Monday, September 28, 2009

Sharing is Dope


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  1. Like, for instance, on Lamebook

  2. Eh, this really can’t get you in much trouble legally speaking. That being said, It’s stupid to post shit like this on facebook. We all now how people like to become friends with family members and bosses, and then act shocked when they find out they do worst possible thing a person could ever do; Marijuana.

  3. This is awesome not lame!! WHOOOO 420 YEHHH WHOOOO

  4. You can get in trouble for implying that you smoke pencil shavings?

  5. Nice one!!!

    It cant get you in trouble, for all we know that could be oregano.
    who cares. But Rick is right though, I would never post somethin like this. Sometimes universities have access to your accounts. and if they see this. it means bye bye !!!

    nice though. makes me wanna…. hm.

  6. A French “friend” in this case. :)

    Also, I like how Chelsea likes Chelsy’s pic. :p

  7. That isht can get u fired… Facebook keeps and archive of ur pics, it’s happened before…

  8. Why is her page in French yet the comment is in English?

  9. What I want to know is what’s the story behind the jeans and why aren’t they on her legs?
    Taking aim at lousy advertising

  10. @ Valen – See, the idea is, make your profile private. Then, don’t be an idiot and add family members, co-workers, future employers etc.

  11. @Adnoxious- Maybe the brown stuff on the table is why she had to take off her jeans.

  12. @8

    1. Some people are actually bilingual.
    2. It’s not her facebook page that’s in French, but the page of whoever took the screenshot.

  13. Sometimes the comments on here are worse than the shit in the picture.

  14. Yes Daniel, you’re right. I would much rather smoke weed than read your comments.

  15. I agree. I would never post a pic of those nasty feet on my FaceBook!

  16. that’s some shitty-looking weed.

  17. @12- ta.

  18. Hey is anyone else having problems with lamebook loading, like getting weird ads and it taking forever to load? This is the only site that I am having trouble with!

  19. That is some very crappy looking weed – they could have cleaned it first.

    @18 – the site is a-changing.

  20. Damn, that’s some ugly feet.

  21. That looks like dirt.

  22. I wonder which “friend” shared it with lamebook.

  23. At this should make her sidebar advertisments on facebook more interesting.

  24. What is it about stoners? They can’t just smoke their weed in peace – they have to tell everyone about it.


    Good for you. Now fuck off.

  25. I don’t know if something like this can actually get this young lady in trouble, but in my city, a bunch of graffiti artists got arrested for posting their art on Facebook. So I guess anything’s possible.

  26. Lol! From this angle it totally looks like her feet are two different sizes!!!
    Maybe the right one smoked too much pot; I have heard it can stunt your growth…

  27. As a former Resident Assistant at college, I was schooled in how to look for pics like these on my residents’ pages. Then I was supposed to take names and report them to the higher-ups. They wouldn’t get into trouble, but they would be “watched” from that point on.

  28. To me, it’s not the weed that’s worrisome, it’s the discarded pants of the person snapping the picture.

  29. Neil Gaiman's Left Sock

    Continue-tu à être branchée, Chelsy!

  30. troll feet!

  31. Someone is naked! I see jeans on the floor. Dirty.

  32. wow her second toe is a fucking finger

  33. OMG! I think this person is offering me WEED! I don’t want any, but I’m afraid she’ll get up on me, or shank me! What do
    I do?!?

  34. @ Malnu = FTW! I see what you did there – nice, cross-referencing like that!

    Also, Vladimir, are you the ‘friend’ that suddenly decided to share this pic with the rest of the world?

    Looks like lawn cuttings anyway…

  35. LOL @ everyone who’s made comments about the quality of the weed. I suspect you also go around asking people how much they pay for their weed, then say “OMG really I get it waaaay cheaper than that!”.

  36. lol. agreed roofie. people like that blow.

    @boz::: you are just generalizing the pot smoking people. I’m sure there are plenty of people you know that smoke EVERY day but they don’t talk about it. because it’s really not a big deal. Pot is not the evil thing you think it is. It’s a PLANT, unlike other drugs (alcohol and other manmade substances) that will ruin you. It is lowly addictive, highly relaxing. Get your facts straight before you start badmouthing people you don’t know nor understand becaus you think you ar better than everyone because you don’t smoke pot. oh. you’re much better than us

  37. At least share some KB, no one wants to see you getting artistic with swag.

  38. that is some swag. have fun with your dirt weed.

