Friday, October 8, 2010

Sharing is Caring

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  1. People have just thrown dignity out of the window since Facebook has been around. Sheesh..

  2. Casey must be so pleased and proud

  3. The penis! An almighty tool, dun dada da!
    Man the way people innapropriately and publicly carry on about how great they are makes me wish I could try one out for a day or two.

  4. Well there’s at least one almighty tool in that post

  5. Is it just me that is really confused by number four? Maybe it’s just the fact that Criss seems like a girl’s name and Tobiash a guy’s name, but Criss has a penis and Tobiash has a vagina.

  6. I did find one female Tobiash on FB, all the rest were male

  7. Hobo, Criss is a guy’s name. Think Criss Angel.

    oldgit, you’re one of those Lamebook/Facebook stalker people. I don’t like those. Normally.

  8. You even made me do it once. I hate you.

  9. You never say that about most of the things I make you do.
    And you love me, just not very often.

  10. Who the FUCK posts a facebook status about that kind of stuff?! NO ONE wants to know the horrific details about your last sexual encounter, Mr. Glandon! Not even Casey!

  11. git, as I said yesterday… it’ll happen.

    Oh, and Criss Angel is fucking hot. Not that you’d care, Mr Lover Of Prostitutes. Vomit.

  12. What kind of name is Tobiash?

  13. Wordy a man has needs, I need to do something while waiting for you

  14. Leebo, turkish or middle eastern I believe

  15. Leebo, no, not Turkish (don’t listen to him). It’s probably a merging of 2 names, like Bennifer or Brangelina. Who knows? With a name like that, the person is most likely a dick, or in this case, a vagina (I don’t use the C word, not on paper, anyway).

    git, ok. I’ll give you a pass, just like I do Dawn French.

  16. Ok Wordy of my heart. I actually googled the name Tobiash rather than just taking a wild stab in the dark and the results were a Belly-Dancing teacher and an author of a book of Turkish legends, so extrapolating from that, admittedly limited, data I deduced turkish or middle eastern.

    Get back on thon the pool table with your boots and soap and behave. ;)

  17. Damn, typing too fast *on the

  18. Huh. So it is. Short for Christopher, that makes sense. Tobiash, though? And for a girl?

    I figure since it’s Friday night (and I’m on fucking Lamebook, that’s depressing) and there’s not gonna be a new post till Monday… anybody seen that Social Network movie yet? Going to go see it Sunday. Heard it’s amazing, which it will be as long as it doesn’t include an hour and a half of people sitting in front of their computers typing mindless jokes about Twilight and Justin Bieber. Also Jesse Eisenberg’s alright.

  19. Ha, I was just screwing around. I’m sure you’re right.

    I’m trying to say that last sentence out loud fast in your #16 comment. Not easy, but pretty funny.

  20. I’ll see it on dvd. Cinemas are full of people and I despise people. It looks good though, and it’s directed by Fincher who is normally a quality director.

  21. Hobo, it has a good director, so it might just be good. I saw the trailer on IMDB.

  22. git, we came at the same time…

  23. That’s got to be a first pervert

  24. I was hoping there would be something good to comment on, but I guess Lamebook doesn’t want to make my Friday night fantastic.

    @BritishHobo, I’d rather see Catfish than Social Network.

  25. ~Laura, you poke under you find a spot that feels WAY better than anywhere else inside.

    ~Glandon, I’m jealous. I’ve had whole body shaking ones, but never ones that made my spine feel as if were coming out of my vagoo. Touche.

    ~Katrina gets a free skip turn card.
    ~@jayne #3, I agree, I would like one for a day or two as well, not only to see why it’s so cool, but also to smack things around with it. Finding a midget house and flipping their light switches on and off would be an interesting job. Heck, I do switches with my “girls” sometimes. Kinda fun.

    Ashley..I hate you. I just ate. Usually NOTHING can sicken me..but…ugh. Here, give me your disgusting babies cord that we both now loathe so much, so I can tie you up with part, and smack you in the face with the other.

    This is an open invitation for all LB members to join the festivities.

  26. git, you’re right about going to the cinema. It’s mostly a bad experience. I always go to little independent ones at random times in order to avoid the throngs of smelly, noisy, and annoying people.

    ladyrisk, I clicked on your name. Oh. My. God. No. Way.
    Funny, though.

