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  1. being 1st sucks

  2. ^so do these posts

  3. WTF not FTW.

  4. That last one is just dumb. Come on lamebook that was bad even for this site =(

  5. The first one isn’t lame, it’s just stupid!

  6. Baby suffocating
    Hot chicks
    Dumb chick

    Meh. Not really funny.

  7. I wonder how much those babies cost? Hopefully there’s a 2 for 1 sale, because I know a friend who would love those as a gift.

    I love when people fuck with other people all because of their stupidity.

  8. Who in the fuck puts a baby in a plastic bag? Fucking idiots.

  9. They didn’t post the after pic of the baby on the floor in a pool of blood after it fell through because their dumb asses thought it would be funny to put a baby IN A FUCKING PLASTIC BAG.

  10. This has got to be the most depressingly mediocre post lamebook has offered us. Sad times.

  11. #2 jizzalicious

  12. Nobody puts baby in a plastic bag! She might have the time of her life, but it will be quite short-lived.

  13. yourinevitabledemise

    I think the only fair thing to do here is start a contest over which of the two girls in the second picture is hotter. Cause I myself am a chick, though only been knocked up once, and *I* can’t stop looking. Maybe, though, because I used to look like that and am jealous. But I’m getting there again…

    AHEM. Anyway, I bet Heather bought a gas mask, just in case she missed pulling some, so she wouldn’t get napalmed in the face next time she’s out weeding. Or rather, I hope someone suggests that to her next, and takes pictures.

    And I’ve put my nine month old inside a plastic bag, momentarily, for the sake of a funny. Because ten seconds in an OPEN plastic bag clearly abundantly supervised by an adult isn’t dangerous. Sheesh. When you’re a parent, these sorts of things become second nature (unless you’re one of those crazy perfectionist parents who skips putting rubber thingies on sharp corners and jumps right to padding the entire house in memory foam). “Oh, the baby is in a plastic bag chewing on a closed vitamin bottle? Well, the cap is closed and the bag is well-ventilated? Hm, s’cool then.”

  14. j’aime les jumelles.

  15. lol

  16. At the risk of sounding like an idoit, can someone please explain the last one to me…?

  17. lol @David!

  18. The chick on the left is hotter.

    Also, I love shopping at ikea so I can cook up some real baby back ribs. I find the 9 pounders are pretty decent.

  19. I have got to agree, it has got to be the left one.

    Napalm mushrooms. Brilliant.

  20. Krazy Eyez Killa

    Girl on the right has nicer skin, but she loses out for having a garish bully button piercing.

  21. You make an excellent point krazy. I guess the only way to reall decide is to stick my dick in both of them and find out who I like more by the end of it. I may require trying them out on multiple occasions, different situations, together, individually. You can never go too far when you want to be 100% on who’s hotter in the end. Tough work, but someone (me) has to do. Trust me, I’m certified.

  22. nuff, as a woman, I should be offended by your comment, but instead, I’m quite turned on.

  23. nuffs pulled.

  24. I assure you bdie, it’s a completely legitimate practice. I make sure all applicants sign a waiver regarding the terms of the privacy policy so they can be filmed and given an in depth analysis over the course of the term. It’s serious business. I’m in the Better Business Bureau for having had excellent customer reviews and quality results.

  25. CommentsAtLarge

    Kudos to IKEA for their bags’ structural integrity – I’m with yourinevitabledemise on the parenting.

    Once we have nuff’s certified opinion, I’d be glad to give them both a run for the layman-everyday-joe-type opinion. Gotta represent the man on the street in this study after all. Beisdes, there is no other conclusive method of defining their hotness – they look the same except chick on the right is tan.

  26. nuff, where do I sign?

  27. Nuff, this sounds like a business that lives up to my high standards. You have my full support. When I next come across a group of beautiful women and I’m not sure which way to turn I will be sure to look you up for a more qualified opinion on which girl is the hottest.

  28. And Comments, I don’t care if you’re certified to practice. I know you’d be a great endorsement for the layman.

  29. am I dumb too for not understanding the last one?

  30. Comments, I would be glad to have you as a business partner in analysing women across the globe. Your opinion will broaden the target market and surely raise profits by a substantial amount. It shall be titled with your own name approriately, though I will be getting 30% of your earnings in the market for the first term and then 20% from then on out.

    word, you can sign up for the Gold Standard and be paired up with ee. Reviewing could take an indeterminate amount of time before I EVER make up my mind though.

  31. CommentsAtLarge

    Wordyperv, :) … a hearty endorsement is always yours for the taking.

