Monday, April 26, 2010

Sexy Self Portraits

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  1. That bellybutton is HUGE.

  2. last couple are kind of hot

  3. yeah, except that outtie… it is huge

  4. is that luke skywalker in the first pic?

  5. LOL at #1′s comment. XD

  6. there are some things that just should not be meant for the world to see, the last picture being one of those things. also, is that child drinking from the faucet or holding on to it so he/she doesn’t fall?

  7. thanks jackanddiane all i can see now is the belly button :D :s

  8. @OyMate
    Pleasure to be of service. Now you won’t get in trouble for looking at boobies :)

  9. Yuck, the last people look like they are probably in their teens! Ew.

  10. omfg that belly button is HUGE.

  11. #1 kinda sad n pathetic
    #2 i feel bad for that kid “nice mom”
    #3 jus looks like a slut
    #4 jus plain wrong

  12. Oh Daniel. Sing to me Daniel. Oh I love the way your soft hair falls into a perfect golden helmet. Oh and the way your big sensual lips pout at me so suggestively. Sing to me before I go crazy with anticipation…

    “We’ve known each other, for so long…”

    Well that fucking ruined it didn’t it.


  14. The first picture just makes me think ‘never gonna give you up…’
    It also makes me HATE MYSELF for thinking ‘never gonna give you up…’
    Ugh. I made a RickRoll reference. I’ll understand if you guys oust me from my position as ‘wannabe comedian’.

    The last picture… gahhhhhh. Do I really have it in me to do this again? The whole ‘noooooooobody really cares about your relationship’ thing?
    I mean… okay, it’s sweet. They’re happy. That’s nice. She loves it when he holds her. That’s also nice. She has a freaking massive outtie. That’s not so nice.
    But come on. What makes you think the rest of your Facebook friends want to see you and your man naked in a hotel room? There’s only gonna be one type of person interested in that photo, and they’re not exactly the sort of person you want snooping through your photos. Or snooping anywhere, for that matter.

    Holy crap, I didn’t notice the little kid in the sink. I was just like ‘that’s not that lame’. BUT IT IS.
    IT IS.

  15. Bitch. Taking pictures of herself when her kid is so obviously drowning or something.

    Oh my! I didn’t even notice the belly button. I was too busy wondering why she was wearing her boyshort panties incorrectly. Her panties confuse me, and her belly button ruined my pita chips!

  16. BT Ho,

    Simma down girl…simma down!

    Wanna get freakay in a hotel wit me and scare the livin be jezus out of everyone here wit our freakay pics?

  17. oh and BT Ho…I can show u things u neva thought possible wit bellay buttons dat have the size of craters for inhabitants

  18. I dunno, how big’s your belly button?

    Okay, okay, I’m not as good at the dirty talk as you guys :P I tried dammit, and that’s what counts.

  19. Wanna see if my outie can ft in your innie? ;)

  20. *fit. Not ft. Dammit.

  21. yikes

  22. I can learn u ….I can learn. Gurlfren, it just takes practice, u saw the proof in the picz

  23. @britishhobo rick astley definitely was singing in my head when i saw the first pic as well, dont feel too bad

  24. ooohh we have a big shot in da house ! How many feet are you? Unfortunately there I dont have an innie, but will consida all applicants


    again wit tha Aaaaa’s. Am i right BT Ho??????????? Am i singin tha Rick corractly?

  26. i think british hobo is throwing game at t-girl Laquineesha

  27. Am I the only one who noticed the girl with the gigantic belly button is named Princess?

  28. seeing that child in the sink in the second one caused me to snort like a pig…very attractive

  29. No sillA RadSam. Quite obvious that Princaass is named that. We all have eyes, dun we?

    BT Ho I wanna No are u throwin a Game at May and if So why do Yay cuz I wanna Be ur Partay….gurl. Please?

  30. Laquineesha PLEASE tell me you are taking the almost broke my brain..

  31. Yes. Yes, we do. Just checking. I thought it warranted a mention.

  32. With the first one all I can think of is “Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down. Never gonna run around and desert you…” And that’s sad :(

  33. JUJU wit a name like what u got….Im sorry …ur brain already broken. Not much ur gurl Laquish can do 4 u :(

  34. hahahaha Laquineesha!

