Thursday, March 25, 2010

She’s a Juggalo… Dill with It.

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  1. what in the…

  2. Lyssa was an insane clown before she ever heard of that band, so the transition to a “juggalo” was natural for her.

  3. I’m embarrassed that I know this, but if she were really as “down” as she says she is, she’d know females aren’t juggalos, they’re juggalettes.

  4. I don’t think anyone needs to buy her stupid. She seems to have enough already.

  5. dancesforcookies

    “Dill with it”… I wonder what other herbs can be added to a whole bunch of stupid?

  6. Prowed- wow, that’s a new one. Turn off the caps lock knob gobbler!

  7. mmmm….Dill pickles. Yummy.

  8. She needs to grow a pear.

  9. Wow. I am completely shocked that there is an ICP fan that cannot spell or use proper punctuation.

  10. Twould seem Lyssa does not have enough education to do anything more than be a “juggalo insane clown for life”. I wonder if that comes with a retirement plan?

  11. Shes a chick so that would make her a juggalette. I’m glad that, even though I liked ICP when I was younger, I was NEVER as retarded as people like her.

  12. Their retirement package is death by the age of 25 from huffing spray paint fumes.

  13. lol @ RingingInMyHead

  14. Lyssa: is that Hooked on Phonics or Hooked on Ebonics?

  15. Maybe Sally can get her dictionary as an “I’m sorry” gift..

  16. oh, there’s a girl with some pride! a’haha

  17. lol @ sukmyboomstik
    btw….yr nick makes me think of a typo under “A match made in Heaven”…..go see ;)

  18. lol

  19. ICP was good when I was like 16. Time to grow up

  20. I wonder is Sally is Lyssa’s other personality, you know, the one tha is not a ICP persona. Lyssa>Sally , almost the same letters and all.

  21. I wonder is Sally is Lyssa’s other personality, you know, the one that is not an ICP persona. Lyssa>Sally , almost the same letters and all.

    Can we please have the ability to edit our own posts, that way I I don’t seem as stupid..please.

  22. I had to do a WHOLE lot of research to know what ANY of that was about…………

  23. I’m embarrassed that I thought the exact same thing ambachan did

  24. Sounds as if somebody needs to Fuck out her anger.

    “Dill with it” That’s funny.

  25. LOL SeeBea. Does anyone still have that guys name, maybe we can hook them up.

  26. I think she left her dildo stuffed too far up her a$$, she should dill with that.

  27. Can I please hire her for my little sister’s birthday party?

  28. Judging by her myspace pics, I think she would be very beautiful if she took off that clown face. Jussayin. But yeah, I used to be friends with some juggalos and lettes… they’re just psychotic people. lol

  29. ICP. I can’t dill with it.

    Also, Juggalo story: There is a dude in my upper-level college philosophy class who wears an ICP hoodie AND ICP pants every day. EVERY DAY. The same clothes (unless he has a closet full of the same sweatshirt and pants). He’s obviously a smart person, having gotten into college and moved that far in the philosophy department, but the Juggalo gear throws me off. I’m wondering if he’s doing a social experiment or something.

  30. #26, thanks! That’s entertainment.

    Most recent friend post from her Myspace:

    “HEY how are you i just got outa jail i got 5yr probation on agg asult with deadly weapon cant fuck up or i catch a 20 pc”

    Livin’ life as a juggalo ain’t easy, ya’ll!

  31. I had never heard of ICP before. I have just spent like an hour googling them. This is literally the worst music I have ever heard with the worst followers I have ever seen. I kind of hate lamebook for revealing them to me.

  32. This reminds me of the total freak on Snog, Marry, Avoid lastnight, not Jenny Frost obv. (mmmm Jenny Frost)

    how teh hell do these people get jobs? or do they just sponge of us???

