Thursday, August 19, 2010

Snappy Snaps

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  1. I hope there was no pun intended for the first pic.

  2. Okay, is the second picture “lame” just because the girl is fat? Because that’s pretty low, even for this site.

  3. Oh ha ha… there’s a fat girl. Everybody point and laugh… /sarcasm.

  4. #2: Use it to braid a rope and hang yourself.

  5. Yeah, I don’t really get what’s so lame about the second. Wow, she’s not supermodel beautiful. Get the fuck over it.

  6. The last picture is one of those pics that no matter where you stand, those beady little eyes are still looking at you.

  7. OMG a fat girl!!!!11!

    That’s just low, lamebook.

  8. 2, needs to lose her so called friends that sent that in before weight, they seem to be more of a problem and 3? Not only is it illegal to feed live vertebrates to snakes (well it is in my country, for good reason for all animals involved) but stupid. That rat could bite the snake and do serious damage not to mention its slow painful demise. I wonder what country that guy who uploaded the picture is from?

  9. I agree, picture number 2 was in bad taste lamebook. As someone who fights with my weight every day, I thought this was a website where I could come and not have to worry about that sort of thing. Very “lame”, lamebook. You’ve picked up some bad habits from people of walmart, I see.

    And yes, picture number three is in bad taste. I hope you appreciate making me cry! That was so wrong. I can’t believe how f’ed up that is! Poor little thing. :(

  10. Lol at the styrofoam. It appeals to my puerile sense of humour.

  11. #2 belongs on People Who Take Pictures of Fat People at WalMart.

  12. @ #8 and #9,
    What do you think snakes eat in the wild? Usually rodents and other small animals!! That snake is going to squeeze that rat to death. It will be dead LONG before it tries to actually eat it, so biting it would never be an issue.

  13. anyone else thinking of road trip?

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  15. I know that rats are a natural part of a snake’s diet but I still can’t help but pout and that cute little guys face :( . They do sell frozen rodents to feed snakes; this guy is f’d up not because he’s feeding his snake but because he enjoys watching it strangle the life out of a creature that many people consider as pets.

    And I’m with #8 about picture 2. Poor girl needs to do a friend delete.

    This girl is doing nothing stupid: she isn’t dressing inappropriately for her body type or exhibiting some unearned confidence or adding idiotic text to a picture of herself, which is all that would make this appropriate for the site. Lamebook has me thinking more and more that it’s run by 17 year old boys with erectile dysfunction.

  16. The second pic is sick!! She needs to worry less about her hair and more about gettin in the gym. Fatness is a choice!

  17. I’m sure most of you remember the vagazzle post. I’m pretty sure this is what they were talking about. This is some of the funniest stuff I have seen in a LONG time. I usually don’t share links unless it is good.

  18. Smoke, do you really think that it is a choice? Not every obese person can help it. there ARE diseases out there that can cause obesity.

  19. You CHOOSE to eat cheeseburgers and not go to the gym.

  20. Hey smokee, you know what’s even more catching than obesity? Being a self-righteous, ignorant a-hole.

    Plenty of obese people exercise and eat healthfully, and plenty of skinny people don’t. You cannot tell a person’s lifestyle by looking at them.

    But even if you could – piss off for being so judgmental – every single person, no matter their shape and size, is a human being that deserves love.

  21. As #15 said, Pic 2 isn’t doing anything inappropriate. We’re laughing at her because she’s overweight? Is that it??! She’s looking for hair suggestions. Fat people aren’t allowed to style their hair now?

    I’m a skinny girl from an obese family. I probably empathise with the obese because I know I’ll be that way one day. Heh.

  22. Also, as a former pet rodent owner/breeder, I feel sad looking at the third pic. Sorry, little guy.

  23. I agree with omglulu57. A snake is a snake and is gonna eat rats, but there’s nothing funny about cruel sadism. I’m grossed out.

  24. the second one is pretty mean — just because she’s fat she can’t ask her friends how to style her hair? what’s next, a guy whose teeth aren’t capped showing off a new shirt? “hey, jerk, why don’t you get veneers instead of a shirt! lol!”

  25. @nick_falzone. I know that. I’ve spent years studying and caring for exotic species and have several snakes myself. There is a difference between a wild snake and a captive bred snake. When you’ve bred a snake to be kept as a pet, they have no experience of the real hunt and it can take a while for their natural instincts to kick in. This can lead to the snake being bitten or nibbled by the rat/mouse. This can lead to infection and possible cross contamination. All vertebrate animals have thousands of nerve endings so the bite by the snake is the least of their worries. As the snakes coils around the rat it slowly tightens with each breath it takes, until it is eventually crushed. They do bite first then spin around the animal, crush, then consume. So although not eaten alive the crushing part is probably extremely painful. Like you say in the wild that is part of nature but when we breed animals to keep as pets and to feed our pets, we must consider the welfare of both animals. This is why humanely putting them to sleep (by gas so no toxic chemicals remain in the body) before feeding is the legal way to do it in my country. Maybe it isn’t in his. Sorry to be a bore.

  26. The second one isn’t lame at all. So what, she’s fat?
    Fatness is NOT necessarily a choice. My best friend has a perfectly healthy lifestyle and eats much less than I do, but she’s obese because of a medical issue. People are so judgmental.

  27. Smokee, if fatness is a ‘choice’, doesn’t that imply that the woman in the photo can CHOOSE to look however she wants and however she feels comfortable? So why would you give her crap about it? She can be however she chooses to be.

    Not that I’m claiming that fatness IS a choice, I’m just playing devil’s advocate.

    Whoever at lamebook approved that photo is a real piece of sh!t.

  28. Smoke, I can eat 4 Big Macs in one sitting. That is no joke. I have been that way since I was 16. I have a 1% body fat count.

    My mom has had Gastric Bypass, exercises regularly, and eats meals the size of a lemon. She has lost an extreme amount of weight. But she still struggles with it everyday.

    My daughter’s daycare teacher has hypothyroidisim. Basically it slows your metabolism down and causes you to gain an extreme amount of weight.

  29. Fingers, you are moving up fast in my book.

  30. I think lamebook should do the right thing, take pic #2 down, and put an apology in it’s place.

  31. I second HappyClover.

  32. I must have a very sadistic sense of humor, because I laughed at pic #3. And there’s nothing wrong with #2(and I also don’t think she really needs to do anything with her hair… though I would have some suggestions for nice hairstyles). Whoever sent that picture in is a douchebag.

  33. Holy shit, PC police are up in arms… Don’t make fun of fat people…. You’re on Lamebook, remember that….
    Get the fuck over it…..
    She’s fat, probably because she eats too much, and doesn’t exercise…. I turned into a bit of a fat shit when I got lazy, quit working out, drank more beer, and, yes, here it comes, ATE A LOT OF FOOD! I’ve cut back, started exercising, and, whoooa, guess what, I’m losing weight! Its a neat concept, eat less calories, and exercise more….
    A very small amount of fat people are fat due to medical conditions, but most are fat because the SUPER size everything they eat… Go to the mall food court, and watch the crap, and amount of crap people eat, or the grocery store and watch what fat people buy…. It sure as shit ain’t salads… Over processed, fatty foods…..
    Fat people are the last group that we can make fun of…. Don’t take that from us! Can’t make fun of the blacks, jews, mexicans or you’re called a racialist…. What is this world coming to?

  34. I agree Clover.. it’s in very poor taste… I do not know of one fat person that wants to be fat, nor do I know of any fat people that eat 6 big macs. At the same time, my 11 year old can eat a few big macs and he weighs 80 pounds at 5 feet tall! He can’t help but to be skinny just like some can’t help to be fat. So smoke shut up, you’re as bad as lamebook. Ignorant ass.

    On that note…. #2 needs to choose her friends more wisely.

  35. @HappyClover: good idea. there’s nothing funny about a fat girl wanting to style her hair differently; should she not care at all about her hairstyle because she’s overweight? it’s juvenile, it’s painfully unfunny, and, worst of all, it’s just plain mean.

  36. @iddjit, you got shot down by a fluffy girl in high school, didntcha playboy?

