Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Seize the Dictionary

Seize the Dictionary

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  1. I think tattoo artists should at least have a basic English course.

  2. Sigh. Seize the say.


  4. Oh dear me… someone should tell him…

  5. Where does he have this tattoo anyway? Is it on his chest? Cos if so, I think he has a very weird looking chest.

  6. It’s not as bad as getting “hope and love” in Chinese.

  7. Speaking from experience Boz?

  8. Ha. I love idiots who get stupid tattoos because they don’t know any better. @franz, it seems to be on the upper part of his stomach, you can kinda see his nipple at the top of the pic…

  9. What’s latin for god? I’d think it might be deium like in deity but maybe not. Therefore it might be a jesus-y pun, not a misspelling. Still lame, if that’s the case.

  10. Daaamn, some people just cannot conform with being stupid, they have to show everyone how stupid they are.

  11. I see a nipple on the extreme left!! Thats a belly tattoon

  12. I actually created him with this birthmark to show my sense of self-irony.

  13. you can always get it removed (with a chainsaw ) sorry no need for that really

  14. “Carpe deium” = “Carpe diem” in phonetic transcription of Southern US dialect. Now can we all go watch that “Carpe Diem” clip from “Dead Poets Society’?

  15. @SarcasticMeow, love that movie btw.
    && wow, I can’t believe some people. Do some research, or at least learn to spell, before you put a phrase on your body, that’s PERMANENT.

  16. @9, from what i remember of latin years ago, deus (god) is second declension, making the accusative deum, thus “carpe deum” would be seize god…not 100% sure, and i have no idea why you would want to say that…

  17. Reminds me of when my buddy showed my Japanese girlfriend his cool new Kanji tattoo. He told her what it was suppose to mean and look to her for approval. I will never forget her absolutely classic reply:

    “The important thing is that YOU think it means that…”

  18. @sarcasticmeow your so on the money

  19. I actually wanted it to read “Carpet Diaper”, but God thought that spelling errors would be more laughable on the Internet.

  20. @Wah #9: Unflexed noun form of “God” in Latin is “Deus.” “Carpe Deus” can be translated as “Seize God,” but the proverbial phrase tattooed dork aspired toward is rather “Carpe Diem.” It is a famous snippet of verse from the ancient Latin poet Horace. “Dies” is “day” in Latin, hereby modified for the accusative case as “Diem.”

    I apologize in advance for being such an uber-nerd.

  21. @sarcasticmeow
    Well, no, “carpe deum” would be “seize god.” “Carpe deus” would be “seize, god,” as “deus” is nom/voc, not acc. Sorry to outnerd you in the lamest place/way possible.

  22. We get it, sarcasticmeow. You took God deiumed Latin.

  23. I’m pretty sure deus is irregular. Deum (or deorum) is the genitive. Assuming carpe (carpere) takes the accusative case, if this guy wanted to say ‘seize god’ it would be ‘carpe deos’ because ‘deus’ is a latin 2nd dec noun of greek origin.

    PS nom case for deus is also ‘di’.

    Having studied both latin and greek at university, as well as having recently gotten a(n awesome), very well RESEARCHED tattoo, I feel well qualified to say this guy is a fucking idiot. Clearly he meant the thing from Dead Poet’s Society. But I suspect he is the kind of guy Robin William’s character would have despised.

  24. Strangely enough, there’s 188 results for “carpe deium” on Google. So this is not an isolated case.

  25. “I’m pretty sure deus is irregular. Deum (or deorum) is the genitive. Assuming carpe (carpere) takes the accusative case, if this guy wanted to say ’seize god’ it would be ‘carpe deos’ because ‘deus’ is a latin 2nd dec noun of greek origin.”

    “Carpe deos” is “seize the gods” (plural). Deus is not irregular at all. “Seize God” would be “Carpe deum”, as has been said already. Unfortunately, there’s no hilarious unintended meaning in that tattoo, because the second word just doesn’t exist in Latin.

