Thursday, April 7, 2011

Revenge of Suroor!

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  1. comparethemeerkat

    I think Lamebook should dedicate a day of the week to Suroor. Or better still, how about Suroorbook?


  2. And the Suroor saga continues. When you’re on a good thing, Lamebook, stick to it. Right, fellas?

  3. How does that name even sound? I always read it the German way, which sounds a bit like SooRAAAWR.

  4. This guy can’t be real.

  5. Oh here go Hell come.

  6. I laughed so hard when I saw the last pic.

  7. this is more like it Lamebook – keep it up.

  8. I admit I went to his page the last time he was up here but I don’t remember seeing the last two pics lol.

  9. I have found him and requested his friendship.

  10. Welcome back Suroor. I wondered if/when they would bring him back. Gotta make up for the kiddy ones earlier. Good choice.

  11. I think that the last picture is what Suroor does to his dates if the are not respectful and intelligent and elegant.

  12. The resident Suroor fact-finding machine, jimmyj, created that last picture. Lamebook has thrown this one together to get some extra mileage out of kitten boy.

    Work it, Lamebook, work it, girl.

  13. “kitten boy”? roflmao

  14. Milk it, lamebook! I agree with @meerkat I say Thursdays should be Suroor’sdays… and we inferiors should bark with laughter

  15. Wonder what he did to Porter, the 1st and Porter, the 2nd?

  16. It just gets better and better.

    I only now got to visit his profile and I love that he’s proud of being smoke/alcohol-free, yet is equally proud of using steroids. Oh, Suroor, you are perfection.

  17. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Well, technically anybody who’s read the comments in the original post has already seen all these. (The credit for the last pic goes to jimmyj as wordpervert already mentioned.) What Lamebook should do is dedicate their time to finding equally abnoxious aholes we can make fun of ruthlessly.

  18. My first shirtless picture with my date… I am The overlord hell king of the underworld and I like classy women who regains consciousness within 3 hours of me hitting them mercilessly..

  19. I had to make an account, just for this guy. My first post with Suroor. How does one get biceps like that, do you inject the anabolics straight into the arms??? Also someone should remind him there are other muscles on the human body besides the biceps. That is all.

  20. @ ahat
    I think he implanted them into his upper arms …

  21. Hiding name FAIL

  22. @ raudaa….

    I Brought the new Power Pump7 potent muscle and power Matrix ready to drink pre workout nitric oxide from Vpx today. i think it is much better than even No Explode. Works more faster and gives more energy for longer workouts. Thanks to Vpx Company.

  23. Apparently I am REALLY in the minority here. I don’t see what is so funny about this guy. I don’t find the posts with him even remotely interesting. Everyone else seems to love them, so more power to you. Glad somebody likes it!

    @20, I was thinking the same thing. They look like freakin mini footballs.

  24. there should be a FB page dedicated to him,lol! I wonder how he’d feel if he discovered everyone was making fun of probably break our bones, or the females at least, apparently on his MS page he states clearly he doesnt care to hit a girl.

  25. Europe rocks – Yes!

  26. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @raudaa – Yes, he injects and takes tons of steroids, not all of which are meant for human consumption.

  27. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @europe_rocks – Oh God, that actually makes way too much sense.

  28. Cool, even Suroor can get Pussy…should it mean anything that its white?

  29. Nick – Considering the typical offers on this site, I’m hard-pressed to understand if there’s anything here that would be humorous to you. But since you are so difficult to please, I’d love to know what sites do please you. :)

    Hermariane – this guy has made it pretty clear that he has no intentions of hiding his name, email address, home address, telephone number, occupation, work address, relative’s names, steroid use, penis issues and sexual problems from anyone. I seriously doubt there’s a hiding name fail here. I know more about Suroor PS than I do about most of my co-workers. (Thankfully!!)

  30. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @kimberly7777 – Don’t forget his porn habit.

  31. somebody please tell me that he knows he’s on here….

  32. ifitwerentformyhorse


  33. I am pretty sure he is using “pump-n-pose”. I really didn’t think anyone used that crap anymore.

  34. …. how wonderful

  35. this guy is almost as stupid as skweezy jibbs

  36. There are no words for this guy.. Let’s just hope he doesn’t breed…

  37. Luckily, I don’t think that will ever be an issue memmy. Plenty of evidence to back that up.

    I think the larger, more realistic threat is for the kitties.

  38. Fake.

  39. lol @ benois. If you say so…

  40. Then it’s the best fake ever because he’s got a 3 year long trail on the internet with the same e-mails, user names and phone numbers complete with pictures and radical rants…..
    Not that I was looking or anything.

  41. I am TOTALLY in favor of Suroorbook. New meme here we come!

  42. Not to mention the ‘workout’ videos. Maybe benois needs more proof. Perhaps a doctor’s note or a blood sample. A kitty carcass?

  43. I think this guy is a little head of himself,i mean its one thing being a hardass but this guy is like : I am badass,kiss my ass! Seriously he’s hillarious,i wanna add him on fb

  44. Sorry if this is a repeat, but has anyone seen this gem (it’s one of the first hits on Google when you search “Suroor PS”):

  45. Does Suroor know there are several other muscles in your arm you can work on besides your biceps?

  46. The last one looks like it is not him….or earlier. The biceps are way too normal looking.

  47. Ha, ha. Funny link…

  48. Another Suroor gem-


  49. Great find samwise!

    “A long bio, but i wrote this Not in 1 day but added little by little in Months. Otherwise for who the hell, i have waste so much of energy and time in 1 single day. i wrote this, when ever i was free”

    I’d like to point out December 11, 2010 on his FB wall, where he went on a rampage of posts. (Well, and just about every post on every site that has been uncovered so far. The boy can talk, errr… cut and paste!) There is no doubt in mind that he not only wrote that entire thing out at once, but that he copied and pasted it multiple times on sites that have yet to be found.

    Here it is how many days later and still new sites to be found. I can only imagine what more there is to come. Fun stuff!

  50. y’know suroor (or a troll) posted on the entry before this one? lol. pretty much copy and pasted about finding the “rare, perfect girl”. even though apparently, a perfect girl is one who can wake up after 3 hours after being punched mercilessly by him.

  51. jimmyj where are you with your golden nuggets of Suroor knowledge!?

  52. Suroorisms:

    On fraud:
    Never Trust a Man who Cries Or a Woman who Smiles at you. Both are Frauds.

    On sluts:
    when i saw her real husband crying, i felt really pity for him. If i was in his place, i would not have killed that old slut. If she dies she would go away soon and i cant see her pain for a long time. I would beat her physically or with some iron rod and reach her between life and death condition. and i would enjoy watching her pain and bleed. then she will never think about sexual desire any more

    Women in general:
    Even my Biggest interest is Girls with culture. Everyone knows the famouse 4 letter english Foul word and Girls use it now a days even in their breath to show they are equal to men. Or Just call her 1 bad word and U can see her reply with Lots of knowledge about adult materials or her exact culture in few minutes. I myself never use that word and use it when i have no choise.

