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  1. Her name’s Danica. That’s all you really need to say, isn’t it?

  2. More like cuntcussion.

  3. Saying “your an idiot” just loses it’s purpose when you don’t know the difference between your and you’re.

    Either way, poor girl, hope her scrotum feels better.

  4. ^Word to Jonas.

  5. reeedins fer suxers


  6. And Jonas’s statement loses its purpose when you don’t know the difference between it’s and its.

  7. I love Yeah.

  8. Its true, your so rite.

  9. Danica, your a dumd fuck.

  10. Yeah, FTW!

  11. David wins

  12. Yeah’s statement loses its purpose when you begin a sentence with “and” as well as pluralizing Jonas incorrectly (it should be Jonas’).

  13. lol @ roboboogie. binary solo

  14. Oh god an apostrophe, I’ve lost my way.

  15. And MeowMix FTW!

  16. MeowMix’s statement loses its purpose when you realize that Yeah wasn’t pluralizing the name Jonas.

  17. You are right, Eat It. I meant a possessive noun. Good catch!

  18. Maybe she doesn’t have a concussion either. Maybe she’s having a discussion.

  19. wow, i’ll just check lamebook if i ever need a f’ing grammar lesson.

  20. Take in consideration: She may be a hermaphrodite/tranny. I hope her scrotum feels better.

  21. grammar snobs are lame.

  22. Matthew is pretty dumb too. David says “I’m not a doctor”, yet Matthew insists that he is.

  23. I’d want to kick Danica in the balls, too.

  24. Cheers to that, enjay.

  25. “Jonas’s” is correct

  26. You’re absolutely right, Minikin. Lordy, Lordy.

  27. I also love that in the first status, she spells “home” incorrectly. I figured it would be fixed when I saw that she fixed her status. It was. But then she spelled “concussion” incorrectly. WTF?

  28. haemophrodite

  29. What with the spelling, grammar, and general intelligence displayed in this post, I sort of assumed that Danica had suffered a concussion before she even announced it.

  30. First I would like to point out she did say she had a concussion and i can not understand why so many people care about spelling and grammar.

  31. I only did it once, to prove a point. Someone certainly looks stupid when saying to someone that “your stupid”.

    But I see what I’ve done.

  32. 6. When creating the possessive form of words ending in “s,” use only an apostrophe after the “s” if the word ends in a “z” sound. However, if the word ends in an “s” sound use an apostrophe and an additional “s” to create the possessive.

    brought to you by

  33. grammar lessons aside – this was very funny.

  34. my favorite part of this is that it took danica a whole 3 minutes after someone corrected her error for her to realize what she actually meant.

  35. It says 19 comments, but the screen dump only shows seven. Let’s see the other 12!

    Also, she could be a pre-op tranny. ‘Danica’ is a tranny name, no parent in their right mind would actually give that name to a girl.

  36. @bustahymen

    Now cleaning cake from my screen you bastard…

  37. Danica is dumb for the mere fact that she could have easily just deleted the whole conversation and reposted a correct version of her er..anatomical condition. :)

  38. Lamebook needs to create a new category for comments on Lamebook posts.

  39. Danica definitely made a mistake, but Matthew was pretty harsh.

  40. I think Danica is dumb for accidentily letting the world know she is a hermaphodite.

  41. All of the posts by you people lose their points when you argue over the internet. Remember, internet fighting is like the special olympics. Whether or not you win, you’re still retarded.

  42. This means only anal for the next month!

  43. @ Flip: What the fuck is a haemaphrodite?

  44. I think the most irritating is the phrase “restin.”

  45. @Maggie

    Someone who makes an insignificant spelling mistake that only a friendless pedant would point out. It’s from the Greek for “get another hobby”.

  46. Danica’s very entertaining, but she’s demonstrating the fall of literacy in our country. Or at least that she failed physiology.

  47. Matthew’s such a sexpot.

  48. The people calling each other out on tiny grammar mistakes are lamer than any image submitted on this site.

  49. omg this one made me laugh my ass of…totally….

  50. Bwahahahahaha!

  51. i hate it when i fall and bruise my scrotum

  52. Does having a concussion mean nothing to you people?

  53. i really think the extras “‘s” wasnt needed but if thats true i have a few english teachers i wanna beat to a bloody pulp unfortunately one already died but id love to resurrect her ass so i could kill her personally (she was evil in general)

  54. and for the people who are gonna say theres no point in correcting grammar when u fuck it up urself i wasnt correcting anything cuz im one of the few lamebookers who doesnt give a fuck what ppl type but i was just pissed bout that shit cuz i thought it was common knowledge that there shouldnt be an apostrophe s if the word already has an s in it, plural or possessive and now im being told otherwise.

  55. @Eh, are you kidding?

  56. LOL, this was funny! I would just lol if I saw this on a friend’s status. If anything, the guy calling her an idiot is a dumbass for: a. Using your instead of you’re, and b. For just being a plain asshole.

  57. WTF, I’ve never seen this kind of font used in facebook. Do they edit shit around here?

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