  32. What kind of imbecile parents would do this to their child?!

  33. nuff, it would take you some time, that’s true, but you just may end up having to call it even, as while we’re different in many ways, we’re both equally, lovely, lovely ladies.

    Comments, you know I hold you in a special place.

  34. CommentsAtLarge


    Those terms seem fair, however would I end up the majority owner in the event of your untimely demise? If you are going to review Word and EE together, you might succumb to exhaustion and/or fatigue and I want to make sure that affair is in order first.

  35. Krazy Eyez Killa

    Hang on, which ever girl it was that wrote ‘bestttest’ and then a heart could swing it to the other. Make sure you ask them these things nuff.

  36. What’s this post about again?

    Oh right, a baby in a bag – for some reason, it’s not particularly offending me. I’ve become immune to the idiocy of the human race. What is happening to me?

  37. CommentsAtLarge

    Ditto Word ;)

  38. CommentsAtLarge

    RE: lack of offense to baby-in-a-bag; it’s fairly tame compared to the majority of things seen/discussed here Word, you’ve just been desensitized.

  39. I need someone to slap me around, and bring me back to reality.

    Comments, please oblige me of this request.

  40. @word
    Truer words could not have been said my dear word. It may be the one job that could never be finished and lead to an untimely demise before any guaranteed conclusion can be reached.

    Comments, in case of such an event, I will gladly have you carry on the business and try to give these two lovely women the quality service expected from this coorpoation. They are truly insatiable. Remember to use airplanes, boats, trains, cars, tents, clubs, showers, tire swings, lakes, beach, etc. There’s a lot of places testing must take place, as well as in different locations around the world.

  41. CommentsAtLarge


    Right then; I’ll increase the cardio and save up the travel expenses in case I need to step in.


    As you wish. ;)

  42. @commentsAtLarge … Their bags are just about the only thing they stock with structural integrity

  43. yourinevitabledemise

    sheesh – I said sheesh in my post. Are you talking to me?!? The way things go around here… it’s a legitimate question.

    Anyway, I just can’t see this light-hearted attempt at humor (I concede that this sort of thing is really only funny to the parents) being bulked in the same “bad parenting”, or as you put it, “imbecil[ic]” parenting category with abuse or neglect. That, picture number one, is just some over-exhausted people trying to give themselves a giggle while the child is perfectly safe. I really want to know how many people here and on FB commenting about how terrible that is actually have their own kids. And if they do, why they’re lying about having put their kids in a giant pot on the stove, or a big box and put the lid on it – just for a second!!

  44. @fringefail
    I don’t get it either.

  45. My question for those two girls wouldn’t be about their size, but rather “why are your shorts unbuttoned?” Seriously, is this some new fashion trend I’m unaware of?

  46. CommentsAtLarge


    So I’ve heard – don’t shop there because the closest one is like 45 min. away. I’m not driving that far for furniture I’ll have to assemble thanks.

  47. Em, they got tramp stamps on their back and the reason they have their shorts unbuttoned is symbolizing how easily you can get them out of’em. I’m talkin’ about the fact they don’t just want it now, they wanted it by yesterday… Annnddd it’s sexy. Unfortunately, I don’t have a desk to hide my boner under in situations like this.

  48. YID,

    Yes you might get a brief moment of mild hilarity out of putting the kid in a bag, but how are you going to feel if your kid ends up suffocating in another bag that accidentally got left out “for just a second”. You’d feel awful, and would only blame yourself, whether you were in the right or wrong.

    No it might not lead to anything like that, but why is it worth even taking a risk like that, when there’s already enough dangerous things that your kid can get into, without introducing them to something else dangerous for them to want to play with…

    So in answer to your question, yes it is irresponsible parenting to treat the one thing that should mean most to you into a plastic bag, just so that you can have a momentary giggle.

  49. MsBuzzkillington

    My cousin has had three kids and she has a great body. Not in a gross way or anything.

    But she is just tiny, flat stomach. Child birth really had no negative affect on her.

    Some people are just lucky.

  50. Oh come the fuck on. The world isn’t anywhere near as dangerous as the establishment wants you to believe. Next you’ll call for a ban on plastic bags “for the children.” There are over 4 million newborns in the US alone who manage NOT to catch “death-by-under-supervision-from-the-state” every day.

  51. yourinevitabledemise

    wow. uralldumb – dumb parenting is leaving a plastic bag out and stopping watching your kid, not putting your kid in one while holding it, taking him out, then throwing the bag into a recycling bin. it’s not a risk if you don’t make it a risk. so let me guess, you don’t have kids? a baby doesn’t just touch a bag then suffocate. it takes a lot of time, lots of choking and sputtering before any real damage is done. OH MY GOD LIGHTEN UP.

