you tell me its not a SPORT!

  14. First one is a Jerry Jeff Walker song. Nothing lame about that.

  15. lol @ ronald

  16. I don’t generally count something that promotes steroid use as a sport.

  17. WWE is not a sport because in a real sport, the winner is determined by the contest, not before it even begins. That’s why the NBA is also not a sport.

  18. jerry jeff walker is fucking retarded.

  19. most of all wrestling is gay, men in their underwear rolling around the mat with other men…

  20. same with kenny chesney, fuck that guy.

    no shirt. no shoes. no problem. fuck off.

  21. MUAHAHAHAAHAHA fuck you i will fight you and we will see whos gay

  22. oooh ronald only if you get in your underwear first!


  24. Hah! This topic seems to be where the nuts touch for some of you. Relax, it’s TV

  25. Meanwhile, Bryan called his own mother a redneck. You know, like all the sophisticated, classy people do.

  26. I will now be saying “Those athletes are very athletic” until further notice.

  27. I guess if you like seeing big sweaty guys banging into each other, then good for you.

  28. @Slowbie

    Totally. Sport is an activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively. Wrestling is more like a play, where people rehearse their movements and lines and then perform it to an audience.

  29. It’s sports entertainment. It always has been. If he actually paid attention when he watched the show, he’d know this.

    I’d be he doesn’t know Santa isn’t real.
    Duh! :D

  30. This has got to be the lamest shit on this site so far.

    Or maybe I’m just bitter because I have to deal with people like this in my day to day life. Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the assholes.

  31. FIGHT ME RONALD I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. That episode was funny, sorry Jeff

  33. Yeah the first one is just lyrics from a Jerry Jeff Walker song. But I guess it is pretty lame to make it your status. Nothing good about being a redneck.

  34. I’ve always thought the people who defend wrestling as a sport and attack it as “fake” are being equally ludicrous.

    Wrestling doesn’t claim to be a sport. It doesn’t claim to be real. It’s entertainment. Perhaps more accuratley, it’s equal parts athletics and theatre, and this is coming from someone who has been involved in it. What wrestlers put their bodies through every night of the week IS more intense and does more damage than what most “athletes” go through. That’s not to say that wrestling is good and sports are bad, because it usually means that a majority of wrestlers end up dead or crippled before they reach fifty. I won’t even get into the lack of unions or health insurance.

    So no, it’s not a sport, but it’s also not fake – it’s staged. Let’s just say it is what it is. Can’t we all just get along?

    Besides, no one has believed it was real since your grandparents were born. The organizations themselves admit that it’s fixed, but behave as if it’s real for the sake of suspending disbelief. For instance, you don’t believe the show “House” is real, do you? Wouldn’t it get annoying if someone thought they were letting you in on a big secret by saying, “I bet they’re not even using real medicine.”

  35. Jeff is going to kick my ass for making fun of his stupid/fake sport.



  37. @29 – That TWICE today that you people be throwing down that “Santa ain’t real” shit. Just knock it off, ‘K? Y’all are startin’ to freak me out!

  38. WWE is fake and sucks.

  39. none of you internet tough guys would last one day in pro wrestling school. FACT.

  40. It’s strange how he says “a” Rey Mysterio.
    As if he’s some sort of animal or something.

  41. I’m thinking Ronald and Jeff are long lost brothers.


  43. So is the first dude named Bryan Haggard?

  44. ronald wants to fuck us in the ass?

  45. I think he wants to fuck what our asses possess, hence “ass’s”

  46. I think Ronald got confused between WWE and greco-roman wrestling, which is incidentally a sport.

  47. Ronald, the chances of you ever fighting somebody that you’re talking to on the internet are about as good as WWE wrestling ever becoming sport.

  48. Ronald, you sound like a pussy.




  51. I’m having Rey Mysterio’s love child

  52. How can you not spell wikipedia when you posted a link directly from the site? By the way, wikipedia doesn’t make it true, ass.


  54. I Agree That Ronald Blows

    So, you’re going to fuck someone up and then fight them? Isn’t that the same shit?

    WWE is athletic theatre just like Cirque du Soleil. It’s not a sport and never will be a sport.