    Women whome i hate and for whome the respect is below my shoes includes also flirts who likes partying and enjoy boy friends, shamelessly directs relationship to a guy on websites, Girl friends and many more like these things. still these bullshits act like they deserve respect and make a big smile. Only i wish i had a Super natural Power to appear before them & Beat he hell out of these ones without anyone in my way. But the girls who can be taken to a family and not found on parties or night clubs etc might be my Interest.

    His not-so-secret fetish:
    I want a Girl Just like the Bue Female Alien in Avatar. No, not like the Actress Zoe Saldana, but exactly like Neytiri, the Blue Strong Girl with tail & who can Physically fight. Ever since i saw the Film, that Alien Girl’s Cute Face is Always in my mind & her Bravery. I need that kind of a Girl even if it is the Exact same type of Alien Girl. So special & Not like these Usual ones with just pretty faces.

    Reassurances on his sexuality:
    And it is a 100% fact that though i fight with many women, my only and ONLY interest is on Women itself. But Straight Women with culture and those can be brought and introduced in a family.

    On death:
    Dont U ever laugh as the Hearse goes, 4 you may be the next 2 Die. They wrap U up in a White sheet from head down 2 feet & put U in a black Box & cover U up with Dirt & Rocks. All goes well 4 about a weak, Hence Ur Coffin begins 2 leak. The snakes crawl & eat Ur eyes, nose & the jelly between Ur toes. They Crawl in Ur stomach & Out Ur eyes. I’m Eager 2 experience it any time. No need 2 hide, Ur chance will come

    Manners and Miss America (yes I just typed that):
    Being Nice is Bulshit & Boring. In Life do everything 4 Urself to look Gud & workout 4 that best Physique. Climb up in Career. Never follow what other Shitts do 4 pleasure. Make people know that, Dont Play with me, else i will Break u into 2. Give all the time 4 Urself or for Parents & tell others i Dont have time to waste on U. Even if u see Miss universe, let her approach u or ignore, since she is just a Human.

    So so SO many more… Just a few for fun tonight :)

    A last gem:


    If this guy is fake or a troll, it is 100% the best work of art I have ever witnessed on the Internet.

  53. I see Garfield finally managed to mail Nermal to Abu Dhabi.

  54. I finally checked out his videos of himself on his facebook page, and simultaneously discovered the next internet craze…
    Getting “Suroor-Rolled”

  55. Favorite Suroor quote of all time: “When there is Love between a Boy & a Girl, Both cannot be without each other. It is exactly like UnderWear and its Elastic. Can an Underwear stay without its Elastic? or Can an Elastic stay without its Underwear. Thus, Love means UnderWear.”

    I cannot tell you how long I laughed about this gem. Glorious.

    Also, I shall wait patiently for Suroor to see that he was posted again and update his Facebook about how he supposedly doesn’t care. Hopefully with an added mention of slutss. Gotta love the slutss.

  56. on a side note… anyone hear about “the man whose arms exploded”… thats all i think about when i see this dude

  57. This is too long to read right now, I have a lot of catching up to do on lamebook this weekend (who’d ever thought I’d say that!) :)

  58. Oh my, just discovered this sequel, when will the fun ever stop? :-o

    seen this one yet? ;-)

  59. This guy reminds me of those two characters on Family Guy who have been in the states long enough to learn basic English but not long enough to speak it convincingly. lol. Wow, he should totally marry himself.

  60. Shine on you batshit crazy, woman hating, kitten loving sonofabitch.

  61. I had to register with Lamebook to be able to share my comments on this “History in making”.

    In case you people haven’t realized it yet, he is a Muslim of Indian origin from the state of Kerela. His first language is most probably Malayalam.

    For those who think his muscles look unreal, look up SYNTHOL. It is an oil injected directly into the muscles to give them mass.

    I think his anger and schizophrenia stems from his steroid use and also from some inferiority complex.

    I think he looked pretty normal and decent in his old photos, like where he is playing the keyboard (normal by Indian standard).
    Now he looks like a transvestite on steroids who feels the need to assert that he is a “straight” men at the beginning of ever paragraph.

    He looks like a pretty average bodybuilder, I don’t find anything remarkable about his physique. He looks very short, probably 5’5″. All the bulge is because of irresponsible synthol use in arms and in shoulders. His torso looks comically tiny next his arms, looks like Suroor doesn’t bench-press much.

    He definitely is an internet phenomenon in making. Hats off to jimmyj for all the research ;)

    Most interesting is his comment about Natural bodybuilders on facebook.. He is the epitome of obnoxiousness.

    “The reasons Y the Lean or fat Guys who never even might have stepped into a gym or the Natural BodyBuilding Men or other trashes run their mouth against the Big or buffed guys or Steroids:- 1. Ofcourse Jealousy. 2. NO Money for the huge amount to spend for Supplements. 3. Can’t workout regularly or even bend to their knee. 4. Afraid to Inject or use supplements. This is like the saying, ”when u don’t get the Grapes u wanted to eat, U satisfy yourself thinking it has a sour or Bad Taste”.”

  62. Thanks to all those Who liked my Research. U all belong to the group of Good humans :-)

    … ooops… now I’m beginning to talk like him … aaaarghhh :-o :-( ;-)

  63. ( )

  64. I wouldn’t worry about that too much Jimmyj (talking like him that is). Your great research has obviously taken you deep into the mind of Suroor. If you start getting the urge to inject animal meds or fantasise about beating the shit out of women you let us know okay brah. :)

  65. tnx brah, aint neva gonna happen :-D

  66. jimmyj I am fearing an ‘Apocalypse Now’ type of scenario for you, you’re going in way too deep son, stay safe.

  67. lol

  68. Pikabrah a.k.a. Suroor Ps, Februari 6, 2011:

    “I’m not on steroids, stop accusing me you lowlife degenerates”

  69. @Paranoid Android

    “jimmyj I am fearing an ‘Apocalypse Now’ type of scenario for you, you’re going in way too deep son, stay safe”

    Daddy…? :-o :-D

  70. Actually, browsing through the posts of “Pikabrah” on that bodybuilders forum, I now don’t believe it’s Suroor…
    Pikabrah’s english is way better than Suroor’s, and P. often usues the term ‘manlets’… never seen Suroor doing that…

    here’s Pikabrahs posts:

    what do you think? someone impersonating our hero?

  71. I think someone else registered there as Pikabrah, pretending to be Suroor, after this yahoo/FB-chat (with the real Suroor) was posted there, late Dec 2010

  72. @Paranoid Android
    but seriously, thanks for the warning, I’ll be careful :-)

  73. i call on Pikabrah being an impersonator. no way suroor is that good at english.