  52. yourinevitabledemise

    we all know our kids are most precious. it’s only the pretentious people who need every stranger on the internet to know about it that try to tell others off for their “misdeeds”. i say, if your kid makes it happy and healthy, you done your job.

  53. @closecall… ever feel like nobodys listening? :P

  54. @fringefail & @closecall Michael was making it all up. Heather took the bait and ran with it.

  55. I concur with these comments. Carry on.

  56. @the non thanks, I thought there was something deeper I was missing. phewph.

  57. Yes, clearly I’m just being pretentious. It has nothing to do with a true concern for children’s safety.

    It’s none of your business, but why would it matter if I was a parent or not? If one becomes a parent, does that mean they automatically know what’s best for their kids?

    No, there are plenty of dumb people who might do the same thing, and then accidentally leave the bag out (I don’t think a recycling bin is going to prevent an accident. You do). It can only helping to instigate an accident, rather than a parent’s job of helping to prevent it.

    And give me a break the Non. Im’ not talking about some fascist ban that you’re talking about; It’s about not taking unnecessary risks with a child that is too young to know what’s safe and what isn’t..

    No, it’s not that big of a deal, and I don’t know anything about your parenting skills to know if you’re actually smart enough to take care of a child, but taking such a careless attitude with your child’s well-being can be a slippery slope, and there’s absolutely no point in even doing it just for a few laughs..

  58. @ nuff: Don’t forget, you are going to need a Quality Assurance Representative. I can assure you with the massive amounts of porn that I have watched, I am more than qualified.

  59. yourinevitabledemise

    Oh yea I guess those parents that leave the recycling bin where the kid can dig into it are in trouble :P WHY do you put words in my fingertips? I never said I thought a recycling bin would prevent an accident, and of course it’s stupid to leave a plastic bag on the floor.

    By your standards an “unnecessary risk” includes bringing home a plastic shopping bag, from anywhere, ever. uh? And of course it’s pretentious because you ardently refuse to acknowledge that this isn’t necessarily a dangerous situation. You just keep repeating “it’s for the chiiiiildren”. You can keep a child safe AND bring home plastic bags, if you aren’t a complete idiot.

    If you WERE a parent, you would know that wasting precious energy on trying to prevent anything and everything will only result in an overly-anxious, anal retentive, exhausted parent – actually lending yourself to a mentality that could result in your being LESS careful, because you’re so fucking tired. No, one needs to maintain a sense of humor *balanced* by common freaking sense: somewhere between leaving a plastic bag on the floor willy-nilly and going all militaristic on the presence of a bag in the baby’s vicinity.

    Blah. I like coming to the internets to get away from uptight twats, not argue with them. So that’s it from me. My final point – live, laugh, love, and be safe.

    ALSO – pretentious meaning: characterized by assumption of dignity or importance; making an exaggerated outward show; ostentatious…

    And you saying: but how are you going to feel if your kid ends up suffocating in another bag that accidentally got left out “for just a second”. You’d feel awful, and would only blame yourself, whether you were in the right or wrong.

    What a sensationalist way to make someone who needs to take a break from their day possibly feel like major shit. You can NOT go around saying these things to people and not expect to be called out for being a complete asshole.

  60. @commentsAtLarge

    my closest is 10 minutes away, but I too, won’t drive that far for furniture I have to self assemble.

    on a side note, a friend of mine used to work there as a receptionist. even he doesn’t recommend crapkea furniture, but will recommend a tote bag … and he seems to love their flowery and ornamental merchandise … A LOT ! >.>

  61. Really, I thought pretentious mean I was pretending… Thank you for that clarification.

    I’m not trying to make you feel like shit, but you’re the one who went on a crusade to defend people who you really have no clue if they are responsible parents or not.

    I’m not saying that you should be an anal-retentive psycho parent (like the ones who sheltered one my good friends into a junkie), but my point is that’s it’s not funny, needless, and there’s absolutely no reason to defend it, when it could only stand to cause more harm than good.

    This is not being tired or having a sense of humor… It’s actively using your child as a needless gag for you to get a couple chuckles… You might disagree that it’s wrong, but that certainly doesn’t make it right, necessary, smart, responsible, etc.

  62. Sorry, I guess I should have just said “loooooooool, they put that ther baby in a plastic bag. LMAOOOOOOOOO”

  63. Parenting, Ikea: there about the same thing. You wait a long period of time for something you invested in because it looked nice in the catalogue/magazine/commercial, but then you discover it requires a lot of assembly and in the end leaves you in the poor house and wondering what you were thinking.