  26. That’s brilliant, Truff (#17). Too funny.

  27. Thanks Mimi, I thought so, but… I still think he’s got a weird looking stomach…

  28. here’s the another douchy use of deium


  30. @20. So, you call yourself an uber-nerd because you can google? Please fool go dig a hole in yo momma`s belly button`s dirt!

  31. There should be a misspelled tattoo’s section on lamebook.

  32. WHAT THE FUCK? Why are there 2 other ratcoons on this site (only one that makes a distinction between me and them with a link in their name)? Goddamnit

  33. cattywompuswoman

    at the end of the day, did anyone notice the CAPTION of this photo? because…come on, people.

  34. simon doesn’t understand the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

  35. Jonas, have you got a brother?

  36. Jonas has no brothers.

    That isn’t even my name.

    And his tat clearly means “seize the carp”

  37. Jonas, are you carrying the wheel?

  38. Indeed

  39. Daayum!

  40. Is Jonas a Weezer reference? Or polio vaccine homage?

    So glad my undergrad minor in Latin actually *doesn’t* make me the nerdiest nerd on this site…

  41. Where’s his hand going? Bet he’s seizing his deium hisself already.

  42. Read all about it, censored lamebook entry (no spam):

    Jason’s Monster Fail, best entry ever, deleted by lamebook for privacy issues!

    Get it while it’s hawt, lol.

  43. @sarcasticmeow Holy shit is that Wilson from House?

  44. terrible

  45. @34 jonas , well sorry if I ruined your day , i understand what smug twat means

  46. Does anyone notice the seat belt in the picture? That’s classy.

  47. @Narna No, my tatt is in grammatically correct Latin. I think it only counts as wrong-headed and pretentious if you don’t actually know the language. So if you speak Chinese and you get a Chinese tattoo, that’s fine. It’s white people from Texas who’ve never been a mile from an oil rig getting Chinese tattoos that bother me. Wow – how profound.

  48. its spelled right….

  49. haha massive fail.
    p.s. katie #1 carpe diem is Latin. I don’t think an English dictionary would help.

  50. Indeed, Deus only changes its structure when declined at genitive singular and beyond. Carpe is the imperative singular form of Carpere – to sieze.

    So it would indeed be Carpe Deum to say “Seize God.”

    Of course, ‘Chairman Miao’ may be observing that the Romans worshipped a pantheon of gods before the rise of Christianity when he says ‘Carpe Deos’ or ‘Seize the Gods’

    I’m sure he meant to write Carpe Diem though….

  51. carpe dayum

  52. The tattoo itself is stupid enough that the misspelling makes it only marginally dumber. Tip to idiots everywhere: just because you read a bunch of poems about it in sophomore-year English doesn’t make it deep, profound, or awesome.

  53. @duhr
    the poem is absolutely beautiful. just because a bunch of idiots who’ve never read horace have embraced one line, it does not negate the profundity of the poem.

    as a side note, i always thought ‘minimum credula postero’ was a better choice.

  54. He must have a really long torso or something…where the hell is his belly button? Hopefully for his sake, it’s just one of those temporary tattoos!! Can you say FUGLY?!

  55. @crissyissy It appears to be on his lower right ribs, so I’d say it’s just close. (You can see his nipple and armpit at the top.)

    Classy tat. And the backseats of cars are always a good place for a photo shoot.

  56. That hand on his waist looks very manly…

  57. His belly button would be just out of shot, about where the Lamebook logo appears.

    @Moneybegggs – I don’t know what sort of men you’re use to but that is definitely a woman…

    @megthom – YES! I read all of these comments expecting to see someone say something about the fact he’s in the back seat of the car!

    If you consider how far along the seat he is, his bum must be on the edge of the seat with his legs out the door… What was the photographer DOING down there in the first place?? Hmm?>

  58. @ AlyKat, nicely done ;)

  59. The “seize the say” caption keeps bothering me. Hard to say if the both tattoo and caption are intentional, or one of them failed, or did both of them fail.

    Lame post anyway.

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