Thursday, March 25, 2010

Self Portraits

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  1. CommentsAtLarge

    Hey Lamebook, warn a brother when “read the rest of this entry” actually means “creepy nekkid dude pictures”. My turn to almost puke on the keyboard.

  2. x-x-vallium-x-x

    you see yourself naked everyday, and you dont barf at that
    are you scarred of your own sexuality?

  3. The second picture isn’t really that funny, it’s just…lame. Guess that’s the point.

  4. I’m not sure what bothers me most about Abel’s post:
    -He posted a masturbation pic on FB
    -He edited said picture in Photoshop prior to posting with a stupid comment
    -He has a mirror on his ceiling

  5. all of them: lamesters

  6. Creepiest: mirror on his ceiling. Or maybe I just don’t like the fact that he looks petite, so I’m biased. Preety girl has lived up to her lame name, Layla. Only fitting.

  7. Chicky_monkey ftw

  8. Layla needs a better fitting bra and top, and also looks like she’s using the phone to hide something on her head.

    #3′s shower is weird – the left side repeats

    and it looks like there’s a squashed baby bottle next to Abel =S

  9. CommentsAtLarge


    Passing a mirror while changing or something of the like is a far cry from posting self shots on FB. If I, in any manner, looked like the bedridden wonder up there, I would indeed make myself barf yes.

  10. i dont get whats lame about the first one

  11. oh and i dont care if its lame… i totally want a mirror on my ceiling

    think of the fun we could have with that your highness :)

  12. spunky cheesecake

    Ryan’s pic is just that moment when you get out of the shower, catch sight of yourself in the mirror and think ‘yeah I look fucken hot today’. The fact that his second thought was ‘I must share this with all of facebook’ is disturbing.

    I can’t stop laughing at Abel! So many questions! 1.Is he an actual midget? Has he had that short little bed specially made to fit his midget self? 3. Is that a sock on the bed next to him? Or a bottle? Or what?

  13. the first one is lame cuz she spelled “pretty” worng. and im pretty sure thats a bottle of lotion next to abel. he prolly used it when he “got nastyy”

  14. bathroom pics are preety disgusting.

    i wonder what the towel to privates ratio is in picture #3…

  15. and i spelled wrong wrong! lol oops

  16. That’s the lotion he likely used to rub one out and afterwards stared dreamily up at himself. At which point a picture was necessary.

  17. I don’t get the first one…is it lame because she spelt “pretty” wrong?

    I spy a bottle of hand lotion on Abel’s bed…nice!

  18. his lotion bottle looks like a baby bottle which makes him that much more creepy.

  19. Is ‘rub one out’ american for masturbated? or jizzed? coz I hadn’t heard of it til today when it’s been in the comments of two posts and cbf going to urbandictionary.

  20. @ oh snap
    Who cares about spelling… shes a cutie

  21. I was not planning to see some semi naked douchebags today , thanks for the warning.

  22. yes milo… if i were to rub one out on your face your eyes would sting

  23. Last pic,

    “It rubs the lotion on its dick or else it gets the chafe again”

    I’m using some artistic licence here.
    Thanks Buffalo Bill.

  24. from the tears of laughter?

  25. slim, loyal follower, fun indeeeeeed!

  26. Aww look at the diddy man getting Nastyyy

  27. Even jockey’s like to get “nastyy” sometimes…

  28. Thanks Lamebook. Thanks for nothing. Ugh.

  29. Dr. Azizted-Homicide

    @ Milo

    ‘rubbing one out’ is slang for jerking off, yeah.

  30. I wonder what his knob jockey colours are

  31. Fucking hell. Abel looks like he took that photo during a diaper change.

  32. I’m not sure what’s wrong with the first one. I think she wrote “preety gurl” on purpose. Lots of people write “gurl” and she probably wanted to draw out the word like oooh I’m preeeeeetttyyyy.
    Or perhaps LAYla is the joke?

  33. Layla wrote preety gurl because she’s up her own hole.

  34. Damn it wordpervert, now I can’t get that out of my head!

    I thought, “Huh, half nekkid young mens? Not bad.”
    Then I saw that lotion bottle and wept for the future.

  35. Surely the point of the first one is that it’s lame to take a picture of yourself in the mirror and then photoshop words onto it. And lamer to tell people how pretty you are in the process. And she can’t spell.

