Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So That’s What It Looks Like


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  1. Is Evan having sex….or stuffing a big ol’ Christmas turkey?

  2. Speechless – utterly speechless… I am “God Smacked”. :O

  3. he’s working the lobotomy smile there …

  4. Is that a female down there?

  5. She looks fat. Anybody can have sex with a fat girl. Not profile pic material.

  6. By the fuck…just when you think it’s safe to log on to Lamebook. God smacked indeed.

  7. The smile in his face makes it look like its his first time.

  8. this is actually a ’9 months earlier’ shot of the ‘check under the hood’ submission.

  9. “gee willikers, sis. It’s real keen of ya to be doin this for me. Wally told me he does this with girls all the time, and you don’t even want to know what the beav told me about his nickname!! They’re gonna think I’m real swell now!”

  10. “Hey Mom? You busy? Come here a second I got a funny idea for a facebook picture!”

  11. LMFAO @ #8, #9, #10!

    Really?! Really?! Have some self-respect. Next time, try it with a girl that’s not related to you. All your male friends are gonna recognize your sister’s legs! Especially in that position. Duh. How are you gonna explain that one?

  12. Normally I wouldn’t say anything, but since you guys are generally the grammar/spelling police I figured I should let you know that the term is “gobsmacked.”

  13. Whats the big deal, those are his legs, hes just showing us how flexible he is, good job dude see you in 2012.

  14. sillywabbit = HUGE FAIL! You’ve obviously not been a fan of this site for very long, or you’d realize the reference.

  15. LOL, sillywabbit.

  16. @Ted DiBiase: Your comment reminded me of a show I used to watch when I was kid called Bizarre. It had a sketch with a yoga instructer and he used to throw/bend his “legs” into all kinds of crazy positions. I loved that show. Even Though half the jokes went over my head.

  17. @5; how can you tell someone’s fat from their shins and knees?

  18. @sillywabbit: To see where “god smacked” came from look through the photos for a picture of a pregnant lady in her underwear and a man in a sweater vest. :)

  19. No, it’s God smacked.

  20. What’s with his coy little Mona Lisa smile?

  21. The sad thing is not that this loser is so happy to pose for photgraphic evidence that he finally managed to pork some girl but rather that the girl, who is obviously taking the photo, is not only not squeamish about accomodating the guy sexually but willing to assist in preserving the moment for posterity.


    I am pretty sure that is the longest run on sentence I’ve ever typed.

  22. It’s a nice kinda private-times photo, honestly, if you just keep it to yourself. If you keep a print of it buried in an envelope under your stash of marker pens and nail clippers and swiss army knives and batteries and remote controls and other man-shit lying around in your top drawer. Nothing wrong with that.

    But by all that is holy and sacred in this world, not as your goddamn fb profile picture, Evan! Think any of all your other girl-friends on facebook will want to hump you now? Stoopid.

  23. What if they are really in a birthing pool together and this is part of a series of how he helped deliver the baby? That would make the smile a proud papa smile…which it may be anyway. In a twisted sort of way.

  24. Did she put down her magazine and pick up the camera ?

  25. “hey, hey, guys, listen, hey, i finally had sex for the first time! hey! i can even prove it! took a picture! guys!”

  26. His pervy smile is creeping me out big time. And the fact that this is his facebook profile pic is just gross.

  27. His blushing can only mean he’s embarrassed about something.

  28. Antarctic Circle: I didnt notice that. Now its creepier. Maybe he’s not blushing. Maybe his cheeks are red from somthing else. ;) And while were at she’s just as nasty for whipping out the camera and snapping this picture.

  29. Seabea that would make this picture the first one of their series, imagine them showing the birth series to the whole family … This being the one that starts off the slideshow.

  30. ok, saying she’s nasty for whipping out the camera might be a bit much. I’m kind of of the mind that pics done in the right way are pretty fucking hot – to look at either alone or with the person you took them with. Sharing them with all of fb land is a bit skeevy, but that seems to be more on his part than her’s.

  31. Yeah I take it back. He’s the nasty one for posting this. I agree pics for you and her should remain between you and her.

  32. Its like typing in POV on Youporn!

  33. Holy crap! Those are my wife’s legs … but that’s not me!

  34. “Is it in yet? Is it in yet? Is it in yet? Mmmff. Oooops. Errr, don’t worry… hurr-hurr-hurrr.”

    @Me: You’re spot on. Why would you want to look at your own sex-face, and why would you force it upon your friends?

  35. Jesuuuus. Hopefully this turns off all other potential girls from ever getting with him.

  36. @me:
    Thanks, I get it now. So hard to keep up…

  37. No problem.. :) Look up frodo and why he hasnt a pool and you should be mostly caught up.

  38. Antarctic:
    “If you keep a print of it buried in an envelope under your stash of marker pens and nail clippers and swiss army knives and batteries and remote controls and other man-shit lying around in your top drawer. Nothing wrong with that.”