  33. @j1010 – I feel for ya that you have this unwanted knowledge. ICP is fairly ridiculous, and their fans are pretty…shall we say…’protective’ of the juggalo/ette image…. even after all these years.
    I saw them at a festival in Austin in the late 90′s and the only thing worth mentioning about their performance was the GIGANTIC supersoaker on stage which they used to completely soak the entire audience with cheap*ss root beer. Not so awesome.

  34. This calls for an Epic Reading

  35. This is the second time I’ve had a moment of sheer fucking terror that my fiancee had a secret Facebook account that’s appeared on Lamebook.
    Last time it was a crazy, incredibly-pissed off whore who was advertising her body on Facebook, this time it’s a mental clown.

    Geez, Lamebook. You gotta stop scaring me like this.

  36. Lyssa once had a child. When the doctor pulled him out, he was quoted as saying, “Wait, that’s her? Jesus Christ! Hey Doc, if I lay perfectly still can you just play along?”

    And that kid was committed to the lie:

  37. Also I googled ICP and now I really wish I hadn’t.

    Thanks a lot, Lamebook :p

  38. Thanks for the invitation Lyssa.
    I SO wish I could poke you… in the eyes.
    Crazy clown faced cow.

  39. This person scares the shit out of me.

  40. ThinkingInPictures

    Technically, she could indeed be “prowed.” However, that would require her to know old English, or at least be able to read read…Oh, and she’d also have to be a ship.

  41. Oh, sweetbabyjehsus… I wish I had this link handy…

    Anyhow, there is a video out in the internetz somewhere that shows about 7 or 8 juggalettes moshing at an outdoor concert.

    It is one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life. One of them is about 400 lbs, all 7 dressed in equally terrible distressing outfits. It reminds my of Disney’s Fantasia: the scene where all the hippos are doing ballet. Except for ballet, these hippos are jiggling and losing their few remaining brain cells.

  42. ThinkingInPictures

    Read read? Hmm, I’m type happy today.

  43. and people wonder why i’m ashamed to call myself a juggalo…

  44. I hate ICP more than anything in the world. I’m sick of their stupid face paint, their stupid fucking Faygo, the fact that 99% of them are stupid fucking wiggers I don’t care that you are DOWN WID DA CLOWN you are all fat and worthless. It’s not 1996 any fucking more so can we please for the love of christ move the fuck on.


  45. @Katypants – this one?

  46. I’ve never ever heard of ICP or ‘juggalos’ before… is this a big thing in America? :S

  47. if she had 1/10th of the passion that she has for being a “juggalo” as she does for learning proper english and/or spelling…. then we’d be good to go.

    also, LOL @#5, perhaps some cinnamon just for a bit of spice?

  48. BritishHobo… do yourself a favor and DO NOT LOOK THEM UP ON YOUTUBE. You’ll probably have a brain aneurysm due to the fact that you have luckily never been exposed to them before.

  49. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    yeah hobo I think its an American thing. I’m still a bit surprised that no one has mentioned their crappy movies yet.

  50. britishhobo- i’m from america and i’ve never heard of this before. maybe it’s in certain parts of the states?? i’m afraid to google it after the other posts from people who looked it up. i’m not sure i wanna know.

  51. maybe the ‘juggalo’ paint symbolizes the fact that she doesnt mind white crap all over her face.

  52. oh crap. i couldn’t help myself. i googled it. i do remember this shit from the 90′s but i never listened to it. i had no idea they were still around. they weren’t popular in my area… thank god.

  53. Fuck me! is it really possible that a 20 year old has so many dead friends (I’m hoping they are pets)? what’s happening in the US!!