  37. Agree with HappyClover

  38. @iddjit: it’s not a question of being p.c. — if the girl in pic 2 were doing something funny or ironic (due to her weight), the post would make sense. surely, there’s been posts on lamebook (or that poorlydressed website) with fat people in extremely unappealing clothing (and i wasn’t offended by these). the point is that the ONLY joke of pic 2 is that she’s fat — i think a lot people are just surprised that something like that made it up on a site that’s usually pretty funny.

  39. I couldn’t care less about picture #2, but picture #3 hurts my heart. Just looking at that little rat staring into the camera so scared and helpless has made me abandon all my future plans of owning a snake.

  40. If #2 is up there simply because she’s obese, then Lamebook should be bombarded with pictures. Half my friends are overweight, still love their jolly asses. #3 makes me sad, I’ve had an red-tail boa that was killed by the prey. A-hole ex-husband left the mouse in longer than he was supposed to and the mouse gouged out his eye and shoved the material that we were using as cage liner down the poor snakes throat. The mouse committed suicide in a water bowl the next week.

  41. i think the offensiveness of pic #2 could be illustrated by the following example. an old post on lamebook featured a teenage girl texting while driving, and then updating her status about having an accident. that’s funny, and a bit of it is because she’s a teen girl (and teen girls are, stereotypically, bad drivers). but if the post was just a teen girl saying she was going to drive somewhere, it wouldn’t be funny — again, the only joke is “teen girls can’t drive” much as the only joke in pic 2 is “fat people are fat, and shouldn’t care about their appearance.”

  42. @ smokee – what the hell are you on about? The girl in #2 isn’t complaining about her weight so what your point “fatness is a choice”. That’s is such a stupid comment. So stupid that you should be a subject of lamebook and note here in the comments section.

    @iddjit – perfect name by the way. Clearly you don’t get lamebook. If she was overweight and doing something stupid like wearing a thong and parading around naked, maybe, but asking “what to do with her hair”? So you’re saying that you would be completely satisfied if lamebook just posted up fat people with no punchlines and we just laughed at them?

    How is not laughing at a fat person being “PC”?

    I’m a dick and I really feel bad for the girl in #2 if she ever discovers that she is the but of a joke not because she did something moronic but just because of how she looks.

    lamebook is full of shit for that one. fix it

  43. @ nurse: I was more horrified by your story than I was the picture.

  44. Haha love the penis Styrofoam. 2&3 made me die a little inside. Especially number 3. Poor mouse :( Just put the darn mouse in and let it be. People who take pleasure in watching stuff like that are pretty f*ed in the head.

    @Fargisisatroll, the person feeding the snake is probably American. Not saying that to be rude, what I meant was that it’s legal in America to do that… At least, I think it is, considering our pet stores sell live mice and rats for that very purpose, and I rescued one of my Guinea Pigs from that fate.

    @ Smokee, no it ISN’T a choice for a lot of people! Some people don’t give a crap and therefore they eat like hogs and are very lazy, but there are A LOT of people who are heavy and no matter what they do, they cannot lose the weight because of genetics, illness, meds, etc. Take me for example. I am very active, I eat healthy, yet I cannot lose weight. I’m not huge, but I am over weight. Just because you choose to be an ignorant a-hole doesn’t mean other people choose to be fat.

  45. I have to agree with most of the posters here this evening, regarding pic #2. The only thing “wrong” (and that depends solely on your perspective, as I feel a person can be happy no matter their size or color or creed or religion or orientation and on and on and on), is that the girl is overweight. There is NOTHING else that could be joked about here. Lamebook, you out-lamed yourselves with this one.

  46. who gives a shit about the fat chick?? that poor little rat. :-(

  47. Last year I was the healthiest I had ever been. I ate fruit and vegies every single day and drank nothing but water and went for 20km bike rides three times a week on top of cycling to and from work every day. …and I was 5kg over my ideal weight. The heaviest I had ever been.

    This year I got bored of all that. Now I eat constantly, and I haven’t touched any “real” food in months. (I’m not saying that’s a good thing; very very bad actually.) I still walk the 5km to work every day because I can’t be bothered cycling anymore, but that’s about the extent. I now weigh almost 20kg less.

    The difference? Once I changed one of the meds I was on, the weight just fell off. There was probably a point I was trying to make in there. Somewhere.

    And yes, it is also cruel to the snake to feed it live food because it’s not uncommon for the food to kill the predator.

  48. #3 upset me a lot and if I see that kind of thing again I’m not coming back.

  49. ireallylikeyourface3

    oh gosh people, its a snake about to eat a rat. what do u expect them to eat? if you really care that much get off lamebook and go save the animals.

  50. Because y’all totally know what she eats. I love how people who actually know fuck all about nutrition and exercise comment about fat people should go to the gym moar like they’re fucking experts.

    And yes, some people ACTUALLY want to be overweight. It’s some weird fetish that I don’t understand.

    I’m mostly concerned about that rat — I’m going to have nightmares tonight.

  51. I created an account just to make a note about number 3. I work with snakes and some will refuse to eat dead rats. To combat this we sort of bait the snakes by moving the rats with tongs to make them look alive. This means that when the snakes strike for them, they’ll begin constricting because they think it’s alive and needs to be killed. When I look at that picture I can’t tell if the mouse is alive or not so I don’t understand how everyone seems to be so convinced that it is. Snakes constrict mice whether they’re alive or dead. It’s what they do.

  52. They must have taken off whatever obese girl you’re all talking about, because the only pictures I see are the styrofoam and the snake.

  53. Thank you, Lamebook, for doing the right thing regarding picture #2! :)

  54. The only decent one in this is the first one, and it’s still not funny. Oh, look, another picture of something that looks like a dick. Hurr hurr hurr.

    The 2nd one is just pathetic and low. Not everyone is skinny, assholes. Get a conscious.

    The third one is just down right horrible. I hope that poor mouse did bite that damn snake and then somehow wriggled out of the snake before it’s demise and bit the fuck out of whoever took this picture.

    Lamebook is getting ridiculously dumb lately, and it’s about to lose one more visitor. Good job.

  55. i agree, #3 upset me and i won’t be coming back either.

  56. Ha! Good work, Lamebook.

    Also, that rattus looks very much alive to me. Not for much longer though!

  57. They took the 500 pound fat girl off because everyone on here is so sensitive, apparently. She was extremely, ridiculously fat with a pimply face and a dirty t-shirt and she actually wanted to know what to do with her hair. Like that’s what she should be worrying about. It WAS funny. Ah well.

  58. The fuckin’ snake one is more offensive than the big girl one! Take that one off and leave it just as a dick styrofoam picture. It’d be just like every other retarded post lamebook has made lately.

  59. Who cares about the rat! Snakes eat rats! Jesus! Fuckin PETA shit goin on in here. Who gives a fuck!

  60. They removed the 2nd picture?! Jeeeesus Lamebook. I thought that one was funny.

  61. I thought that 2nd picture was in bad taste to do that. She was simply asking what to do with her hair. At least she knew her hair was a hot mess. 3rd picture, not lame, not funny, nothing but cruel. Yes they do it in the wild but usually they dont have ignorant assholes taking pictures of it.

  62. Meh.

  63. The only thing cruel about the third pic is the person behind the camera. What in that scenario would make you say Awwwwwww?

  64. @ouroboros. Same here. If I’ve got a particularly fussy feeder, I’ll expose the brain or skin them. They soon react to that. I’m pretty sure that rat is alive. When I’ve fed rats before they have looked different from that. Usually due to the freezing process that eliminates the risk of cross contamination from mites and preserves when you have a lot of reptiles to feed. Maybe a freshly euthanised rat looks different? I’m not sure as never fed prey that way.

    @princesszelda. Yes I was thinking the same. I’m not sure if that is so for all states but I’m sure some do allow live feeding. I know plenty of other countries that do.

    Glad to see 2 gone. Even if I get put in the “PC” group. Just wasn’t very funny.