  64. Dear Lamebook,

    Can you please stop allowing the submission of pics of people doing stupid but funny shit with their babies? I’m sick of the “you’re a twat cos you find it funny” “no, YOU’RE a twat cos you don’t find it funny” arguments that rage ad nauseam.


    mwnci tal

  65. Agree 100% mwnci. I apologize to the lamebookers for having to read our lame argument… I should have just made fun of the 2 people who don’t get the last joke..

    Beware those napalm mushrooms. That’s how the Vietnam War got started.

  66. 1st picture – If you’re going to commit an act of child abuse, you might as well have the photo to prove it.

    2nd picture – Pretty stupid

    3rd picture – seems too staged.

  67. It goes without saying that to put a baby in a baggy is sheer stupidity. That’s why it’s on LameBook, no?

  68. @zaroz

    These are pretty lame pictures, man.

  69. @zaroz

    Yeah, I know.

  70. yeah don’t think the baby shit is particularly funny, which makes it pretty irrelevant whether the kid would/would not die.
    What’s the fucking point?..don’t put your baby in a bag, it’s not funny and it’s a little dangerous. Just read it a fucking story or something. You can have a laugh with kids without immersing them in plastic.

    I would totally bang both those chicks.
    But only if they asked nicely.

  71. @defectiveuser
    Sorry for the late reply, couldn’t miss my golf game with a few of the CEO’s from the porn industry. I could definitely use a Quality Assurance Representative, I expect nothing but the best for my customers and would love to send the videos to you for review. I really can’t risk the camera man getting a bad angle on the money shot for instance, so you will need to keep an eye out for things like that so I can fire their ass and hire someone more qualified. That, and who you enjoy wanking to more, that’s doubly important when watching the girls.

  72. yourinevitabledemise

    my only argument is that it’s not unsafe if you aren’t retarded. But I guess there’s no way of knowing, so yea, whatever.

  73. I just saw a baby being carried around in a plastic bag and thought ‘oh. the comment wasn’t that funny’. Lamebook’s desensitized me. It’s getting to the point where I might see somebody kicking a child in the street and start to think ‘what funny comment could I make to accompany this?’

  74. lol @britishhobo Lamebook’s desensitized us all my friend.

  75. *sigh*

    Wow, Word resorting to skanky, suggestive comments AGAIN. How predictable.

    ‘Look at me, I’m slutty tee hee, I must be really hot coz all the guys online are gagging for me.’

    You must not be getting any in real life honey, (I have a fair idea why not), to be so attention seeking on here.

  76. I don’t see any skanky or suggestive comments..
    You sure you’re on the right page, gobsmacked?

  77. PeanutButtercup

    This is just like high school. There are a couple of randoms having a random argument, some people *coughgobsmackedcough* are being offensive for no particular reason, the weird guy in the corner is talking to himself, but mostly people are just talking about sex…

  78. putting a child in a plastic bag is horrible! i am a mother of a wonderful 3 year old, fyi, and find this to be child endangerment. ya sure while the pic is being taken it’s not so bad. the parent is there if anything were to happen like the bag breaks or the baby gets some of the bag in his/her mouth…ya sounds like a pretty crappy joke huh?? why do something “funny” like this that could potentially put your child at risk?? also this baby could possibly remember the being in the bag (classical conditioning if not real remembrance as babies really have no memory) and see a bag somewhere while the parent is, for example, cooking dinner and crawl inside…5 min later the child has suffocated. why risk all this for some laughs?? also you never know when your kid is going to learn something new like walking for instance. a parent could think they have something out of harms way but suddenly the kid is walking and with his/her familiarity with plastic bags that creates ANOTHER danger..its just not intelligent! i didnt read all the comments on this bc i just got mad and signed up just so i could comment on this…but someone mentioned their friend being in a very sheltered home and it drove him to drug abuse???? thats the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. if he is an adult how about stop blaming the parents and take responsibility for your own stupidity?? blaming the parents only works if you are 12 and under. grow up people!! ughh!! and for the record i am not an over protective mother just a smart one who thinks ahead. it doesnt take a genius to realize this is just dumb.

  79. yourinevitabledemise- children have a mind of their own and ANYTHING can happen. the reason they have warning labels on stuff like this is usually bc it’s happened before. wow these people on here are freaking insane to think this is ok!! it literally makes me sick. all it takes is for a mother or father to turn their back for 5 minutes.

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