Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Snappy Snaps

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  1. Two is pretty nifty, but 3….jesus christ 3….

  2. lol

  3. Good Lord! Is #3 a man or a boy???

  4. Why does the first one say “non preg” at the top? Hopefully she doesn’t think that the negatives for her STD tests were a negative for a pregnancy test. I’m pretty sure that they’re different tests.

    As for Trina… hmmm. If that’s really a chick, then I’d bang her. IF it’s really a chick.

  5. fromthelaststall

    the non preg is probably a notation made by the clinic…

  6. So they put a bunch of medical jargon on there about her negative STD tests, and then just scribble “non preg” at the top? Seems very odd.

  7. I am loving Trina’s saucy little finger touching the lip.
    It’s so naughty.

  8. jesus, mcowles, after months of following your posts, even looking forward to them, you just startled the beejeezus outta me. trina reminds me way too much of Philip Seymour Hoffman in Boogie Nights.

  9. That ain’t no bikini top either. That’s some sort of sheet she’s fashioned to look like a bikini top because they don’t do strapless bikinis in beast size.

  10. Also, for a larger lady, her boobs really don’t look that big.
    Poor Trina. At least she’s trying.

  11. I think we’d all rather she didn’t though Lemon. She’s got the body of my 60 year old Dad.

  12. At least she isn’t as hairy.

  13. I don’t get the 2nd one? Is it because they put an emoticon dick under a picture of sunny D?

  14. If you squint your eyes and tilt your head a little to the left, the logo looks like the dick.

  15. @Fanny-Anne
    I am more surprised that she found pants to sit on that waist.

  16. …oh and I am grateful that she did find those pants. That top is depressing enough.

  17. Sexy lil thing Trina is, beached whales are in season

  18. I don’t think those pants are sitting.. they look as though they’re trying to drop and run while she’s not looking.

  19. Waist? Who can see a waist? Where?

  20. I like Carl’s t-shirt.

  21. I’m surprised Carl has a girlfriend with that t-shirt

  22. Christ – I’m glad someone explained that SunnyD one. I must be getting old, not only did I not see the cock in the picture, I was also trying to work out what EightEqualsEqualsEqualsCapitalD was supposed to be…

  23. what has been seen cannot be unseen!

  24. @ lemon – thanks, I as wondering what the deal was with the “sunny d”. Now I realize that it was just not funny or engaging at all.

    As for Trina, well I refrain from making fun of people with physical issues but if she’s going to just attack my eyes for no fucking reason I’m going to say that she looks like a sack of cement with a black gift-bow on it.

  25. Katrina has rather manly hands.

  26. HAHAHA! @ gift bow

  27. @ 8

    I completely disagree. Philip Seymour Hoffman? The first thing that came to mind was “This is how Peter Griffin would look like as a chick.”

  28. Oh God…where’s the bleach? I need some bleach, my poor eyes.
    They should really put warnings on things like #3.

  29. and I agree, that is an awesome shirt. I’d date him just so I could sneak it out of his closet.

  30. Trina really needs to take her friend’s advice……

  31. @Mochamike

    Was that a compliment or a disappointed comment? About me startling you?

    and Fanny-Anne, chicks dig mario shirts. It’s a proven fact.

  32. As a ‘chick’ and a playstation widow, I can assure you we don’t.

  33. I’m a chick, and I do…to each his/her own, I guess.

  34. I just fell in love with Carl. Seeing his shirt made my week, and almost made up for the fact that Trina blinded me. My pug’s name is Katrina. I will never shorten her name again!

    Headless, you just made me laugh hysterically. I thought the same thing for a while until I stared at it for a bit.

  35. the first one is classy!

  36. Fanny-Anne: ‘beast size’??? HAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know why but damn that struck me as hilarious!!!! :D And, btw…your poor dad!!! :)

  37. There should be a category , not safe while eating … nice body on Trina

    I can recommend a good Zumba teacher if you want Trina …

  38. Maybe we could put little Trina in touch with Matteo, if he hasn’t got lucky with Pertrice yet. She seems to be his type…
    (Here’s a refresher, just in case: http://www.lamebook.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/PertriceThePiece.png)

  39. Or here http://www.lamebook.com/page/40

  40. Argh!!! My eyes!!! The goggles, they do nothing!!


  42. @ repTEELian

    I think I might have been a bit harsh on my Dad. He isn’t as big as that, but he does have the gut over the jeans thing going on. What I was trying to imply is she has a fat bloke’s body. If she had an hour glass shape she might have got away with packing a bit more.