    Only thing wrong with that scenario is that someday your 12-year old daughter who’s snooping in your drawers, searching desparately for a stray cigarette to smoke before the ‘rents get home, will find said photo(s) and it’ll screw up her life forever, inspiring her to write inappropriate stories on her blog for the world to see.

    Theoretically, of course.

  39. Safer to think it’s just an acrobatic stunt practice

  40. it’s a sad day when pompous ignoramuses (ignorami) are given a walk-through of every in-joke on lamebook. then what have we left? i feel like frodo when he goes back to the shire and it’s all messed up!

    ‘o tempura..!’ &c &c

    (before someone corrects me, that wasn’t latin, it was japanese).

  41. can’t say i wouldn’t sumbit the same thing. i think a lot of these lamebook comments are just from people who are jealous cuz they need to get laid so bad. i think this photo is hilarious and awesome.

  42. @ Ms. Terri (#38)

    Now you got me worried. I can’t find my smokes and daughter Lisa has locked herself into her room for some unknown reason, but I can hear her typing away on her laptop. Then again, she’s only 7 years old, so I shouldn’t be worried.

  43. Antarctic – and maybe early intervention will help. ;)

  44. I like turtles

  45. im not sure if i should laugh or cry…

  46. Sex is beautiful and natural, just like childbirth, and we should all be forced to see it in our Facebook updates. *goes back under the bridge*

  47. He is really flexible.

  48. Frankenstein Girl

    Totally agree with Jen. Wow.

  49. these people aren’t having sex. they’ve both got pants on i’d bet.
    plus, that guy is so hideously ugly, who’d do him?

  50. @alordslums: spot on-
    Half the fun are the inside jokes that noobs don’t get and feel the need to either use wrong or correct somebody on.

    Fucking peasants.

  51. @shawty1:
    Really, it only works when Zombie Kid does it.

  52. Really, SeeBea? Seemed just as moronic to me…

  53. Does the ceiling look REALLY close to you people?

  54. IMO it’s only those people desperate to fit in in the real world who feel the need to be douches to new people on something as bloody trivial as an internet forum.

  55. Does anyone else think he looks like Spencer Pratt? Gross.

  56. I hope this session they were having didn’t end with her getting knocked up. We really don’t need any more morons of their type running around the place.

  57. @ Mswillow – It’s probably the wall, since the guy is standing up.

  58. @mtc – Actually, I think it is the ceiling. I would hazard a guess that she’s on her back and he’s kinda leaning over her.

    Regardless, that’s classless. What an a-hole.

  59. This is fake

  60. @ Dr_Know – It’s only those people DESPERATE to fit in to an internet forum who side with the underdog… Maybe you should contact KennyChen & Lorne852 = they should be able to give you tips onto how to side with the wrong ones. You OBVIOUSLY don’t know where the douchebag section on this webpage is, but if you go there, say hi to them for me. BTW, IMO – you are Frodo. This is Svetlana.

    That’s who??

  61. UGH! WHY????

    Evan, I hate you!

    I hope someone punches you in the face!

  62. How much extra did he pay the hooker to snap that photo?

  63. worst_episode_ever

    this pic just made my day

  64. @anonymous s:
    that’s the ceiling? oh, I get it now…so where is his….never mind, I don;t really want to know.

    @Dr_Know: See this is the thing, nobody cares what your opinion is anymore than they care about mine. You ARE Frodo.

    Go on ask, I dare ya…”Why am I Frodo?”

    This is SeeBea

  65. @SeeBrea You are Frodo because you maintain a strangle hold on a joke that died a slow death weeks ago.

    That and your large hairy feet.

  66. *SeeBea

  67. adamn is frodo

  68. Ewww, Artex ceiling!

  69. the guy also looks uncannily like a famous english cricketer called andrew ‘freddie’ flintoff:

    could evan be a clever nom de plume, perhaps, so he could avoid a sticky wicket?

  70. Haha, that’s a “howzat!”, alordslums!

  71. @Adamn: I have always been and never flagged from being a hobbit (Frodo or not)…not for one single second. I don’t have a pool and sadly, do not have big hairy feet either. But I wish I did. I will also carry a joke unto the death. Though I must say I do not understand the Frodo joke entirely. You will never convince me that you really give a shit anyway. Cuz I don’t.

    I also support Zombie Kid in his efforts and always will.

  72. I swear that’s Michael Schumacher…

  73. Christ on a cracker

    Truth is, the poor girl (or guy!) was just so bored over there due to the small and pathetic size of this douche bag’s dick, that decided to take a picture of him when he shot his load, after just two minutes of SEX.

  74. im with cracker christ…. i mean, he must be pretty lame when the girl gets so bored, she desides to look through her purse for her camera, and starts snapping while hes fumbling around down there xD

  75. Modern technology. Whatever happened to reading a good book while getting a bit?

  76. LOL! the funniest thing is; that girl probably used that picture to show his girlfriend.


    My god… have some shame, Evan.

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