  35. laquineesha is no better than juju…

  36. oh dear EJaaa. We all heard tha song u sang in our head when we seen that same pic. Relax , u not sad. Please read ur girl Laquishes previous comments brotha/sista.

  37. but laquineesha is waaaay betta than mbanks…

  38. an abbreviation of my name is still better than your name given to you by your uneducated parents that produced your uneducated self

  39. MBANKS! Ur gurl Lasquish has feeelings! Do u not!!! I am not here ta hate!!!! Only ta procreate!!! And try ta State!!! That all MBanks does is HATE!!!!

  40. so you’re an aspiring rapper…

  41. Fuck me all these pictures made me think of a song
    #1 Is that Justin Bieber
    #2 Don’t you wish you were hot like me
    #3 Do me baby
    #4 Pumps and A Bump

  42. NO! I’m an Aspirin Tapper! Can I tap ur bum mbanks? Lasquish thinks u sound vary vary frustrated!!!


  43. LOL

    Someone better take cred. I need to know.

  44. SomeRandomChick

    Eh, the last one is cool. Big outie? Sure, but other then that… she looks good.

  45. U high Chick……u totally high…..

  46. hahahaha laquineesha!!! leave my name out of this!!!

  47. When I see you smile, I can face the world… ohh ohhh,
    you know I can do anything…dat’s right….anything…

  48. is that snookie is the second pic?

    Laquineesha definitely took a wrong turn from another dimension and ended up here. She’s supposed to be on the other side…where you get submitted to lamebook, not be commenting on it

  49. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    hmm.. why would you post your near naked self on FB? I mean really?!?!? Is that necessary?

    and I don’t really understand what Laquineesha’s saying. It hurt my head reading some of her comments… No offense Laquineesha.

  50. juju..if I leave ur name out of this, Im afraid that I will miss, all the days that we’d call bliss, just by being friends with Squish.

    P.S Squish = me

  51. oh dears. It appears. That certain queers. Seem to hate me heres.

    Mista Pro and Monkey Do….can’t I make it up to u?

  52. “Mista Pro?” I like that. I never said I didn’t like you here. Stick around, I’ll try my best to decipher what you’re saying. It hurts, but it does help a little that you rhyme…..oh….and by the way…pass the dutchie

  53. Loverfli, she isn’t wearing boyshort panties so I don’t understand how she can wear them wrong. She’s wearing a lace cheeky panty.

  54. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    What lamebook said… but keep whatever the dutchie is… And, why does he (or she I forgot) get a Mista…and I get just a “Monkey do” not even a MonkeyC… :(

  55. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    Also, the lace cheeky panties leave no panty lines… and are soooooooooooooooooo comfortable so maybe that’s why she’s wearing ‘em… just saying…

  56. First one- Not lame, in my opinion.
    Second one- I think the kid just brushed..her? teeth, and s rinsing. xD My sister does it that way, straight from the faucet.

  57. Seriously? There’s a super hot half-naked chick, and all you guys can do is complain about her outie? Anybody else reminded of “Shallow Hal” and his best friend?

  58. digi… i still do that when i brush my teeth… saves using a cup

  59. hi crispy… i gave her my props… she definately a hottie

  60. MISTA PRO!!!!!!!!!! For shame!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dutchies is only for certain hoochies!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Monkey Do ur Girl Laquisha
    Would like ta apalagize for ma behavia
    If u prefa ta be called C
    Dat’s all u had to say ta me.

  61. Crispy. U need help ma frieeeend.

  62. ewewew

  63. Haha. And her name is Princess!

  64. I looked at pic #1 and Spandau Ballet songs started playing in my head.

    He looks like he is trying to be Tony Hadley. He also looks as gay as him.

  65. Laquineesha makes my brain hurt more then the actual pictures….though sadly I can read what she’s saying….does this make me pathetic…or ghetto =/

    Pic 1: first thought, Justin Bieber
    Pic 2: isn’t that the chick from last week..and she had her kid in the pic then too….I think she does it on purpose??
    Pic 3: Whoretastic
    Pic 4: I have panties like that in black…but I would NEVER post a pic of it on facebook =/// and is ANYONE suprised she is named princess? like seriously now

  66. cpt brown sauce sandwich

    do you reckon Princess uses it as a willy?