  27. I aim to please :-D

  28. Hey Criss, i’m really sorry your parents either couldnt be bothered spelling your name right or wanted to be cool but ended up makin you look like a dick. Either way, sorry.

  29. Hey ladyrisk, still that same joke huh. still. really?

  30. It’s a throwback.

  31. You have a lot of repressed rage don’t you keona?

  32. Heard good things about the FB movie too, but I too will wait for DVD. For $11 bucks a person, the movie has to have some requirement for the sound/big screen (typically explosions).


    In turn you get a pass for Criss Angel. When you spell Criss like that, I think it should be pronounced with a snake’s hiss at the end.

  33. Hey Hobo, since it’s friday night and i’m on lamebook (very depressing i agree) and there is no new posts until monday … i need a clue as to where you fuck off to over the weekend (my stalking skills are shocking!)

  34. *are fuck sake

  35. Comments, I like the way he looks, and that’s it. He can shove his magic, and his dumb name, where the sun don’t shine.

  36. He can’t help his speech impediment. Be nice.

  37. MsBuzzkillington

    I think it’s funny why people are shocked as to why someone would post something like that on facebook.

    Why post ANYTHING on facebook? Why post how your day was, what you’re doing, what you did, where you’re going, where you’ve been?

    The comment displays on Lamebook seem to be messed up. On the front page it said there were only a few comments, but there are definitely much more.

  38. I think there’s a slight difference between posting what you had for lunch and shouting “Hey world, I just did my fiancee up the arse!” As a general rule, if I wouldn’t say it in everyday conversation I don’t say it on FB

  39. the first one made me laugh out loud. Where in the world does this lady work, and why can’t any of her colleagues help her?

    Glandon is just now realizing his girl is experimental? why was she hiding it from him for so long?

    the baby cord surprisingly didn’t disgust me as much as the others. huh.

  40. No…haha. Just a phrase. Let me fix it so I don’t sound so psycho.

    Ashley, I am thoroughly displeased with the way your post made my stomach turn. Please do not share that. *angel halo* =3

    @#11 word, I agree. CA is so fucking hot. I’d like to..*muffles the next string of words by covering mouth* The world may never know.

  41. curlybap, I hang out by the cinema and hit people when they complain that the new Twilight movie is showing.

    Or if they talk about their purse.

  42. *facepalm*

    I totally forgot he has a speech impediment. Yay for being an inadvertant dick, totally didn’t mean it that way.

  43. *inadvertent

  44. git, I wish more people would say stuff like that on my Facebook. Much, much more fun. I don’t care if you’ve just eaten a biscuit. I don’t care if you’re tired etc. Make it interesting. It’s waaaay too PC for my liking, and therefore, I rarely, if ever, write a status. I prefer to comment on others. Stir ‘em up a bit. It’s won me a lot of “friends”, but lost a few, too. I don’t care.

  45. *handbag

  46. Sweet, only missed by three comments.

  47. Forgiven, Comments.

  48. Comments on here are like buses

    And Pervy my word, I prefer to keep that kind of talk for private messages, bot to entertain the masses.

  49. *not

  50. Seeing as the sorts of things we put out for the masses here, I shudder to think what LB private messages would look like.

  51. @ hobo you can hit me with your handbag tomorrow night then …. 8 shall we say ;)

  52. haha, I’m still stuck on the comment “Criss Angel is fucking hot”, I just can’t get past that.

  53. If private Lamebook messaging were only an option…


  54. If it were I think you might melt the internet Wordy

  55. Hot…

    Hey, just my opinion.

  56. So you were Just Sayin’?

  57. I have mixed emotions on that one Wordy: while there are those such as yourself that I’d totally use it for, the creeper potential for it seems staggering.

  58. Criss Angel may be attractive, but a 40 something year old man shouldn’t accessorize like a 14 year old goth girl.

  59. Shut up, git. Looks like Kelly is off and running again on yesterday’s Juggalo post. Mary, mother of God, help us.

  60. Lamebook private messaging IS a super idea. I propose a motion…

  61. You have a secret crush on her don’t you? That’s why you keep picking on her. You can tell me I’m a doctor.

  62. Comments, true, but there are just some people, you know…

    And you can shut up, too Soup. You’re just jealous.

  63. Wordpervert, if I used FB that is the sort of thing I would post. That or actual interesting shít. Like ‘Fück, I just got bit by a rat again!’ Or esoteric math crap that no one cares about, like ‘Mapping class groups don’t have property (T)!’
    I would not, however, discuss my actual sexual activities. I’d be fine with discussing those of others, however.
    Oh and I don’t think private messages on LB would be nearly as much fun as making a public äss of myself. And watching everyone else do the same.

