Friday, September 3, 2010

Snappy Snaps

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  1. Calci M. Bone…what a great name.

  2. meh

  3. Although Finna B. Coma Toast is close.

  4. some nice breasts in the last one. the girl on the right isn’t getting shot at because she has the best pair.

  5. They’ve got the brand substitution checked, so that janet can get v or something instead..

  6. Oh wow, it looks a bit like a penis.

  7. ahhh John Travolta…. oh yes.

    …. lol uncleuncle. LOL.

  8. Even poster people wanna shoot those ugly trashy broads.

  9. Ahhhhhh penis and balls jokes. the lamest joke award goes to…ta da daaaa….Chad, well done!

    I agree with alordslums….But i also think that Samuel L Jackson would only sleep that one on the right with the best pair! The others yep you are getting shot, Just be glad that he has not got a light saber in hand!

  10. She works with “amazing people” that can’t spell ‘Percocet’ correctly. Remind me not to go to that place for my dental needs…

  11. alord nailed it.

    Wish they would’ve moved that fuckin’ pepper mill first though.

  12. Death to the sluts!

    I’d like to state however- There is nothing wrong with sluts, they make people happy.

    I want a penis bone. He looks so happy and cheerful, what a great image to get me through the rest of my day!

  13. With those three, I’m sure someone’s getting blown away tonight, and it ain’t got a damn thing to do with guns. Not saying it’s a bad thing, just saying…

  14. What are the odds that the Perco-Bull chick gets fired? Jokes are all good, but seriously, how stupid can you be to post this stuff on the internet!

  15. ee, I might have what your looking for … my penis can also operate a shovel and is generally ‘happy and cheerful’.

  16. multitalented I see mass :)

  17. What ain’t a place I ever heard of…

  18. For sure ee, hates wearing a hat though.

    @greenstrings … classic.

  19. Ahh, well mass they can be restricting. But hey, at least you got the shovel!

  20. After googling the name of the dental office in post #4, methinks that rx was written by Dr Nathan Bird4….hmmm…I guess I finally know where to get my perco-bull fix!

  21. Isn’t something about that illegal.

    As for the tats, just why? So when your grandkids ask you can say you wish you had big breasts and could have sex with an old guy? At least then they might have a chance at half of that.

  22. @Milo

    probably not illegal, but certainly not ethical. that’s why it’s funny. if you could find someone to fill a script for Perrcocett and red bull, you might have a problem.

  23. I’m pretty sure the Bunny tattoos are press ons, not permanent. If they’re permanent, they’re not well done. You can find the press on Bunny tattoos in any dollar store without ever having to touch the Heff.

  24. Not illegal, just a little silly, I have seen scripts for red wine, chocolate, relaxing etc etc..

    What is percocet btw?

  25. Panadol / Asprin, I think.

  26. I’m dissapointed at lamebook for leaving so much information on that Dentist office to make it traceable.

    Having said that, am I the only one that wants to click on the “Patient feedback” link and leave feedback about adverse reactions to my Rx?

    Seriously though, I think the “blur guy” on staff must be 18 years old.

  27. Epic blur fail Lamebook.

  28. @ Milo – Perc is a tad bit stronger than panadol/aspirin. They give that shit when you are in real pain. they compare it to morphine “not as addictive as….”

    can someone explain the last one with the sluts?

  29. Percocet is paracetamol and oxycodone. It’s quite a powerful analgesic. Hmmm… but having it with Red Bull seems strange – you’d be up from the Bull, but zoned from the percocet. They’d cancel each other out, so what’s the bloody point?

    A better treatment combo would be percocet plus beer. Much better. That dentist still sounds like fun, though.

  30. @live, what did Damon Albarn do?

  31. Wordy,

    I’ve always thought the same thing about the Red Bull and alcohol combinations. Upper + Depressant, why?

    I’ll pass on the pill part of your Rx, however the beer part sounds pretty good (a chilled Stella in your honor of course).

  32. @word

    it doesn’t cancel each other out, it creates an oscillating effect where you are up for one moment and down for the next, definitely a strange experience

  33. Comments, sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I had an excruciating back complaint this past week and it was a beer plus a painkiller that finally relieved it. All good now.

    Bull smells like something horribly medicinal. I hate that stuff, so I’d never take a pill with it, or anything else for that matter.

  34. Wordy,

    Sorry again about the back, like I said I got a little carried away and will be more gentle next time ;) All kidding aside, glad to hear you’re all good now.

    Energy drinks in general tend to have a smell to them that I find off-putting.

