Friday, August 13, 2010

Sassy Shekeshia

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  1. Holy shit. I’m first. Woooooooooooooooooo.

  2. I had to do it – it was my first “first”. I promise never to do it again, and eagerly await the abuse that is sure to follow. :)

  3. Firsters don’t get abused anymore you retart.

  4. spelling retard wrong stopped being funny immediately.. you fkn retred

  5. I swear I heard this same conversation in Walmart the other day. Like fingernails on a chalkboard.

  6. ChocolateChipCookie

    It took my one minute to find Shekeshia… I’m not really sure what to do with that info, but yeah, you might want to consider blurring part of that really long “name” that only three people on all of facebook put on their profile :)

  7. Above are excerpts from Shekeshia’s one-woman show. When you read it, imagine her doing the voices – makes it even better.

  8. I’m naming my daughter Immatakeyoman. It sound’s Apocalypto.

  9. Besides the obvious suggestion to Shekeshia of learning some basic grammar and spelling, she could try to NOT accept random friend requests if she is really afraid of being stalked. Oh, who am I kidding, I’m sure she loves any attention she can get. Perfect LB specimen.

  10. I looked her up too….shes 34 years old…lord, I am 24 and do not act like that. Also, she is a special ed teacher and my 5 year old could type better than her.

  11. Shekeshia S Ingram u want it im’ma give it to u cut throat. u can’t handle me. yes im married to a great guy and u wish u had it like me u dump truck. if u feel froggish bitch jump i’ll rip them saggy leggs right da fuck off.
    July 24 at 2:24am”


  12. Let’s hope she’s not teaching anything more than gym.

  13. lmao. i had to register just for this. i found her profile, too, and i can not stop laughing! nobody can tell them they’re on here, they might stop providing us with entertainment!

  14. shekeshia seems to be hiding her light under lots of bushels.

  15. lol silly rabbit, trix are for kids. I never thought I’d hear that phrase in the middle of a gangstah bitch out.

  16. Precious Immatakeyoman Scott has one friend on facebook: Shekeshia S Ingram.
    I just found them both.

  17. Well… it’s no surprise she is a Special Ed teacher in an institute. Check out the name of the institute… now check out the last name of her husband. BINGO!!

  18. What the hell is an ‘infant toddler’?

    And who in the world would trust their kids around this effing skank?

    FOUR KIDS????

    There seriously needs to be a law preventing these people from breeding.

  19. norf England actually exists. They speak Shekeshian.

  20. norf england actually exists. They speak Shekeshian, not yoinkese

  21. Aw rats, she’s hidden her wall. I was hoping to read more nuggets of wisdom from the mind of Shekeshia.

    Rather big tits though.

  22. I’m always at a loss when people talk this way, and yet they claim The Bible is one of their favorite books.

  23. you guys do realise: immatakeyoman is meant to be “i’m gonna take your man”

  24. Is it bad that I considered sending her a friend request so I can have laughter all of the time?

  25. @Mikey Mike, her wall isn’t hidden, just click on older posts

  26. lol, typical black people..

  27. Where Kinesha the gorilla be?

  28. Ok so I looked shekeshaijaetmaeij or whatever up (who the heck gives a child a name like that anyway?)
    I found more epic wins on her wall, on the same date as the one in this post. In the one I read I could find the name of her ex. So I browsed through her facebook friends and found 3 people matching this name, one of them lived in LA. (as mentioned in this post where the crazy stalker bitch is supposed to live and in the other post)
    So I looked HIM up and searched his friends list with his last name. (assuming the crazy stalker bitch and him got married)

    There’s this one girl who looks just plain… crazy. She’s got the crazy eyes bad man :\

    No seriously, if that was her, that bitch really looks crazy. I’m kinda scared she’ll even stalk me now :\
    It’s like seeing Madonna naked, times ten. :s

  29. Oh and yes I’m a facebook stalker but these things are just freakin’ hilarious, who is not looking them up ^-^

  30. Shekeshia is having a bit of trouble with the competition, but she’s a straight talking girl;

    “look her baldy locks ur man is a asshole chaser. u r so lame get a life. im married to a great man and derrick is a fool 4 staying wit yo bald headed ass. u r so crazy to allow ur man to sleep around neway. i feel so sorry 4 u and i wil pray 4 u since u need help. if u do not stay off my page imma tell derrick them kids ain’t his and imma come to la and kick ur ass again this time u will be hospitalized test mye if u wanna again. remember the last ass whoopin and imma double it.”

    “see tasha attention dis baldheaded bitch is wacko. imma have to go on a lli trip to la again”

    But she sure loves her farmville;

    “yes imma farmer i can’t sleep i b dreamin bout this shit”

    What a complex character. I love her!

