Friday, October 23, 2009

She’s Just Not That Into Yooh



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  1. This isn’t so much lame as mildly heartbreaking.

  2. Urgh I had an ex like this recently, sooo not the way to get someone back

  3. agreed. Dean, “Yooh” deserve better.

  4. I felt sorry for him until “im sorry that i like you k” at the end there. “I’m SO SORRY that I have SO MUCH LOVE and you’re SUCH A BITCH.”

  5. Although what is lame, and also annoys me – YOOH is substantially more difficult and time consuming to write than YOU.

    When did slang lose its purpose?

  6. looks like ‘LOL’ is a coma nowdays.

  7. What the fuck is wrong with the youth of today?

  8. I think what’s lamer is the fact that lamebook had to put a note at the top of the page stating they’re not cockfaces…hahahahahah

  9. Are people really christened “Deano”?

  10. @9
    It’s like Dean but more italiano?;)

  11. Remember (probably you do not, I’m showing my age here) the good old days, pre-internet, pre-mobile-phones, when you split up with someone and that was just it, you stayed split up, and about the worst thing that was likely to happen was that you’d run into them in a bar randomly some night (or conversely, you’d drunkenly phone their landline telephone from a payphone at around 3 am after staggering out of a bar)?

    Pass my pipe and slippers please.

  12. Or spell “omg i miz u sooo much” in stones on the sand outside the window of her coastline cottage.

  13. She LOL seems LOL like LOL a LOL really LOL fun LOL person.

  14. Or turn up at the door with a bunch of roses to discover your ex is in the process of getting royally knobbed by someone else, and then have to be dragged away by the police, but luckily in the absence of a Facebook to embarrass yourself all over you’d just drink a bottle of cheap brandy, smash a mirror or some other fixture and finally throw up into your own shoes and pass out.

    Uh, speaking hypothetically, of course.

  15. I knew someone like Deano – but even when I gave that reason in the end like Monique did in capitals, he still asked my why I didn’t have feelings for him anymore – it went on and on and on…

  16. That guy should put a nail bomb out side her house. I learned how to make those in Ireland.

  17. “growing on you” what?… like a fungus?

  18. There’s no way I could maintain even a Facebook friendship with someone who writes “Yooh”.

  19. Young people today have a whole new world of opportunities to have their fragile hearts crushed in public. Text, msn, facebook…all new ways to humiliate yourself when drunk/heartbroken/horny.

  20. puts her arm around silent koala and they weep together

  21. HE IS SO LAME! And i never understand why ppl share their all life on FB! couldnt they do it using private msging? y y y ? ? ? ?
    and she’s not a bitch, im sorry .she’s retarded for using “yooh” but she just doesnt want him. get over it!

  22. Ugh that was painful. Homeboy needs to take a hint. Yooh know what I mean?

  23. @Tommy: I wasn’t calling her a bitch, I was reading in his last comment an implication that she is a bitch. I don’t think she is at all. He just seemed really accusatory.

  24. @ Tommy

    Yooh spelt ‘why’ wrong

  25. How many fucking times does he have to ask?? Does he think with each subsequent try that his chances increase?? Deano is a dipshit.

  26. Oh please… Cry me a fucking river!
    Deano is throwing a ‘pity party’ and EVERYONE is invited.

  27. Why does she capitalize the first letter of every word for the first few posts? Poor desperate Deano…

  28. @EducatedGuess what about

  29. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! *BREATHE BREATHE* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Ah god, this is good shit… I love the pathetic people, they make life so worthwhile. :-)

  30. The way Deano was hoping the conversation progressed:

    Deano: Why can’t we be together anymore?
    Monique: Because I Don’t Have Those Feelings For Yooh Anymore
    Deano: But why don’t you?
    Monique: Because I Just Don’t!
    Deano: But why?
    Monique: Because They Are Gone There Is No Other Reason
    Deano: There has to be a reason please just tell me k?
    Deano: Why did you put it in capitals im sorry that i like you k
    Monique: I Put It All In Capitals Because I Secretly Love Yooh. Cmere Papa Bear!

