Thursday, April 22, 2010

Snappy Snaps

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  1. Wow, I can see this going in some fun directions, I don’t have much time now to enjoy people, so don’t let me down.

  2. I bet slim wears XL.

    But I’d prefer it he wore none at all.

  3. Look, that mother is hot, I’d do her, and I can’t blame that baby for wanting some of that, even in that position.

  4. Where is everybody?

    I’m all alone here playing by myself.

  5. Or should I say, playing WITH myself.

  6. hahaha, you dont seem to need any company! you are entertaining all on your own!

  7. also, the last one is lame!

  8. Actually that ain’t such a strange position that baby is in, I get my men to have a nibble that way all the time.

  9. At last, someone else, I thought you’d all deserted me.

  10. YOu two having fun? :P

  11. Oh, I missed the last two pictures… my reaction to the post is still ‘eh’.

  12. Took me a little second to see what was going on in that mum/son pic, thought she was just chucking him over her shoulder. Now I see, and she looks mighty happy with herself!


  13. You telling me Hobo you wouldn’t mind a little bit of those boobies?

    What is wrong with you man.

  14. 3rd one down looks like a friend of mine…

  15. Well, I’ve waited patiently for 25 minutes, and hardly anyone came.

    But I did, twice.

    Have a lovely day everyone.

  16. lamebook comments havent been opening for me for awhile so I got some work done… and word… i can wear xl, but i only raw dawg these days… i only do married chics, lol

  17. I don’t know about you but I love it when I get a little nibble from upside down.

    Okay the last picture I’m sure the kid put the XL in the cart because he is saying screw this you don’t need anymore kids

  18. cupid, i nibble from the back too

  19. slim- i’ve been having the same problem but i still didn’t get any work done. i just went to my other frequented sites. lol

  20. Just lurking about, wordy. But don’t worry, you’re not alone; I’m always watching you…

    Ew, I just creeped myself out.

  21. lol virgo… i should of… but i really dont go anywhere anymore… the gals here are, um… friendly… yeah, lets go with that

  22. “mingaa”.. What is?

  23. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    * yawns * what to do what to do..

  24. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    * y@wns * <<– why is that a word that needs to be moderated? Is there an alternative definition for it?

  25. Slim, So when you place me on the table how will you nibble?

  26. well a minga is someone that is beyond ugly… not sure about mingaa… urbandictionary says even uglier, but that seems weak… maybe someones name or an exclaimation in another language?

  27. oh cupid… you may have to email for that anwser… i’m afraid id break lamebook if i described what id do to you on that table… i am very good with words… and even better in person ;)

  28. The last picture has to be set up theres no way that sleeping baby reached out with his little arms and put that in there on top of his arms and the exact right way up all in his sleep.

  29. Slim… now I’m curious and very turned on right now :)

  30. I agree with cupid, the kid decided they didn’t need any more kids. The baby decided that when they started calling him Braylen. Oy.

  31. uoyfuck

    I agree… i think someone wants the world to think they are an xl couple… my youngest is about that age and grabs everything… but he cant set them on his arm in his sleep… he just grabs, drools on it and tosses it aside… reminds me of me, lol

  32. uoykcuf- Kids are freaking amazing these days you just never know

  33. well come close and i whisper cupid… mmm, not that close… grrrrrrr

    psst, i’m the number one slimjayz on yahoo ;)

  34. That baby in the last pic is no more then a few weeks old and could not have pulled them off the shelf, he is asleep and more importantly his arms are not long enough to even reach past his car seat, lame parents setting up a lame picture, congratulations to them, they are lame, poor kid.
    With the 3rd one, well, I breast feed my just over 2 year old but please, you really don’t need to do that at home let along a public place, do I need to see that in my feed? Hell no!

  35. Yeah definately trying to shout out a huge XL cock concieved this baby. and your right, I have no babies of my own as i’m reluctant to stretch my vagina beyond that ‘xl’ (which i’m in doubt of if there’s even a market for it or if it’s just to boost men’s egos?” But I know that if my niece had have picked that up it would have been chewed up within 20 seconds.

  36. SomeRandomChick

    Word, have I told you lately how much I love you?