  36. so ryan was taking a shower, saw himself in the mirror and said “Boy, I look hot today!” then went and got his phone, came back, got back in the shower and then took the pic? nice

    I forgive the “preety gurl” part because she is twelve years old and that is how they talk.

  37. and is jenson layla’s real name or is it some guy who wants to preda-date her?

  38. Poor Michael, hasn’t yet figured out that there’s nothing sexy about self-cellphone shots in a public restroom. I’d forgive this if he was a fellow American, but you’d think Italian dudes would be smoother than that.

  39. is it just me, or does Abel look like he is wearing a diaper and waiting for mommy to powder his butt?

  40. Layla only had THREE words to spell correctly, one being her name, and she managed to screw up the other two. I am starting to question whether or not she even spelled her name correctly!

  41. You’re Mom Spelt It Correctly… Jk =P

  42. BTW, NSFW.

  43. oh god, it gets worse as you scroll down

  44. These guys are the epitome of class, right there.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go throw up.

  45. yeah Slim, I totally agree!! If a chick is as preeety as her, who cares how she spells.

  46. Oh God…. Abel’s photo…. what a douche

  47. I agree Slim,

    When a girl looks like that, mathematics and literacy won’t be required for her to earn a living. I think you will find her ability to find low cut tops that her cleavage will spill out of will guarantee her a well paying job over grammar and one-plus-one…

  48. What’s lame about the last one? I believe that’s pretty much the definition of “nastyy”…

  49. there went my lunch

  50. On top of all the things that make Abel one of the most douchey people ever, this is a profile picture.

  51. Lotta people throwing up today, especially me, for real.

  52. I came.

  53. I really don’t care how bad Layla’s spelling is. That 14-year-old rack she’s carrying makes up for plenty.

  54. guys sorry for saying this.. but abel is in a motel… he was stood up hence the bottle of lotion… motels have mirrors on the cieling…. and look at the bed… he just jerked it off all over those sheets.. poor lil guy and his poor lil guy aint get any action..

  55. Decent jailbait rack, but there’s potential for a butterface behind the hair, phone, and blur.

  56. I’d let my doppelbanger have a go at her first to make sure she was worth the trouble.

  57. @ #32: The fact that you don’t understand why the first one is lame (and excused the “creative” spelling) is exactly why it’s lame.

  58. I’m surprised I’m the only one who noticed that Layla’s picture is in her friend Jensen’s album. He was probably the one who added the “preety gurl.”

  59. Preety might be slang for Pre-teen…

    I never noticed the Jensen thing – imagine if he just trolls fb, looking for photos he can copy and rate…

  60. i feel like a catholic priest after seeing the first one.

  61. @60 Father Sha. No, no, you need new glasses!

    The first one is a chick.

    You only like to fiddle with small boys.

  62. No no i am one of the few that prefer nuns to be over choir boys in my congregation.

  63. …lol

  64. I use breast milk as lubrication, when I cuff my carrot, also… so I see nothing wrong with the baby bottle on Abel’s bed.

  65. Is that a baby bottle near the guy in the last one?

  66. I’m actually glad someone pointed out it was a bottle of oil next to him, I honestly thought it was a dildo. Go figure.

  67. The mirror is on the ceiling so he won’t feel alone. Which he probably always is.

  68. He’s ready, willing, and Abel. That was his profile picture? I think I’m gonna be sick.

  69. It’s like this: I don’t care if you’re not fat, I still don’t wanna see you half naked in your bathroom on facebook.

  70. Michael: It’s where I keep all my things. Get a lot of compliments on this. Plus it’s not a purse, it’s called a satchel. Indiana Jones wears one.

    Stretch: So does Joy Behar.

  71. “No shame cos i know im that good” oh god

  72. Abel looks like a baby on a diaper

  73. Why do people feel the need to take a picture of themselves in a public restroom? It’s like, wow I just took a dump at an Applebees, PHOTO OP!!!!! Seriously Michael, you look hot, but this cancels it out. Shame. F-. Expelled.

    I think I’ll name this post Douchebag theater, cuz that’s all I’m seeing.

  74. Oh, and Stretch wins.

  75. I have those same towels as Ryan. They’re from Walmart.

  76. abel -
    If you were that good you’d have a girl in the bed with you..

  77. Preety girl has a nice rack though; do you think it’s real?

  78. Ryan can post all the douchey shower selfies he wants. Woof!

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