  39. lmao look at that brown dirt weed their so proud of..i smoke kush nigga kush

  40. @Boz: Yeah, in high school the only way I knew my peers were drunk or stoned is because they made a big production out of saying so. For years I wondered whether pot or alcohol even had any effect beyond a placebo (I didn’t smoke or drink so I didn’t know for sure).

    @Allison: I would agree that pot is probably less detrimental to people than most drugs. It is, however, more addictive than most people seem to think. I have recently learned that one of my coworkers is a giant pothead. She said that she and her bf spend about $800/month on it(!). She also told me that one time they ran out of weed and “had” to take ancient muscle relaxants left over from a wisdom tooth extraction instead. If running out of pot makes you ransack the medicine cabinet looking for something–ANYTHING–that’ll fuck you up, that’s not a good sign.


  41. And it’s on lamebook now.

    Not live broadcast though

  42. @Allison

    You have made a terrible mistake here. I am not down on people who smoke weed. I think cannibas and marijuana should be 100% legalised for anyone who wants it for any reason. I’ve never tried it myself, but I don’t think it’s particularly “bad”, and in any case, I’ve never tried alcohol either, so go me.

    However, neither is it something to be proud of. So you smoke weed. That’s not really an achievement, is it? That’s just something you do. I certainly don’t need to hear about how WAAAAAAAAAAAAASTED you are at three o’clock in the morning when I’m trying to get some sleep. I don’t need to know anything about it at all.

    Now, I might be generalising, but it’s based on a pretty representative sample. I’ve had full-immersion exposure to potheads for many years, so I know exactly what that drug does, and more important, I was straight enough to be able to observe its affects objectively.

    Observation 1: Your philosophical insights are shit when on weed. You think they’re great, I know. But they’re shit. Don’t write it down, don’t tell anyone. I say this for your own sake. Because the entire wealth of wisdom acquired by people on weed, while it seems very profound at the time, can be torn asunder completely by someone doing a part-time course in Philosophy in your local community college.

    TL;DR If you do weed, well done, but for everyone’s sake, shut up about it. No one cares.

  43. *effects

    GAH! What makes this extra-lame is I gave a 16-year-old girl a hell of a time earlier today for getting AFFECT confused with EFFECT. Now I feel like a jerk.

  44. Don’t feel a jerk, fella.
    Nothing is worse than a stupid grammatical or spelling error, compounded by not being corrected. The author then thinks it is okay to spell it that way, and spends the rest of their life infecting others with atrocious and lazy errors.

  45. Anyway, I’m falling into the “why has Chelsy taken off her pants and shoes” camp on this one.

  46. i love boz x

  47. @Allison Boz is better than you. Boz is funny and you are boring, therefore, Boz is better than you. everybody loves Boz


  49. Why would you take your jeans off to take a photo of some crappy weed you’ve arranged on the table? Jeez, I’ve been stoned but I’ve never felt the need to go to all this trouble………..PS LOL @ roofie, when you ask these people to get you a cheap oz it never appears does it?

  50. That looks like some really bad Reefer. Now put your damn pants back on!

  51. How do you think she smuggled it?

  52. That shit shouldn’t even be considered weed. Where is it that people actually smoke that shit?

  53. Some pretty crappy weed, my friends wouldnt share that crap with me..

    Also lol @ caring about it being on facebook


  54. @ #2…. Rick, Marijuana is not the “worst possible thing” a person can go. Trust me, there are much worse drugs out there an employer most definitely wouldn’t want you to do.

  55. @ #2 Rick…. I have to agree with Anna up there. If you think marijuana is the worst possible drug you can do, you are in for a rude awakening. Rick, meet heroin. Or meth. Then you can talk about weed. LEGALIZE POT!!!!!! :)

  56. @ #54 and #55

    Sarcasm. Learn it.

  57. Holy shit i know who this is, i just saw it on here went to her profile and saw it that’s too funny!

  58. thats not real weed dumbasses

  59. I don’t know.. Looks like real weed to me.. Really shitty weed that is.

  60. Its just stemm-ey, dudes. Could be some good kush under all those branches, but stems hold enough THC to make them worth smoking too if you really gotta.

  61. Too late, it’s already spread to lamebook, but don’t worry we won’t arrest you.

  62. I think us Lamebookers are the least likely people to turn you in to the police, no worries. Of course I can’t say what the rest of the people on the Internet will do…

  63. So she needs to be naked to smoke weed?

  64. unsanitary.

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