  37. SomeRandomChick

    @uoykcuf that’s what kiegels are for dear. I’ve had four children and my good good is in beautiful shape, believe that. Luckily my hubs is an xl kinda guy and test this theory daily ;)

  38. The keg stand one I think is hilarious. I really don’t see much wrong with it.

  39. @Somerandomchick I don’t doubt that, I know it can and does go back into shape but I’m a trainee midwife and seeing what happens and how much pain the women go through on a daily basis sort of puts you off a bit. Especially as I see some of the more extreme cases just makes me think ouch and how I never want to go through that!
    And lucky you :)

  40. Um the baby’s asleep I don’t see how he could have grabbed condoms? Why do I think it was more like the parent put them there?

  41. Toadette is the winner

    my hubs is an XL kinda guy too, and i’m very…small shall we say? he usually makes me bleed, which just turns him on more cuz he says it’s like doing a virgin. he’s always afraid he’s hurting me though, but i think i’ve convinced him that those aren’t sounds of pain. ;)

  42. Braylen… ugh. People are naming their kids the stupidest shit these days. I met a girl named Briarly (Briarlee? Briarleigh?) last summer; it still irritates me to think about.

  43. Where are all the XL men hiding then? bacause I can never find them! lol

  44. XL Condoms FTW. Seriously. Having to settle for a blow job because the only condoms you have on hand don’t fit no matter how much both of you try is an awesome feeling, but not one that it’s easy to brag about without looking awkward.

  45. OBeY ”BOB”

    “Eternal salvation or triple your money back.”

  46. Toadette – You’re last comment sounds like someones terrible FB status that would likely be submitted to this site. TMI. Good for you though ;)

  47. ho hum, I want someone to nibble on my nipple.

  48. Well, if you insist…..

  49. SomeRandomChick

    Eenerbl —- *raises hand*


  50. Thanks, they are lonely. The offers will be appreciated…greatly!

    those are some great jugs, and ones I would want on a daily basis, and you can tell she’s got a lot to offer.

  52. geez, comments are very sexually charged on this one.

  53. kelly, they’re just conducting their sexual energy in a positive way. It’s not their fault that their capacity for love is relegated to the internet, and not grounded in reality. Ohm sure that it’s just a phase and they will soon develop some resistance.

  54. I was gonna say phase too! Of the moon- they say the waxing gibbous is one of growth… sexual organs included I presume.

  55. Matt actually made me “lol” and that is not something that happens frequently in the intertubes for me.

  56. If by hot you mean anorexic looking, flat chested, and jail bait, then yes, she’s hot.

  57. CommentsAtLarge

    @ uoykcuf

    Love to help you on that one, but my name would have to be CommentsAtXtraLarge then…

    and ee – I throw my hat into the nibble ring as well!

  58. @ Banahm – that’s what I was thinking. Waaaay TMI Toadette, gross and if that was a status update you would definitely be Lamebook-worthy!

  59. Wow, I feel all warm and tingly all over. All this nipping and suckling going on, very satisfying!

    Comments, XL huh? Nice!

  60. I agree. If a baby that young picks something up, they put it straight in their mouth.

  61. WhyNotTheWhales

    Nooow I see what the baby is doing! And only after reading all the comments.. I thought my mind was dirtier and more bi than that, well.. after reading all the comments it is again.

    And “Hi” btw. I’m WhyNotTheWhales :) I’ll be joining you guys for the next posts, if you don’t mind.

    And Braylen? Really?

  62. Soup… what you said made the nerdier part of me giggle in delight. You deserve a hug.

  63. Im all up for practicing to be keg stand king.

  64. That’s one helluva nice boobie!

  65. Geez when your kid is big enough to do keg stands they’re too old to be breastfeeding. Put the boobs away and invest in some sippy cups.

  66. datz one helluva low hangin boobie!

  67. cunninglinguist

    Having dated a couple of guys who required the XL size, I can only say, “OUCH.” I’ll just be over here, shopping in the smaller sizes.

  68. lol

  69. is awesome!

  70. Lucky kid.

    Hey cunni, only my nerf gun is XL. Compensating for my other shortcomings you know.

  71. businessofmisery

    Sorry Kiri – if the milk-filled boobie isn’t sagging, there’s something wrong with you.

  72. most people should not have babies. The XL is bullshit they’re not that much bigger lol Anyway Durex is better!

  73. I love it how that whore Ashley has a cross around her neck

  74. I wish I was that little boy

  75. I wonder how Daniel’s son will react years down the line when this picture is shown to him. And will he indeed be a keg stand king? I guess only time will tell…

  76. But guys… Watain. Watain!! The band is more awesome than any funny posts combined! *goes back to skulking in shadows and not commenting*

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