  67. Daniel. Daniel, wtf man? You look like you should be on a album cover from 1984. Said album is full of sissy melodic crap. Dude, needs to have a pink shirt on, that would make my day!

  68. they maybe lace knick-nacks…but they’re still yellow. who wears yellow underwear. urg.

  69. cpt brown sauce sandwich

    @eenerbl Daniels mother was (and still is) a groupie for Level42. His father is ALL OF THEM

  70. These were great. I think Princess is cute and is being ragged on waaaaay too much for having an outie. Who gives a shit about stuff like that? That being said…she shows some real poor class for posting a pic wearing literally, only underwear. That’s the kind of picture you keep for yourself and you boyfriend ONLY.

  71. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    ee makes a point- that chumP surely looks like he’s living in the past. But at least it’s a heartfelt little collage. I wonder what song he was singing?

    As a consummate stickler for detail I also have to wonder why the ring on his finger changes hands… Maybe the ladies want him so bad that he has to pretend to be hitched half the time.

  72. @ cpt brown sauce

    level 42 THE ultimate ‘dad-band’

  73. cpt brown sauce sandwich

    yup. i once met a girl in Portsmouth whose first words to me were “my dad is the keyboard player in Level42″ i was like “Great…if he was the bassist i might talk to you” she also had terrible teeth…
    ahhh Portsmouth

  74. wow… speechless

  75. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    #2 appears to have sawed a toddler in half and is trying to dispose of the body down the sink.
    Put the phone down you hussy and go get the hydrofluoric acid.

    #4 Seems to have split the lamebook camp down the middle, in a fashion redolent of one’s opinion on black jelly beans (not racist, but It’s that exact attitude that keeps the black jelly bean down). Naval deformities aside, is no one perturbed by the extreme viscosity of her boobs. ‘Cause I am…

  76. Divine, that’s a question I’m dieing to know. I need to know if this guy has a LP out, and if he does, I want to know what his musical selection is! It’s killing me!

  77. um, thats what natural tig ol bitties do when you squeeze them divine… not sure what you are looking for

  78. cpt brown sauce sandwich


  79. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    p.s. lamebook, number one’s not a self portrait, our young rick astley doppelganger went to a studio for this. True story. In real life. It happened.

  80. @cpt brown sauce

    haha the keyboard player looks like David James, they have a shite song called ‘lessons in love’ and my dad went to see them for his 50th birthday…that’s all i know about them and frankly all i want to, however in context to the first picture…he is without a doubt some kind of rick astley/level 42/other various british 80′s pop shit love child.

  81. cpt brown sauce sandwich

    on Daniels part though…it could be worse! His dad could’ve been in REO Speedwagon! IMAGINE THE MULLET!!!!

  82. I have to agree with EE, Divine…her tits look pretty natural and normal.

  83. @ cpt brown sauce

    HAHA oh no, when i think of REO speedwagon, i think of Chris Rea (for some reason) and then i think of Alan Patridge and it gives the first picture a whole new meaning!

  84. For the record…I so just clued in to what you all mean by Outie…I thought you were referring to a large bathroom or something and I was confused….now I get what you mean.

    If she put some clothes on I’m sure she’d be a pretty gal, and for the record, yes those look like the breasts….

    Still an inappropriate pic for facebook though =/

  85. real breasts* not the breasts…because that’s just bloody obvious.

    Damn you no delete/edit post -.-”

  86. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    Her baps seem like they are hungry. As if when Princess is breastfeeding they would simply assimilate a newborn baby like an amorphous sludge of mutant mammary.

    …For the record, I’ve never really held anything against any set of boobies (sexual paraphernalia aside)… whatever comes my way I work with, but if I had a choice between a pert set and something that reminds me of sheets on the line flapping in the breeze than I’d take the bouncy but firm pair of funbags any day. Plastic tits can fuck off if that’s what y’all are thinkin’ ;)

  87. Exactly slimjayz.

  88. The 2nd one made me lol. the last one made me gag a bit when I saw she has a penis coming out of her stomach.

  89. dirtylittlepretty

    omg she has an angry inch!!
    ps. i love how her nipple is peeking out and saying hello ;)

  90. Why the hell do I have REO Speedwagon in my head? Hum, Oh well.

    As for the last picture. She needs to stop getting her lacy cheekies at Wal-Mart and start looking into VS. Those look hideous! She has a alright body, the least she can do is not wear shit that goes almost to your ribs! It’s like Granny Panties meets tacky lingerie. Just my opinion, had to state it.