  74. hmm.. and besides that, i’m sure suroor would have all of info down on the profile, unlike the impersonator that only has his gender and age.

  75. if you google “synthol arms”, suroor’s picture is on page five XD. for “synthol abuse”, his picture is on page 3, but it’s the same picture.

  76. Yeah, you’re right, episode, he would have posted all info, also his age is 27 and not 31 like in Pikabra’s profile. I’ll delete the Pikabrah-quote pic on my flickr, as Pikabrah is not Suroor.

    OMG, all those synthol arms, horrible, and so obviously fake and extremely unnatural … one must really have quite a few screws loose in the head for stepping on that slippery slope to ‘fame’ & ‘awesomeness’ … but I guess it must be a slow process … starting with a bit of (honest/clean) body building training to lose some fat and look & feel better … so far so good, but then wanting more results more quickly + getting obsessed with it + getting involved with the wrong people + etc. … obsession turns into a addiction and voila… silly looking arms & lamebook just around the corner :-o

  77. But of course only silly looking arms isn’t what brought us Suroor … It’s His whole mental Lame… errr Awesomeness going with them ;-)

  78. Just as so many others I just HAD to sign up so I could talk about Suroor! Jimmyj thanks for your updates, I had a great time reading them! I think you’re right about Pikabrah, he’s definitely a troll. Here’s one of Pikabrahs quotes:
    “I’m natural, phaggot.
    My natural testosterone levels just make my physique and strength far superior, which most people can’t even begin to fathom. You’re obviously angry and jealous that your genetics are piss poor and you’re typing to someone who clearly has god-like genetics. Now, I’ll let you continue your WKing of a 5/10 on the Misc, because I know you don’t have much going for you in life right now (judging from your post count, stats and physique.)
    If you’d like, I could flex my 21″ guns and get her full nudes for you.”

    His English is way better than Suroors and notice how he uses full sentences (he types and instead of & for example). More important: he forgets to say that he is way to important to talk to this guy, how he is better than this guy because HE would never waste his time hanging out with sluts/bitches AND notice his last sentence: ‘If you’d like’. Excuse me? Suroor doesn’t care what this guy likes because… he’s not gay!

    Haha yep, Pikabrah is an imposter for sure :)

  79. Oh and does anyone else think it’s totally creepy that his sister likes everything he does on his fb and leaves comments about how good he looks and how great he is?

  80. Are bloodshot eyes, darkness around the eye area and a Patrick Swayze perm all indicators of steroid use? He looked much better before.

  81. and: he SMILED on many of his pre-steroid-abuse pics… now it’s just the smileless zombie look he sports 8-|

    ( thanks weatherwax, you are a good human ;-) )

  82. I wonder how he will react to this new comment:

    “There is no inch on ur body for an other muscle, were are u gonna pump more in now?? :D

    But actually I think there’s more than enough room for more muscle on his body… any part where he hasn’t pumped in the steroids have ample space for more muscle… thus all his body except for the biceps, triceps and deltoids … might be good idea to do that, Suroor, maybe it wouldn’t look like you have baby kittens crawling inside your upper arms and shoulders ;-)

  83. Didn’t somebody talk to his sister??? and she said we tell him not to take steroids?? I love the comments but now i’m gonna have to keep up with two comment sections!! damn :\

    ok but..since he signs up to all these dating sites..and a few posts up someone quoted him as saying that he hates those girls who look directly on websites or something for boyfriends..has anyone thought that this guy may be on these sites to meet up with these women to beat and abuse them?? i mean..i wouldn’t put anything past him!! but i get the feeling his plan wouldn’t have gotten off the ground, simply because as soon as he talks to these women they would realise what an absolute freak this guy really is

  84. comparethemeerkat

    Steriods or Suroids? Eh, eh…?

    So all in favour of a LB sister website Suroorbook? It could take off. We could have fan literature, ‘lolcatz’-esque captions comps, motivationals etc.

    We’d have to get him involved at some point though. We’d need some material such a photos and videos to edit.

  85. also just have to add in my favourite suroor comment..

    But I have my own problem now in which yours is nothing

  86. -__- my comments keep getting moderated.

  87. more Suroor wonderfulness! I dont know what will become of me if this guy ever stops dishing out these LOLs!

  88. Guys! Guys! Have you seen this? Is it for real?

  89. Suroor is in TONS of dating sites but whos going to want to go out with a deformed troll that starts his profile with:

    Ok, I JUST LOVE Working Out At The Gym & Body Building. I am a straight, 27 years old, Happy Single Bachelor and I HAVE LOT OF RESPECT FOR MY SELF. I Like WWE.

    WWE and self respect dont go together!! LOL

    Then he goes on to: “I am Not a very social guy & that is Y Not so many People like me much & i too Dont like those strangers ”

    I like Kittens, Bikes & very Small Kids too much. (EEEWWW!!) I Hate Advices and Dont take it.




  90. The mascara like thing he is wearing is called Kolh, also called Surma. Mostly seen it being used by middle eastern men, men from Indian Sikh community some Indian and Pakistani Muslim men (as well as women)
    Bring on “Suroorbook”

  91. Suroor’s more important own problem now more easy viewable ;-)

  92. “Best Answer – Chosen by Voters” it says…

    I bet Suroor was the only voter


    yup! we’ve seen that LOL LOL LOL we had a theory going that he was really skinny and probably shy and he couldnt get laid so he ate, then got fat and still couldnt get laid so started injecting steroids hoping to get laid and still hasnt! LOL :)

  94. Ah yes, I missed that, it says so at the bottom of the page:

    “100% 1 Vote” Hahahahaha :-D

    gonna update my screenshot ;-)

  95. comparethemeerkat

    Why isn’t he Hercules in that dating site photo? Does anyone else feel misled…?

  96. we all know he is obsessed with porn and porn stars but whats a good muslim boy doing looking for a girlfriend in this site:???

    http://www. iepazisanas. (com)/personals/suroor26 . html

    i guess the little troll hasnt given up his porn dream of nailing a blond-blue-eyed-infidel!

  97. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Ahh I gotta catch up on all the new comments… :D :)

  98. ifitwerentformyhorse

    My favorite quotes from his resume:
    “Course Certificate in managerial skills and personality development from Nadia institute.” Personality development REALLY?
    “Ability to work independently as well as in a team” Does he realize that punching team members is not the same thing as working with them?

  99. To commemorate 17 years since the world found out about Kurt Cobain’s death, and to pay tribute to the one and only Suroor, I hope you enjoy:

    Smells Like Team Suroor

    (Verse 1)
    Load up on drugs and choose your friends,
    It’s fun to pose and to pretend,
    The steroids have gone to my brain,
    The whole damn world thinks I’m insane.

