Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rubbery Reactions

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  1. Crimmer! :p

  2. Jake = frodo

  3. Fuckin a man.

  4. Ouch on #3. LOL

  5. Showing my noobness here. See the frodo reference all the time… what’s it mean?

    I know wallace, so I was here back then.

  6. Pretty sure Jake’s is from TFLN. You can always tell when someone copies and pastes something into their status because facebook likes to add in line breaks wherever it wants.

  7. Trevis?

  8. It’s like Trevor/Travis hybrid…

  9. Spot designated for expecting mothers? Oook..

  10. Jake’s is from TFLN. Sure, I pass stuff from that site onto my friends all the time. But why would you make it your own status? At least keep the area code or put quotation marks around it or something… That way if Jake had a gf she wouldn’t be all “WTF, that never happened”.

  11. Most likely he has no girlfriend ;)

  12. I have never seen a parking spot for an expecting mother. Shit I would have blown a homeless guy for my own parking spot when I was an expecting mother. The last thing I wanted (nearly even could) do was waddle my ass 100 yards to and from the front door in the snow.

    Fuck you people who have parking spots for expecting mothers.

  13. The only places I’ve seen parking spaces for expecting mothers are hospitals and the zoo.

  14. All good except the last one…it’s a repeat or taken from another site. I’ve seen it before. Sorry..seeing a repeat just takes the funny out for me, not to mention a douche.

  15. Pffffffftttttt why do I post this shit?

  16. There are expecting mother parking spots here at the malls and I believe at Wal-Mart.

  17. I’ve seen expecting mother parkings spots all over the city here, at pharmacies, wal-mart, meijers, the mall, the grocery store,etc. It’s usually just one spot though so if two expecting mothers park at the same time they are going to have to go all “the most fruitful yuki,” on each other over who gets to park there.

  18. Only place I’ve ever seen with expecting mothers parking was at the hospital called “Stork Parking.”

  19. The third ones from MLIB not TFLN

  20. In defense of LB, though, it was Jake who copied the status, and some random person who submitted it. I doubt LB is actively searching all other humour sites on the internet to make sure none of the pics of facebook that they get involve people plagiarizing those sites. So they may not be aware that it was a repeat.

  21. Military posts too.. there are expecting mothers parking spots at every business on all the military bases too.

  22. Hmmmm I predict that hobo is going to speak next.

  23. Me!

  24. Next will be Crimm.

  25. What?

  26. I predict ariesdragon123 to be next to comment.

  27. Who?

  28. blondebimbo?

  29. huh?

  30. It’s turned into the Mouseketeers all of a sudden… or would it be the Bookateers?

  31. Frodo is Gillian Martin.

  32. I huh?’d that? Could you have made me say something less blonde? Jesus.

  33. Oh, but thanks for including me. I feel included.

  34. where are there parking spots were expecting mothers?

  35. ugh, FOR*

  36. We have them at some of our malls in San Diego.

  37. huh. i’ve NEVER seen one and i live only slightly north of LA. although, i could have just not been paying attention, since i’ve never been an expectant mother.

  38. I noticed them when they first started popping up. But the only ones I 100% know of are at the trashiest mall in town…I don’t know what that says…but there ya go.

  39. Babies r Us has expectant mother parking as well

  40. 1) Camo condoms? the fuck? I guess those are to distinguish the “boys” from the “men.” Only lamewads would buy camo condoms. :/ But Netana’s comment was cute.

    2) I would have to agree with both Laura and Jason. What is wrong with girls buying condoms? It’s neither taboo nor “sexy” IMO. Just, a sign of a smart and prepared girl IMO.

    3) Fucking WIN, despite the plaigerism. Whoever that ACTUALLY happened to is funny as shit.

  41. Expectant mother parking spots.. I see them all over the place in Michigan. I think they’re even in front of the handicapped spots.

  42. Enjoyed all these – good start to the morning. And no big drama in the comments section which is nice! When I see a guy buying flowers I just think ‘you fucker’. I’m just jealous I’m not getting them lol.

  43. lather.rinse.repeat

    I like when I see guys buying flowers and condoms in the supermarket. Too funny that they think if they buy flowers they are guaranteed to get some.

  44. I always bring flowers, condoms, a bottle of vodka, and a video camera when I visit my lady friends. I was taught to be a gentleman.

  45. Hahaha Walter – that could work!

  46. You don’t always bring the condoms though do you? Hence the baby momma you have hidden around somewhere ;)

  47. I refuse to wear a rubber bag on the end of my pork pole… I hate the smell of burning rubber.

  48. lather.rinse.repeat

    Haha.. See Walter, the flowers make it a sure thing ;)

  49. I always bring flowers and hide them in the bed before the sexy time…. but they ain’t too pleased then the flowers have thorns in them :(

    Well except for the kinky ones :)

  50. What’s the point of flowers if you’ve already got her in bed?

  51. Just cause you got her in bed it don’t mean she WILL have sexy time with you, hence more flowers :P

    Your comment represents how rapists think after they tied them up…. You naughty boy for thinking that. :S

  52. Lamebook – thorns eh? hmmmm

  53. Spunk Sacks are for loosers, Leave your victims looking like they’ve been artexed by a blind man that’s what I say.

    Thorns in the bed?…..Careful you might get a little prick!

  54. only a little?

  55. It may be little but beware it may be several at once.

  56. haha, fuck the flowers…

  57. LOL never read that last one before hahaha,


    P.S. Even though I wrote that last statement in ALL CAPS I was not agree simply Excited…..thank you for your time.

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