  31. Wow, typing with the first letter capitalized is a huge pain in the ass. I guess I would get yoohsed to it, but I can’t imagine it would ever be easy/natural to do.

  32. this is actually kind of depressing.

  33. Why the hell does she capitalise every damn word in her status. I…just kill me.

  34. Isn’t it spelled capitalize?

  35. the “why did you put it in capitals?” question is actually pretty fucking hilarious, it really speaks of the volume of Deano’s stupidity haha

  36. Yooh guyz need to stob being so hard on Deano lol.

  37. Boz –

    English people spell it ‘ise’, only Americans use ‘ize’.

  38. If you aren’t down with America then you need to get out of here.

  39. I am currently trying to get out of a relationship with a similar guy.
    “But I just need a reason, what did I do?”
    “The feelings are gone”
    “But why? You need to give me a reason, is it because I blablabla” “No, nothing you did, I just don’t have feelings for you anymore” “But Why? I won’t leave until you tell me why”


  40. @Lizzle

    Americans are awesome, don’t you agree? James Vanderbeek is American… I rest my case!

  41. I Keep Reading His Name As “Drano.” And I Hate When People Type An Entire Paragraph In Title Case.


    Facebook: The new spot to make relationship problems public.

  43. I’m glad to see that fewer idiots are using the “@” sign here, since this isn’t Twitter, and the “@” sign doesn’t do anything here. Too bad there are still a few with their heads up their asses, but it’s definitely an improvement.

  44. @ @@@@@@@@@


  45. @43

    Would you rather us address individuals comments as a letter?? Perhaps like,

    “To #43:
    From: #44

    Go fuck yourself”?

  46. @ @@@@@@@@@@@@

    Get off your high horse. Whether or not fewer people are using the “@” symbol has nothing to do with you. Maybe fewer people have posted things that need referenced.

    “@” for lamebook is being used as the actual symbol. It’s the “at” symbol. I’m currently posting this in response to your post and it’s being direct AT you.

    Why don’t you instead go troll the Twitter realm and tell them that they’re idiots for choosing the “@” symbol in the first place, since it means something different than what they’re actually using it for.

  47. to those of you trying to spell capitalize/capitalise. BOTH WAYS ARE ACCEPTABLE! Americans differentiated themselves from Britain during confederation by changing the spelling of many word in the English language. For example, Americans spell “color” and the rest of the world spells “colour”, because no one else felt the need to differentiate themselves from the original British spelling. This is also why America is such a powerful country today, always seeking to be better and different than everyone else. SO! Before you all go calling people out on their spelling, learn some damn history.

  48. to correct myself:
    spelling of many word in the English
    “word” should actually be words.

  49. @@@@@@@@@
    Comment #43, Douche Lane

    Dear @@@@@@@@@,

    It was so good to hear from you! Everything’s fine with me, thanks for asking! May I suggest you eat a dick?


  50. @ Boz- cause I’m Australian and that’s the way we spell it.

    @ @@@@@@@@- get the fuck over yourself. You are not an officianado of symbols and their appropriate usage. You are just an uptight, pretentious git. I don’t even use twitter but using the @ symbol here grabs the attention of the person you’re replying to as it differentiates itself from regular text.

  51. @Erika,

    er….Did I say ANYTHING negative about America?! No – someone accused someone else of spelling ‘capitalise’ wrong, I simply pointed out that Americans and British spell it differently. No one said ANYTHING insulting.

    Get off your fucking high horse.

  52. Erika, re: “the spelling of many word” vs. “spelling of many words”: both usages can be correct depending on whether or not you are taking part in a Lone Ranger radio-drama or not.

  53. so much hatred in these comments.

  54. @ 47 : Some countries even have their own special made-up words for “colour”, but they’re probably not even proper countries anyway.

  55. @hill Billy

    did you expect anything else?