    Insane, insane, insane, my brain.
    Insane, insane, insane, my brain.
    Insane, insane, insane, my brain.
    Insane, insane, insane…

    All the slutts here, and the bitches,
    Just don’t comment on my pictures,
    Or I’ll come and punch your face in,
    Shouldn’t you be in the kitchen?
    I like kittens, I like porno,
    Pierce my bicep, watch the pus flow…
    Eww… eww…

    (Verse 2)
    You know I’m straight, I told you so
    A million times just so you’d know
    Don’t smoke or drink like common trash
    I just went through Seabiscuit’s stash

    (Repeat Pre-chorus, Chorus)

    (Verse 3)
    And I forget just why the hell
    My penis has this nasty smell.
    My little dick is hard to find.
    Oh, I remember, nevermind…

    (Repeat Pre-chorus, Chorus)

    In Denial
    In Denial
    In Denial
    In Denial
    In Denial
    In Denial
    In Denial
    In Denial

  100. Ability to work independently as well as in a team

    Buaaaahahahahaha, now that’s real funny indeed :-D :-D :-D

  101. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @moniker – That is GENIUS!

  102. @moniker Buaaaahahahahaha, that’s even funnier :-D :-D :-D + head-banging smilies

  103. ifitwerentformyhorse

    “In order to have a Fantastic Body, you should never do 4 things – Don’t drink, Don’t smoke, Don’t flirt around with Girls and Roam with the guys. ”
    I’ll do the opposite, thanks for the tips! :D (What the hell does “roaming with the guys” mean?)

  104. ifitwerentformyhorse

    He’s on this site too:

  105. ps. I mean the rocker-type head banging smilies, not the wife-beater type smilies :-o

    (or they could also be used, but then without the :-D type smilies)

  106. @Moniker…. Genius!!!

  107. Can anyone access this link?–19116313–LOVE%2BSUCKS–I%2Bfeel%2Blike%2Bpuchin–topic-html

    He was a member there also, but not anymore… the link asks me to sign in, offers to do that via facebook, but then it won’t work, maybe because I have blocked any apps on my facebook…?

    (found this via google, searching for surror ps:
    3 May 2010 … Posted by SUROOR P S. if suppose any girl slap or even touch me by mistake … Posted by SUROOR P S. i am not saying this even with a single ……/307108–19116313–LOVE%2BSUCKS–I%2Bfeel%2Blike%2Bpuchin–topic-html)

  108. ifitwerentformyhorse

    I found either his new Yahoo Answers profile, or somebody pretending to be him. The old one that we’ve all see is where he goes by SUROOR – TAKER, and I just found a profile with the user name is Suroor Taker and he – or somebody – posted this question:

    “Will size really hurt? please help.?
    i am in my late 20s, in middle east, muslim and also built. but naturally having a good sized or u can say relatively big Pe**s. but i didnt have many girl friends since i didnt take any initiative and also my way of thinking plus being a bit religious, i thought i will keep everything only for a very special girl. So it might sound funny, but i just want to know if with the first intercourse with big pe**s cause lot of pain to the girl or not. since it is also bit thick. i heard once that only matured women can take this & enjoy and Not girls between 20 to 30 which i am Not sure. i said frankly and i dont want to hurt a female with this and will prefer Not doing it which is not a problem since i can control myself even though i have interest. Please, just giving jokes or funny answers is of not use. People with any intention to help can do it. i discussed this long back in other sites also, but answer was just everything will be fine.”


    Do you think he wants people to think he has a big penis?

  109. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @ jimmyj – It just has 2 of his posts and then when I clicked on his profile it said he’s no longer a member.

  110. :D Don’t…stop.

    Wait…No…@lamebooklurker, hey I’m a blond-blue-eyed-infidel! Oh, no but he’s straight so he has no time for a barking dog like me…

  111. @ moniker: That song!! LMAO!!!!
    @ ifitwerentformyhorse: it could be Suroor, I think he would like it if other people thought he has a big penis (too bad for him we all know it’s a smelly, small, disfunctioning one). On the other hand, would he really want us to think that he doesn’t ‘want to hurt a female with this’? Strange….

  112. @IFITWERENTFORMYHORSE, i dont think thats the real suroor, that fucker has no compassion, respect or empathy for women or anyone. and even if that was him wanting people to think he has a big penis, he forgets we already know he suffers from premature ejaculation? LOL

  113. From jimmyj’s link of Suroor’s more important own problem on Yahoo:
    “but my mother knows all this and holds this as a secret after me catching her leg” Wait wut?? What’s the conclusion to that? He threatening his mom? As in: well you can tell dad about the steroids and he will kill me and eat my brains later, but if you’ll tell him I will tell him that I saw your leg!

  114. ifitwerentformyhorse

    “Is it in yet?”
    “I came 10 minutes ago.”

  115. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @weatherwax – LOL. Does catching someone’s leg have an actual meaning in another language? It kind of sounds like he’s blackmailing his mom.

  116. @JIMMYJ, he seems to have gone AWOL from his yahoo account “no longer a member” ummm, i thought he didnt have 1 minute to spend on those trashes who just bark? i guess hes trying to clean up his internet trail or steroids, porn, porn stars, matrimonial sites and insults…. good luck with that Suroor!

    @MONIKER: well, since i deep down think this guy is gay, you may be just what hes looking for! LOL (on the down low!) LOL

  117. @lurker – LOL, maybe, deep down, he’s what I’ve been looking for too…A big strong man to put me in my place…Bleecchh!!!

  118. Has this one been mentioned yet?

    “What makes a Girl feel insulted.?
    If suppose you are a good looking straight guy and what can make a girl feel insulted if suppose she is pretty also. maybe not even through words. if i ignore her ornever look at his face, will she feel insulted. or if suppose you are very friendly with the guys only and never even approach and talk to her and let other guys talk to her, will she feel insulted ? please don’t reply writing this is wrong section, since i posted here seeing that mainly ladies will be here.

    please tell me frankly what can make a girl or any woman feel insulted and angry even if you are good looking, well dressed, smell good or is silent.”

    “Additional Details
    i know some girl don’t want to reveal this secret. this is not for some evil intention and even if it is, what, the girls don’t have other guys, only me?
    i just want to know the psychology.”

    someone replied:
    “And why do you want to know this??
    Im sorry, but Im not helping with your evil plan.”

    Suroor replied:
    “yeah as if only u r there in this whole world to help. who cares if u answer or not. i got so many answers from my same post in other sections. my plan is evil or not is none of your business u garbage. i chose u as best answer only to give u this message.”