  65. Hmmm, I thought I canceled my account with Whiny Bitch Forum. My bookmarks must have gotten mixed up.

  66. I like that they took off the picture of the fat chick.
    For people who are going to start reading the comments and will get confused:
    There was another picture of a girl, who was not unattractive but not particularly attractive and was overweight but not completely obese and was wearing a university hoodie was posing for a picture.
    Underneath it was the captions “Any ideas for a new hair style?”

    And that was it.

  67. ohmydarlinclementine

    Seriously.. it’s a rat. Snakes eat rats. That’s what they do. Who the hell cares.

  68. Yea, I love animals but I also know that there is a food chain and it’s natural for snakes to eat rodents. I’m not all about “save the rats” but I think it’s gross that some sick fuck took a picture of it and posted it on facebook as a joke. Rather dangerous sense of humor.

  69. Eh, I can’t tell if the rat’s actually alive. If it is, that’s kind of sad because feeding live is dumb. If it’s not, who cares?

  70. Normally I would find the last picture funny, but I recently got 2 pet gerbils and the thought of those cute little guys getting strangled saddens me!!

  71. They deleted a picture? Damn. I hate it when that happens.

    There are some sensitive souls on this thread.

    Not me.

    See you in hell, rat.

  72. The rat pic isn’t from the UK. There is a ad for “15 cents.”

  73. #3 would have been offensive if the guy was torching the mouse with a lighter while jerking off and watching Jerry Springer. A snake eating a mouse is not a big deal. If any of you can tell me you are vegans and do not believe in the use of animals for food, then I will give you the win on this . . . But I promise you, anything you eat (cow, pig, chicken, whatever) has been treated much more inhumanely than that rat.

  74. @eusadnama it depends on what you eat and where you come from. In the UK it is illegal and offensive to feed captive bred snakes, live vertebrates. I eat meat and not a member of the PETA as other people have suggested. I believe in nature, conservation and the food chain, but do I eat veal? No. Free range and organic is for me. I work at an agriculture college that has a specialist unit with exotic species. For educational purposes towards the teaching law, welfare and general care from the cow to the spider. The thing that always comes to mind when you are breeding animals for food, how do you consider the welfare of those animals that are consumed. This counts for snakes as much as it does humans. So I’m guessing quite a few of you couldn’t give a shit if you cow was kept in a cage before slowly squeezed to death. Personally I like to think they have had a life that follows the five freedoms and a death (well that isn’t ever going to be pleasant) not as barbaric as it can be. If I lived in the jungle with a spear as my tool then it really would be down to the food chain. I may get eaten or I might just manage to kill my food and escape unharmed, but for the majority of us that isn’t the case and a little thought into what we eat, how it is kept, what our pets eat, might not be the worst thing in the world.
    Like I said earlier it depends on your countries laws, if it is seen as acceptable in your own then maybe it doesn’t seem a big deal. I’m no squeamish activist; I just like to know the foods I feed the animals I care for or eat aren’t tortured before they are served.

  75. I’m in agreement with fargisisatroll here. Not only is feeding your reptile rats and mice that are already dead more humane, but it’s also much safer. My Pacman frog gets a dead mouse every now and again and I know that if she were faced with a live one, she wouldn’t know what to do and would probably be bitten to death. She was captive bred and has had all her food provided for her the entire time she’s been alive.

    Hell, half of the time I have to hold live crickets in front of her face with a pair on tongs in order for her to “catch” them. The poor girl has practically nothing in the way of a hunting instinct.

    By the way, I work for a nationally known pet store (we’re even in Canada!), and our policies and procedures dictate that if we feed vertebrates, then they are to have been humanely euthanized before we do so. On occasion, we get picky eaters, but if we just expose a bit of internal organs to the particular reptile we’re trying to feed, it usually perks them right up.

    Note: I did not read this whole thread, so apologies if I’ve reiterated things others have already said.

  76. @Jessi with you all the way.

  77. Jeez, another shit-storm I missed, now where is Hobo’s time machine at?

    …and yeah Dan Fargis, what the hell …….. oh wait, he’s not on this one is he?

    Right, I’m off to laugh at some fat people and then proceed to get spectacularly spangled on vodka and weed tonight.

  78. That Snake is a right fat bastard. Remove the picture at once!

    Joking aside which company is sending out giant cock and balls with its vacuums and do you have to pay extra?

    I hope not otherwise that would just suck.

  79. I have a feeling I know that snake from Youtube. Look up ‘Cypher the snake’ and I’m about 90% sure that’s the same snake.

    Not only because of the snake itself, but also because his owner gets a weird kick out of watching the snake squeeze the life out of something. In one of the videos it actually sounds like he’s rubbing one out while the snake hunts.
    So it wouldn’t surprise me if he took pictures too…

    RIP poor rat :(

  80. @fargisisatroll

    You should eat pink veal as its made from dairy herds and otherwise they just kill them straight away.

  81. thank you lamebook! and lmao @ rubbing one out!

  82. @defectiveuser (and others)

    Smokee has a point. Vast majority of people who are overweight or obese are there for non-disease related issues. If that’s the case then I have nothing to say, but in the other, there is no justification, no excuses. “No matter what I do, I can’t lose weight” is a huge lie that puts me in bad mood. The opposite “No matter how much I eat, I can’t gain weight” puts me in bad mood aswell.

    About the #3 (now #2) I think it’s quite cruel to go “cute way” when the rodent has few seconds of life remaining…

  83. If you can’t tell, I bowed out of this conversation a looong time ago. But I will humour you.

    I never opted for the picture to be taken down. I never said for what reason the lady was fat. I just said that it is not always easy, or necessarily their fault. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Regardless of the situation, I was just informing smoke that it isn’t a “choice” at times.

    I’m sorry the fact that I don’t gain weight easily offends you. Maybe if my ass was as uptight as your’s is, I would be able to keep the food around long enough to do so.

  84. Snakes may eat rats in the wild but you should still feed them dead rats to lower the suffering of the rat (and for the safety of the snake).
    I love all animals, but between snakes and rats I’ll take rats (in fact I have several, as well as seven scars from them) over snakes, so I rather hope the rat f*cks that snake up and escapes.
    Did you know scientists recently discovered that rats display metacognition? They are the first non-primate tested that does so. This means they display self-awareness of their own state of knowledge.
    Fat chicks are hilarious and should avoid being in pictures unless they want to be mocked regardless of why they are fat.

  85. Hey! Fat Chicks have feelings too you know?!

    As well as an increased chance of diabetes, heart disease and dresses that look like fucking tents.

  86. To those who came in after the fact: it isn’t the fact that she was overweight that annoyed us, but rather that that was *all* there was. If there was some website dedicated to making fun of overweight people (I’m sure there is, people are dicks), than that pic would be belong there; but there was nothing specifically “lame” about the photo besides her weight, so it doesn’t belong.

    Similarly with the snake. Not necessarily that the snake is eating a rat. That’s what they eat. Just the fact that the dude behind camera enjoyed watching the snake kill the rat.

    That’s all. No one here is overly sensitive, we’re just not a bunch of pricks.

    And while we can’t say for sure that the girl is overweight because of a medical condition, we also can’t say for sure that that’s not the reason which I think might be the majority’s point. We don’t know what’s going on with the pic at all, so who are we to judge? For all we know she’s decided to take a step in the right direction and start dieting and exercising and the first step she is making toward feeling better about herself is to change her hair.

    In conclusion. Stop being ass-hats; it doesn’t make you cool.

  87. @defectiveuser

    My post wasn’t directed just to you, as I said. My post also includes this “choice” thing aswell, since I said that if it’s disease ridden then there’s nothing to say about it.

    Now, relax, I was not attacking you.

  88. @omglulu57 – Jesus Christ finally someone hit the nail on the head. Yes she’s fat, yes she’s unattractive but for fuck’s sake, it’s just not funny. Lamebook is supposed to be funny. I tend to expect a little more from my humour suppliers. Do some work and make me laugh motherfuckers. Don’t just cop out and post a pic of a fat girl and expect me to get all giggly. And I love how some people are trying to make themselves look cool like the dick in a high school movie by saying fat people are funny. ok we get it but laugh at them on another fucking website.

    and really? What the fuck is funny about a snake eating a rat?? Is this the national geographic website? What’s next lamebook? A chimp eating a fucking banana? har dee fucking har

    make me laugh assholes!