  91. Daniel probably jacks off to the first picture.

    What I can’t understand about the second one, however, is why the woman didn’t just take another picture without her kid in it, and then post that to facebook instead. It appears that it was taken in her own home, after all.

    No comment on the last two, other than saying “no comment”.

  92. I’m with you, eenerbl. I have never really gotten into the boy shorts-type lingerie on girls. I mean, once the clothes are off, underwear is pretty optional, but I much prefer much tinier things.

  93. Careful, lah– stereotypical black chick’s name, your good grammar is popping out here and there.

    As for last picture; I’d top that.

    The kid is fine, but her fat arms are icky – flab over the pit and all. Nice censoring, but unnecessary. Do Me Now chick has a weird smile, like she’d bite your cock off as soon as she’d lick it.

  94. Well said Bulldog.

    TipDip, seriously? You’d ‘top that’? Did you get a look at that navel, you could shove a dick in there. Nasty! (Unless you’re into that, then by all means, have your button fantasy, and I’ll stay quiet.)

  95. i am so in love with laquineesha right now.

  96. Quagmuire once said that the 4th hole was at the back of the knee, now that I’ve seen this I don’t know what to think lol.

  97. um how do u look at the pictures from last week? some one told me i was in it but i cant find it?

  98. IceyAngel…hmmm? last week? which is that under??cause that is me..and yes my daughter is brushing her teeth before she goes to bed…and i cropped her outta the picture and posted an updated one on my page but obviously whoever is the dumbass who submitted that pic to this site didnt see that….and yea my profile is set to private for a reason.

  99. jstanker3, maybe you should take pictures when she’s gone to bed next time. I know you got your sexy outfit on and errtang but forrealz, your kid will have memories of mummy stood in front of the mirror, wearing a tiny piece of cloth and trying to hide her arm fat. Badly.

  100. I’ve never seen a child crawling along the sink top to brush teeth. And I hope the reason for setting it to private is not to avoid being seen to be a bad mother.
    Because that’s just hiding the evidence really.
    Having said that, nice hips btw!

    URGH! ARGH! OUTY! although it looks like an outy with an inny above it. that’s one mutated belly button.

  101. I’ve had a change of heart, don’t attack sink baby lady. She’s just a mom trying to cut loose, kids are always jumping around places and hanging off faucets.
    Bad cropping however, should really have thought about it before uploading. Which makes you a bit lame for being too distracted by yourself to fix the picture.

  102. “Bonita Fontane was a loving mother. Her daughter Queefa was doing well in school, even brushed her teeth each night without fail. Bonita thought it was so cute when Queefa insisted she reach the sink herself like a big girl.
    Suddenly, Bonita realised she wasn’t fucking wearing anything and decided to take a picture. Forever scarring her daughter and making her think it’s awesome to publicly display herself in such ways.
    Queefa is pregnant by the age of 5. The cycle continues.”

  103. lol! Queefa!

  104. Queefa Fontane.
    Kids for dental hygiene!

  105. I don’t have to explain anything but I will try anyway. I have my daughter with no help from her fther and that was my birthday so I decided to get a babysitter but wanted to put my daughter to sleep before I left so the babysitter could just chill at my place while I went out for my b day. So that was my daughter getting ready for bed while I was about to go out. I think one day in prolly about 4 months is acceptable to go out when ur a single mom at 23 dipshit story teller. And yes she is 2 she likes to do everything by herself including brushing her teeth. And the whole cropping thing…I put that picture up first then wad like oh shit my daughter is in it so I cropped it took that one down and a new one up unfortunately it was too late one of my so called friends decided to use the old one! * thanks to who ever that was!!! And for all u who say oh she’s a bad mom…think again putas! Most people think tgere is a sterotype of Spanish girls gettin preg young and living with there parents blah blah blah no not me. I am about to grad college and have my own place own car own everything pay my bills by my damn self without help from her father or anyone else and work full time. So if I mistakenly take a picture while she is getting ready for bed my bad that doesn’t at all account for being a “bad mother” cause I bet half of the people commenting still live with tgere parents and ain’t doing shit with themselves!