  31. Oh great, racism is just what needed here.

  32. I had to make an account to say, NO ONE CARES IF YOU CAN FIND THE PERSON ON FACEBOOK. If it isn’t you on Lamebook, don’t worry about the privacy of idiots.

  33. Too fucking long didn’t fucking read (but did fucking comment)

  34. @ 32 – had you considered, perhaps, before posting, that, ironically, no-one would care?

    1) ‘omg this is my friend in that post, i posted it, it’s so funny, and i actually know her!!!’ hahaha!

    2) ‘i just had to make an account to say [insert boring, perhaps mildly opinionated comment delivered in oracular register].’

    3) ‘[something that doesn't really need to be said]….

    ……jus’ sayin’ ‘

    the above i call the ‘rat’s ass triumvirate’. it’s there more as a guideline than a snide commentary.

    i know, i know, no-one cares, right?

  35. Had to stop reading this, my eyes started to bleed.

  36. They practically speak a foreign language… who does Larry think he is typing real English? Get with it Larry or imma beet u stpd ass n steel u infant toddler wtf

  37. . haha. she’s addicted to farmville .

  38. Right… no-one cares.

  39. When I was a kid my mom would always say ‘count your blessings.’ I would just inwardly roll my eyes and say that period’s equivalent of ‘whatever.’

    Now I know exactly what she’s talking about. So many things to be thankful for…

  40. so is it really easier to type “mi” instead of “my”?!??! fucking idiots.

  41. danfargisfilthypenis

    I checked the profile too…. pretty funny stuff.

    I’m thinking Shekeshia and immatakeyoman are one of the same person. Too many references to cereal and other foods in their statuses and profile (immatakeyoman). Their writing is the same.

  42. @23(you guys do realise: immatakeyoman is meant to be “i’m gonna take your man”)– NO REALLY???

  43. lolUniversityofPhoenix

  44. Knifey McFivehead

    Shekeshia S Ingram: when it’s good it’s good. well i know it’s better than good, i’m like frosted flakes i’m great.

    ^^^ I found this on her wall… She really seems to like breakfast cereal references… There’s a fucking treasure trove, here.

  45. Damn, she’s 34. I expected her to be at least 20.

  46. Anyone check out her husband’s wall? It’s top-to-bottom Farmville.

  47. Shekeshia’s explanation for why she doesn’t just unfriend her stalker:

    “i know she just talkin she just made me mad cause i thought it was a fv person for the game. this time im not gonna delete her its a waist of time. i could report her again but they can’t stop her. if she remember that ass whoopen she will quit or imma call her man and remind him of that whoopin and these titties lol”

  48. Dude this is almost…too hilarious. I would copy and paste half the shit I’m reading from her wall if I had the patience. Ah, the perks of having the day off and having no life.

  49. ugh, the whole writing “mi” instead of “my” had my brain saying “me”. soo for a minute there i thought she was dumber than shit (which is still apparent), but she went up a level when i just realized i was saying it wrong in my head. lame.

  50. Oh Lord. All that college and she still types/talks like a hood rat.

  51. I don’t get why someone has to type like this. Maybe I’m just a fast typer, but it really doesn’t take that long. To me, it takes longer to mangle up words than to type them correctly. Not to mention it helps prevent my brain from exploding when reading it.

  52. I didn’t see her husband’s Farmville posts. I got bored scrolling through all the Pot Farm posts. His wall just isn’t as interesting as Shrekenashia’s.

  53. @Brah very true

    I think we need to troll this one more. Also, Daniel Fargis needs to make his proclamation of how Obama created the hood rats

  54. The best part about all this is that Shrakawhat started off with 1 stalker and now she has all of you. Hopefully some of you will add her on farmville… you can never have too many neighbours… not that I would know.

  55. DUMP TRUCK AND BALDY LOCKS… Now they are some comebacks!HOORAH! I heart Shekeshia!

  56. Oh dear god, this woman has a masters degree.

  57. Shekeisha’s birthday is list as March 11, 1976 and her year of high school graduation was ’97. She didn’t graduate until she was 20 or more likely, 21???

  58. A typical black bitch, with that name and talking like that (I can even hear her accent by the way she types). Why can’t colored people be normal?

  59. @itgirlnextdoor, don’t be so racist. by saying stuff like that, you come off just as ignorant as she does, possibly more.

  60. Is it possible that itgirlnextdoor is aiming for the same scintillating irony as D Fargus?

    It’s not working.

  61. No she is definitely racist.

  62. one word, two syllables… dayyum. simple as that

  63. tl;dr

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