  64. wordy she’s killing me. Really, she is.

  65. git, and that would be a no. You’re a doctor? I like some doctors.

  66. He uses magic and baubles to act like a child. I use magic and baubles to attract a child.

  67. I love the way Commentsatlarge mentioned creeper potential and Soup magically appeared.

  68. mad2, now that’s the Facebook spirit. I don’t discuss sex, myself, well, not in a status, but I’ve no problem bringing it up in other people’s. The rare occasions I do write my own shit, I try to make it fun and full of double meaning. Most like it (I think), but like I said, I’ve no doubt people drop off my list, as well. Care factor = zero.

    junie, I feel you.

    Soup, touche, motherfucker.

  69. aww my internet crush seems to have gone :(

  70. Hey Pedanticologist, my groin hammer is like a divining rod. I just go where it points me.

  71. But Soup, you missed out on me talking Junebug, Wordpervert, Saffer and Keona into mass girl-on-girl action on a pool table last night (They think it was their idea but I planted the seed as it were)
    I was surprised you were nowhere to be seen then.

  72. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    On the pool table WITH soapy tits dude, don’t forget the soapy tits.

  73. Curlybap, you’re new to this stalker stuff aren’t you? You need to be more persistent. It’s gone 1.15am here, the old boy is probably asleep building his energy for another full day ranting and foaming at the mouth, shouting at bloody kids to get off his lawn tomorrow.

  74. And the leather kneeboots Dukey, ah the leather kneeboots

  75. Pedant, that’s purely coincidence… yeah, that’s the ticket…

  76. Hahaha Dukey AND the boots. The boots were crucial.

  77. Oh Peds you beat me to the punch. Ok, fine, I’ll just remind everyone of the fluffy handcuffs.

    Dear lord the fluffy handcuffs!

  78. Junebug you’re really only seventeen? I feel so dirty, but in aa good way.

  79. Dukey Smoothy Buns


  80. How could I have forgotten the handcuffs?

  81. Ahem, git. The pool table thing was mass’s bril idea, not yours. I’ll give you the orgy thing, but that’s been done to death on Lamebook, baby (not lately, though). Time to come up with something else. Put your clearly intelligent mind to work on that one and get back to me.

  82. If that was what was happening on the pool tables I always flip through on ESPN3, rather than the extremely slow tournaments, they would have much higher ratings.

  83. where was june’s age even discussed? I am terribly confused. Not that this is anything unusual.

  84. Pantycolds, ever hear of vaginismus, or penis captivus? Well, apparently dogs can get that too. And being that the dog was tied up at the time, all the twitching in the world wasn’t getting me to the computer.

  85. This time we came at the same time Wordy, happening to you a lot this thread.

  86. Mad2, she mentioned it in another thread

  87. Peds, yes I really am. See now that’s why I don’t mention it…

    On the upside, I’m legal as far as sexy-timez goes in Trinidad. So don’t be too dirty-in-a-good-way.

  88. I like the idea of private Lamebook messaging. We should try and run with that one. Imagine what it would open up…

    Cooments, felt good, too.

  89. Sorry, I’m distracted, I keep expecting Chris Hansen to walk in and tell me to take a seat.

  90. …That ‘be’ should really be ‘*feel’.

  91. I used to think the comments by the ‘regulars’ were outstandingly comedic. Now you all carry on a conversation amongst yourselves that has absolutely nothing to do with the original post(s). Holy steaming pile of dog shit on a Sunday morning breakfast table either make me laugh, and I mean a hearty guffaw, in regard to the original post(s), or STFU.

    No friggin’ offense intended.

  92. Heavens to Betsy, I feel like everytime I come on Lamebook I start spewing my business. It’s only fair that you guys say how old you are too, so we can be even again :D

  93. junie, you are really fucking 17? Oh, girl, you’re way too young for me, and waaaaay too old for Soup. Honey, you lose on both counts. No you don’t. Stick with me, kid, and I’ll show you the world.

  94. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Speaking of Chris Hansen, this is awesome

    I think there is another one

  95. And in fact the legal age for sex in Scandanavia is like 15.
    Which makes sense in a lot of ways, really. Once a person has completed puberty I can’t see a reason to ban sexual intercourse with those who have also completed puberty. America is just a country built by and for puritans.