  54. There are a lot of definitions at urbandictionary of Juggalo…

    A group of horribly misguided whiggers who worship Psychopathic records and the originators of this putrid label- The Insane Clown Posse (also known as the “Insane Clown Pussies” or simply as “the fags”). Members often claim to be misunderstood and through this misunderstanding find reconciliation and commonality in the “Dark carnival.” This carnival is a theme often used on Insane Clown Posse’s records. In truth however, the main attraction for Juggalos is the disasterously awful and depraved music itself, which consists mainly of songs featuring such uplifting and profound subjects as: decapitation, stabbing, beating and of course killing. Traditions within this sect include: the dawning of evil clown makeup, spraying bottles of soda pop called “Faygo,” on other members, styling their hair in a manner best suited for circus chimps, attacking smaller or unarmed people with hatchets and knives, eating human fecal matter, shouting whoop whoop as a bozo rallying cry. Directionless, often drug addicted, many Juggalos experience a shift in priority as they reach an older age. This is most often triggered by a realization that they have spent a great deal of time and effort supporting the lowest dreggs of society and in doing so becoming not renegades, but in fact the systems version of a virtual jail house sissy.

  55. i rememeber icp… an average rap group with a gimmick… yippie

  56. I hate to be the pansy here, but posted contact information like that could potentially get lamebook in trouble if it’s reported.

  57. -shrug- Just saying.

  58. I agree with ambachan, I’m all for mocking people mercilessly on LB, after all that’s the whole point of the site. Going out and trying to pierce the veil of pseudo-anonymity and finding out who they really are is crossing the line, though.

  59. Meh. In my opinon is they already cut through the veil of anonymity when they put all this shit on the internet. I may have crossed some sort of line posting her myspace, but really, it’s a public myspace so she clearly doens’t care about her anonymity. You don’t have to click the link, though. Plus, she’s a Juggalo man, she doesn’t give a shit, dill with it.

  60. @shellb – Yes, yes, yes. That is the one! Oh dear. And it’s still just as bad the second time. Woof.

    How it is (to come degree) still popular, I will never understand.

  61. *(to some degree)

  62. figpoo,

    Do I really have to go through this all again?
    No one would be looking for this stupid bitch if you hadn’t put the link up there.
    Let’s keep our derision of these people in the lamebook house, all nice and anonymous ok.

    Now please excuse me, I’m not feeling the best, I have to go and throw up.

  63. I think “Just dill with it” Will be my new saying… Also, I wonder what “stupid” thing she wants someone to “buy” for her.

  64. You think this girl is bad? Check out these JUGGALOS

  65. Christina.Willemina

    stlooney – That’s the most messed up thing I have ever seen.

  66. @ Christina – I second that.

  67. Do you know what happens to Juggalos up here? They get decapitated on Greyhound buses..

  68. I don’t like the whole ‘tracing people from Lamebook and continung this’ thing. Just them appearing on the site and being (overdramatically) anonymously mocked by us is enough. We all know what happened last time someone got hold of contact deals. Everything got waaaaaaaaaay out of hand.

  69. I wouldn’t be so “prowed” if I was her

  70. lol fig, while what you said may be true, look at it like this. If someone put a box on your dining room table, and said “You don’t have to open this.” What would you do? Leave it sitting there while everyone else in the room is peeking at it and talking about it’s contents?

  71. Brit, what happened last time? I think I missed it.


  73. CommentsAtLarge

    Wait, wait – these people still exist?? Oh my Jesus, all this time I thought ICP was a flash-in-the-pan 90′s thing. I’m not sure how I’ll dill with this…

  74. Look, I don’t know who or what ICP is in this world, but in my world it’s intra cranial pressure.

  75. CommentsAtLarge

    ICP = Insane Clown Posse; you’re better off with intra cranial pressure.

  76. come to my world then… icp is intense cun+ plowing there

  77. @word
    That’s actually not too far off from what the listener experiences!