  56. AGH I can’t stand people who “love” with only feelings and no reason at all, then when they are dumped, all they want is a “reason”. These are the people who say, “I don’t know why I love you so much, I just do. There’s no reason to it, you’re just amazing.” And then when they’re dumped they flip and demand a “reason” for the other person losing interest. If a person can fall in love with no reason, she can fall out of love with no reason.

  57. @ Silent Koala: So true.

  58. Hey Monique LOL Yooh Need To Take A Long Walk LOL Off A Short Pier LOL Fuck YOOH! LOL!

  59. @ Mary – that’s a good point. Maybe the solution to #39′s problem is right there…

  60. Where in God’s name do people learn to capitalize the first letter of every word in a sentence? I understand NOT using capitalization as an “I’m feeling lazy” kind of typing, but why would you put in MORE effort in being grammatically incorrect?

    Also, LOL at “why did you put in in capitals”. Poor guy.

  61. Can I read something on here just once without seeing some douchebag comment from Boz? We’re all so impressed with your Columbine attitude. Do you wear a trench-coat all year and listen to angry metal music?

  62. dan-

    Many Of Those Are Fake Boz’s. Just Ignore Them.

    And J, yeah, that kind of typing is a total PIA. I don’t understand it either.

  63. feel sorry for “yooh” Deano.

    why o why must people capitalize every letter?

  64. Good to see proper grammar and correct spelling is in full use… These two are clearly meant for each other!

  65. I hate when people can’t use “u” and “yooh” correctly. It really grinds my gears.

  66. I’d just like to say:



  67. I thought that would wrap. Sorry for f@cking the page up.

  68. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

    Also, these two retards need to be sterilised.

  69. Soulja Boy Tell 'Em

    Now watch me YOOOOOOOOH.

  70. this site is so angry, it makes my day. eveyrone hate each other so much.

  71. @@@@@@@Snip!

    NICE JOB!!!! haha

  72. Poor little Beano….that gaseous, gaseous little man. :(

    Oh, I mean…Deano…eh…whatever.

  73. I like these slow-motion car crashes.

  74. God Damn Women Typing Everything In Capitals!!
    Why would you ever do that. It’s more work, stupid, lame, and it makes you look dumb.

  75. @@@@@@@@

    you’re a douche bag!
    go play in traffic!


    @@@@@@@@@ is what we in the business call a “troll”. This means that the only reason he posts is to get negative feedback. This makes his penis harder. The more you post against it, the harder it gets. This is because he isn’t getting enough attention/love in his real life.

    Leave him alone.

  77. Erika #47

    Nobody visits this site for an American History lesson from you. Get over yourself.

    You are a Douchebaguette, and I don’t care how you spell it !

  78. Poor Deano. He did try to text her privately first, but she pretended she didn’t get it! What a bitch!

    Also, Erika, fuck off with this bullshit:

    This is also why America is such a powerful country today, always seeking to be better and different than everyone else.

    Changing the spelling of English words does NOT make America great. English was not standardised in the 18th century.

  79. Didn’t anybody else notice that Deano was the one that did the dumping in this relationship? She keeps saying “You hurt me” (or an approximation in whatever the hell language she is writing) and he says “I really do like you more than I thought” in his Martian-speak.

    So, what most likely happened is he dumped her for some other girl, but that didn’t work out so now he wants Monique back.

  80. Erika #47

    Mis-spelling a few words didn’t make America powerful. Making off with Yamashita’s Gold made America powerful.

    History lesson for you there …

  81. @ pepijn

    WHY start being a sexist twat about it?

  82. Thanks Goldenfry, you beat me to it. I think Erika was just trying to provoke a response, but still it annoys me when people present their opinions as fact.

    English was not standardised, as you said, and also ironically, some older English words and phrases have fared better in America. For example, Shakespeare was quite happy to describe this season as “fall”, a term which has been preserved in America over the intervening centuries, but has since fallen out of use in Britain where we now say “autumn”.