  96. @twinkletwinkle, you see the thing is that this, if you haven’t noticed, is the internetz. Meaning that if you don’t feel like reading our conversations, go somewhere else. We don’t need to oblige you.

  97. It’s ok actually, you’re legal over here too.

  98. Wordy – ;)

    Ped – so… what are you doing here?

  99. Twinkle, if LB made more entertaining submissions we’d talk about them. Now kindly fuck off, there’s a dear.

  100. wordy, are you demoting me to orgy intern? I don’t want to sit on the side and take notes :(

    @Peds, Hooray!

  101. And June, I’m 25, nearly 26. I would never have pegged you at 17 if that makes you feel better. Really I can’t tell the age of anyone here. Everyone is that brilliant mix of mature opinions mixed with total assholishness.
    I know how you feel though. My wife and I both went to college when we were 16, and I at least never told people my age (at least not until I had gotten to know them).

  102. Junebug, how crazy is that? I’m 17 also. You should send me titty pictures to celebrate having a kindred spirit here in the lame zone.

  103. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Here, this one was even more awesome.

  104. June, so we’re even, I’m 29.

  105. June, if you have to sit at the side you can sit with me.

  106. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Forgot to paste it.

  107. @junebug: You know what little girl? You are absolutely right. Ta.

  108. Dukey, I’ve the attention span of a gnat when it comes to You Tube clips. Unless they’re 2 minutes or under, I get bored. Is it worth the 4+ minutes, mate?

  109. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I said it was awesome Word. The second one is about 1 min.

  110. We’ll be fine then wordy, I’m always 2 minutes or under

  111. Dukey, it was indeed awesome. Still wish I hadn’t said anything though. I know Ped said he’d stay with me on the note-taking side, but I’m not big on patience, and I’m likely to rape him.

  112. Oh, and june…I almost forgot. You were not included in the outstandingly comedic group. But thank you for your input anyway.

  113. And that would be awful…

  114. Hey guys, we have another troll. Yay!

  115. Now I want twinkletwinkle to stick around.

  116. Twinkle, I have to second june’s statement. Although I _know_ I’m not of the outstanding comedians whom you are now so disappointed in.
    Pedantic, I don’t think it is rape if you are consenting like that…

  117. Mr too Soup, now we’ve reduced MEG to a quivering mass of sobbing neuroses we need a new whipping boy. And I know how much you love that kind of thing.

  118. Mad2, I’d put up a token resistance, just for the look of the thing

  119. Dukey, it’s great, but the second one is still 4+ minutes. It is on my page, anyway. Hmmm…

    git, I said You Tube clips bore me after 2 minutes.

  120. So much for “Ta” I guess.

    June, don’t sweat the age thing – the inappropriateness is sure to continue regardless :) . Had you come out as a juggalette, well then you would have been fucked. ;)

    With that I’m out for the weekend; have a great one everybody!

  121. Have a good weekends, Comments!

    I just registered to say: “Hi, I’m Junebug, and I’ll be your minor for this evening.”

  122. twinkletwinkle, I apologise if I’ve been letting you down of late, but you must admit the posts have been pretty bad, and there has not been much to work with. The thread always starts with comments about the post, but these perverts (not me) then put it into a downward spiral.

    But hey, you were probably not including me in the bunch, so disregard everything I just said.

  123. Don’t worry Juney, the good thing about women your age is that when you’re naked everything still points upwards. And you have boundless energy.

  124. Can’t disagree with ya’ there, Peds. But anywho, anybody else want to come onstage? This seat is getting ever so slightly hot.

  125. Where did twinkle go? Did we scare him/her/it off already? No stamina these trolls today, not like when I were a lad. I remember when all this was IRC as far as the eye could see.

  126. I like to blow helium up my butt to make my farts sound girly?

  127. Soup, or is it just to make you sound like a virgin again?

  128. I want a good post. I want to be able to quote one of my favourite lines in the world by the wonderful… the totally awesome… the man I want to marry… Larry Fucking David.

    I’m waiting, Lamebook.