  78. I love this from her myspace page:

    Avenged Sevenfold
    Archaic 3
    Devin The Dude
    As I Lay Dying
    Shadows Fall
    CoffEE Brothaz
    DJ Screw
    System Of A Down(old)
    Coal Chamber
    Ill Nino
    Killswitch Engaged
    Lamb Of God
    Rob Zombie
    Smile Empty Soul
    Puddle Of Mudd
    Black Sabbath
    Children Of Bodom
    Bury Your Dead
    Michael Buble
    Street Military
    First Blood
    Led Zeppelin
    It Dies Today(old)
    Stick to Your Guns
    School Girl Knife Fight
    The Unseen
    Steve Miller Band
    The Black Dahlia Murder
    Rascal Flats
    Dead Minded
    Leftover Crack
    Through The Eyes Of The Dead
    Despised Icon
    All Shall Perish
    See You Next Tuesday
    The Red Chord

  79. Silly Mama, listen to me, I’m feeling sick, got a day off work, and I’m concerned my weekend away of culture appreciation and drinking is going to be ruined by my current stomach ailment.
    So please don’t make my nausea worse by showing me you’re another one of these stalker idiots that pop up here time and again.
    Mercy please, I beg of you.

  80. @Silly Mama
    That was so unnecessary. The f*cking link to her page has already been posted, let everyone else Sherlock it for themselves.

  81. Sorry! I didn’t realize I was doing anything wrong since someone had already posted the link. I was just pointing out something funny that y’all may have missed. I’ll go back to my hiding spot now. *hangs head while shuffling away*

  82. You have to give ICP credit, though. Don’t get me wrong, I hate their “music”. But they’re a RAPPING CLOWN DUO. That they’ve gotten anywhere at all is suprising in itself.

    That being said, this girl is fucking stupid.

  83. Awww, Silly Mama, if you didn’t know, then you didn’t know. It’s a fine line.

  84. pearls-before-swine

    I’m embarrassed by how hard I laughed at “I’m prowed”.

  85. I hate clowns

  86. This made me laugh and I had to share…I did Wiki research on this Juggalo thing and it came up with this…

    Several well known figures have identified as Juggalos. These include actor Kane Hodder,professional wrestlers Kazushige Nosawa and Vampiro,and rappers Chuck D,Kung Fu Vampire,MURS, and Vanilla Ice.

    Vanilla Ice…that’s gotta give the whole Juggalo thing some credibility

  87. @fig agree, no one is forcing anyone to click the link, i did and found it quite amusing.

    @Silly mama nice find, i honestly am not sure what is worse, ICP or Buble… tough one.

  88. I just went through some of her photos an realized that in some of them she is in my hometown… I thought I grew up in a nice neighborhood :(

  89. Oh, dear. I’m glad that I know nothing about this crazy corner of the world! God bless Australia, right

    I do love, however, how she says, “I am prowed of who I am.. a f*cking c*nt a b*tch an mutha f*cking insane clown.” hahahaha.

    Such class.

  90. When I was a child, clowns scared the shit out of me. I later got over that fear when I realized that they are just queers. Anybody who prances around and wears makeup in public has to be right? But now that I have seen this, I am afraid of clowns again. Not to mention I am on the verge of throwing up. I love the fact that every curse word was spelled correctly aside from one, but she couldn’t even get proud right. That is a new one on me…prowed? I can’t help but to laugh at that one. I just pray that this woman cannot reproduce.

    Oh and so we are clear and I don’t have to get on here again to defend myself. I am not gay bashing, nor would I. I have gay friends and respect them for who they are. It’s just not my cup of tea. So before I have any activist jump down throat, please look in a dictionary and get the FULL definition of the word queer. ;)

  91. @mrsjcash, where did you get that she was Australian? We have a saying down under – “only in America” – don’t drag us into this!

  92. Yeah, only in America, I love every second of it too!

  93. @ambachan
    //Brit, what happened last time? I think I missed it.

    Someone needed to f*ck her anger out.

  94. @stlooney I take back what I said earlier- I really hate lamebook right now. I would be ten times happier if I did not know these things existed – is a whole new low.

  95. Lyssa is a bit of a pickle, isn’t she?

  96. @ j1010: Just call me curious. How is that link related to lamebook?

  97. @UseTheShiftKey, I was saying that I’m grateful I know nothing of this, so God bless Australia.

    Perhaps when reading my post it would come in handy to know that I am Australian. :) Sorry for the confusion!