  106. And obviously u guys aren’t around kids cause they always try n drink from the faucets….not saying it’s a good thing but that doesn’t stop them!

  107. do you kiss your daughter to bed goodnight with that potty mouth?

  108. That defense was way lamer than the photo.

  109. Yes. And yes after reading it over I agree! Who r any of u for me to have to explain myself. The picture is what it is if u don’t like it doNt look at it.

  110. You’re going to get judged anyway.

    This is Lamebook.

  111. well, hopefully you cropped it at your waist, because from this angle it looks like you’re peeing on your daughter’s hair. and then you really would be a bad mother.

  112. yes very tru guinevere…so how do u delete comments and pictures that people post on here?

  113. The important thing is that you’re using Colgate. You don’t need any cavities getting filled with unwanted growths. Prevention and prophylaxis is always better than trying to justify unintended consequences.

  114. i love malteaser too

    lol lol

  115. hahahah

  116. I know a really good general surgeon that can repair that umbilical hernia for you there Princess.

  117. 1st guy holds his microphone like I hold a sweet, erect dick!

  118. Regardless of whatever you say to defend yourself, trying to take sexy snaps while your kid is around is LAME.
    So is taking pictures in the mirror.

  119. Laquineesha’s the best thing to happen to the Lamebook comments section in what seems like forever. Me, I joined to more effectively stalk Soup. Pardon me while I snickerswoon.

    And jstanker3, in the last line of #105, I believe you meant to type “tgeir” instead of “tgere.” How’s that college degree working out for you?


  120. Is it just me being drunk, or does Princess have a HUGE FUCKING DAGGER tattooed on her thigh?! I’m hoping it’s a shadow created by that enormous co-joined twin of a belly button.

    Oy, wordy wtf happened in this playground over the weekend? I was checking out the older entries, and saw the virtual/verbal knife fight you were subjected to. Sheesh…

  121. I know Miss Shegas, apparently a few people don’t like my work darlin’.

    But typically, it took one to say something, and then a few more decided to jump on the word tear down bandwagon.

    No dramas though, I can deal.

    We love each other Miss, so that’s all that matters.

  122. I like it when people come here and act offended by the lamebook posts , don’t they realise they are just fueling the mean lamebook dwellers ?

    Jstark , good on you for trying to make it work with college, and kids and so on. Single mothers need al the backing up they can get , it’s a hard job.

    But hell , that defense was ultra lame and i am sure that once you grasp the concept of punctuation, the college degree will follow.

  123. @jstanker3

    Don’t excuse yourself. Most of people here are worthless, hateful cunts that will accuse anyone with a kid in a picture of being a bad parent. I guess it is their way of making themselves feel better about the fact that their kid is too dumb to brush it’s teeth and the fact that they (or their wives) are 50 lbs too fat to wear a dress like yours

  124. @jstanker3

    Don’t excuse yourself. Most of people here are worthless, hateful c#$%^ that will accuse anyone with a kid in a picture of being a bad parent. I guess it is their way of making themselves feel better about the fact that their kid is too dumb to brush it’s teeth and the fact that they (or their wives) are 50 lbs too fat to wear a dress like yours

  125. Single mothers have a hard job?
    Jesus H Christ. Here’s a thought – don’t spawn something outside of wedlock.

    The offspring of the 1st big generation of single mothers were children in the 80s. They’re now adults with their own kids and it’s almost impossible to provide them with basic social skills and a decent work ethic.
    ….hence taking a ‘sexy’ (and I use that word VERY loosely) mirror shot when your bastard child hangs off a tap.

  126. @jstanker3

    i feel your pain as well! as another single mom, i find it difficult to juggle my kid, work, college, and making sure that my baby is out of frame when i’m taking hawt photos of myself to send to sexxxi guys

  127. Here’s a thought, Mom: Maybe wait until your kid is out of the room to take the picture.
    Now go study so you can “grad”.