    U garbage! :-D

  119. “Why you call me hulk? Are you being funny with me? Give me your email”


  120. @MONIKER: oh-oh! LOL LOL i beg you my friend, you deserve better than Suroor!!!! think of what awaits you: constant work outs, nasty bodybuilding supplements, body odor (lets face it, this guy doesnt look too clean), make up!!! (he wears kohl), beatings (cuz you know is coming!) and kitty litter….. all next door to his parents room. yummy~

    @JUMMYJ: i saw that before but i didnt see the reply “im sorry, but im not helping with your evil plan” priceless! i wonder why Suroor hasnt realized yet that “u garbage” isnt a proper insult, also saying that people “bark” is amusing “trashes” isnt even a word, he still hasnt learned how to spell Sluts…. poor troll thinks his english is great (remember he said only indians know how to properly speak english, unlike americans that are only good to make up bad words.

    the insanity never ends~

  121. “i also see a big body building celebrity daily in my mirror”

  122. Suroor lost his kawasaki motor cyle key! What to do?!

  123. “please no insulting answers or answers saying i am insane or rare fetish”

  124. “Suppose there is a handsome indian guy. and he is very well built and well educated and rich…”

    (question is deleted, this one from google cache)

  125. “I have OCD depression also which is being cured”

    From the dating website
    The most beautiful part of the body: Wrist

  126. @lurker ~ Yeah, s’pose you’re right. He’s probably not my type… maybe if he got his own place…

    @jimmy – Ha, that Hulk one is great. The answerer is totally paying him out.

  127. “please rate me as best answerrrrr”

  128. Jimmyj you made my day! LOL!!! That last Yahoo QA… This girl gives him all these websites where he can lurk at girls with miniskirts on and at the end of her post she typs: ‘sin’. Suroors answer:
    “nice answer and good pics. but why did u type sin on the bottom. your name?”

    Oh Suroor, you and your controversies crack me up!

  129. “but just of an average height. Not 6 feet tall”

    Now we know from where a part of that inferiority complex and the resulting overcompensation comes from.

    “Where should he go to find girls who can fall for him or flirt?”

    Nice try, Suroor… he just wants them to approach so he can punch them and deform the poor girl’s face

  130. Well.. that IS a great poem. You can sing it to your kittens and such…


  132. Twinkle twinkle little star… Goddd now I have this image in my head where Suroor sings this to all his kittens (you know, Porter the third and all those dead kittens in his room). EEEEEWWWWW, get it out!!! Must. Look. At. Suroors. Hulk. Picture. And. Laugh. Again.

  133. Suroor can not stick to 1 stunning beauty :-(

  134. Moniker just made my day with the awesome song! Haha too funny. I too joined this site because of suroor and I’m addicted! I’m reading posts first thing in the morning, at work ,after work…I can’t get enough!

  135. @MONIKER, cry yourself to sleep over the life with Suroor that will never be!

    wake up, hate the world, kiiss kitty, watch porn, hate self, shower
    dress with the same clothes worn all week
    mix 25 different supplements with banana in blender. drink half, take half to work in thermus
    go to gym for 3 hours, ignore girls that dare go to man’s area
    dont shower
    go to work, ignore all people, do repetitive boring work and spend 80% of time asking stupid questions in yahoo. check facebook account, hate self some more

    have lunch (the supplement) go for mid-day work out. return to work to check if any new friends request have come in. hate self some more and hate those trashes who dont add me

    leave work in kawasaki, head to gym for nightly 4 hour work out, come home. ignore all, inject drugs, swallow drugs. play with kitty, masturbate to porn, masturbate 4 times. have dinner (a cold chicken breast and some more supplement drink) lay in room in the dark, cry self to sleep with extreme self-loathing. wake up middle of the night in cold sweat, watch porn, masturbate again and cry some more. hug kitty and say “at least you love me porter 3″
    alarm clock rings!!!!

  136. Welcome mydoogyface, same here ;)

    jimmyj, I think you’re supposed to read the post like this: Girl A = porn star, Girl B = his sister. Well we already knew that he couldn’t stick with one porn star for too long, because at first he is turned on but then he realises she is just a slutt and he gets really agressive and isn’t turned on by her anymore.

    Except for the alien girl from Avatar of course, she’s his dream girl/alien and perhaps she’ll fit the Girl A profile as well.

  137. comparethemeerkat

    If we really tried our hardest, do you think we could get Suroor to trend on Google?

    It would take some effort and Facebook whoring. Or should we just keep him to ourselves?

    I really can’t decided what would be better…

  138. @weatherwax
    “Except for the alien girl from Avatar of course, she’s his dream girl/alien and perhaps she’ll fit the Girl A profile as well”

    or maybe this one?

    (as long as she is still obedient, well mannered/cultured, and doesn’t say Ouch or Oops of course ;-) )

  139. yeah, welcome to all the new Suroor fans! lots of us joined lamebook just to comment on that jerk

  140. comparethemeerkat

    And LOL @lurker. ‘At least you have me, Porter 3′. Amazing

  141. @COMPARETHEMEERKAT…. NO, LETS KEEP HIM TO OURSELVES!!! (everyone like alexandre the meerkat) lets keep this meerkat for ourselves!

  142. Have any of you thought about how sexy he looks cleaning out his kitty litter box with those delicious bulging biceps??

    He says he loves kittens so I wonder what happens when those kittens turn into cats…..

  143. @COMPARETHEMEERKAT: thanks! I honestly think all his cats leave as soon as they can fend for themselves rather than put out with his undivided attention LOL

  144. comparethemeerkat

    He has Twitter. I do not have Twitter.

    I need Twitter.

  145. @NOTSOFAST many of us have had sleepless nights already wondering:
    a where are the cats
    b why he only likes kittens
    c why they are all called Porter

    your guess is as good as mine

  146. he’s posted in here

    or at least someone doing a decent impression of his misogyny, misspelling and bellendishness…


  147. @ jimmyj: oh my, she could be perfect! She could also thake a fight (something he strangely enough appreciates in the Avatar girl), but… look at all those muscles jimmyj! She has them in her underarms and thighs… I mean, that’s just wrong. EVERYBODY knows that your biceps are the ONLY muscles you should develop.

    Therefore I state that the Hulk lady is a slutt and will not be perfect as Suroors gf (on the other hand, come to think to it.. She could totally kick his ass! That would be awesome, thanks for that mental image jimmyj ;) )

  148. lol @luker I guess we will know when we see “Porter 4″

  149. I think this one is VERY funny :-D

    I lost my kawasaki motor cyle key. please tell me what to do.?
    today i lost my kawasaki ninja 1100 cc motor cyle key. i had only one and now i cannot do anything. i live in abu dhabi and here there are no dealers of kawasaki bike and i can’t even get spare parts. so tomorrow i have lot of things to do and i have to get it before tomorrow night by 10:00 p.m. please tell me a fast possible way. i don’t care how much it’s gonna cost me, but i want it soon.”

    friendly, helpful reply:
    “For the things you have to do tomorrow, take a cab or the bus.
    Call the Service Manager (Hennie) of Kawasaki: mobile 050 4622741
    for advice how to solve your problem.
    This time, get 2 keys at least.”