  55. How do you want me to back it up? About the only thing that I can do on the internet is make my name “Ronald Blows” and make fun of you for being a douche. Just like the only thing you can do is type in all caps. And you can’t fight me through the internet, ass.

  56. 99% of people that dont watch wrestling could not kick my ass, i will fight for wrestling any day. I think it’s lame its on this website and i think all of you can fuck off you fucker

  57. There is always that 1% though Ronnie. What if I’m in that 1%?

  58. im willin to take that chance ronald blows why dont you post under youre real name if you are a not pussy!

  59. My name is Sam Justus you faggot. Doesn’t change anything. You still blow.

  60. I used to be a gigantic fan of WWE (I kinda fell off after suffering through the whole ECW/WCW alliance thing)and I would agree that the amount of work wrestlers put into it is vastly underappreciated by those who aren’t into it but seriously, if you can’t have a sense of humor about it, you’re kinda missing the point. I always have viewed professional wrestling in the same manner as I have my love of corny 80′s slasher movies- if you go in expecting Oscar caliber performances you’ll hate it but if you can enjoy it for what it is, it’s damn entertaining. It’s crazy, over-the-top entertainment and should be enjoyed as such.

  61. your the faggot what kind of name is that.

  62. Hahaha your name is Ronald. Who are you to talk?

  63. ronald is a respecteble name. it has been in my family for 3 generations and my grandfather started it. so why dont you FUUUUUCK OOOOOFFF

  64. Haha sorry to break it to you but that name is for little bitches. Good luck trying to be a wrestler with that name.

  65. Take it easy on Jeff. The best part of Jeff ran down the crack of his Mom’s ass just seconds before he was conceived. You can’t win ‘em all.

    That Ronald character though, he is just a window-licking panty waste. Probably from somewhere in the Tennessee Valley Divide region of Appalachia or lower Alabama. Symptoms indicative of alcohol poisoning as a fetus, exposure to lead based paint as an infant, heavy inhalant abuse during the formative years and severe frontal lobe damage from repeated mild traumatic brain injuries. He is a true oxygen thief and will be until the Patron Saint of Charles Darwin culls him from our herd.

  66. Unbelievably well put, Jeff’s Dad. Bravo

  67. Your grandfather sounds like an idiot and your dad sounds like a closet homo with issues for passing that name on to you. But you, little buddy, just sound like a pussy.

  68. Well Ronnie, its been fun making fun of you. I’m gonna go because I’m about to get off work. Always remember, you’re a faggot, most people that dont watch wrestling would kick your ass, and you still blow.

  69. ok bye.

  70. Dude, South Park sucks nuts.

  71. Maybe the Jeff posting is actually Jeff hardy. If so be careful…he can jump off ladders and shit and not get hurt..he’d kick our pansy asses.

  72. I find it most amusing how hard Ronald is fighting to defend WWE… on Lamebook

  73. LOL Jeff’s Dads post is epic x 1000.

  74. I wonder if Ronald knows Jason.

  75. Wrestling is totally a sport.

    It’s way older than “decades” though. Wrestling was an event on the *original* Olympics. (No, not the 1896 Athens games…)

    It’s seriously thousands years old.

    Dunno about WWE though… is that a famous arena for wrestling or something?

  76. lol Stefan, I’m pretty sure everyone knows that wrestling is a sport, but WWE wrestling isn’t technically

  77. Ha. It’s pretty obvious that Ronald McDonald here is simply hoping that Vince McMahon will recruit him.

  78. Where’d Ronnie go? :(

  79. Jeff likes fish sticks

  80. Team Wrestling. And I don’t even *like* wrestling.

    The first season of South Park was genuinely brilliant – ever since then it’s just reeked of utter desperation.

  81. Well wrestling clearly is not a sport, the WWE as an organization even admits that by calling itself “sports entertainment.” It can’t be a sport without real competition, you can’t have real competition if the matches are (more or less) scripted and the outcomes are always known.

  82. MOTHER

    That’s…. that’s just nuts

  83. Jeff goes ‘I have a deep connection with WWE’…unless you take steroids and bs about your life for the entertainment of others, i highly doubt there’s a connection!

    On a contrary note, I love how rednecks can use technology, it brings us much joy.