  98. Oh, just realised my #90 post uses “an” instead of “a”. Maybe I should proof-read…

  99. that myspace link that was posted is not the same girl as the original person from facebook.

  100. Ah, Juggalos. Also known as “the people too ugly to make it as Goths”.

  101. Is there such thing as a juggalo that isn’t overweight?

  102. The weird thing about ICP is, they claim they are Christians and used their music to relate to people. They made albums that were joker’s cards or something. On the last album in a song called, Unveiling they say that Juggalos are Christians, The clown is god, and the carnival is heaven.

    The Dark Carnival acts as a way to remind people of the repercussions of their individual actions “in a language that today’s world will understand and listen to.”[1][13] It denounces actions that members Bruce and Joseph Utsler stand against, including pedophilia, racism, bigotry, domestic violence, and sexual abuse.[13][14] The themes of the Dark Carnival focus on death, morality, heaven, and hell.[2]

    According to Bruce, the reason that Insane Clown Posse’s lyrics featured profanity and references to violence and sex was because “That’s the stuff that people are talking about on the streets. [...] You have to interest them, gain their trust, talk to them and show you’re one of them. You’re a person from the street and speak of your experiences. Then at the end you can tell them God has helped me out like this and it might transfer over instead of just come straight out and just speak straight out of religion.”[15]

    Bruce also states that “The ending of the Joker Cards, the way we looked at it, was death. Heaven and hell. That’s up to each and every juggalo [to decide]. We’re not an ultra religious group. I don’t go to church or anything. I like to believe in God.”[16]

  103. @HeSaidWhat someone linked it earlier when explaining what juggalos are- they don’t seem to have made it to the UK.

  104. Wow, I’m surprised that the juggalos/lettes haven’t found this posting. They swarmed Ugliest Tattoos, once they found out about ICP themed tattoos. Such f*cking morons. All you’d see was, “WHOOP WHOOP!” in every damn comment(not to mention terrible, misspelled ramblings).

  105. I just want to go out on a limb and say not all of us Juggalos are as retarded as this young lady.

  106. yourmomisausername

    That is the wrongest statement ever posted on the interwebz.
    All Juggalos are poop 4 life, yo. (or whatever the kids are saying these days)

  107. I don’t know if I’m just sheltered, or just haven’t come across it online but this is the first I’ve ever heard of a ‘juggalo’.

    Upon reading wikipedia I am equally confused and horrified.

  108. is it an american thing?

  109. Now shes a psycho

  110. Wow. this girl, and all of the people who are grouping all Juggalos/Juggalettes to be the same make me facepalm.

    I am in the top 25% of my grade, have a 3.4 GPA, am a model student and very obedient to figures of authority. And yes, I am a Juggalette.
    This chick, and I’ll admit about 95% of Juggalos give being a fan of ICP, Twiztid or Boondox a bad reputation.

    I’m 17, and my fandom does not adhere my ability to use good grammar and have a little dignity.
    If you want to believe every Juggalette is as dumb as this bitch is, then you are just as ignorant.

  111. Thank you, shellb. I am blind. Forever. I’m also nauseated.

  112. @velocimu: How are we ignorant for generalizing juggalos/lettes as being ignorant, when you just stated,

    “I’ll admit about 95% of Juggalos give being a fan of ICP, Twiztid or Boondox a bad reputation.”?

    You basically just admitted that juggalos are stupid. Sorry, the majority speaks for itself. If you choose to be associated with that group, you have to accept that people will judge you.

  113. @velocimu :: Adhere does not mean what you apparently think it means.

    ad·here/adˈhi(ə)r/Verb 1. Stick fast to (a surface or substance). 2. Believe in and follow the practices of.

    As in: “torrinne does not adhere to the belief that people who can’t use their vocabulary properly are any better than people with no vocabulary to speak of.”

    I think you might find the words “impede” or “negate” would work better.

  114. I heard that she’s just as passionate about the band, Rush.

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