  128. Ruby ,

    I hope you catch the plague for the comment you made. As you may have guessed my mom is a single mom and she suffered a lot because of ignorant c*nts like yourself

    Are you a mormon ? do you participate in anti abortus raids ?

    You talk about basic social skills while showing a huge lack of the forementioned skills. Not every single mom is a ho , some of them just got unlucky.

    Bastard child ? Sod off you sad excuse for a human being , i hope your world caves in around you some day and you will find yourself all alone with only your judgemental views on the world to console you

    Sad litlle c*nt

    You made me loose my cool, congrats

  129. *abortion

  130. ….and the world makes perfect sense!

  131. Pic #4.. WHERE ARE HIS LEGS???

  132. oh wait the grammar/spelling nazis are coming , run people run

    But you made me smile sorediggler , English is my third language and typing while being annoyed does not help my spelling.

  133. Clearly.

  134. Forgive me, Father.
    That was a little rude of me.

  135. Haha not at all , it was funny.

  136. Taking pictures in the bathroom mirror should be banned.

  137. And I like that kitschy, fishy, thingy on the bathroom sink in pic2.
    I’m a Pisces, so I’ll need two of them, for balance and all that.

    I’ll start trolling the $2 stores and see what I can find.

  138. I must be missing something because I see absolutely nothing out of the ordinary about the kid drinking from the tap.
    They all do it, and so do many adults.

    Main thing for me would be the saliva residue left on the tap after.
    I hate spit backwash, I will never drink out of the same glass or can that someone else is drinking from.
    My little weird phobia.

    justbeingmiley, just saw your comment.
    You don’t say much, or comment that often, but when you do, it does it for me every single time.

  139. @Ruby,you’re a total twat.

    why people would take mirror pics escapes me…do they not have a self-timer button?

  140. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    Only true princesses have this kind of portrait. In fact, there are many hanging on the walls of the National Gallery. I hear it was a favourite pose of Henry VIII’s wives, although ‘cos it was in oils it was more classy-like.

  141. hitme is back ? Been a very long time since your last post here milady

    Welcome back …

  142. The mini uproar on single mothers is hilarious.

    My mum brought me up on her own. She didn’t feel the need to boohoo about it, blame society because she fucked the wrong guy or take stupid fucking pictures in the mirror.

    She was a warrior. She went to college, got a better job and brought up 2 creative children who she loved.

    I’m now 22, I know right from wrong and my bathroom has never even seen a pregnancy test because… I’m not a stupid twat.

    I love you all.

  143. I like you, ccamera. Rock on.

  144. Deares Ruby


    Wat is a craaaazy bible thumpa doin on LAMEBOOK aneway. Dun make no sense ta Squish

    Squish tinks it time u rode back to da cave u crawled outta an get back ta rubbin ur husband feet

  145. oh! anotha thing ruby

    OUR world makes da perfect sence

    just urs does not


  146. oh! an one more otha thing

    how do u get da internet in dat cave of urs?????

  147. Haha, omg I’ve had the funniest time reading this at work – just trying not to laugh out loud at the comments! Laquineesha – I love you!! Please hit us with some more rhymes!! It’s like when I used to read Rupert the Bear as a little girl! Re: the pics… I have to say, I’m a massive cynic of self portraits anyway so don’t approve at all, but quite loving the ridiulousness of the first guy!

  148. Once upon a time
    Der was a gurl who liked ta ryme
    So she came to dis place online
    Becuz u all seem so divine

    Now ur gurl Squish would like ta no
    Do u all wanna b ma friend yo?
    Cuz Squish is jus a lonelay ho
    Is dis aiiight wit u Snow?

  149. Hahaha that’s AWESOME!! I even got a mention!! Quids in!! :-D of course I would be your friend…and quite frankly I would love it if you just rhymed like that in everyday conversation!