  84. @ Dave
    @ SukMyBoomStik

    You are the only people that have gotten it right with the facts about wrestling! Yes, it’s staged, but it’s really one of those sports entertainment shows that, unless you’re a fan, you don’t know what kind of hell they put their body through. No, it’s not always healthy & for the right reasons (steroids, drugs, addiction, etc.), but that doesn’t change the fact that wrestlers probably do more damage to their body, mind and lifespan than any other athlete – not to mention the isolation, considering most are on the road 340 days of the year. I’m not saying that wrestlers make good choices. At all, lol. But that doesn’t change the intensity of the sport…entertainment.
    And I don’t blame people for thinking that it would be more like acting, with staged moves and therefore minimal pain. I didn’t realize how intense it was until I started actually getting into it, lol.

    On another note, Jeff MUST have an IQ of about 50 to believe that WWE is real… I didn’t think people like that (“marks”) still existed, LMAO!

  85. @Bry

    Nope. Boxers actually beat up each other because it’s a real sport. Wrestling is drama, whether on broadway or in an arena.


  87. @ Ronald, 10

    I play real sports, I’m not trying to be the best at exercising.

  88. This first one does not deserve to be on this site at all. Its lyrics from Jerry Jeff Walker’s song ‘Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother’. Its not even a ‘dumb hillbilly’ song either, it rails against the mothers who breed children who are ‘…thirty-four and drinking in a honky tonk/Just kicking hippies asses and raising hell.’ Jerry Jeff Walker is a New Yorker who was originally a folk artist- and he penned a song you might have heard of: ‘Mr Bojangles’.

    It would be nice if Lamebook did a simple good search before posting up these statuses.

  89. *google

  90. @ “Boz”

    Yes, boxing is a real sport, you’re right. That doesn’t change the intensity of wrestling, lol. I actually research the things I’m interested in, and therefore know what happens behind-the-scenes. And when they are milking something just for the show, I know. And when they’ve physically critically injured themselves in real life, I know. I’m not just speaking out of ignorance, or else I wouldn’t comment in the first place. I promise =)

  91. I wonder if that Jeff dude is really Vince McMahon in disguise. Anyway, with all that pent up anger inside of him Jeff should try for the WWE, I have the perfect name for him: Angry Redneck or Meryl Streep cause we all know they’re just acting. Dumbasses!

  92. Is it wrong to say that I miss Ronald? :(


  94. I found Ronnie, Ronnie Dobbs

  95. i feel the same way as jeff. fuck south park. i mean it was fine with the anti-semitism and anti-just-about-every-religion-in-the-world and the racism and the takin the piss out of dead people, but when they took the piss out of WWE, they fucking crossed the line. im so emotional right now im about to cry, but maybe thats just me on my period

  96. oh WWE if u read that u have to admit that was some serious wrestling i did just there…

  97. pro wrestling isn’t a sport, it’s just a very physically demanding stage show.

    south park didn’t even really mock the WWE to a great degree or anything, they just kind of poked fun at the “acting” element. i thought it was pretty tame.

  98. I don’t get why people who like wrestling get so annoyed when other people say it’s not real. Why do you care?

    “You realise it’s all fake, right?”
    “Actually yes, that’s the point, dumbass.”
    “The point is that it’s fake?”
    “Yeah! It’s very physically demanding and takes lots of effort and training.”
    “But you could say that about anything, like the Third Reich.”
    “Godwin’s Law, fucko. You lose.”
    “Shit. You got me.”

  99. Geonardo DiMetrio

    *I* don’t get why people don’t see the difference between GRECO-ROMAN WRESTLING (which IS a sport) and WWE WRESTLING (which is not).

    It’s like a guy believing that Rocky was a documentary and when you explain that it was a MOVIE in which Sylvester Stallone was ACTING, he screams “BOXING IS A REAL SPORT! YOU’RE JUST BEING STUPID!!!” and then collapses into the foetal position and sobs like a six year old girl who accidentally let go of her helium balloon in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

  100. Oh no, south park made fun of somebody and made them upset. since that happened, it will probably take south park off the air. God forbid they offend somebody because they definitely don’t make fun of everybody. Those meanies…

  101. Geonardo, you’re right. I stand (sit? lol) corrected: We’re debating whether wrestling is a sport or sports entertainment. Wrestling IS a professional sport (just look at Mexican or Japanese wrestling!!). WWE, on the other hand, is sports entertainment. Lol.