  89. Sorry to butt in here, but perhaps we shouldn’t take this site so seriously. It’s going to be hit and miss — by its very nature — so ignore what you don’t find humorous, and chuckle at the rest. Why get so worked up about it?

  90. So sad lamebook…. Bowing to the whining PC masses….
    Wheres the pic of the funny fat chick? (OK, it wasn’t the FUNNIEST pic on here, but I did smile a bit)
    Some people in the thread actually said she was “was not unattractive” and “not completely obese” Are you kidding me!?!?
    Holy shit, she is morbidly obese, or perhaps even super obese! I found it a little bit funny that she thought if she did something with her hair, it would make her look more attractive! Maybe to a small % of the population who is into fat chicks….
    It seems this site is more OK with perpetuating stereotypes against visible minorities, but the fatties ain’t to be mocked…
    “Ima buss a cap in da nigga hoo bee all up in my mans bizness” status updates are cool, cuz uncle tom, jump down turn around, pick a bale of cotton is SOoo funny, and true!

    In 2000, the prevalence of obesity among U.S. adults was 19.8%, reflecting a 61% increase since 1991.
    It is DIET people! I’m soooo tired of you fat shits LYING that you “barely eat” or only eat salads…. I work with some of them, who I’ve watched order a Big Mac combo, super sized fries, 6 piece of mcnuggets, apple pie, and a super sized DIET COKE!!! He then said that this was his “cheat day” and that he wouldn’t eat another thing the rest of the day…. Sure, thats why you’re 300+ pounds….
    In your anonymity behind the computer screen, you want to convince me that fat people aren’t funny, yet you reference “funny fat people” websites….Why are they there? Because people think that some fat people are funny! Not all of them, but some of them…. Like the girl with the spaghetti strap shirt, with titts on her back! If you didn’t laugh, or say WTF? You’re lying….
    Now go have a supersized gravy drink, and inhale some donuts

  91. aw that rats face makes me feel so bad for him lol

  92. @iddjit – STFU. go and look at fat people website and get yourself off

  93. Hahaha, did I hit a nerve under all of that blubber?
    I love how YOU think its OK to laugh at some things, but don’t want others to laugh at things that hurt your fat feelings….
    Fat chicks disgust me…. They smell sour, and breath heavy… Sure, I hear that they swallow (go figure) but that ain’t enough to do it for me….
    Can anyone suggest any good sites for pics of funny fat people other than people of walmart?
    Thanks fatties

  94. @iddjit – hahaha now that made me laugh. It really did. that’s my point. You are funny. the fat chick wasn’t. Actually I’m a guy. A fucking skinny loser. been trying to get big for years. I just wait to get sand kicked in my face at the beach. I do laugh at fat people sometimes. sometimes they are funny and sometimes they are not. in this case I just think that it wasn’t funny or suited this site

  95. I am 5’2 and 220lbs. 3 years ago I was 118lbs. Then I got lymphoma , went through 4 rounds of chemo. It killed, and I mean KILLED my metabolism…my metabolism as it stands ( I was re-ed at Myo 3 months ago) is now only burning about 535 calories a day….that’s WITH an hour at the gym daily with my husband who is a semi-pro athlete.
    I have nutritional team working with me and this is THIER plan: I need to take in at least 950 calories a day, based on a menue that ensures the proper nutrition to allow me to repond to treatment. do that math…multply it by 7 days a week.
    yeah i’m fat …but not ALL fatties are fat because of being weak, no will power, or lazy . Some of us GENUINELY have NO choice in the matter. I do understnd your point about this country downplaying the obesity crisis. But you don;t need to be a dick about it . Period.

  96. Dang it! I missed the 2nd one before it was removed! Someone link me, stat! I gotz to see this cow!

  97. A little part of me is sad that a photo of a fat girl which is no longer here is overshadowing a perfectly good Styrofoam representation of a cock and balls.

    Another (and perhaps larger) part of me wants to fuck a snake whilst dressed as Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles.

  98. missed the pic, but who cares about whether fat people choose to be fat, or it’s glandular, or whatever excuse they’re using nowadays?

    fat people are just disgusting to look at, end of.

    i echo soup’s sentiments 100%. this is lamebook, not the lard-ass support group.

  99. ‘Hellpp… Meeee’ *Rat passes out*

  100. Now everyone bitched about it and the picture was taken down. Thanks for ruining it for the rest of us. Eff you lamebook trolls.

  101. Now I will forever wonder what the second picture was about…supposedly everyone got their panties in a bunch because it was making fun of a fat girl? Obviously Lamebook is not the only one who thinks fat can be funny…someone took the time to submit the pic, lol.

  102. Hahaha they took down the pic of the fatty because it was grossing people out!!

  103. im so pissed.i want to see the fat girl.
    just to see,all these comments are making me jealous.
    i just want to seeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    fuckin aye

  104. @ alordslums – I speak for myself when I say that it wasn’t so much a “lard-ass support group” as much as it just was not funny…at all. An “in your face” fat person with back-tits, is funny and disgusting. A fat ass wearing a tutu is funny. A fat fuck scarfing down a super-sized big mac while drinking a diet coke is funny. just some random fat person asking about her hair was just a pic of a fat person asking about her hair. next thing you know, if smokee and friends get their way, lamebook with be pics of fat people doing nothing. just pics of fat people. doing absolutely nothing.

  105. Its the fucking Beatles

    I’m considered obese. It’s because I eat too much and don’t exercise as much as I should. Although I do have disablities and a very unhealthy relationship with food and have done as a child, I refuses to pass the buck on this one. My weight is my own dumb fault. I am looking for help, but I know the only real person who can help me is myself. It’s hard but I know it has to be done. Now as for people mocking, well it’s gonna happen no matter what. Luckily where I live, people don’t mock or point fingers as much as other places in the UK or other parts of the world. That doesn’t mean I’m not being mocked. I probably am, but people do it behind my back. I don’t think people trying to defend for the most part the indefensible is going to help anyone. Some people can’t help being fat, but mosgt of us CAN help it, but instead of shaming us into doing something about it, a little encouragement goes a long way.

    As for the snake. Snakes have to eat. They eat the same stuff in the wild. Personally people should even be keeping these animals as pets. There’s been too many stories lately of people dumping their snakes and other dangerous reptiles (like Caymen and alligators) into British waterways because they got too big. An so they are now in our eco system where they have no business being. Without sounding harsh, lets hope this winter is another tough one. They will die very quickly.

  106. Its the fucking Beatles

    Fuck those typos!

  107. Wow.

  108. comments win = Soup
    honorable mentions to Grammar Puss, Imamofo, iddjit, and smokee. Thanks for the laughs bitches.

  109. The second picture is still there, just click on one of the pics and change the address into blahblah/snapsnap2.png

  110. ahaha @ all the fat ppl who get upset over lamebook posting a fat pic. Sorry to say it (oh wait no i’m not) FAT PEOPLE ARE FUNNNNNYYY. and they’re BIG targets for laughter (no pun intended…nah i lie the pun was totally intended)

    fuck all you bitches who are gross and disgusting. If you don’t want ppl making fun of you, lose some fucking weight. I bet if some pimply faced skinny chick was on there wearing a shirt saying “I brought sexy back” everybody would laugh cause she’s ugly. I don’t think anybody would say “hey it’s mean to make fun of her because she has pimples”



  111. Why did they take the fat person picture down? Now I don’t know whether I’m pro or anti fat. Not fair Lamebook :-(

  112. i hadn’t seen the pic until now (thanks pftn).

    i like #106.

    i also see where you’re coming from lamebookpro, honestly. but i think there is something darkly funny about the disputed picture. the caption makes it one of those fleeting little daily ironies in the fun-fair ride of life, the kind of trivial, gossamer-thin and unnoticed ironies that are going on all around the world, even as i type!

    isn’t there a place for the grimly comical on this website…?

