Thursday, March 15, 2012

Seeds of Truth

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  1. Watching a movie isn’t complete without:

    – A readily available crusty sock.
    – A fun size pack of Vapo Rub.
    – A damp stench hand.
    – A large bucket.
    – A soulless American starlet with black rimmed dead eyes wearing a gaffa tape thong.
    – Popcorn.

  2. New movies are fucking wank. They’ve gotta push the boundaries and get more rape scenes in there. Clockwork Orange…now THAT was a fucking film. MsAnne, you’d probably like “Scum”. It’s a Ray Winstone film, look it up. Only thing for a good giggle worth watching now is midget porn these days.

  3. Ewww mofo!

  4. I know.. I know.. Popcorns’ fucking horrible ain’t it?

  5. Lol good call mofo.
    #2 I was thinking not so much rape but more outright brutality. Namely jamming that cock in her arse while choking her out with a belt and ripping the hair out in handfulls.

  6. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    I am proud to say that I have a username banned or it cannot post comments anymore.

  7. ^you’re fucking edgy, man…..

  8. I don’t get it… Torrent seeders? Obviously he thought it was funny enough.

  9. bradles, he’s basically saying watching a movie isn’t complete without people to download it illegally from.

  10. jesuschristanlsuperstar


    I think it was all the racial slurs I kept writing.

  11. ^ That banned named doesn’t happen to be ytmutation, does it?

  12. I also would like to learn his old name

  13. sick fucks that enjoy rape scenes. get a gf losers

  14. crusty, have you seen Irreversible?

    turtlehead, the best one was the guy getting raped in Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. See, not all rape is bad.

  15. Thanks blah. I’m a little slow for a Friday morning…

  16. fuck you turtle. Bacch. No, just read the imbd review, it mentioned rape. Might I suggest Megan is missing?

  17. You can’t watch a movie without being in your underwear.

  18. Bacchante, have u seen Enter the Void?

  19. Ah, our friend Gaspar!! No, I haven’t seen it, but I just watched the trailer… You recommend? I like the premise and how it presents visually (unsurprising, given the director). And I see that Cannes and Sundance gave it some kudos.

    I miss a lot of review info on movies and new music because I don’t have a TV. Or enough friends with decent taste. Thanks for the heads-up, maybecakes. Have one of these: x

  20. Bacc, its a real trip….highly recommend.

  21. Bacc, please tell me that you didn’t enjoy Irreversible? It contains the most vile rape scene that I’ve ever seen portrayed on film. But no doubt some of the sick bastards who frequent this site would jizz all over themselves upon seeing it.

  22. Irreversible was the most disturbing movie I have yet seen (as I refuse to watch A Serbian Film et al). I don’t think you could possibly enjoy it, and even that grim murder wasn’t satisfying as the viewer doesn’t know the vengeance / justice behind it, being all out of sequence and everything…

    Having said that, being the most disturbing I’ve seen, it was also one of the most memorable for me. Art and film is sometimes like that, isn’t it?

  23. It’s a very well made film, but I think there are some things that just don’t need to be put on film no matter how artistically it’s done. Irreversible is just one example of that.

  24. I dunno, word, in some ways I think it WAS necessary. An eight minute rape scene is hard to watch, but it certainly wasn’t being glorified. You could taste the horror and despair of the victim, which I think is kind of important with a film that reflects true life.

    If I, or a friend, or a relative, is ever raped and the rapist makes it to court, I would hope that the jury have seen something as truly gritty as Irreversible, so that they have a better understanding of what rape can be like. Too many people downplay it by imagining that it’s over quickly or that it’s not a traumatic and violent event.

  25. ^ Yeah but how often is it used in court to support a victims case and how often is it watched just so some freak can get their kicks?

  26. I’m not saying it would be used to support a case; just that its realism lends itself to empathy on the part of the viewer. It’s almost educational, as fucked-up a concept as that is.

  27. Oh yeah, and people will always get their kicks from freaky or disgusting things. So long as they KEEP it as a perverted fantasy, that’s aces with me.