    Coincidentally, that South Park episode is on right now, and it’s effing HILARIOUS!

    And “Boz”, I think people get annoyed because those that don’t know what goes on behind-the-scenes and claim to know, are ignorant. It’s frustrating to talk to someone who doesn’t care, or know a whole lot about the sport and try to tell them what it’s like. From what you/fake you says, it’s like if I tried to educate you on Ireland although I’ve never been there, am not Irish, etc. and trying to be right, when you’re the one that would generally be more educated than I.
    “Boz”, if you want to try to understand what most wrestlers put their body through, do some research on Stu Hart’s “Dungeon”. Most of the successful wrestlers that actually survived through it (Bret & Owen – Stu’s sons, Chris Benoit, Jushin Liger, etc.), they are considered among the “elite”. Then get back to me =)

    PS. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not proud of my nerdy love of wrestling. Lol.

  102. The South Park episode took the piss out of Olympic wrestling just as much, if not more than, WWE. They said waht lots of people think, it may be real but it looks gay and proffesional wrestling, as fake as it is, is still more credible to watch.

  103. Man, that guy sure is passionate. And then about WWE wrestling. That’s just funny. I never watch South Park, but now I want to watch that one show. I’ve heard the one bashing World of Warcraft is supposed to be good stuff too, so might check that out as well.

    I have to admit that I kind of like watching WWE every now and then. Guys like Rey Mysterio, John Morrison and Evan Bourne are capable of pulling off some amazing stunts, so I can watch a few shows and appreciate their talent.

    One of the main problems concerning WWE these days is that it has been lowered to your American PG-13 rating, so they have this little stupid dwarf running around trying to be funny. And he’s not. He’s about as funny as an Uwe Boll-movie (if you don’t know this guy, then look him up on imdb and check the ratings of this terrible movie adaptations)… WWE is funny, but it’s no sport. It’s entertainment. And don’t take it seriously. In fact, if you love something dearly, you should appreciate people noticing it, even if it is to mock it.

  104. @ Robert – not to mention that they can’t show blood anymore because of the PG-13 rating! So now, when it happens (which, BTW, is VERY real, lol), you’ll notice the camera switch to black & white. Do you know why that is? Because Vinnie’s wife Linda is wanting to run for senate in Connecticut. They don’t even show blood on PAID PPVs anymore! Gotta keep that squeaky clean image…apparently steroids aren’t a big deal, but blood is =P

    By the way, to innocent bystanders, I really am truly sorry for knowing so much useless crap about wrestling. It’s the boyfriend’s fault.

  105. Jeff needs to get LAID.

  106. If you’re the type to get easily offended then don’t watch South Park. You Will be made fun of. Every religion, every race, and plenty more are made fun of. That’s why people(like chef’s VA) are hypocrites. They have no problems when everyone else is being made fun of, but can’t take it when it’s their turn.

    Actual wrestling is a sport, but WWE is not. The dudes on WWE are undoubtedly all good wrestlers(like Kurt Angel). I have no doubt that if they were serious then they could beat the crap out of most people.

  107. Take off the Jerry Jeff Walker lyrics already, Lamebook… the fact that its here means the reference went over your heads.

  108. I still dont understand the difference between the WWE and softcore gay porn.

  109. @Hambacon primetime scheduling and no pop shot? Apart from that, I’m lost too.

  110. No, no, no… it’s stupid. What the fuck is wrong with people?

  111. I don’t know, “Boz”, what the f— *is* wrong with people?

  112. LOL@ Ronald using Wikipedia to prove that WWE is real when the first paragraph says this: Professional wrestling, or pro wrestling, is an athletic performing art where matches are prearranged by the promotion’s booking staff. It is a non-competitive sport which contains strong elements of theatre, mock combat, and catch wrestling.

    Not to mention, Wikipedia cannot always be trusted because it can be edited by nimrods like Ronald.