  129. Are you insulting my anal pulchritude and elasticity? I can still pick up a tack.

  130. You all need to go and check google’s logo for today. I jizzed in my pants.

  131. Good grief it’s 2.30am again. I wonder if I’ll ever sleep :(

  132. Ped, does that mean it’s already the 9th over by you?

  133. Yep, 2.30 saturday morning. I’ve slept about 6 hours in the last 3 nights.

  134. Anyway, going to TRY to get some shut-eye. Goodnight luscious June and Lovely Word and all the rest of you bastards! :D

  135. June, I don’t think that is possible, given your anatomy.
    What does google’s logo have to do with John Lennon?

  136. Ped, hon, that’s not ok at all. Go and sleep. I need you to have all your energy for my raperistic plans.

    It’s already John Lennon’s birthday over on yo’ side. I am jealous.

  137. mad2, you need to get out more. It is actually possible.

  138. Before I go, you were asking people’s ages. Put it this way, I can remember when John Lennon was killed.

  139. Oh, Ped, you already decided to go. Darn my slow internet connection. Sweet dreams.

    mad2, my metaphorical anatomy is whatever I want it to be. It also has wings and eye beams.

  140. word, I have never heard what women get in their pants called ‘jizz.’ I wasn’t saying she couldn’t cream her pants. But ‘jizz’ is, at least in my experience, restricted to that which is produced by the male.

  141. wordy, I’ve never heard anyone refer to that as jizzing though.

  142. Maybe it is an Australian slang that hasn’t made it to the States or Trinidad?

  143. git, honey, so can I. Don’t fret, pet. We’re in the same league it seems.

    mad2, I’ll say it again… you need to get out more.

    junie, you’re only 17. I’ll give you a pass. Do your research, girl, then get back to me. I still think you’re cute, though.

  144. So much has been posted since I had to step out.

    Soup, I’m not going to read through all of it right now.
    But I hope they didn’t forget the rope, chains, and collars. ;) Nice to see you back.

    I’m 21.

  145. word, I’ll say it again, women don’t produce any fluid called jizz!

  146. My initial search has proved fruitless, word. Care to help out a young gal eager to learn?

  147. mad2, I’ll say it again – in a slightly different way. No, we do not produce semen, but women can (some of the lucky ones) produce a fluid (not vaginal lubrication) during an orgasm (sometimes a lot). You’re right, though, we don’t call it “jizzing”, but you get the picture. Don’t you?

  148. The jizzing girl phrase has made it to the States. Though some can squirt, which is more accurately compared the jizz of a male.

  149. Keona’s on it. Good girl.

  150. Yes word, and I was aware of that, but I’ve never heard that fluid called ‘jizz.’ Thus the confusion.

  151. Oh. Yes, I actually knew about that already. And here I was feeling all silly.

  152. In honour of the wonderful John Lennon, I post one of my Beatles faves. I have so many, but this a such a cute little tune. And only a bit over my 2 minute limit.

    Happy Birthday, John…

    I. Am. Out. Of. Here.

  153. At the risk of pissing everyone off terribly, I do not like the beatles.

  154. mad2, yo’re entitled to your opinion.

    word, that song is adorable. I think I would go insane if I tried to choose a fav… instead I will leave you all with this little number-

    The mid-chorus inhaling sends shivers down my spine. Happy Brthday, John <4, and to all a good night.

  155. Good night all. I’d love to stay but not only is most of our tight-knit group leaving, I’m PMSY, sleep deprived, and sick.

    If I stay, I fear I’ll be sobbing all over as I type, and make errors. Or maybe make some odd confession as hormones make me have repressed rage, as oldgit put it. ;O

    Lurve you all, sweet dreams. Good days to those that are just starting theirs.

  156. I just wasted like 15 min scanning through this conversation. But now I want my own group of mysterious strange people pretending to be other strange and mysterious people’s on the internets talking about the naughties…

  157. lol Hawkbit

    I agree with the private messaging on here but PMing has to come out of a chat room type atmosphere…(if that makes any sense) Now a chat room would be HILARIOUS to stalk/troll in – Come on LB!

  158. lol, I like the first one. Don’t judge.

  159. A chatroom? How deliciously 1998 of you :D

  160. Oh snap.

  161. Good morning juney-poo

  162. Morning Pedsy-pie

  163. How come you’re up so early?

  164. My day starts at 6am. Even on weekends. I’m a student, remember, and a nerdy one at that. What’s your excuse?

  165. If you’re a student you shouldn’t be getting out of bed until at least noon (which is what it is here) That’s just wrong!

  166. Yeah, I know how sad it is. I’m actually not even doing compulsory work. I’m reading up on enlightenment philosophy… just for background information.