    Friendly grateful Suroor:
    “anyway, i found my key and i can never take a cab or bus. yeah and that is my wish. and your advice to take a cab , was useless. i think even a new born baby will know that in case of urgency you can rely on other means of transportation. that won’t make you a geniuse”

    :-D :-o :-D

  150. @ALL: please someone bring his twitts!!!

  151. comparethemeerkat – The man. The legend.

    Some great words of advice.

  152. ^ pleasseee do! Good call lurker, was just about to ask the same. Oh and I LOL’d so hard on your Suroors day description! Brilliant!!

  153. He hasn’t posted any twits in 27 days…

  154. The tweets are on! I don’t think he really understands the concept, he is still trying to tell looooong stories about decent girls:

    Nobody can stop me, hold me or control me. Some times i bring the Pain, but I’m never gonna change…. 10:18 AM Mar 14th via web
    …if U mess, then No doubt yeah I’m a Veteran & when done you gonna think you got ran over by elephants…. 10:18 AM Mar 14th via web ….This is my world, my way, my life. I Dont follow Others whose career’s like a treadmill,…. 10:17 AM Mar 14th via web …. U running but you ain’t going nowhere. I Cant be put down. I see Angels after me & There ain’t no grave gonna hold my body down 10:17 AM Mar 14th via web A Girl who is pretty, Very innocent, highly educated, No ego, Always covered up properly, … 10:17 AM Mar 14th via web … being today’s girl but with culture, who can be seen out only with family, … 10:16 AM Mar 14th via web … who Dont interact with each & every Guy, who doesnot use 1 trash word in her mouth, who is strong enough 2 look after herself … 10:16 AM Mar 14th via web # ….. & has regard even 4 animals, respects All mighty & listens her parents etc. is equal to= Perfect lady or My kind of a Girl (Rare) 10:15 AM Mar 14th via web

  155. Look out boys and girls… the grim reaper Suroor is here!

    When Lights go out U hear silence. U know the Grim Reaper Suroor is there……..In a cloud of smoke He in Black comes in a big black beast Bike. He stares straight & does not look back….All his victims, Enemies flinch Knowing the pain he’ll bring. The Last Ride they will take & lose their soul Under the Tombstone…. through Hell’s Gate they’ll go. Want to create a problem? haha.. with pleasure Ur fate has been told. R.I.P.

  156. comparethemeerkat

    I’ve hit the jackpot.

    Porter 1st – www(dot)facebook(dot)com/photo(dot)php?fbid=111110818961029&set=a(dot)105395342865910(dot)9155(dot)100001863351009&theater

    ‘My Porter. He is one among the most silent and obedient Cat i ever had since childhood. But Very good at buttering or soaping me when he needs something and later tells me, Dont disturb.’

    Celebrating with his sister – www(dot)facebook(dot)com/photo(dot)php?fbid=117008068371304&set=a(dot)105395342865910(dot)9155(dot)100001863351009&theater

    In his New Romantic days – www(dot)facebook(dot)com/photo(dot)php?fbid=109742965764481&set=a(dot)105395342865910(dot)9155(dot)100001863351009&theater

  157. This is how Suroors funeral will look:

    When i Die, i mean next minute, tommorrow or any day, i have rules set as to where to be Buried……I have to be Well dressed even when eyes r closed & even between the Soil. All my belongings in my room has to be destroyed… since that should belong to me Only even a Comb. Crying Drama must Not be near my Dead body &…. if anybody is there they can do it privately. Many more r planned & set for that Day full of anxiety.

  158. @WEATHERMAX….. Thanks :) we all doing our bit so the greatness of Suroor keeps on going to the masses!

    GOD those twits are an EPIC FAIL! he wants to lecture people about slutts with 140 characters or less? hahaha

  159. @mydoogyface – Oh cool, thanx man. It was fun to put together and I’m really glad you guys got a kick out of it.

    And lurker, it’ll be great to have something new to cry myself to sleep over…17 years is long enough to cry over a rock star I reckon.:( ;) By the way I love your Average Day piece @#134.;D

  160. @JIMMYJ, that lost key post is disturbing, and it shows what kind of person he is, he has some serious issues. just because someone tells him to take a cab or bus he blows up like a firecraker! i mean, come on if you cant ride your bike why should people just assume you have a car too? he needed that key with so much urgency that the person had to assume he really needed it.

    there is a part of me that thinks he posted that so that people would know he had a bike. i felt bad for the person that answered that maniac.

  161. Has he considered Rapunzel as a mate? She is young and strong, but yet easy to dominate as shown by her 18 years of captivity by a thousand year old woman. She has blue eyes and oh so long silky blonde hair he can wrap around his biceps while he makes short sweet love to her. When he tires of her and wants to hide his love affair with an infidel he can lock her away in a tall tower. Oh the possibilities!

  162. comparethemeerkat

    @lurker – I know having him all to ourselves would be amazing, but do you not think the whole World deserves to know about Suroor?

  163. Once again, wordpervert plucks the words from my mouth.

  164. @Moniker, thanks! I would love to read more “Suroor’s average day entries. maybe we should start a contest hahaha, which rock star is worth crying 17 years over? LOL just curious.
    @Weathermax: the twitts are bad enough to make me puke in my mouth a little, this guy believes his own hype is soooooo sad, yet fascinating. so glad i dont ever have to interact with this clown!

  165. wondering why his fan page has 42 people, some of who are “letting it rip” and Suroor isnt responding at all!? look at this little gem a girl left on his fan page:

    okay so i couldn’t help but join this ridiculous page just to say this: i am a woman, yes, WOMAN, and you Suroor, are the saddest, loneliest person i have ever read about.
    -the fact that you believe that by achieving that “amazing” body of yours by using steroids is awesome, is damn near sickening.
    -you saying that a punch to the face of a woman will make her obedient doesn’t make you a man, it makes you a COWARD.
    - your little genital problem is the result of that nasty steroid abuse- yes ABUSE, not just usage.
    -your puss problem is also a nasty side effect of the above mentioned reason.

    coming from a woman, your attitude is NASTY, and so is your body. get the hell off of your high horse and open up your eyes, sweetie. you are not a man, you’re a BITCH with love for pussy that wont put out *meow*.

    btw, Lamebook didn’t make you a “star”, it just showed everyone just how big of a prick you really are.

    good day to you.

  166. “behind special humans so many stinky mosquitos will be there.”


  167. @ notsofast: LMAO!!! Rapunzel would be a great mate, good thinking! And she wears long dresses, so her arms and legs are covered as Suroor wishes ;)

    @lamebooklurker: that really is a gem! I guess Suroor thinks that all those people on his fanpage who are bashing him are men, no matter what they say and thus not worth his time. Did you know he’s not gay at all?

  168. Oh my I just looked through his picture and his sisters comments are creepy, some sisterly brotherly love going on there??

    Personally I think he looked much better in his skinny days, it looks like somewhere between 2002-2006 he lost his soul.