  113. whole load of faggots writing essays about an entertainment show making fun of an entertainment show

  114. @Mol: HILARIOUS.

  115. Redneck Mother is a Ray Wylie Hubbard song, not Jerry Jeff Walker. Jerry Jeff says as much in the intro to his cover of same.

    And there’s not a single thing lame about that song, no matter who’s singing it.

  116. Why the Boz imitators?

    I…really just don’t get it.

  117. I know you’ve taken a lot of stick here, Ronald, but I have to call you out on your first comment:

    ‘… Fuck you timmy Wrstling is an americen past time. It has been around for decades and will be around for ever.’

    As Ben and Geonardo DiMetrio have alluded to, Wrestling has been around since the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Fuck’s sake.

  118. Dammit people, its called rassling.

  119. Dude, I Like WWE too… But it’s not like the WWE/WWF as it was… But I still like WWE because of The Undertaker and Triple H… Randy Orton, Batista, Rey Mysterio, John Cena, Kane are not like how they were anymore… And the worse… they made Kane a dummy! They moreover made it like a Common Business… So, I watch past WWE/WWF videos everynight on Youtube… And now, I really like Stone Cold, The Undertaker, The Rock, Kane, Degeneration-X, Bret Hart… From Stone Cold and The Rock, you can get many nose cut lines like, “What?”, “Who in the Blue hell are you?”, “What in the Blue hell is wrong with you?”, “You bring your candy ass and I’ll bring the whoping…”, “Give me a hell yeah if ya want __________”, “I’m gonna open a six pack can of Ass whoopin’ for ya…” and lots of punch lines….

  120. WWE would have been great if there were some hot men wrestling… Oh, and that they were wrestling me.

  121. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    Wish I had a respecteble name. Ronald is lucky . . .

  122. jeff really did take it very personal now , if you are that passionate about an fake sport with obvious gay related issues then maybe , just maybe a bit of counselling is in order ?

    got to love South Park btw – and the first remark of Scott :-)

    And Ronald , using the f word all the time doesnt make you a big man and will not compensate for having a below average sized dick …

  123. HE TOOK HIS JOB!!!!!

  124. DEY BROKE HIS JAW!!!!!

  125. Yah for #34 Dave! Sadly, I’m southern and love wrestling. We went to watch a WWE show for our honeymoon. Hopefully, though, I’m not as redneck as these folks. I have a bit of education, don’t live in a trailer, and I have never fucked my brother…but only because he can’t catch me.

  126. HAHAHA
    My dad used to produce a professional wrestling show, and he thought that South Park was hilarious. :P

  127. this is just funny. it kills me a bit to see someone so keen on WWE.

  128. Uh-oh, he’s got a connection, don’t upset the inbred. Too bad he still doesn’t know wrestling’s fake.

  129. Anyone who ‘believes’ WWE is a ‘sport’ needs to have their head thoroughly examined.

    You know what WWE is? It’s exactly like the queer show ‘the hills’, except grown men who do a lot of steroids ‘pretend’ to dislike each other while stripping down to undies only, instead of hormonal teenage girls. There are no steriods in WWE you say? Tell that to the surviving family of Chris Benoit.

    Yeah a real sport. Entertainment? Yes. Sport? Fuck no momma.

  130. I’ll say it again. If you get offended easily Don’t Watch South Park. The episode after next was making fun of Japanese people.

  131. im curious do they make a site were u can read funny/douchebaggy comments that people post cuz if so i would like to put that douchbag loser “BOZ” for his stupid lame ass comment:

    Boz October 23rd, 2009 at 2:16 pm


    Im so fucking sick and tired of u Fuc*ing people and ur “FIRST FIRST FIRST!” dumbass comments since when and who cares other then ur lonely ass that ur the first person to comment on a website all that being first proves is that u just sit ur lame ass douchbag self at a website and and just wait for a new post to be added so u can be the first loser to post a comment and its not like u ur the first and u post somethinf worthwhile r meaningful u just waste everyones time with ur FUCKING DUMB BULLSHIT UR NOBODY AND NOBODY CARES UWERE FIRST SO FUCKING STOPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GODDAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. The “redneck” comment are actually lyrics from a popular song, “Redneck Mother”, by Jerry Jeff Walker.