  113. oh and another point whilst I’m here. There are no fat people in the starving areas of Africa or Sudan or wherever. No excuses of lymph problems or metabolism. If you’re fat, it’s because you eat too much and stop fucking going on about it and go to your nearest fat food restaurant. And yes, I meant “fat food”. Just sayin’…

  114. bullfromnightcourt

    Psuedonym… you know that’s because the people in those areas who have medical conditions die, right? And you’re just being facetious?

  115. @ bullfromnightcourt Yes, yes, of course. That’s exactly what I meant. I meant nothing about it’s cheaper to buy vegetables for a whole family and make a pilaf with rice rather than being a lazy fat fucker and getting take out. That’s exactly what I meant.

  116. Hahaha.. fat people are so funny and disgusting. You know what else is funny and disgusting? Ugly people. I mean, come on, no excuses.. there’s make up and plastic surgery. Please stop offending my eyes with your ugliness. Hahaha. You know what else need to stop offending me? Stupid people. There’s definitely no excuse for that either. If you all could just remove yourself from the internet.. I need to sanitize my world with all the things I hate..

    Seriously, most of you are fuckwits. I don’t understand this idea that fat people need an “excuse.” They can be fat if they choose, just like you can be stupid (as you so very clearly choose). And we can all move on with our lives.

  117. Not to mention.. in my experience, the worst “fattie” haters are people that used to be fat. Just because you have body issues and weren’t capable of feeling like a person when you were overweight, doesn’t mean everybody who is overweight is as emo as you. Stop dropping your former-fattie angst all over us just because you’ve realized that even though you’re skinny, people still don’t want to fuck you.

  118. Ooh siobhan327, or Shivone (for those who don’t read Irish) you must be a fat fucker. Get off that really groaning couch and go out for a run instead of looking at shit on the internet. You look at Lamebook to laugh at people. That’s the whole fucking point. You don’t like it? Go play with the traffic.

  119. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^


  120. whoops. the ‘lol’ was meant for siobhan. i was ‘lol-ing’ because i was imagining her face at the precise moment this morning, somewhere between the lips and the epiglottis, that she realised there was a wasp in her coffee.

    but pseudonym may as well have a lol from me too.

    now i’ll stop trying to be malteaser (there’s only one malteaser – some fat fucker ate the rest).

  121. Is your stupidity a disease? Because seriously.. you need to start coming up with some excuses for those terrible attempts at posting.

    I need to know if you have down’s syndrome.. because, you know, I won’t mock you if isn’t a choice.

  122. @siobhan Who chooses to have Down Syndrome? Pretty sure that is an impossibility . . . But if you ever get that choice, let me know how it goes for you.

  123. Nice siobhan327!
    As a retard, I object to your post! Retards CAN and DO make intelligent posts on the internetting, and I am proof!

    Fat people ARE funny! So are us retards, and ugly folk too! A fat chick smiling seductively into the camera, and asking what she should do with her hair, when she knows full well that whatever she does, is useless…. No matter what is done, she will still look like Chris Farley in drag….A dead bloated Chris Farley at that…

    Can you not see the irony of you defending your fellow fatties, because they are people too! Really fat, smelly people, but people none the less people, YET, you run out of space to champion the plight of retards worldwide….

    If they are fat retards, will you defend their honour? Will you stick up only for their fatness? Or their retardation as well?

    I’m gonna go and eat some crayons, and pet my rabbit

  124. Actually, @Pseudonym, I have worked in refugee/IDP camps in sub-Saharan Africa for several years now, and there are plenty of overweight and obese people who are on the same social strata as everyone else.

    So go fuck yourself.

  125. This thread has been mind-numbingly boring and unfunny, but after doing pftn’s little trick I got a look at what all the fuss has been about. And much ado about nothing is what it’s been about.

    But I will pay iddjit’s “Chris Farley in drag” comment. Spot on.

  126. Siobhan, please stop taking your fat frustrations out on the rest of us. Here’s an idea: strap your fat, of-no-use-to-society ass to a fucking treadmill, and don’t step off of it until you no longer offend my eyes. Comprende?

    Don’t get me wrong; I’m an equal-opportunity social elitist. Ugly people are a societal blight as well. It’s hard to hate an ugly person, however, simply for being hideously ugly; they ultimately have little control over how they look. Fat people, on the other hand, are directly responsible for their own fatness. All of the “I have a thyroid problem” bullshit is just that: bullshit. Thyroid problem or not, if you really wanted to change your appearance, you’d be able to.

    It’s a matter of self-control, and it seems that fat people lack dearly in that regard. That is why fat people will never get any sympathy from me. They lack the will power to change their destructive ways.

  127. So not only did Lamebook put up a picture that was basically mocking a fat girl, then take it down to cover themselves, thay also caused a bloody dull 100 comment argument about obesity.

    Fuck you, Lamebook.

  128. Although, iddjit, Chris (RIP, you crazy fucker) Farley would’ve come up with a better drag outfit.

  129. I’m sorry, Lamebook. We were both angry, we both said things we didn’t mean. I told you to ‘fuck off’, you mocked a fat girl… forgive and forget?

    Obesity argument is still dull and pointless. Let me sup it up for you:
    People are either fat through disease, or because they can’t be bothered not to be, and that’s their choice. I wouldn’t mock you either for having cancer (disease) nor for being an ignorant cnut (your choice). Thank you.

  130. Or I could sum it up for you. That might be better.

  131. Hobes, Lamebook now lets the c word through. And I can say frying pan, too!

  132. hobo. you don’t like mocking ignorant cunts? care to retract? or can i hold you to that?

    oh, and, siarra.

  133. Lol @ Alord “some fat fuck ate the rest”

    I was Ben on this post yesterday but I didn’t say anything because the entire post wasn’t really funny. Only for me to come back today and see all the fattie supporters crawling out of the fucken wood work.

    This is a site where we make fun of things if you don’t like it fuck off. We make fun of stupid people all the time, some of them might have a genetic reason to be stupid too. Lamebook is a pussy for bowing down to these fuckers.
    here is the pic by the way.

    On another note, I miss Malteaser.

  134. I didn’t even read the argument. I’m not quite exactly sure who I was siding with over what, to be honest, I was just trying to shush everyone up.

    Good to know we can say cunt now. And siarra. Wonder if we can say ratcoon yet.

  135. Apparently we can.

    Dukey, looking at the picture, I don’t really get why anyone thought it would be Lamebook worthy or not. Irregardless of your thoughts on fat people, just a picture of one does not a good Lamebook post make.

  136. After reading the follow up posts, it’s become abundantly clear that reading comprehension is not a strong point among this group. Nor understanding sarcasm. But let’s be honest.. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from the Lamebook comments section. I know it’s difficult to read while drowning in your former-fatty emo angst tears, but if you’re going to bother to respond at least TRY to sound out the words aloud.

    And thank you iddjit, for spelling out in small words the point I was trying to make with my retard comments. You didn’t actually understand it.. but maybe someone slightly quicker on the uptake might figure it out. Also, tell your mom to stop drinking alcohol when she’s pregnant.

  137. I can’t see a picture of a fat girl – i only see the vacuum cleaner/penis pic and the snake pic….maybe the snake ate this fat girl?

  138. “I need to know if you have down’s syndrome.. because, you know, I won’t mock you if isn’t a choice.”

    I won’t mock you if isn’t a choice?
    WTF does that mean?

    Can you write in Canadian Engrish? Or was that sarcasm…..
    Here’s another literary device for your fat, pasty, retarded cottage cheese ass…..Irony…. I love it when dumb fat chicks try to point out how intelligent they are, while shoveling cheese cake down their pie hole, and get all excited when the last bite of cake is going down, and forget how to type…. I’m using small words for fatties like you, who sometimes will skip a big word, instead of sounding it out, because it may mean waiting to shove that next piece of food in your face.