    “My eyes change colour, I hate sunlight, I’m always in Black, I can read your mind, i’m ice cold, i’m so strong & Built, i dont eat but just thirsty for BlooD. Yes, I am Suroor – the Built Vampire.”

    Ooooh!! Bite me Vampire Suroor!

  169. “Suroor. P.s. – Even if i Die tomorrow, I want to Die Built, Powerful & with Size. And thats the Bottom line, because the Dead man Suroor said so.”

    I’m guessing he is not talking about his manhood.

  170. Looks like “Synthol” use to me. Type the word into google/youtube and you’ll see what I mean.

  171. @lurker – Well I meant Kurt Cobain, who died 17 years ago this week. But I never actually cried for him, just jokes…Great songwriter though.

  172. Okay, I’m getting silly now but here’s a poem for Suroor’s kitten Porter, to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Suroor’s favourite poem:

    Porter, Porter, little cat,
    How you run this way and that,
    Curled up tiny ball of fur,
    How I love it when you purr,
    Porter, Porter, little cat,
    How you run this way and that.

    I need sleep.

  173. ahhahaha what a tool “Only good Women with Standard from all around the world or Friends or relatives can send me requests through my Page. No stranger aka Jealous or alien men” wtf is an alien man?

  174. I’ve wasted so much of my life today…

    I love how he refers to himself in the third person.

    “Thanks. Yes even i myself liked this Pic the most and will give it rate 10/10. What a great Man Suroor and his awesome bike is. Mind Blowing.”

  175. I found his myspace… It’s unreal:

    An excerpt:
    “Suroor. P.s. I feel like puching any pretty girl and make her bleed even though i am straight. Love is another name for hormonal bloody desires.
    if suppose any girl slap or even touch me by mistake or even if i am wrong, i will slap her back twice and disfigure the face of that shit. i will be more harsh than towards a boy, even though i am straight. let that bullshitt think what ever i want. even the bloody cops in the world will be on girls side, but i will sit happily in jail, in the pleasure of finishing my anger and using the strength aquired from body building. but never did any girl touch me and when she will that will be her end. old or young. even i want to break the bones of the super heros who come to the help of those pretty looking garbages. i will only take beatings from parents even in the middle of a street and i will stand as a statue.

    i am not saying this even with a single experiance. i am a happy bachelor never had a slutt called girl friend. i am just angry at how girls get preferance when even an average man is physically 10 times stronger than that bullshitt.”

  176. …’Roid Rage much?

  177. @COMPARETHEMEERKAT: you are right :( i am displaying clear Suroor tendencies by being so selfish, self-centered and thinking only of my needs…. let us share!
    @MONIKER: LOVE THE SONG! but to which porter did you write it to? remember, the whereabouts of porter 1 and 2 are unknown, wondering if Suroor loves rubbing the kitty fur around him eewwww gross~

    @KATO1….. words. fail. me. thanks for bringing the myspace :) i wonder when he will finally blow and harm someone (this guy isnt going to stay ranting online forever, something’s gotta give! i fear for people in the Emirates!

  178. ifitwerentformyhorse

    I think I figured out what alien men are. “Garbage Alien Shitts known as Gay Men, before sending messages to straight Built Men saying their Body is hot etc, i say first U see them face & when the Real Men Punch U & show U your Own blood, then u might Not like the same gender’s body any more. Same goes to Lesbian Shits also. No Never come in my way. Find your own species.”

  179. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Trying to be ghetto or something: “To be the Man, U have to Beat the Man. This is my Basic Thuganomics. I am Not any trashy ShowMan of sexy, But i am the Strong knight of Eternal Darkness. So, Your time is Up, My time is Now. U can’t see me, My time is nowww. Yes, the Built Champ is Here…”

  180. ifitwerentformyhorse

    “Had another Fight few Somali scatt guys infront of Kfc near yousuf centre. Couldnt mind their own business plus mainly Jealousy. So Police came, asked me who created problem, pointed the 2 Main Guys, they took the 2 shitss with them and i went back in my Bike. haha… whose loss? Before playing, they didnt know who i am.”

    ANOTHER fight in front of a KFC.

  181. http(colon)//media(dot)tumblr(dot)com/tumblr_lda0pvw1lR1qd22c5(dot)gif

    story of suroors life.

  182. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Laughter makes him homicidal: “Simple Things that makes or made me very angry includes :- When i was doing MBA, though not about me, the sound of the laugh of Girls on the seat behind made me feel to kill each of them / When Guys in the gym talks behind about me i feel like making them a squashed insect / When Girls pretend to be like Kids playing with teddy bear hiding the bitches in them / when Old men or women advice me etc”

  183. Why is he eating KFC? Doesn’t he know that will go straight to his Biceps?? Oh wait..

  184. vaginalroundhouse

    Someone needs to create a Wikipedia page about him.

  185. Let’s see, he hates women and wants to slap and punch blood out of their pretty garbage face and he can’t stop talking about gay people..hmmmm…Suroor you may want to check your sexuality.

  186. ifitwerentformyhorse

    You shouldn’t kiss because you can’t fry and eat a kiss: “When I see Harry Potter who is much Younger than me, Kissing a young Girl, I feel when is Suroor Going to Do atleast that one. Then i will think which Oscar award am i going to Win from that few seconds of Pleasure? Am i going to fry that kiss and eat? After all i am an indian and If i also do the same, i will belong to those same Dogs category who are waiting for the female bitches to throw something for them.”

  187. ifitwerentformyhorse

    He wants to ask a girl to marry him, but not why you think: “If suppose a Girl falls in love with me, then i will tell her that we will Elope. And if she accepts, on the day we Elope, i will catch her hand and pull her to her Parents and say, this Bullshitt was going to Elope with a person seen only since a few days like Me and Ready to leave you Parents who looked after her whole life. Maybe she might also leave again with a better guy than me. Bloddy trash”

  188. ifitwerentformyhorse

    A cute little story: “One day a Pretty Neighbor Girl came to my house and my Mother gave her a Banana to eat. And when i never even minded her, She came to me and asked ‘where should i put the Banana Peel’ and like usual i told her, ‘Go and Put it in a Bank’. Anyway i was Glad i made her Angry and she Left.”

  189. @lurker ~ Ahh damn, I had a feeling I was going to get picked up on that, LOL, Porter 3 of course but it’s hard to get that to fit in the poem, unless we just ditch the whole twinkle twinkle tune altogether…come up with some original material…

    Porter 3 / You mean the world to me
    And I love you so / I just wanted you to know
    Please don’t grow too fast / I want this love to last
    Cause when you’re 1 year old / you will be bought and sold.

  190. ifitwerentformyhorse

    BTW if you scroll all the way down on his Facebook wall, he’s had the profile since November and he mentions having a different page before. Plus he posts something about “jealous trashes” talking about him online. I guess it’s normal for him to either get deleted or delete his page because people are making fun of him, then make a new one.