    I’m not usually this mean, but clearly she is delusional to post this on fb and think it’s sexy.

  43. Hey, I was just trying to play cupid. If you look into the comments on Pert’s pic, someone actually looked her up on fb.

  44. Let’s see we got soda, purple-headed stuff, Sunny D! Alright!

  45. After seeing Carl’s shirt I am officially in love with him! Anyone know where I can get that shirt from? I need it in my life, pronto!

  46. nice phone katrina. loser.

  47. I literally thought Katrina was a man trying to be funny by wearing an inappropriate top until I looked at the name.

  48. I hate to hate on a persons body because “we are all gods creatures” or something….

    But, wow. The grayish, sick-looking, dimply skin, mixed with the large inner-tube, plus the small breasts with makeshift “shirt” and having absolutely NO waist or hips, topped off with some sexy pinkie action… I just can’t take it. I am so turned on right now.

    Every time Katrina takes a photo of herself, an angel dies.

  49. I am pretty sure pic #2 is what destroyed New Orleans.

  50. msjessiemeghan-LOL

  51. And as for that first pic…I highly doubt a clinical staff would write “non-preg” on a lab report…methinks she wrote it down so the hatas be not hating anymore.

  52. Holy Crap! And what the fuck is she wearing? That’s just not right!

  53. @ mcowles yes (two things come to mind: knife to the heart of my man crush, and the ever popular “not even with your dick”) still gonna follow your posts though; they’re among the best.

    @CherryCola def Hoffman as Scotty J–the pink skin, the ambiguous gender, but the finger to the lip–bingo.

  54. Looking at the candle count on that cake, I think we’ve got some peri pubescent love going down. So sweet.

    I’m not going to pick on Phillip Seymour Hoffman. You guys have that covered. Bssides, he’s a great actor.

  55. @wordpervert i wasn’t picking on Hoffman. he was as good in Boogie Nights as he is in everything else he does. actually, it was rather brave to take that part on (the role of Scotty J). He is kinda pink though.

  56. I love me some Hoff.

    Hmmm, Hoffman and Hasselhoff, both.

    I’m sorry to have ruined your mancrush Mocha. I wouldn’t really have sex with Katrina.

    Although I would like to compliment Katrina’s parents. I’ve never met real psychic people before, but for them to know to name her after one of the biggest natural disasters that the United States has ever seen… was very impressive to their craft.

  57. fromthelaststall

    I dont think the non preg even refers to a pregnancy test result, I think it refers to a non pregnant patient. It is not that odd for medical staff to use shorthand to denote that stuff on paperwork, for filing purposes.

  58. Im all for fat girls who try to pull off sexy looks, but I draw the line when you can’t tell the difference between whether they are a man or not. Props to mccowles on the Katrina comment though.

  59. Mocha, I don’t mean the real Capote, I mean that you guys have the vilification of the shim up there under control.

  60. cool. man crush reinstated; although, gotta warn you, starting to like wordpervert as well. conflict, push-pull, tug-o-war, aiiii

  61. @MochaMike

    But wordpervert is a woman. That would be creepy to have a mancrush on a woman. How would that even work. Unless it was Katrina, then I bet you could have a solid mancrush with no conflict.

  62. FFFFUUUUU nuff, I said it first. Just a little less subtle.

    and mcowles (or maybe sensible, I do not have good remembery), I owe you a bj. I am bad at keeping promises though. But I promise I will give it as soon as you get here. If I am back from getting my nails done.

  63. @drukrnwhpre

    If you need to get your nails done in order to give a bj, then I’m gonna let Sensible take my spot.

    Enjoy kind sir, I hope you survive, intact :) .

  64. @mcowles of course, she’s a woman–hence the push-pull, tug-o-war thing. the man crush is all yours. now, the standard, run-o-the-mill crush, the one i can talk to mom about–now, that one belongs to word, unless, of course, she IS my mom. in that case just call me eddy rex.

  65. Mocha, mc will push, and I will pull.

  66. oh boy! 3-way! no decision required. so, mcowles, wear something pretty.

  67. Just to clarify, I do not need my nails done to give a bj, I just need my nails done in general. But I do like to see a little color when I am cradling balls.