  35. #28 – unless I’ve missed some form ouf humour, it’s the guns at the heads, and the trashy matching ‘tattoos’

  36. I’m with lamebookpro, I don’t get the last one. It’s dumb.

    Love that movie, though.

  37. straight2thepoint

    I would appriciate this to be taken down immediately. I’ve contacted this site, multiple times and instructed them to do so. This was a script WRITTEN AS A COMPLETE JOKE!! I never thought someone would put it on a whole other site beats me. I can’t believe that. I just got my wisdom teeth taken out and it was given to me to make me laugh. (Im ALWAYS the one with RED BULL) ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!
    This is WAY more drama than needs to happen. I work with great doctors at this practice, and this was a COMPLETE JOKE!! It beats me how raunchy some people can be!!! Grow UP

  38. Well, maybe you should be more careful about what you post on the world wide web. It is, afterall, viewable world wide…

  39. @38–that’s why you don’t post anything that could be taken the wrong way online. Everything online is left up to personal interpretation, you can’t expect people to have the same reaction you did if they didn’t know the circumstances.

    That being said, the last one made me smirk. Oh how I love Darwin’s way of dealing with sluts.

  40. I miss eet-sum-mors

  41. @straight2thepoint – how was the red bull and percocet though? sounds like it put you in a foul mood :-)

    Stick to ganja!

  42. Dukey – This is the internet, there are idiots everywhere.

  43. Aye.

  44. @ahmayzingrace – Everything can be taken the wrong way. All it takes is someone with a questionable intelligence, and I see a lot of people here meet that criteria.

    @straight2thepoint – It was funny, and I know it was a joke. I’m sorry to say I’m apparently the only one here who realized it was a joke.

    @ everyone else – Get a grip. You are horrible people. Seriously, how could you NOT see that it was a joke? I used to love reading the comments on this place because the posters seemed to be more intelligent than other comment boards I read. Today, I was proven wrong.

    However, my favorite people, such as alordslums, BritishHobo, and wordpervert seemed to retain their sense of humor and common sense. Thank you for still being sane.

    Also, the one on the right appears to have short hair. Unless it’s in a ponytail. If not, she should be the one getting shot. Leave the one on the left alone.

    Boom, roasted?

  45. @wordpervert
    Caffeine can (I believe) enhance the painkilling effect, and Red Bull probably has caffeine in it. Wikipedia states: “Tylenol Ultra was introduced in Canada, with 500 mg of acetaminophen and 65 mg of caffeine”. So taking Red Bull with a painkiller is not as dumb as it sounds.

  46. Hey moodymark, I looked up Tylenol Ultra. We have a similar drug that’s been recently released here in Aus. The idea of the drug is its caffeine content expedites the analgesic response of the acetaminophen (paracetamol). So yeah, you’re spot on.

    But taking it with Bull could be a bit dicey – the caffeine in the Bull plus the caffeine in the TU might be a bit much for some. Tolerance to caffeine would determine an individual’s response, though.

    Some people are very sensitive to caffeine, and I’ve heard of people having bad reactions to too much of those caffeine-based energy drinks. Add a drug with caffeine in it as well? Hmmm…

    People with a known history of heart rhythm disturbances (and some don’t even know they have this problem until they have stuff like this) could find themselves in all sorts of bother.

    Percocet (oxycodone) is a depressant, so that’s where my original confusion was coming from.

    Ok, too much raving for a Sunday morning. Apologies if I’ve bored anyone stiff.

  47. Dear Lamebook.

    I have drawn something that looks a bit like a penis (8==o) and would very much like to be featured on your site.

    That will be all.

    The British Hobo.

  48. Charlie Incognito

    word, are you a nurse? consider me bored stiff ;-)

  49. Caffeine is merely put in drugs to inhibit the drowsiness caused by opiates (oxycodone, codeine etc), and is often in non-drowsy formulations of cold and flu tablets. They used to put caffiene in powders to make them addictive, often housewives would get together, have a bexpowder (containing caffeine, aspirin and something else) with a coffee, then a few hours later get a headache because of the caffeine withdrawl, have another etc etc and get kidney failure and die..

    Not relevant but anyway
    Not relevant but anyways..

  50. I think the reason number one is supossedly funny, is because of Calci M. Bone®(Boner).
    I believe it’s supossed to be clever, but pretty much just fails at it.

  51. I am actually so bored? Can’t you get any decent pictures. Come on Lamebook, get on the mission.

  52. not to be a total buzzkill, but even though it was obviously a joke, it’s not smart to play with the DEA. they take those prescription pads very, very seriously, and it’s entirely likely that this posting could cost someone a lot of aggravation at the least.

    /said the pharmacy student

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