Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shouldn’t Have Asked…

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  1. That’s some effort to write all that. I bet Jenny T is only liking her comment aswell.

  2. Jenny needs to get a vibrator, a GED, or both.

  3. Glass slippers as crack pipes ?!?!?!
    I laughed @ Cinderfuckenella though!

  4. Holy Hell!!

  5. yikes…

  6. I stopped reading after the second or 3rd line. Is it funny in a lame sort of way?

  7. I think someone needs to bippity-boppity-boo Jenny out of the land of crazys!

    Sorry… couldn’t help my self. Jenny got that damn song stuck in my head.

  8. The first thing I thought was- “What a frugal use of punctuation”.
    But then I realised the problem might go deeper than that.

  9. Girl got issues

  10. Wow, isn’t there a character limit on FB? I know I’ve run into it before, and I’ve never typed a wall of text like that.

  11. The last 5 lines would sound sweet in an Eminem song.

  12. stopped reading after “all the little girls whom watch them…”. if you can’t use ‘whom’ properly in a sentence, i can’t see your argument.

  13. Well, at least Jenny T knows what the Caps Lock key is for. Jenny; keep looking! He’s still out there, looking for you! Just get your arse off FB, stop writing Epic Status’s and go get him!

  14. I have a feeling that Jenny T has been recently hurt by a man.

    It’s just a stab in the dark, though.

  15. Yep… I took a stab in her dark… She said it hurt

  16. Wow, Jenny has had some shitty luck it sounds like, but if she continues to have that attitude she’ll never land a decent man, because who wants to put up with hearing that garble over and over again? She’ll continue to land men just as hateful as she is.

  17. Slim, hope you didn’t stab her Ripe GudGud. That’s just nasty…

  18. I think Jenny would be happier with the Brother’s Grimm original version of Cinderella. lol The step sisters cut off parts of their feet to try to fit into the slippers and in the end pigeons peck out their eyes.

  19. I think Jenny T’s glass slippers broke under her weight and shredded her feet.

  20. Hahah. Whaaaat!

  21. Jenny’s correct, more or less. It’s pretty funny if you read it aloud and ramble like it’s written.

  22. haha! i like the part in the end about Prince Charming could be a girl. so if you’ve utterly failed at dating men, that means you’re a lesbian. Fail!

  23. All that remains is for Laura to reply “Jeez, Mom!”

  24. Ignored most of it because of the length, but yimmie is right, the last 5 lines are very Eminem worthy.

  25. Jenny T’s comment really gives me hope for the future of children’s movies.

    Tyler Perry and Pixar present, “Cinderfuckenella”

  26. Pixar? :)

  27. Jenny is 100% right. Ya hear that ladies? Life is nothing but disappointments anyway, so there’s no need to leave when I take my pants off.

  28. Hahahahahahhahaaha!

  29. Maybe Jenny would be happier watching Aladdin, I mean he was a good for nothing thief.

  30. The tag line is hilarious!

  31. The funniest part to me is that Jenny just assumes Disney came up with the whole Cinderella story themselves. That’s not uncommon – my best friend was surprised to learn that Winnie the Pooh existed before Disney did.

  32. ha!

  33. Now tell us how you really feel, Jenny.

  34. “girl your man in shining armor, aint nothin but a bitch pussy” hahahahahahahahahah!

    @yimmie and wordpervert – jenny has a long way to go to become as bitter as eminem, but yeah, I see your point

  35. too lond did not read

  36. Jenny: Blaming her shit choice in men on Disney since before people even cared enough to bother not giving a fuck.

  37. wow…..

  38. Jenny uses way too many periods in her ellipsis. That’s a little ironic, considering the rest of her diatribe.

    I also wonder if she’s aware that The Little Mermaid existed before Disney as well…

  39. Looks like Jenny needs to up her medication. I’ve never seen someone so hostile over Disney Movies.

  40. Our Jenny’s a keeper alright. Bless.

  41. Do you reckon she was attacked by a Disney-themed Furry?

  42. Geez, it’s just a freaking cartoon…

  43. It appears Jenny has an issue or two

  44. Omg i cant believe i read all of that, it was biggest waste of 5 minutes going, though i must admit she feels really strongly about it and seriously needs a fucking spell check

  45. Jenny from the block is pissed. Men watch your little pumpkin head. Bitch is making pie!

  46. Ahem. The technical term for a word such as “Cinderfuckenella” is an insertion. Huh huh, insertion. Thank you.

  47. Chewbacca shagger

    Sounds like Jenny got “passed around” at Disney world by the seven dwarves.
    Bitter, bitter piece of gear.

  48. I see where she’s gotten confused. The Ugly Sisters didn’t get a perfect prince, did they?

    I’m sorry Jenny T :( I sold us both out for a cheap joke.
    I guess she’s right. All us men are scum :(

  49. Kyle M took the words right out of my mouth…

  50. whoa O.o

  51. $10 says Jennys fat… Just saying..

  52. damn tl;dr

  53. hahaha i just noticed lamedownunder’s comment… yeah i bet she’s fat.

  54. Hey, Jenny: obsess much??

  55. Haha I bet Laura regrets her slightly witty post..

    I am so going to go home after work and try to rap this) ;)

  56. @Jenny T:

    Chill your bush, woman.

  57. someone has probably already mentioned this but i’m too damn lazy to go back and read all the comments but:

    I know this is besides the point but um, Jenny, Disney didn’t write the Cinderella story. That story was around at least a hundred years or more before Walt Disney was even born….but way to rant about a fictional shoe.

  58. wow…just…wow.
    way to freak out over someones silly comment about a shoe. that jenny needs to take a whole damn bottle of chill pills

  59. Jenny has given that question a little too much consideration.. I think she has sat on that for a while.

  60. Three words into her comment, I knew it wasn’t worth reading. Disney didn’t write every single fairytale, girl.

  61. I’m wondering if it’s a ‘big-ass tease’ or a ‘big ass-tease’ for little girls… Er, that sentence looks worse in text than in my brain.

  62. Jenny had a sheltered childhood…

  63. The mother of all TLDRs

  64. lol

  65. C. Proseedcake KSC

    Jenny T. is my hero for caring so much. No one can accuse her of apathy at least.

  66. Lmfao!
    Bitter much?

  67. Okey dokey then

  68. Man will she be pissed when she finds out the original Ariel killed herself…

  69. @alproshazam Good call! i nearly spatt out a lung laughing when I read your post.

    btw. I wonder if she still bears a grudge for bambi’s mother?

  70. Oh, Jenny. Her angry, black heart is in the right place, sort of. I’m about to marry my prince charming however, and he’s a stand up kind of guy, so she can go fuck herself.

  71. Wow. Just wow. Somebody needs to visit some nice men in white lab coats…..


  73. I’m so glad I just read that.

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