  68. oooh, mcowles, I hear Katrina has some supersweet tips on how to turn your bedsheets into something so hot people will be scratching their eyes out.

  69. I like to wrap myself in a clear shower curtain, to entice my would-be suitors.

    A man walks into a psychiatrists office wearing nothing but plastic wrap from head to toe. The psychiatrist takes one look at him and says “I can clearly see your nuts.”

  70. hmm? your/you’re; tough call. kinda like: I’m gonna throw the horse over the fence some hay.

  71. jokes!

  72. Jokes!

    Q: How do you get an elephant out of the theatre?

    A: You can’t! It’s in their blood!

    Leave me alone, it is TOO funny! :(

  73. well i wouldn’t say it was TOO funny…..

  74. @Fanny-Anne
    Your first post almost made me pee in my pants – and since I’m at studyhall surrounded by people, I guess more than one think I’m a little weird now…beast size….You crack me up woman!

  75. another blow to my man crush. and things were goin’ so well.

  76. *Insert joke here involving “blow” & “man crush”*

  77. CommentsAtLarge

    Good job Nikki – show those “haters” who’s boss, you have hard evidence that you’re STD-free, doesn’t change that you are an STD-waiting-to-happen.

    q: what sounds like clip-clop-clip-clop-BANG-clip-clop-clip-clop…
    a: Amish drive-by

  78. Oh wow…

    Trina… why? I’m all for feeling confident about your body and all, but for God’s sake leave a little to the imagination!

  79. a baby seal walks into a club…

  80. Dammit Trina….what. the. HELL?


  82. I think the words written at the top of the STD test say “non pre8″ But, meh..

    Katrina.. Holy hell.. You made me lose my appetite for the day. Perhaps the whole week. Best.Diet.Evur.

  83. Oh, Oh!! Am I too late to make some tasteless Hurricane Katrina jokes? Huh? Huh?


  84. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    It’s good to see Katrina is so confident about her body – not all that great for the rest of us. I’m less than half her size and I wouldn’t post a pic of me like that on FB or anywhere else! But then again, I’m a bit on the conservative side.

  85. Mmmm, mmm, Trina. Spoiled milk. My favorite.

  86. Whoa. Katrina is a wiffle pig. Break out the flour and seek out the wet spot because that’s the only way you’ll be able to find her fish hole. *barf*

  87. Chewbacca shagger

    Hahahahahaha! Wiffle pig. That is my new favourite term.

  88. Chewbacca shagger

    Oh, and fish hole.

  89. Trina is pretty bad even by my standards. Poor genes (and jeans). :(

  90. RhetoricallyHere

    @ Headless… LMAO

  91. Oh Katrina found my bedsheet.

  92. Lemon, your comments made my day. Chivalry isn’t dead :D

  93. Oh nuts. I just read the rest of your comments. Above comment withdrawn.

  94. I’m pretty sure that #2 is Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

  95. dammit was all excited, thought i had a chance with mcowles, as katrina and i are similarly shaped…then i read that he was only joking.

    off to post some pics of myself in a dishcloth to find another suitor…

    anyone want to buy a slightly used microwave? my kids have been playing with mine, burned a rooster in it, now everything tastes like cock…

  96. @angelfoxer

    I might not do you, but I’ll at least look at your dishcloth pics. Maybe look at it and rub one out before crying myself to sleep some night. It’s all a woman like Katrina (and maybe you) could hope for.

    And to be fair… I don’t care that her body isn’t… ummm, in the best shape. We all have our faults. But I don’t sneak into my friend’s pools to go swimming, because I’m bad it. Katrina shouldn’t try to post sexy pictures on facebook, because she’s bad at that also.

  97. Good God, man the harpoons!

  98. eww.. it sounds like the 1st girl had something and then got retested 3 weeks after she got cured to make sure she was cured!! Y would she even post that !! nastyness!!

  99. No, you moron, it’s a warning from the lab that IF the person in question who had been tested had recently had gonorrhea or chlamydia and it had been less than three weeks since the time they completed their antibiotics, the tests may still come back positive even though the GC/CT was eliminated by the antibiotics as their bodies could still be shedding dead bacteria – NOT that she had something three weeks before. That warning (or something similar) is put on ALL GC/CT labs. Huked on fonix myte be sumting u shuld luk inn too.

  100. I hate people.

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