  28. You make some good points, but we’ll have to agree to disagree about what can be gained from seeing graphic rape on film. It’s one of those things that I honestly wish I could unsee. Much like an episode of New Girl.

  29. perverted fantasies are the only ones worth having.

  30. Word, did you watch the entire film?

  31. Yes, why?

  32. Cos if it was so bad you wish you could “unsee” it. Why the fuck did you sit through it? Let alone an 8 minute rape scene. And why you would sit through anything with the title “New Girl” is beyond me.

  33. I couldn’t even sit through Payback.

  34. I find myself sitting through entire films that are completely shit, just in the hope that it will turn into a good film at some point before the end.

    You’d think I’d have learned by now.

  35. Once you get through the first 4 minutes of a rape scene and it hasn’t shown any signs of ending, bells should be ringing.

  36. GregoryAlexandria

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  37. I’ve not seen it myself… perhaps you find yourself continuing to watch in the hope that the rapist gets his balls stuck somewhere and then ripped off.

    Think I’ll avoid that one anyhow.

  38. Not sure I would watch Enter the Void, given the way it ends, but it’s a very cool concept, I gotta say. As for Megan is Missing – a single screenshot from that thing gave me nightmares. Brrr.

    And there is something to the idea of making rape as uncomfortable a concept as possible on screen. It might give some people their sick jollies, but it also might make some people take the idea a little more seriously. I know at least one guy IRL who thinks that if the woman’s wearing a low-cut shirt, she’s asking for it. Kinda wish I could do the Clockwork Orange thing to him certain movies.

  39. Because I saw it at the cinema, crusty. I don’t know how expensive it is to go to the cinema where you’re from, but it’s not cheap here. And when I pay good money to see a movie, on principal, I’ll be damned if I’m going to walk out of it, even if watching it is a hard task. Never done it except for one time. I walked out of Mamma Mia! when Pierce Brosnan started singing S.O.S. Now THAT was fucked up.

    bluhevs, the rapist is extinguished, but like Bacchante said, you don’t know what’s going on at the time because the film runs backwards.

  40. Fucking popcorn. It’s good, but I hate the process of grabbing a bunch and eating it. It’s like you can’t grab enough , and i hate buttery fingers

  41. Popcorn is too oil/buttery, and it makes my nose itch when I crush it up and snort it. Some random totse article said it’s supposed to be like the new cocaine. I think I’m starting to feel kinda buzzed, anyone else try it out yet? I hear everyone’s doing it these days.

  42. Gotta commend you on your cinema going principals. But mamma mia? HAHAHAHA you woofter

  43. Not my choice, fella. I was on a girls’ night out and forced to take one for the team. Tried to, but just couldn’t. Me and the only other person with sense and taste in that group of birds went to the pub across the street until the movie was over.

  44. Does this site have a moderator? I come on here for a bit of a giggle and all I see are rape comments? FFS.

  45. Fuck off you poof. If that upsets you then Jesus I wouldn’t wanna see ms get a hold of you. Bring s mod into it and all the fun dies. Killjoy. Get a set and stop complaining.

  46. If the Lamebook mods can’t even be bothered choosing funny posts, I highly doubt they’re interested in moderating discussions which include the word “rape”. So # 46, have a NiceCupOfCement, or fuck off to a Christian / scrapbooking / cake decorating site.

  47. And that concludes our bleeding heart bashing for today

  48. That would be amusing to watch someone eat cement. They’d literally shit a brick. Word, are you English? You sound it..if you are…FUCKING FINALLY!

  49. I’m even willing to bet somebody’s been stupid enough to do it. This sounds like a new cinnamon challenge kinda deally for youtube to me. Watching some poor hapless soul shovel a spoonful of quikrete into their mouth might cause me to die a little bit inside…of laughter.

  50. The closest thing I found was someone face planting the floor. Just as funny but not the same. Quite saddened that “man eats cement” didn’t give me anything.

  51. Word please don’t disown me for this. I went to see Mamma Mia too … through choice :/

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