  167. Good lord. Funny, cute AND smart! You’re just the complete package ;)

  168. All wrapped up in a nice little jailbait ribbon. :D

  169. Oh hush about that. You aren’t jailbait. Not in your country or in mine. Anyway, there’s no new posts on here at the weekend but, if you get bored, email me pedanticoldgit (at) gmx (dot)com. It’s not my main email so if it gets spammed from here I don’t care.

  170. Heehee. Pedsy you’re such a smooth talker. I will definitely spam you to my heart’s content.

  171. At least I suppose pedsy is preferable to word just calling me ‘git’ all the time :)
    Right, things to do, back to those books missy. talk to you later.

  172. Right O, sir. *salutes*

  173. i can’t view those links at work, but i hope one of them was norwegian wood. beautiful song.

    june, one day you’ll realise that philosophy is for jerks. having said that, i do quite like hume. ‘a wise man’s kingdom is his own breast.’ or something like that.

    if you like enlightenment philosophy, you should read l’Encyclopédie. or if you can’t manage such a weighty tome, try anonisgayisgay and yoink‘s collaborative pocketsize précis. i think it’s oxford university press.

  174. I love how when people get bored they eventually move to sex.
    At least that’s what happens when my fiance and I are bored, and apparently when Lamebookers are bored (At least I’m pretty sure that’s where this went, this is a tl;dr kind of comments section).

  175. I was wondering when you’d weigh in on all of this, alord. I do love Norweigan Wood, but the song I posted was Girl and wordy’s was Eight Days A Week.

    I like what I’ve read of philosophy so far, bearing in mind that I’ve only just started. Maybe the dislike comes later.

    Been trying to get my hands on l’Encyclopédie, but we don’t exactly have a reading culture down here so bookstores have only the bare minimum. Sigh. Got the anonisyoink one though, it’s being handed out at supermarkets. The language is a bit highbrow for me.

  176. Holy moly.

    Now I know how the lesbian couple down the street had a baby.

  177. I announced my age on lamebook once
    I think I said I was 14. Junebug, you can claim to be a fresh 17 year old but we won’t believe you either.

  178. I just read those juggalo comments. That meg really reminds me of yoink – attention-seeking bullshit.

  179. Walter, ya got me. I’m actually an 86 year old man.

    Which reminds me, I made a special little email just for you lovely kiddies. Peds inspired me. it’s, so spam away folks!

  180. Mwahahahaha! So much easier to stalk now!

  181. True Walter. It is a truth universally acknowledged that there are no women on the internet.

  182. Well I have seen some websites on the internet with photos of women. But yes, those of us actually using the internet are all 86 year old men, as junebug has confirmed.

  183. Yep, on the internet, all the men are men, all the women are men, and most of the children are FBI agents

  184. You forgot the hermaphrodites. The hermaphrodites are also men.

  185. I think I’m learning more about you than I expected or needed June

  186. You mean here? Or in our secret specialtastic email conversation?

  187. @#73 yes pretty new at this stalking malarky so thanks for the tips oldgit ;)

  188. Curlybap, you’re welcome. Being an accomplished stalker takes patience and dedication. Don’t give up, you’ll get there.

    June, I mean about you not only being an 86 yr old man but also a hermaphrodite

  189. I’m also a closet juggalo named Wallace. Hey, if you can’t handle the truth…

  190. Fuck, I missed two long comments sections? Shitty British time zones.

    And it took me until ten seconds ago to realize who MEG is. Really. I figured you guys were just carrying on some crappy ‘Frodo’ or ‘Gabe’ thing from a Lamebook post that I missed.


  191. Never mind Hobo, I’m still dubious. I have the scary notion that she’s genuine.
    And who or what is Wallace?

  192. Peds, this is a Wallace.

  193. As far as I remember, Wallace is that guy who interrupted his friends who were making sexual innuendos about fast food, by pointing out that the stuff they were saying about food could possibly be misconstrued to be about sex.

  194. and there’s the man himself :)

  195. Good god, does that mean people might think I’ve been talking about sex these last few nights? I’m shocked, stunned and not a little amazed.

  196. Ped, it’s a scandalous assumption.

    I’m heading off for the day. I’ll catch up with you folk tomorrow, or maybe Monday. If you want to stalk me, you know where to find me.
    Love and sexy innuendoes,

  197. see you June, have a great day.

