Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Say Hey to Ray Ray

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  1. lamebook can do better than this surely…

  2. And as a society, nobody wants to do anything about people like this? Nobody wants to stand up and stop retarded nutjobs from shitting out kids in the 9th grade? Not only is society going to be footing the bill of this idiot, but most likely whatever problems her kids are going to inevitably cause as well. If it’s male, that’s another prisoner we have to pay for. If it’s female, look forward to another pregnant 13 year old dead set on continuing the cycle of retards. God damnit, can we please do something about this? Having children shouldn’t be a right, it should be a privilege.

  3. What a coincidence! I also hate fat people that fart, the shame! Only thin people should be allowed to.

  4. THINGS I LIKE Continued: my future on welfare! living with my parents for longer than is considered normal because I can’t get a job! the babies I have planed for my sophomore, junior, and senior years! exclamation points!
    THINGS I HATE continued: periods (grammar and bodily). birth control. plan b. commas. anything with education involved. fat people that eat. contractions (grammar and bodily).

  5. LMAO @ blondebimbo!
    Nice one.

  6. I do believe you left out proper grammar and manners on the hate list, blondebimbo.

  7. Not only do they need to establish family planning clinics, and PTAs, in her neighbourhood, but Victoria’s Secrets as well; I imagine her tits are sweeping the floor!

  8. Smells fake to me…

  9. Wait a minute…

    Is the title to this a reference to a ‘Frieds’ episode? Where Winona Ryder guest starred?



    I watch too much Friedns.

    Yeah. Anyway.

  10. Fuck dammit, Friends*

  11. Damn. Good point anorexicpanda. Sorry guys. My bad.

  12. Though it would probably be “propper grammer. maners.”

  13. Oh dear lord, this girl is having a kid? Heaven help us. What age is she if she’s in 9th grade? Bras … how can someone hate bras?

  14. I hope the kid dies before it is born.

  15. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I like girls who hate bras, but only if their tits are gravity resistant.

  16. “The lion from lion king” actually made me lol. Well done, Rayray.

  17. Girls Dukey? Not women?

  18. I hate fat peeple dat fart lol as oposed to dose dat dont and stuff. an remmeeber uf u gon push ur bitchness towards remember and stuf. rayray be BOOOORRING! lol jk

  19. Lots of women hate bras. At least the underwire sort.

    And one again I am now depressed that there’s another person like this having no trouble getting pregnant and I can’t. Of course it probably helps that she’s almost 25 years younger than I am.

  20. What is this I don’t even

  21. And… Underwire? Is that like the new LimeWire?

  22. i hate bras to :D

  23. Rachel, hmmm…I wonder if that’s the same rachel that lives 3 trailers down who charges 5$ a knob job (2 for $7)? She is quite the scrapper when it comes to Bitch h0′s being all bitchy like.

  24. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Curlybap #7 that’s right you heard me.

  25. Fat people that fart? hahaha

  26. Wow this one was awesome, made me chuckle!

  27. By her third trimester, she will most likely become that which she hates…..a fat woman who farts. What will she do then?

  28. @yeppers: Maybe overdose on crack and Gas-X and have a miscarriage, if we’re lucky.

  29. Ugh… I’m starting to wonder what’s the point in being Pro-Choice anymore. The people who need abortions the most are those who are too stupid to get them.

    LOL @ bimbo, panda, and yeppers.

  30. The maturity level is amazing, even for ninth grade.

  31. You judgmental jerks. She’s a Christian, so we must respect her views.

  32. Yeah, I can see he’s respecting those Christian views she claims…

  33. *she’s

  34. She probably goes to church every Sunday. Except those Sundays when she’s busy getting knocked up by her 5 year older boyfriend, of course.

    Damn church for not adjusting to her statutory rape-time.

  35. So Dukey, you’re either a) a young lad yourself and therefore entitled to still fancy girls or b) a dirty perv? Enlighten me. ;-)

  36. Falcoooon Puuunch!!!

  37. Remember, she likes “jesus” so it totally makes up for the fat farts lol. And “bitches teachers”. Yes.

  38. I must confess i feel a little guilty about this one guys.

    You see the baby is mine, it was all part of my ‘Dress up as Simba and trick spazoid 9th graders into letting me blow a spunk bomb up inside of them’ phase.

    Rest assured that neither will live to see January. Hakuna Matata.

  39. This is sad. She’s so obviously a little girl still.

  40. are one twisted motherfucker.

  41. @jo101 – Whythankyaar.. but is it me who is twisted or the world in which we live?…. yeah, yep it’s definitely me.

  42. Ahh good point, however i still come to the same conclusion lol

  43. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Curlybap #35 would you believe the answer is both.

  44. She will never know the loving caress of a real man….only the harsh realities of wiping nut shots off her double chins with a gritty 20 thread count rag.

  45. #39, she’s a little girl who’s already turned into a delinquent bitch. “i know how to fuck a hoe up” does not exactly make me feel sorry for her.

  46. jesus #38 I laughed out loud. Well done, man.

  47. Another teen skank mom that we will have to support with our taxes.

  48. @19 manybellsdown

    Me too. I shouldn’t read Lamebook anymore…it makes me so depressed to see all these unready parents who spit out uncared for babies. There is simply no justice in this world.

  49. As if you would attribute Hakuna Matata to Simba rather than Timon and Pumbaa. Clearly this girl needs to watch more Disney instead of getting herself knocked up.

  50. I miss the days when it was shameful for a teenage girl to be pregnant.

  51. I didn’t see anywhere where she said she was a teenager! I’ve known 20-year-olds in 9th grade.

  52. kweenbee shhhhhh. Please let me carry on thinking she’s a silly little girl! This post can’t be from a grown up 20 something.

  53. LOL @ kweenbee. Ditto. On a serious note when I was in 7th grade I remember there being an 8th grade student who was 18. o.O “No child left behind” my ass. (<–Well, this was like 2-3 years before that stupid thing was passed but still.)

  54. Obviously not very bright, but why on earth she would want to fuck up a garden implement confuses me even more than the fact that she is still breathing.

  55. Well, she’s an excelent role model for Christian girls the world over, isn’t she? Knocked up in the 9th grade is nothing to be proud of. It just proves she’s silly little bitch who can’t keep her legs shut. What I wonder is, has anyone been charged with rape yet?

  56. bitch should have swallowed.

  57. i hope this dummy has an uncoming appointment with dr hoover and nurse hanger

  58. TylerDurdenUMD December 2nd, 2010 at 9:47 pm

    I miss the days when it was shameful for a teenage girl to be pregnant.


    You and me both!

  59. @50. TylerDurdenUMD

    You realize there has been a continual decline in teen pregnancies over the last several decades and are at historic lows?

  60. Holy crap! I was annoyed reading dear sweet ignorant RayRay’s thing there but in tears by the time i hit Imamofo’s comment….. no wut i b sayn…. maury look at the eyez look at the nose! dis b his baby!

  61. @38 Thank you for killing them both, but especially her.

  62. Why do people like this insist on reproducing?

  63. They’re NOT people, they’re vermin…

  64. I really don’t mind people that fart, but I inherently despise fat people as a point of principle.

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