    As for Deano and Monique… Oh dear. I feel sorry for both of them, but mostly I just want Deano to shut up.

  83. She’s really annoying with her “yooh”.

  84. @ FairyNuff

    WHY Compare Me To A Vagina When You Think They’re So Holy?
    Women like Peggy Hill type in all capitals because it’s an outlet for their self-importance.

  85. She’s an idiot for writing in the way she does. But he’s a dick and should get the hell over her.

  86. Being Australian, I can just tell these guys are from here. We add an O to the end of everyones name..

    It’s a term of endearment.. You’re not a true Aussie unless you have had O added to the end of your name

  87. She should have replied to his text pleas

  88. OK if Texting him didn’t go through PICK UP THE FUCKING PHONE! Why do people live their entire lives through letters on a monitor instead of talking like a normal human beings?

    They would rather embarrass themselves like this then simply pick up the phone, hash it out and hang up.

    Pathetic. And I mean they BOTH are. No man should ever type the word “Yooh”

  89. Reverse the sexes in my comment above. I seriously thought Deano was a girl. My bad. The insane retard levels of this entry actually turned me stupid for a spell.

  90. okay, i think 90% of you need a fucking beer. chill out.

  91. @JJ . . . or we add an ‘a’ to people’s names – especially girls’ names – like Monique might occasionally answer to ‘Mozza’. Shannon/Sharron – ‘Shazza’ etc.

    Just a little extra edification:)

  92. Erika has it all wrong. American spelling is actually very old English and was NOT changed by Americans.

    Boz: I sure hope that was the false Boz telling people that only Americans should visit this site. It’s called the WOLRD WIDE web, okay?

    By the fuck!!!


  93. An obvious idiot wrote:

    Why don’t you instead go troll the Twitter realm and tell them that they’re idiots for choosing the “@” symbol in the first place, since it means something different than what they’re actually using it for.

    On Twitter, the @ sign actually does something. The system sees the @ sign and causes the message to go directly to the intended recipient. It actually has a purpose there.

    It has no purpose here. You’re only using it because you think it looks cool. It doesn’t. It makes you look stupid.

  94. @Spanky
    Yooh funny.

  95. …Yooooooh!

  96. @JJ and Chaiman Mao – I agree, definitely Australian. And to narrow it down even further, Jupiters and the rockpool? These morons have got to be from Townsville (not-so-affectionately known by some locals as “Boganville”).

  97. @96

    HAHAHA yeah Nellie, definitely Townsville. I’m glad the retards of our terrible city get their moment too :)

  98. Hey @@@@@@@@@@@@@, It may not have a function on this site, but it’s an effective way of communicating the fact that you are directing a comment towards someone. I don’t think anyone is using it to try to ‘look cool’, it’s just a short way of saying who you are directing your comment to.

  99. I’ve seen the unblurred version of this and added Deano to facebook. He keeps asking who I am, I finally responded this morning with a ;)

    fuck i love facebook.

  100. 100th!

  101. it’s amazing that yuu can still use a computer at 100 lol

  102. uh 37, Boz, uhuh, you said “hard-on” huhuh.

  103. I hate yooh and lol

  104. @Martin

    That was so awesome and so true. LOLs are comas. stupid people

  105. witness signature

    It amazes me how many of the “comments” sections deteriorate into arguments about spelling and grammar. I GET IT—most of you know proper spelling and sentence structure. GOOD for you. Now shut up about it, okay? No one is going to be putting a little gold star on your report card for it. More humor, less completely un-funny and often silly and violent debates about what we did or did not learn in English clas, please. It’s BORING.

  106. witness signature

    And I see I left an “s” off the end of the word “class”. *sigh* Let the ridiculous flaming begin.

  107. Crocks? Rock Pool? Jupiters?

    Dear God, these people live in my town. Now I am depressed.

  108. This sounds so much like my ex, and I know how scary it is to be in Monique’s situation… And really NOT the way to go about getting someone back…

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