  198. I also missed a lot by being absent for 24 hours… Junie is a baby! Meg was sent packing in tears! Wow!

    Hobo, I just saw The Social Network. It’s not artistic, intellectual, or smart or anything. It’s just a story (a not bad story) with a good score. It’s worth seeing for that, and because it’s about facebook. I feel like a heard animal now for having a fb account :( (no that’s not giving away anything)

  199. So Junie, if it was your birthday recently does that mean you were 16?!

  200. And bout the post: Johna (is that a woman?) and Ashely made me throw up. Not kidding. I just want to reach into the screen, pull them both out, and bitch slap them for:
    A)thinking I want to hear about their babies jerkies,
    B)putting me off the possibility of having kids of my own someday

  201. Saffer, those people really are an argument against evolution. And is it only me who chews lumps out of the furniture at the use of Baby Daddy and baby momma? Whatever happened to father and mother?

  202. TwinkleTwinkle is a dipshit. I enjoy reading all your commentary more than the actual posts. There should be a website dedicated to your bantering. I love it. Also, I threw up a little at the umbilical cord thing. Not gonna lie.

  203. Pedant, natural selection unfortunately favours whatever gets a species procreating, not intelligence.
    June, you should read Whitehead’s Process and Reality. And Pink’s stuff on free will. All the philosophy you need for ontology and epistemology.
    Then read Nietzsche because it is high quality entertainment.

  204. @Pedant (can’t decide what to call you yet) i also hate baby daddy and baby momma …. but you know what’s worse? the whole “we’re pregnant” which i’ve heard from a friend recently. We are not pregnant – I’M pregnant. There’s a baby growing inside ME. MY hormones are up the left. I’M the one being sick and going mental. I’M the one getting fat and never going to get that flat stomach back. ME, ME, ME …. it’s all about ME!

  205. @curly – I agree, “We’re pregnant” is wildly inaccurate. The father to-be should, at best, stand back and take a line from the ‘ole “Shake ‘N Bake” commerical…

    “She’s preggers, And I helped!”

  206. I think people who commit these crimes against language should be put in a large bag and beaten with sticks until all that remains is a pulpy mass. “Baby Momma” get in the bag! “WE’re pregnant” get in the bag!! “I’m lovin’ it” “I know, right” “Who knew?” “On so many levels” “Just sayin’” bag, Bag, BAg, BAG, FUCKING BAG!!!

    This rant adapted from one (c) Dara O’Briain

  207. euch i cant stand the way he speaks lol

  208. can he go in the bag?

  209. What, With an Irish accent? I think that’s a by-product of being Irish

  210. My future baby momma is pregnant right now, and although I originally intended to follow modern day feminist protocol by saying “we’re pregnant,” you will all be happy to know I was not once able to say it and it always came out as “hey momma, my future baby momma pregnant!!” My momma was also very traditional with her skeptical reply, “It yours?”

  211. nothing wrong with the irish :) …. just him lol

  212. i’m applauding you for the “we’re not pregnant” and will just skim past the rest. ps congrats

  213. lmao Look I don’t care if chat rooms ARE so 1998! They are more convenient for trolling, stalking, and passing around sexual innuendos. ;)

    I’m too lazy to go to that juggalo post + I don’t wanna see that guys ugly mug again… SO Anything else happen with “Meg” or whatever? Did you guys really send her packing? I doubt it – the smart thing for her to do would be to never look at these comments again, but I bet she’s out there right now stalking through the pages! She’s probably refreshing every five minutes for new posts.. Biting her lip, wanting to respond to this comment!

  214. Wow! You kids have sure been busy since I was here last! ;-)

  215. This has been…enlightening. Not like this comment which is a waste of space though.

  216. Valenya23, oh, she might be gone for the moment, but she’ll be back… in another guise, or, continue to comment in one of the others she is already, that, as yet, she hasn’t admitted to being. She’s been a busy girl, you know – playing many roles… MEG, thequeen, and, her “roommate”. And that’s just for starters. But I reckon there’s more…

    Eh, she can comment under any name she wants to, but it won’t matter. I’ll spot that nut a mile away.

  217. Huh…. (gives a confused look)…I agree with comment lets say..(picks a random number).. no.66. Yes, My job is done today.

  218. Thanks curly

  219. Curlybap, I’m sure your man is also going crazy. I don’t think it’s so wrong when a man says “I’m suffering from [her] PMS”.

  220. So… on topic post: Cumming your spine sounds very, very painful, for a variety of reasons. ‘Before that, it felt like a large, key portion of my skeletal structure was torn out of place and ripped out through my dick!’
    Oh and I do agree with #219.

