Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Shades of Lame

Shades of Lame

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  1. What is this, I don’t even…

  2. Come on admin, I know there’s lamer shit than this

  3. Methinks Ellie has way too much spare time on her hands.

  4. hahahahahahaha!

  5. Ellie, there is a time and a place for this shit. It is called myspace in 2006.

  6. @ajay – thebestcomment.
    but HEY! I use myspace, to check up on my fave bands…
    But seriously that isn’t all that lame.

  7. Does she think she’s the new Andy Warhol?

    Go cut yourself you emo bitch.

  8. @Mas puto … Did you read all of the shit she has on those pictures?? It’s pretty damn lame. I felt a little sick by the time I finished. “Hold Your Breath ‘Cause Tonight Will Be The Night That I Will Fall For You Over Again.” What the hell does that even mean?!

  9. @7 TrainReq – This is what Andy Warhol would’ve done if he were a 15yr-old scene girl

  10. Gawd Diem it!

  11. Come on guys, she’s deep. Fallout Boy inspirational.

  12. How can anyone possibly say this isn’t lame? Seriously.
    She’s copied the exact same picture, EIGHTEEN times, with the most ridiculous lyrics or quotes plastered across every picture. Why though, why?! Ellie, this does not make you look cool, in fact it does the complete opposite. It doesn’t make you look arty either (the number one aim of all emos), it just makes it look like you’ve spent way too much time on Paint and have far too much time on your hands. Get a grip, get a life.


  13. Sure Ellie, this is cool. If you’re in 1966.

  14. @Dave, its lyrics from the song “Fall for you” by Secondhand Serenade.

  15. This is why picnik should’ve never been invented.

  16. Holy fuck. As an artist, I am SO sick and tired of stupid 12 year old little shits pretending to be deep and introspective with the crap they pull like this. No, you’re not unique. ARRGGGGGHHHH

  17. As an artist and true individual, indeed.

  18. This is what happens when you learn about filters and you’re really into yourself.

  19. I suddenly feel like digging up my old Lite-Brite.

  20. I feel bad for admin having to blur so many versions of that one face.

  21. Shalom and ajay FTW

  22. What’s the betting this guy she keeps on spewing about is a pre-pubescent scene kid who can’t even fill out his black skinnies.

  23. Please die.


  25. Aww she is so very deep & artistic .. I just want to hug her.

  26. A little fly just flew itself into a light and dropped dead.

    The fly has spoken.

  27. Most of her quotes don’t make any sense, so I’m going to assume she made them up herself.

  28. The sad thing is some guy somewhere is telling her how awesome it is because he wants to do her.


  29. @Canaduck: They’re mostly lyrics from shitty pop rock songs… I can spy Paramore, Evanescence, Flyleaf… Just to name a few.

    Sigh. How old is she? I’m embarrassed for my generation again.

  30. I wish I could nominate Nicole’s comment as a lamebook entry. “Oh, I’m an artist, and therefore an arbiter of all things artsy! These little girls aren’t deep, introspective, and unique — I am!” Granted I think this shit’s retarded too, but seriously Nicole. Who’s to say that nobody thinks *your* art sucks?

  31. This is the most self-indulgent tosh I have ever seen on FB.

    Lame Lame Lame Lame Lamey Lame Lame.

  32. She’s not lame. She’s a special and unique butterfly.

    Just like everyone else.

    What a douchebag. I really want to poke her in the eye with a fork.

  33. Lol @ Nicole

    “As an Artist, I am SO…”

    I lol’d hard until I shat my pants because since art is subjective, you are not an expert on anything.

    This reminds me of the time my Uncle John taught an art class.

  34. Where can one buy these postcards? I want to send one to my daughter.

  35. @fterklang; what has your daughter done to deserve that?

  36. i’m a cutter!

  37. #30 Prease, #33 Anon:


  38. This may be pathetic, but someone saying that they know what they’re talking about because they’re an “artist” is almost as bad. I’m a writer, so therefore a different kind of artist…and I don’t claim to say I’m more creative and introspective just because it’s my legal profession.
    This is really fucking lame though.

  39. They would make a lovely set of collectable stamps.

  40. @slick:
    So you’re saying that, as a writer, when you see really awful writing, part of you doesn’t cringe a bit? I don’t believe you.

    Also, I’m pretty sure Andy Warhol was a fifteen year-old scene girl. His art was shit, in the least.

  41. I’d do her

  42. if these lil emo kids don’t get over themselves….

  43. Nicole has a good point. Whatever this girl did is regurgitated trite bullshit parading as “deep” artwork. Just because you change the hue of the same emo photo of your own face and haphazardly type lame song lyrics in the only empty space on the photo in a terrible font does NOT make you an artist.

  44. @ Kingshit

    +1 from me too ;)

    Talking about ‘deep’; do you reckon she takes it up the wrong ‘un, while listening to Bullet For My Valentine?

    SGs FTW!

  45. It’s shit like this that explains why Photoshop costs so much and should probably cost more.

  46. Dear Nicole,

    As an actor, I don’t think you are who you appear to be.

  47. Malnu FTW

  48. hahaha…..she has nothing else to do….just need somebody to be her fan :/

  49. Be honest…
    How many of you thought, “that reminds me of an ex” when you saw this?
    I know how to pick ‘em.

  50. FAIL

  51. THIS IS NOT A FAIL. This is epicly shit. Like why the fuck do people make really lame stuff like this? ARGH Emos and Scene Kids piss me off so much.

  52. She has serious need for more pictures, I think she has used that one up!!

  53. Fuck it just keeps goin!

  54. I’m ashamed to say, I know most of those lyrics. :\

  55. I wonder if she even knows what Carpe Diem means.. It seems like a common scene kids phrase nowadays.

  56. I wonder where she stole all of these lame emo sentiments from…there’s no way in hell she knows what Carpe Diem means.

  57. @Lizz

    I do too… But at least we didn’t put them over the same picture eighteen times in an attempt to be deep. Score one for us.

    I would almost be less lame if she’d made up the quotes herself… almost. Sadly she’s too effing around in Paint to do such a thing.

  58. *too busy


  59. this is what she looks like behind the blur

  60. 59 – I read that and “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith came on the crappy radio station at work. Quite appropriate timing in my eyes.

  61. Please die for him.
    She#ll probably broke up with that person anyway.

  62. Give me STRENGTH

  63. Emo Andy Worhol….

  64. warhol

  65. Are you fucking SERIOUS. I want to hurt her. Perhaps with a blunt, heavy object. To beat her repeatedly round the face with.
    Perhaps the Emo will fall out of her head that way.

    She’s actually made me slightly angry for being such a ‘tard.

  66. I can totally see these pictures in one of those shrines of the megaobsessed killer/rapists they find in Law & Order. Next season. Callin’ it here.

  67. @Jessetron Paramore and Evanescence are not lame!

    And yeah, that kid is one hell of a self-indulgent twit!

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