    Battle on lard ass….
    My reading comprehension is fine…. You think its OK to make fun of retards by mocking people, and saying that they are retarded… You find that OK, as long as the retard ain’t fat…? I feel sorry for you, because I suspect you are fat, retarded, and ugly…. A real triple threat…

    Its too late for me mummy to stop drinking, the damage is done….If you curb your eating, one day, with the grace of God, you may be able to see your vagina again under that Gunt!

  139. @ vadbus: When you said @defectiveuser and others, you were specifically pointing me out of the entire group. I wasn’t necessarily attacking you. I was making a lame attempt at being funny. It was before I had my coffee.

    I wasn’t bitching or crying like the rest of the yahoos in here. I was just simply stating that it is not always a choice to be fat. that was the only point I was making. We don’t know if she had a disease, if she struggled with it all her life, or just was a lazy hag who turned eating into a pro sport.

    Taking the picture down was a little hypocritical on Lamebook’s part. I am a firm believer in sticking to your guns.

  140. Hello there. I’m here about the fat post.

    Congratulations. I cried today reading this thread. I cried with sadness and anger at how cruel people can be. But I also cried with happiness at how many people are more intelligent than a styrofoam cup and were not ignorant toward the overweight. I am pleasantly surprised at how many people actually have the common sense to respect people, regardless of their size. I thank you for that.


  141. i’ve worked out why you’re called ‘thequeen’:

  142. I’m not sure why I’m bothering.. but let me explain as clearly as possible…

    I made the retard comments not because I’m making fun of people with mental and developmental handicaps, but merely substituting “retard” for “fat” to demonstrate why you are bigotted twatfaces. I know that depth of understanding is difficult for someone whose definition of irony appears to include something nonsensical about cheesecake.. but, I’ll work with what we’ve got here.

    And the “I won’t mock you if wasn’t a choice” was meant to indicate that if one has Down’s syndrome, they did not in fact choose to be mentally handicapped, but were born that way. Thus, if your ignorance is due to Down’s syndrome, I wouldn’t make fun of you because it isn’t a choice. Because, you sad dumbshits, think that if someone chooses to be fat they should be hated and mocked, but if not, then they’re cool. Which is the most ridiculous logic I’ve ever heard.

    It’s hilarious that you so thoroughly vilify me when you saw my comments as making fun of mentally handicapped people.. but in fact, you are actually vilifying a demonstration of your very own bigotry. Thus proving what an epic dumbshit you are.

    Is that clear enough or do you need pictures with lolcat speak to understand?

    Now that you can at least pretend to understand, maybe you can keep up with the adults. One day, I promise, your balls will drop and they will let you at the big people table. Until then, keep working at those reading comprehensions skills.

  143. @alordslums: I appreciate your attempts at giving me nightmares. Thank you very much, I don’t really feel like puking at this time of night. Wait, why did I even click on it?? Ughh.

  144. @siobhan327

    Well done, sir (or ma’am?). You have thoroughly owned everyone in this thread. I love you.

  145. Siobhan, I love you. Your response is so intelligent, maybe they’ll actually see how ignorant they are. Or they’ll just call you a fatty like they do to me. “Everyone who doesn’t agree with me deserves a lethal injection” is their line of thinking.
    Either way, I loved your post. Everything about it was spot on.

  146. @ thequeen congratulations on being an actual fucken queen. What kind of drama queen do you have to be to cry about shit you read on an online thread, shit written by people who have no impact whatsoever on your life.

    @Hobo, I agree, it wasn’t funny but what I found even less funny are the douches up there demanding that it should be taken down and also the fact that LB actually listened to the idiots. If we protested ALL the “unfunny” posts then there will be nothing left on this site.

  147. My head hurts from all this bitching and I can’t keep track of who is snarling at who. I feel like I’m in first grade (for you UK-ers, that’s 6-7 year olds) all over again.

  148. It does have an impact on my life. You think that a young, impressionable teenaged girl wouldn’t be affected by the women that she sees on TV? You think she won’t be self-conscious about her own body because of the perfect images she sees in the media? You think she won’t be impacted by the things she hears people say? She doesn’t know those people in the TV or magazines, yet they make her feel insecure. In a similar light, my body image is affected by the things people say, whether I know them or not. My body image was also impacted by other people around me and on the television. That’s why I went anorexic in my late teens.

    And yes, the post had no reason to be here. You don’t see any pictures that just have a black person in them. You don’t see any pictures that just have a gay person in them. It’s unacceptable to have a picture with just an overweight person.

  149. I… I… I don’t know where to start. Your self esteem sounds like it’s in the crapper. I’m actually starting to feel genuine concern for you as opposed to pity.

  150. It is in the crapper. Coming to this site and seeing these awful comments only makes it worse. But it’s my fault for coming here to read them. Sometimes the comments on here are even funnier than the posts, but then one day I learned they can be downright cruel as well.

    But if you go into the beehive and tell all the bees to stop stinging people, you’re going to get stung. I know that, and I’m willing to risk that if I can at least say what I need to say.

    So, if your post was serious, thank you, but don’t concern yourself with my well-being. I’m fine.

  151. Let me attempt to try here. I am a black guy and lamebook posts a lot of stereotypical shit here, I fit a lot of the stereotypes e.g dick size :) , watermelon, waffles, fried chicken etc.
    But I don’t fit a lot of the others. I don’t get bothered by anything anybody thinks about black people, I simply “do me”. My advice to you is to be yourself, as corny as that sounds, do what YOU want to do don’t base your life on the shit you see around you. You have to remember all that shit was designed specifically to fuck with you (look up Marketing and Advertising). I don’t mean this in a bad way, but “Grow a brain” and learn to live your own life. I will stop now, I hate giving advice, I just hope you got something from this.

  152. Some people, like myself, are fat because we’re lazy. At my healthiest, I was running six miles a day (on an elliptical, yes, but I’ve got knee issues unrelated to my fatness), doing yoga and lifting light weights at least 3-4 times a week – not to mention eating super healthy. The smallest size I ever reached was a US size 12 (I was aiming for 8-10). Then I gave up.

    Some people, like my friend Christina at work, are fat for other reasons. She eats healthy and runs two miles a day, but is still a US size 24. And she gets mocked while exercising.

    There are many different reasons for being overweight, some are funny, some are not.

    I wouldn’t object to the picture at all if it were an overweight girl (by the way, some stated earlier that the girl in the picture was overweight but not obese – that’s just ridiculous, she’s clearly obese) talking about how sexy she looked in an ill fitting outfit. This, however, was not the case. It was just a picture of a fat girl in a sweatshirt asking what she should do with her hair.

    Unfunny. And yes, I do believe that all unfunny content should be removed from this site. Because it’s a humor (humour if you’re of a certain persuasion) site.

  153. #143 for the FATALITY!

    Epic Win!

  154. Are you single? I will have your children if so.

  155. Where is this #2 about a fat girl? I feel like I’m missing out!

  156. dddtl, it’s not really funny, but here it is

  157. Since you fit most of the stereotypes, does that mean you would smash that woman in the second picture?

  158. No way, defective. Buns is as gentle as a lamb, but I love, love, love some of his other stereotypes.

    Call me, Buns, call me.

  159. @word, “to smash” is an expression meaning “to have intercourse with”. I though you would have known that already what with the sexual innuendo you supposedly put into *every* post, and all.


    Apologies if you already knew that.

  160. Jessi, yes, I have heard it used in the sexual way. It’s an unpleasant term, but there are many others just as bad… “I’m gonna chop her up” is a particularly nasty one that springs to mind.

    In this instance, though, I misinterpreted it. That’s the trick, isn’t it? – understanding what anonymous people from all over are saying. Every person here gets bamboozled on occasion.

    Therefore, no apology necessary, but I will apologise to defective, for not getting his drift.

    Have a good one.

  161. You people are the whiniest bastards ever. First of all, everyone feeds live rats to their snakes… it’s how they do it in the wild. Second of all, if you whining fatties hadn’t complained about the girl picture, I could be getting lulz right now. Go DIAF.