  221. mad203, I’ll get right on that. Thanks. :)

  222. OH and morning’ y’all. Unless it’s not morning over by you, in which case substitute your time of day for ‘mornin’.

  223. vabadus, i’m not pregnant lol … i was just saying y’know ;)

  224. pms maybe ….. or what feels like a constant state of pms lately haha

  225. Well, my point stands :)

  226. Word – You speak the absolute truth.

    Maybe the posters on lamebook should do what our parents taught us to do with ppl we didn’t like or whatever when we were kids. -> Ignore them, they will get bored and go away

    Oh and off topic, I actually think I have a post that LAMEBOOK would totally use!!! Because they didn’t want to use my funny “Guess the Boobs” pictures I sent them maybe I’ll send them this *HILARIOUS* type-o post I saw this morning, it could be titled “Damn those smart phones!! They can’t spell for anything HA HA”
    Here it is:

    Jason A- ‎”Women have feelings…they come from their overies.”
    7 hours ago via Facebook for Android

    Tammie M- Ovaries, dear.
    4 hours ago · LikeUnlike

    Jason A- I know how it’s spelled. My phone doesn’t, though.
    2 hours ago · LikeUnlike

    OMG you guys isn’t that SO funny and lame… I mean I actually lol’d

  227. I miss pms. It’s so much better than “I can’t bend over.” “I can’t get up.” “I miss mcdonalds sundaes.” “ow” “ow” “I’m having a contraction” “the baby is kicking my spine” “ow” “can you go buy me some granny panties and super absorption pads?” “ow” and the worst one “I hope you realise our lives will never be the same.” oh really? well at least I can still see my toes little miss know it all. I changed a diaper once. It’s not that hard.

  228. Hahaha thanks for that Walter, I needed a good laugh :D

  229. amen word

    meg is to thequeen is to excruciasm as yoink is to anonisgayisgay

    conspiracy FACT

  230. I really missed why everybody seems to hate this MEG girl. All I saw was her talking about how some people might regret having sex ages ago, and then after that I could just never be bothered to read any of the massive comment arguments.

  231. Yes, I’ve been creeping here for some time and still seemed to have missed out on the Meg thing. What atrocity did she commit??

  232. I believe MEG had some idea to the effect that all teenage mothers are irresponsible and she hates them with an intensity most people reserve for hating, say, the genetically-constructed combination of Hitler, Stalin, and Caligula.
    Why this opinion resulted in such a lengthy flame war is beyond me, but I don’t pretend to understand why things happen on teh internets.
    June, are you saying you would get right on reading Whitehead and Pink? Because otherwise, I am terribly confused…

  233. It dates back to late July, more specifically July 27th I think (cos that’s when I came back onto lamebook and that was one of the first things I saw). I can’t be bothered to go back and find the link… Is there anything else happening in the world besides MEG? She’s stepped down off her pedestal, let her be.and good point about that Valenya.

    Is your wife preggers Sobchak? My deepest sympathy to you both. Couriering Carnations and a card your way. Don’t forget to grace us with mention of it’s poop and dried up umbilical cord!

  234. And we want pictures of the water birth in a kids paddling pool!

  235. 230+ comments? Did yoink/FredNordie reappear?

  236. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Is it a coincidence that EVERY SINGLE ONE of MEG‘s anonymous Screen names was independently responsible for at least 2 flame wars in multiple posts?

  237. Erm No?

  238. Dukey, I’m going to remember her simply as theMEGasm.

  239. Or, because she had several personae, Multiple megasm

  240. mad, yeah that’s what I meant. Sorry ’bout ze confusion.

    In my head, she will always be MEGatron.

  241. Yeah, yeah. I have already posted photos on facebook of my (unborn) baby’s name tattooed across my back. But my baby (with her ultrasound profile pic) commented on the photo telling me her name is not actually Laqusha, it’s Laqueefa, and that I spelled Laquisha wrong anyway.

  242. Being the smug cuntbag that I am:- I called out MEG for being =/= thequeen some time ago, the fucking loon.

    241 comments and no mention of Ben? I’m disappointed people.

  243. Glandon is oddly hilarious.

  244. ben

  245. also, Glandon – really? Gland, on?

  246. I submitted the last one, I’m kind of disappointed they took a bunch of comments out- mostly all about the same thing, though.

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