  133. Hope that WWE fan doesn’t ride a Harley…

  134. WWE wrestling is not a sport. real wrestling is a sport. scripted wrestling is gay. working out and training is not a sport unless the outcome is judged in competition. (WWE is gay for men n’ loves little boys on weekends)

  135. @deadman walking

    WWE is not for gay men. I myself am gay, and would not even associate myself with the “sport”, because WWE is beyond ridiculous. Even as a spectator, the type of men that get involved in WWE behave in a manner that is also unattractive, because they do not behave like men.


  136. WWE is for trailer parks, hillbillys, and ppl that have an obsession with robin hood and like to see grown men get sweaty and hug each other to the ground in tights. straight up.

  137. WTF Jeff. Pretty much the whole point of the episode was that pro wrestling is awesome and the “real” stuff is laughable. Matt Stone and Trey Parker are FANS of pro wrestling. Yeah, they made fun of it being melodramatic. Have you never seen South Park before? They make fun of things, that’s what they do.

    I won’t waste a bunch of time defending pro wrestling on lamebook of all places, but I will say they’ve all but eliminated steroid use since Chris Benoit died. Their drug testing is more thorough than any of the major sport leagues these days.

  138. Jonas, I really hope you don’t believe they truthfully got rid of all steroids. The drug testing is a joke if you’re liked by the upper manangement. Take a look at the guys on top and try to tell they are all not on the juice. You can’t. HGH also can’t be tested for. Vince McMahon said it himself, it was all done for PR. There are loopholes out the ass. Want to know who has the best drug testing? The Olympics and MMA. They are done by outside parties who don’t have a vested interest in the outcome.

  139. First, let me say that I loved WWE in 2001-2004, it was the main thing me and my friends followed.

    However I must say that I found it both ironic and funny that 90% of Professional Wrestling (in the WWE sense) is men in tights or the more common nearly naked man in a speedo, and yet I would have to say that 85% of their fanbase is men.

  140. dude… did Jeff even watch the fucking Episode??? It is satire and parody, and SP has attacked my beliefs plenty of times… that doesnt make their point any less valid. Biker fags suck >.< lolcatz

  141. Every single comments here is incorrect. Save for this one. Because the SP episode was parodying amateur wrestling and not professional wrestling. Sad but true.

  142. @Ronald I see you made a comment about picking fights on the internet and not backing it up and calling people pussies for it… You’re a hypocrite. Kill yourself.

  143. Hahahahahaha… yay!! This is what Lamebook is all about. That’s about the first lame thing I’ve seen today.

  144. ghey. i did’nt lose my sh*t the 2 times south park made fun of MJ.

  145. South Park is funny because It makes fun of everything.

  146. Here’s a couple of irrelevant things:
    1- South Park is funny but kinda lame because…well it’s just lame sometimes. It comes 3rd in rank
    2-Family Guy comes 2nd because even though it’s hilarious they’re racists and sexists.
    3-The Simpsons are 1st because they make fun of everything but they’re not lame and they’re not racists or sexist.
    4-WWE is fake and people who think otherwise are idiots. i mean come on if i got hit by a chair on my head i would be dead no matter how many steroids i take.its all about contracts and money that’s how the winner is decided.
    Sorry to crush your dreams WWE lovers:D

  147. How can people be so devoted to such a crappy TV show? Because that´s all it is, a freaking show… it´s not a sport. Saying WWE is a sport is an insult to athletes everywhere. Sure, they work out, sure they need endurance, but come on… it´s all steroids and suplements. If you think otherwise you´re a sad sad person, you think they check for drugs??? What for? It´s not competitive, people don´t win on “skills”, it´s all about who has the most fans, who has the most contracts, who brings in more money. Any MMA fighter would fucking kick the living shit out of any WWE fighter, any WWE fighter would know this. If you wanna compare WWE “fighters” to anyone, it would be rockstars, not athletes.

  148. Wow Rodo… Only wrestling is steroids and supplements? Barry Bonds, McGuire, MMA dudes. All sports have roids. I’ve never seen such an ignorant comment since the pro palin section on huff post. Think about what you type before you actually hit submit moron

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