  150. Recently, everytime I go to the bathroom I have an urge to take a picture of myself. Why is that I wonder?

  151. wow…I’m with Father Sha here. the only thing he did wrong was call Ruby a c*unt which is untrue…she’s clearly a cunt. Sorry lamebook that won’t happen again

  152. Been working out Seebea ?

  153. mybellybuttonateaferret

    Yeah because having your boyfriend hold you by the nipples makes for good facebook viewing…

  154. Dear ruby,
    Ur retarded! How do u kno I or any other now single mother wasn’t married an her husband died or they got divorced? Ur either a failing psychic with nothing better to do then go on this lame website and make urself look like a complete …. Or….wait that must be it.

  155. And obviously she wasn’t shit if she raised a dumb f… Like u to be as obnoxious a u r. So the whole thing u just wrote about ur “mum” LAME*


  157. krasivaya_devushka

    hahaha these comments are hilarious! I can’t believe I read them all ahhh :)
    Is this the first time someone comes on here and says “hey, that’s me in the pic” & then proceeds to explain hahah

  158. jstanker is the hottest. Then princess. Then the chinawoman.

    Daniel would make a good prison bunkmate.

  159. In this comments page: woman defends herself from being mocked online and is insulted for SHOCK! taking a picture of herself while her kid GASP! gets a drink! :O

    Come on guys (the guys that started to call her lame, that is). Don’t tell me you wouldn’t defend yourself if somebody was doing the same thing to you. I know I would. I respect for defending herself, especially since there’s nothing lame about her picture at all.

  160. @155, nah, this has happened a fair amount before. Most infamously when Lamebook forgot to blur out somebody’s last name, the person at the centre of the post came here to defend herself with some friends, sparking a massive argument which led to a Facebook hate campaign that mocked her and did some fairly nasty stuff.

  161. krasivaya_devushka

    :o say whaaaaat? Shame on you Lamebook! haha :)
    Do you know if that’s still up somewhere?

  162. I don’t think she’s lame for defending herself — well, the first comment had a slight doosh quality to it but understandable.

    I think Ruby is a twat who should die a miserable lonely death (and likely will! hurrah!) and I think I am going to have nightmares from that damn belly button.

    Oh and hahaha miley I was thinking the saaame thing

  163. The fight’s gone now. And the Facebook group was taken down. But another Facebook group was made ‘in memory’ of the original one.

  164. Aah Siarra. I remember that, it was fairly entertaining.

  165. krasivaya_devushka

    I need to come around more often then! Haha that must’ve been interesting.

  166. jstanker3

    you doing alright… dont need to justify shit to punks like ruby… and i still drink right from the faucet when i brush my teeth

  167. um, ew! the last one is definitely taken at a hotel. haha. yum!

  168. so is it “Laquisha” or “Laquineesha”??? Methinks you forgot your own racist meme…stupid White men trying to be “funny” on the internets…

  169. Christ on a cracker

    First 2 pics are just ridiculous

  170. If what jstanker3 is saying is indeed true (about her going to “grad college”), then she needs a refund. Last time I checked, one would have to know how to express themselves (and that’s including the necessary reading, writing, and mathematical skills) properly in order to attend college. I’m sorry, but I chuckled at that specific part.

  171. Jeeeeeezus Christ, I thought “jstanker3″ was annoying until I read this fucking elitist comment before me.

  172. jstanker, nothing personal but I LOL’ed at the picture. It’s just so silly to have a toddler at the bottom of a “sexy” pic.

    I’m going to have a baby so I can name it Laquineesha but call it Squish. Only I have no ovaries and no uterus anymore and I’m a lesbian so I’ll have to have a spit-baby. Or maybe I’ll get an Obama Chia-pet and named it Laquineesha and call it Squishy. Yeahhhh.

  173. Lol, never been called an elitist before although I see where you’re coming from. My point was that for someone who claims to be going to grad school, they can’t write/type to save their life. I believe if someone has the drive to succeed, then they will. Her way of expressing herself is not helping her cause, in my opinion.

  174.  to u!! Is that expressing enough for u?

  175. Nope, since I have no idea what you’re saying lol

  176. Hey jstanker3. You know that language you’re so desperately trying to headbutt onto the keyboard? It’s called English.
    I’m from England and we spell it mum. It’s the way it’s said.
    Believe it or not, English originated from England! I hope you were sitting down for that. And not on a potential baby daddy’s face :O.