  162. avoiding all the sniping and whining, i’d just like to posit a simple, objective truth that i think really gets straight to the meat of the issue here.

    i’d like to think if we could all accept the essential truth of it, then we could build an ethical system upon it – flesh it out with our own actions and words, and generally live according to that axiom, an axiom which, if accepted, will remove all need to be querulous, plaintive, offensive, aggravating.

    that axiom is, that in any given situation (not counting either highly unlikely/intensely comical possibilities, ie falling off a skyscraper/doing a belly flop), IT IS BETTER TO BE SLIM THAN FAT.

    this sentiment holds true for person a – (partial), and person b – (observer).

    if we could all agree on this, then fat people would never be offended by any taunt directed their way, rather merely accepting it as status quo/statement of fact. but here’s the best bit – i think the truth is so self-evident and obvious that it will brook expression – simply put, people won’t feel the need to mock fat people any more.

  163. Yes that is what I meant Jessi. Word I have never heard that one before. I’m not so sure I’m going to use that one either.I have heard these before though:

    -I smashes that!
    -I knocked the brakes of of it.
    -I knocked the bottom out of it.
    -I slaughtered that pussy.(Now that I think about it, I have word.)
    -I reamed her a new one.

    The list goes on and on.

  164. smashed*

  165. off of it*

  166. siobhan327, you dumb fat cunt….. I’m sorry for putting the “CHEESECAKE” anywhere near my reference to irony….
    You were making fun of another poster, asking if he was retarded, making fun of me, and my “small words”, saying that people in here are too simple to understand your complex thought process, YET, you can’t even form a fucking simple sentence!
    “I won’t mock you if wasn’t a choice” You are missing a word here retard!!!
    You are on a fucking website that MAKES FUN OF PEOPLE!!!! Get off your motherfucking soapbox, because the structural integrity of it is compromised due to you being morbidly obese! (big enough words for ya fatty?)
    “keep working at those reading comprehensions skills.”
    My reading skills are fine! Methinks your fat fingers are the problem… Maybe consider a new keyboard, one designed for people like you, with XXXL size bodies…?
    All of you fat fuckers on here crying your eyes out over your Krispy Kreme donuts need to take a step back, and look at yourselves!
    YOU chose to come to a site, that deals with humourous pics/posts/updates of people on Facebook! YOU seem to find it funny, when blacks, asians, dumb, skinny, drunk, disabled people are poked fun at on here, but if the jokes are about you, well, that ain’t funny! Cheesecake

    You are so fucking clueless, totally missing my sarcasm AND IRONY!
    For the record fat ass, my balls have dropped…And, I can see my genitals too! Jealous?
    BTW defectiveuser, she is obviously single, hasn’t left her home in 5 years (can’t fit through the door) and if you want to have children with her, good luck lift her gunt, and numerous belly rolls to get anywhere near her vagina… I’d suggest sliding it in one of her arm folds…

  167. Holy shit, these comments actually got me to sign up for this website. Seriously WTF? I’ve lurked here for a long time and it saddens me that as of recent its turning into youtube, with fucking trolls or haters on every thread. This website was about taking the piss and being funny, and i’ve always appreciated some of the comments sections with some deep or funny conversation, this is just bullshit.
    Apologies rant over, pleasure to be finally signed up, g’day.

  168. Looks like I hit a nerve.

  169. “You wouldn’t understand my works. You wouldn’t have the faintest idea of what they were about. You wouldn’t appreciate the points of reference. You’re way behind. All of you. There’s no point in sending you my works. You’d be lost. It’s nothing to do with a question of intelligence. It’s a way of being able to look at the world. It’s a question of how far you can operate on things and not in things. I mean it’s a question of your capacity to ally the two, to relate the two, to balance the two. To see, to be able to see! I’m the one who can see. That’s why I can write my critical works. Might do you good…have a look at them…see how certain people can view…things…how certain people can maintain…intellectual equilibrium. Intellectual equilibrium. You’re just objects. You just…move about. I can observe it. I can see what you do. It’s the same as I do. But you’re lost in it. You won’t get me being…I won’t be lost in it.”

  170. How about we all just chill out?

    If you want to be fat, be fat. If you want to be thin, be thin. Now let’s all have a beer or two and relax.

  171. Cheesecake

  172. iddjit? If you hate cheesecake so much, then don’t eat it. But everyone else who does like cheesecake has every right to eat as much of it as they want.

  173. Hahahaha!!!
    I love checking back here to see what fatty is going to chime in…
    siobhan327, don’t worry darling, you didn’t hit a nerve… I’m not as fat as you, have a great family, and enjoy a good laugh now and then!
    I found this website by accident, and have checked out the sister sites (People of Walmart and Regretsy) both sites that seem to generate ALL of their traffic by poking fun at people, and trying to make them laugh….
    Now when the Politically Correct Police troll here, and start telling me what is funny, and what is not funny, I say to myself “self, why is this self righteous fatty trying to tell me that this isn’t funny, even though I do find it somewhat funny?”
    You’re lame arguments defending the “rights” of fatties to be fatties are retarded, just like your ironic statements about intelligence…. You can’t knock someone for being stupid, or using small words, and then just plain forget how to construct a simple sentence….
    I will continue to “troll” this site, and others like it, championing the rights of simple minded people who DO find fat people, styrofoam shaped like penises, or ebonics humour FUNNY….
    I’m going to go for a run now, because I am more concerned with my health, than protecting the feelings of fatties….

    P.S I went to Mandarin (Chinese Buffet) last night, and spoke with a woman from England who was taking pictures of the buffet tables… I asked if she was taking pics to make her friends jealous, and she said no, she was taking pics to show her friends and family back home the amount of food available for $20…. There were all shapes and sizes of people there, but let me tell you, the fatties were there in force, and it was sickening to see how large their plates were (you can go back for 2nd’s, 3rd’s, etc…) and they did! The salad table seemed invisible to them (much like their genitals) so please stop the lies, you gunt can’t lie, and you know, and I know that you eat enough calories for 2-3 large men, so wire that jaw shut, as that is probably the only way you will get into a pair of pants less than XXXXL…..

  174. I’m actually laughing at how hilariously retarded and insufferably smug you are. I’m anorexic my dear, and I therefore no longer eat. It’s people who talk like you who made me this way. But quite frankly, you are too unintelligent for me to even spit upon, let alone speak to. Good day to you, sir.

  175. OMG! I have Down’s Syndrome? Why didn’t anyone tell me?
    iddjit – Keep up the good work.
    Shivone – Yawn.
    lamego – how very noble of you, working with greedy fat bastards. And thank you, I will go and fuck myself now I have your blessing.

  176. @ thequeen. You can’t pin your delusions on iddjit. If you don’t eat at all, that’s *your* fault. But of course, you would be forgiven if you had Down’s Syndrome.

  177. No, I’m done with this argument. You people are a waste of my time and the world’s precious oxygen. I’m going to the other thread where we’re having a sandwiches-drugs-and-sex party. Bye.

  178. Ah, so now you’re eating? What a fake anorexic. I’m disappointed.

  179. Well iddjit, for somebody who likes to take humor so seriously, you seem to be having a bit of a problem with my comment. Of course being the hypocritical doughnut puncher that you are, it doesn’t surprise me. In fact, if you were as in tune to humor as you say you are, you would realize that there was nothing humorous about photo number two. If she was sporting a mullet (and asking about her hair), wearing a tube top, or saying she looked damn sexy; I would understand why the picture was here. That is all that most of us were saying. It sound like to me that siobhan throughly owning your ass has filled you with enough zealous hatred that your testicles have actually have actually retracted all the way to your tonsils. Though I am sure,as you have already promulgated, you aare used to balls being in your mouth.

    Just saying, and I bid you good day sire.

  180. Oh and if it makes you feel any better, you are more than welcome to bash my grammar after you remove those balls from your mouth.

  181. defective,

    siobhan didn’t prove any point. she just launched into a (pretty fair) ad hominem against a few posters’ spelling and comprehension skills. if that’s ‘epic win’, and thoroughly owning’ – fair enough.

    her argument didn’t really address the point. no-one’s addressed my argument. possibly because it’s a slightly different prospect, debating with me, to shooting down a few bored kids on their school holidays who’ve been at the red skittles.

    also – to each his own. i found the picture funny, and i find fat people funny. diff’rent strokes and all that.

    i’ll leave you with a few words of wisdom defective, because i like you, deep down.

