Monday, October 4, 2010

Share It or Spare It

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  1. Negroid.

  2. Highschoolers..

  3. Paint_my_nails_please


  4. With the exchange rate, like, a dollar.

  5. it’s krystal’s own fault – she should’ve run straight to the patents office and snapped up the intellectual property rights to that one.

  6. 63.50… OH WAIT 5063.50

  7. nooooo, comments! it was only a matter of time before someone walked into that rusty beartrap of a joke! i really didn’t expect it to be you. now i’m questioning everything i’ve ever believed in….

  8. It’s ok Alord, I was merely pointing out two ridiculousness of both that option and Rachel’s dumb comment. It was a sardonic two-for-one; rest easy, all still makes sense in the world. Well, as much as anything in a world that produces posts like the one above can make sense that is…

  9. Cheated on a text?

  10. bah – that should read “pointing out the”

  11. 66.50?? Holy shit!

  12. whew!

    as you were!

  13. $45.50 ??
    I think this might hurt my sense of self-worth. 42 bucks. :(

  14. How come the difference between using a sex toy and having sex with an animal is only $1? In that case, I might as well just have sex with my Mexican Hairless (Xoloitzcuintli).

  15. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Kristi is an idiot, what if she added $8 because she forgot to include “Had sex” + “been in a relationship”?

  16. 61.50 lol

  17. MEG: $0

  18. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    or “cheated on a test” + “smoked cigarettes”
    or “had webcam sex” + “peed in the pool”
    or … well you get the point.

  19. $2

  20. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    LOL @ Saffer #17

    and I hold the record so far, $80.50

  21. double lol @ saffer

  22. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I also hate people like chelsey who feed attention seeking whores. Her correct reply to Krystal’s post should have been either silence or “Yeah, I hate people like that too.” The second reply would probably piss Krystal off a lot more.

  23. $5064.50
    Questions, does it count if the puppies already dead and I was just too lazy to bury it properly and threw it in a river instead?
    Does it count if you used the toy on the girl?
    If not, apparently I’m not worth that much, damnit!

  24. “needing to get the same color bf”??? WHAT!

  25. Also, $64,5

  26. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    You win nuff. Just hope that Imamofo or Soup don’t show up or you loose that record. Especially if there are bonus points for combos like “got into a relationship and had webcam sex while cheating on text while doing drugs and having a threesome with an puppy and a teddy bear and drowning said puppy in a pool while peeing in said pool”

    I also find it difficlut to grasp that Word is only $2. That’s lot of fantasies I had going down the drain :(

  27. I’m also surprised that word has only peed in pool

  28. 1. $48.50.

    2. I need a little more excitement in my life.

    3. Can’t believe I actually added it up.

  29. $68.50

  30. $54.50

  31. $75.50

  32. Oh, wait… $5075.50


  34. I just gotta point it out… Threw puppies in a river is minus $5000. – -$5000

  35. That damn Pink Panther with the bendable legs will never be the same… I wrecked that shizz!


  36. Krystal is a dumbars…Olivia really needs to turn that feature off…and if i was shyann i’d be getting excited too, might want to see if they can tighten things up a bit though ;b… and 54.50.. God im bored :(

    And its a bit of a fail anyways.. the .50 is meant to be attached to something embarrassing like pee’d in the pool.. It isn’t that embarrassing to know someone kissed someone.. lame as

  37. MsBuzzkillington


    I have lived a good life.

  38. MsBuzzkillington

    Also, I highly doubt Shyann has ever used protection if she has six kids.

  39. I like how cheating on a test is worth more than cheating on someone.

    and $26.5 :( I need to get out more.

    I’ve thrown dogs into a lake. Does that count?

  40. $5009. Because I HAD to drown the puppy to keep him from talking.

  41. $64.50 for me.
    #40 for the win.

  42. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Since throwing puppies in the river is negative, that puts me back on top. :)

  43. Oh yeah, Xeno is 89.50. College freshmen ftw.

  44. $5041.50.

    Those puppies had to learn how to swim *somehow*.

  45. $53.50

  46. $57.50 Damn high sex drive.. Haven’t found any animals willing. =( Nor freshly newborn puppies to bag and drown.

  47. What exactly does “Cheated on a text” mean?

  48. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Damn Xeno, I always knew that not fucking an animal would come back to bite me in the ass but not in the good way that would have happened if I did fuck an animal.

  49. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Junebug I assume it means sexting multiple partners or texting while having sex or sexting while having sex. Either way, I am covered.

  50. Dukey,
    I believe texting while sexing is the only way to text? I could be wrong… also could be why I only have one night stands… not that i’m complaining but yeah.

  51. 51.50. should i feel elated or disgusted?

  52. Mariah, I’d say that’s good enough. Kind of the best of both worlds. It’s like you’re inside on a summer night and you get up in a dream, and then love walks in. Why can’t this be love?

  53. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure it says “-$5000″. There for if u for some reason have drowned a puppy ur worth should be negative.

  54. This had to have been made recently, it’s a reference to that chick in (insert eastern bloc country name here) in the red jacket.

  55. This is just an estimate:

    Relationship 1×1=1
    Kissed Someone 200×1.50=300
    Had Sex 25×7=175
    Slept Naked 18,250×3=54,750
    Sex With Animal 2×9 =18

    Total 55,242

  56. Sorry that’s wrong. I meant 21.50.

  57. keona, firstly, nice to have you back. secondly, can you put a fatty photo up please, otherwise it’s false advertising. are there any where you look like jabba the hut?

    unless you’ve lost hundreds of lbs (pounds, not lamebooks) in the last couple of weeks, in which case, hats off.

  58. 70.50.

    Plus, couldn’t she have just added something worth $5 and something worth $3? She didn’t necessarily only add one thing..

  59. wow…. $5,183.10….

  60. i’ve pretty much done everything except have sex with an animal… well, wait. if you count my last boyfriend…

  61. $62.50

    Would be much more fun for adults if there were more dirty choices. This is fun if you are in.. middle school I guess.

  62. No oral, no anal, no masturbated over your friends pet

  63. 66.50!

  64. $82.50 :)

  65. $42.50, and i’m only fourteen. :)

  66. Well shouldn’t you be proud and stoked on life @meganruthx

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