    I also hope you know that my mum is an actual person. She is not a suggestive comment or sarcasm. “” really isn’t necessary. Try putting on some clothes and actually helping your daughter brush her teeth instead of being so up your own infested arsehole that you’d rather take pictures of your arm fat instead of getting your kid ready for bed.

    In conclusion, correct people of their spelling mishaps when they’re actually wrong and when you actually know what the fuck you’re talking about.

    Peace out puta. I hope your child grows up to be something you’re not.

  177. krasivaya_devushka

    The least you could’ve done is to crop out the child, but of course, you didn’t do that either. I agree with the above post. I don’t see why you’re so caught up in taking the “sexy” mirror picture for Facebook. Only lame attention w*ores do that kind of thing.

    The last picture is just absolutely ridiculous and it’s beyond me why anyone would put that up. NOBODY needs to see that!!

  178. Oh my god ! So much to say. The first one is awesome seriously, why would anyone put that on facebook ? He must find it sooo cooool, that’s hilarious. The second one and the third one are stupid and the last one is a masterpiece of tmi

  179. your so stupid!!! mum was in parenthesis because i figured if i said mom then u wouldnt know i was talking to you. because i said mum you knew i was talking to you? correct? yea thats what i thought. and as for the rest of it do u really think i give a flying fuck what u think? my daughter knows how to do shit for herself because i let her. i dont do everything for her because i dont want her to grow up to be someone like you. sitting around on the computer all day probably living at home not knowing how to do shit for yourself. does ur mum brush ur teeth for you? no i dont think so. and y not? cause she let u learn how to do it for urself! she has to start learning for herself sooner or later but thanks for ur useless comments.

  180. and your last line was funny! one, do you even know what puta means? two, my daughter would be well benefited to grow up something like me at least then she would have a career in the medical field.

  181. I was going to reply, but my mum wouldn’t type for me. :(
    This took me 2 hours.

  182. Lol, Can everyone just stop taking “sexy” pics of themselves altogether? Please? Unless your drunk, I give everyone free passes if they’re drunk, cause when sloshed and the cameras come out bad, horrid things happen that I shall never be blamed for! *Ahem* I mean that I will never blame anyone for.

  183. Lol, parenthesis around the word “mum”. You do realize those are quotation marks right? Only proves my point. Keep up the good work!

  184. In the third photo, is no one else freaked out by the difference of skin tone? It appears to be the head of a black girl on a white girl’s body.

  185. im worried that photo 3 is a boy.

  186. lol

  187. Squish FTW…

  188. @snortly eww do you want them to be in there 40-50′s?

  189. lol @ baby in te sink

  190. fuck all of u,,lamebook is crap

  191. lol.
    You guys are funny. I especially like the line about making a good bunk mate. Some of you, however, are also total dumb-asses, especially the idiot that submitted number one. That’s a senior portrait, not a self-photo.
    @DivineMonkeyTrigger, imagine it’s the love song he wrote for his girlfriend.

  192. What is that baby deprived of water? Why is it drinking out of the sink? Lame!

  193. I’d do her.

  194. Totally thought the person in number 2 was Snooki.

  195. Ugh what’s with the two ghetto rats in the bathroom? Jeez.

  196. No wonder mexicans have fucked up teeth. I’m not racist I swear!

  197. Omg sorry for the double post but I saw the first photo. My mind has been Rick rolled dammit

  198. Romance is dead.

  199. Hey, when I was a kid I used to drink from the bathroom sink just like that! Hee hee hee! (It was cause drinking out of the sink was easier than bothering my mother into giving me a glass.)
    As far as the last woman is concerned, maybe she’s pregnant & that’s why her bellybutton is protruding so much. If she were pregnant it’s possible that you wouldn’t be able to see it at this angle. Also, I assumed she was wearing a thong. And finally, the biggest shame about her picture is that yes, I imagine that the majority of the friends and family that are linked to her facebook did NOT want to see that pic. I’m having a good time imagining what her grammy said about it.

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  202. The first picture looks like someone burned his country music award…..

  203. The kid in the sink . . .

    So much fail. >.<

  204. http://bit。ly/oGbb83

  205. Wow..

  206. i cant help but wonder why everyone was tweaking out over a breastfeeding picture, but not as big a problem with all the boobage going on here…..*ponders*

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