    ‘a friend to many is a friend to none.’

    don’t spread yourself so thin, brother.

  182. Well spoken alord, I will take that advice in future reference. I would stick around and address your point but I have to go see an ill family member. I will be in later tonight. Good day and see you when I have more than two hours of sleep.(Hence the shitty reply above.)

  183. ..oh, so the alord/defective show is over?

  184. mass – you’re almost as bad as anon – every other comment you seem to make these days is a little one-line snipey-snipe at me. i’m not sure how interesting that is for other people to read. but as long as it makes you happy; that’s the main thing. :-)

  185. Thanks dude.. but you don’t really care how interesting stuff is to read…

  186. good one.

  187. Goodnight

  188. “Well iddjit, for somebody who likes to take humor so seriously, you seem to be having a bit of a problem with my comment”

    I just think fatties need to concentrate more on watching what they eat, instead of worrying about people laughing at them (we are)

    The pig in pic #2 looks like an uglier version of Chris Farley. You may not have found it funny, but others did…
    I wasn’t bashing ANYONE’S grammar until the fatty piped up about how stupid people were with her broken engrish…. I was pointing out the irony in it…. I doubt that you actually wanted to have children with her, but I thought if I poked fun at the physical impossibility of impregnating her, unless a she has a forklift and winch in her bedroom to hold her gunt folds up while your tiny dick pushes through her cheese….

    I can appreciate “gay humour”, IF its funny, but I suspect your thoughts of my mouth and balls are pure fantasy of something that can never be my internetting friend…. Nothing against you gays, its just not my bag baby….

    So if I was “p0wned” or received a “fatality” for her “epic win”, so be it…. Maybe I missed it?
    If you don’t think fatties are funny, thats fine, but don’t tell me that they aren’t funny, because many times they are….

    How would you like it if I trolled the ballplay/deepthroat fattie sites that you went to, and told you that fat gay men aren’t sexy? I know thats your preference, and what right do I have to deprive you of rubbing one out to big hairy fat dudes?

    Feel free to comment on my balls (I know you are thinking of them) and IF you are nice, I may be able to email you some pics of them….

  189. Okay I have to cut in again. iddjit, you are making yourself out to be a victim. All we care about is the horrible, horrible things you’ve said about people you don’t even know. We can’t change your opinion on overweight people, but this site is for humor, not blatant insults toward people. You were just trying to hurt peoples’ feelings with your inaccurate stereotypes and filthy ad hominem. Yeah, I insulted you a few times, but only in self-defense. The stuff you said is absolutely sick. What, do you burn crosses in fat peoples’ front lawns? Take your disgusting hatred elsewhere.

    Just chill. If you don’t like fat people, fine. But while you’re here, if you don’t want to get flamed, you keep your fucking mouth shut.

  190. No, I don’t think he his making himself out to be a victim by any means. Actually I think he enjoyed the stuff my drug addled brain was producing at the time. (I am losing someone very dear to me and they have given me a very powerful sedative.) I’m surprised he was able to pull something out of that incoherent babble.

    As far as trying to hurt somebody, I don’t think that is anybody’s mission in here. “Our mission” Is to laugh at the expense of others. Even if that involves ourselves. If you ask me, I think iddjit did a very good job against me. He had me laughing through that whole post.

    This is why I stay out of discussions like this because people end up taking it serious at on point or another. Worst part is, I think I may have started this one. :(

    But at this time, I am bowing out of this thread for I have done a bit of ownage to myself.

    I wish you fuckers luck. Oh and just for reference, my dick doesn’t swing that way iddjit. Of course there was this one time in band camp. . . .

  191. Alord, I understand exactly what you are saying. Yes you do work that very fine balance between the two very well when you have to. Also, you have given me a little insight on it. I am the same way but I have slipped off my game as of late. You are right, most people won’t understand for two reasons. One, many are thick headed (Which is what I was doing.) Two, no matter what you say to try and show them, duuuhhh sorry but you are wrong! I understand because I was working the same angle and totally dropped the ball.

    Which is okay, because I picked it back up and I am off!

    Am I close?

  192. Ahh.. alord, your argument is neither new or different. If anything, it’s just incorrect. Aside from your own value judgement of slim being better than fat.. you actually have little leg to stand on. A better argument would be “it’s better to be healthy than worry about weight.” Many people who are slim are not healthy and an overweight person with good cardiovascular health will be healthier and more long-lived then a slim person without. Thus, I’m not exactly sure what facts you’re basing your argument on.. unless, of course, you’re joining the majority of ignorant souls on the internet who think their personal opinion is indisputable fact. I’m going to guess this is in fact the case.. because like many of those internet trolls, you also appear to lack the reading comprehension skills to understand 1.) the point I was attempting to make and 2.) notice that I did not in fact correct anyone’s spelling.. in fact, that was iddjit up there who was all worked up because I dared to have a typo.

    Futhermore, (and of course this is my opinion) when trolling the trolls, if you’ve pushed the troll to the point of nonsensincal ranting, overuse of exclamation points, and bragging about their life to attempt to prove they aren’t in fact a loser (e.g. posts 167 and 174 on this thread), then I’d say the troll troller wins.

    Thus, by using that barometer, I’m going to take my epic win. Thanks to all the dimwitted trolls that made this win possible.

    And lastly, to make it really, really god awful simple for you.. the one and only point I’ve tried to make is this:

    Hating people for the way they look is bigotry and prejudice. The fact that some of you individuals are so disgusted by fat people says a lot more about your mental instability, personal insecurities, and bigoted perspective on the world than anything about said fat person. Such behavior is far more disgusting than any “fattie.” So, do us all a favor, grow up and actually educate yourself before exposing us to your ignorant drivel. There’s far too much of that on the internet already.

    And.. I can already guess at some of the responses to this.. “this is Lamebook.. why are you getting so serious? We laugh at people all the time.”

    And there’s two reasons why that’s a pathetic excuse for your behavior:
    1.) Hate is hate. No matter what. Even if you found the fat person funny.. telling everyone how disgusting fat people are goes beyond that. Plain and simple, you’re just another bigot in a place that’s full of them.
    2.) There’s a fine line between humor and hate. Whether it be directed at fat people, black people, short people, etc. One day, maybe you’ll learn that. But, since I’m guessing you’re a 30-something cubicle monkey who spends most of his work hours trolling internet boards, I’m going to guess it’s much, much too late for that.

    And on that note, I’m done now.. I’ll take my “epic win” and be on my way.

  193. Fatality!

    Yeah I’m out too. Fuck this thread, I have wangs to suck.

  194. Did Siobhan perform her signature fatality move, i.e. eating her opponent?

    Anyway, if getting rearted teenagers like Iddjit to use exclamation marks counts as “epic win” nowadays…. then I guess you’ve won, dear.

    Thequeen, to quote a famous poet “Ah, so now you’re eating? What a fake anorexic. I’m disappointed.”

  195. @ siobhan

    i just wasn’t happy about being grouped with the likes of iddjit. i thought that was unfair of you.

    my fat vs. slim argument, was based purely on aesthetics.

    i can just about understand the aesthetic appeal of a rubenesque venus. but obese people? not attractive.

    slim (i said slim, not thin – check your semantics) is better than fat, apart from a few ridiculously anomalous examples.

    i also never said you weren’t a good debater. you just haven’t won. maybe it’s an impasse. you’re obviously bright.

    truce? :)

  196. Huh, why cannot I see the pic with the girl that everyone’s talking about? Has it been removed?

  197. The bottom line is a picture of a fat girl isn’t funny and leads to this, nearly two hundred comments of utterly boring shite.

    Lesson learned?

  198. I sure as hell hope so.

  199. Poor rat :( Made me cry :(

  200. I don’t remember last August, but I’m pretty sure that I was around. How did I miss 200 comments post defending fatness?!

    The rat one was sad :(

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