  191. Wisdom from 18th March

    Suroor Ps
    In this Famous symbol, the ‘S’ stands for Super Man. But the ‘S’ can also stand for Suroor. Thus we conclude that, Suroor is equal to= Super Man.

  192. ifitwerentformyhorse

    I got inspired by moniker’s songs and lamebooklurker’s description of Suroor’s average day, so I wrote lyrics about it, set to Rebecca Black’s Friday.


    7 a.m., wakin’ up with my kitten
    Gotta stay stinky, gotta leave my room
    Gotta have my shake, gotta have protein
    Seein’ red, people are runnin’
    Runnin’ away from me, everybody’s leavin’
    Gotta get down to my bike
    Gotta find my keys, I see some slutts

    Sittin’ in the only seat
    Tryin’ to make my biceps fit
    Gotta make my mind up
    Which trashes should I beat?

    They’re steroids, steroids
    I’m pumped full of steroids
    Everybody’s tellin’ me to stop it, stop it
    Steroids, steroids
    Pumped full of steroids
    Everybody’s tellin’ me to stop it

    Liftin’ weights, liftin’ weights (yeah)
    Liftin’ weights, liftin’ weights (yeah)
    Mad, mad, mad, mad
    Lookin’ forward to a beatin’

    7:45, I’m ridin’ in Abu Dhabi
    Bein’ so angry, my eyes pop out
    Porn, porn, think about porn
    You know I’m straight
    I got porn, you got porn
    Your girlfriend’s by my right
    I got porn, you got porn
    Now she’s got a black eye

    Sittin’ in the only seat
    Tryin’ to make my biceps fit
    Gotta make my mind up
    Which trashes should I beat?


    Yesterday was angry, angry
    Today still so angry, angry
    You you you so much jealous
    You so much jealous
    ‘Cause I respect myself
    Tomorrow I’ll be angry
    And after that still angry
    I don’t want this beatin’ to stop


  193. ifitwerentformyhorse

    (The chorus consists of the 2 parts. I tried to make them stand out in my comment but I guess I’m a tard.”

  194. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Arrrrg can’t type today. :(

  195. “Maybe she might also leave again with a better guy than me.”
    there is no better man than him, he is the MAN

  196. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @flyingwire – That’s true, there is no one better than Suroor. I want to be him. In fact, I want to be IN him. I know he wants it too. Right, Suroor hunny?

  197. 2002-2004, A young “healthy & wealthy” college boy named Suroor. Played keyboard, rode a small motorcycle, had a sweet smile, didn’t look scary at all.

    2006- Brutally sodomized by a gang of aliens

    Around 2008- Fat piece of shit

    2011- “Built” prince of darkness. Hell bent on revenge, extremely unstable, homophobic, violent rants, zombie eyes.

    He probably got raped in the ass by some rich oil Sheiks in middleeast

  198. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Ah damn it, I fucked my lyrics up. The last one should be “Looking forward to a beatin’” or something like that. I stopped listening to the original song for reference towards the end because I just couldn’t take it anymore.

  199. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Oh wait, I didn’t mess it up, I just lost my damn mind just now. I need more sleep and less Suroor.

    @flyingwire – That wouldn’t surprise me.

  200. @moniker and @ifitwerentformyhorse I heart you very much!

  201. Did anyone even look at the two videos (not the wrestling ones but the ones further down) of him in school and of him in the gym? I gave up a half hour of my life yesterday and I would have to say…totally worth it. The guy takes a twenty minute “workout video” of himself, in which only about 4 total minutes is comprised of actual exercise, all with lame technique and mediocre poundage. The rest of the time he is walking around in circles (literally) and checking himself out in the mirror. At one point towards the end you can even tell that the guy behind the counter is telling him to quit freaking filming.

  202. on facebook

  203. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Watching the video of him working out. He literally is mostly just walking around. Are those single-digit pound weights?

  204. At first I felt a little guilty for making fun of an “Engrish”-speaker. But the more (and more and more and more, I can’t stop!) I read & see his pics …
    Seriously, I have spent um more time than I’d like to admit, reading these comments and looking at his profile. So far I’ve made it to the Dec 2010 posts, but haven’t watched any of his videos yet. Anyone notice that he puts the same comment on a LOT of “Wall”s?
    Awww a kitteh!

  205. hehe @ ” Champions are not made in gyms, champions are made from something they have in their hearts, a desire , a dream, an illusion.
    January 1 at 4:46pm · 2 people”

    OR they can be made of Synthol and photoshop?

  206. @Ifitwerentformyhorse

    You have been Suroor-rolled.

  207. I’m still trying to figure out who is taking the pics of him? They all seem to be in the same place, and not in a mirror. I wonder if he just has a camera at the end of his hallway that he uses just for these pics? I wonder how many hours a day he spends posing to get “just the right pic”? A few seem to be “suddenly snapped” he says LOL
    Apparently badass “bikers” over there are not the same as over here. Over there they appear to be the Suzuki-type bike owners and not Harley-types.
    I like that he doesn’t follow rules or does what any one expects of him. He’s a rebel!

  208. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @moronmagnet – A rebel with a cause! To punch pretty girls in the face and make them bleed.

  209. Holy shit @ “I like Small Kids very much. But either they Run away after seeing me or their Parents Wont allow them to go to this Monster. That is the Only disadvantage i have in being Built. But try to Understand me, Parents and Kids. This BoogeyMan can fight any Grown Up But can Never ever Hurt a Kid. Only kittens Now a days approach me. If any Kid will play with me, I will give u 1 Ice Cream free.
    December 16, 2010 at 6:56pm
    Suroor Ps likes this.”

    I don’t think it’s because you are built …

  210. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @moronmagnet – And in another post, he says that if he sees a kid touch his bike he’ll beat him.

  211. I think his friends all “hide” him from their newsfeed, and that is why only his sister and a couple of the same people ever comment or “like”. They probably don’t unfriend him because he is family or they like to brighten their day by reading his bullshit. Or sending it in to Lamebook for us all to enjoy. Whoever it was that sent the first ones in, THANK YOU! :)

  212. Another lurker out of hiding.
    I was going to post some gem pages/groups/whatever-the-hell-they-are-called that he is a part of, but there are far too many. I would recommend going to his facebook profile info, and then go to the “Other” section of activities and interests. over 600 pages that seem incredibly appropriate.

    Where do we find the videos? Do we have to be his friend on facebook?

  213. And to add, he seems to post on all the pages in that section, though for the most part it is uninteresting, like “Nice Page”

  214. Have y’all noticed he also “likes” all of his own comments…oh Suroor you brighten my day!!

  215. I’m not his friend on FB but I can watch his videos. I think someone up there posted his profile link. It’s just … wow lol.

    Isn’t he romantic? “If suppose a Girl falls in love with me, then i will tell her that we will Elope. And if she accepts, on the day we Elope, i will catch her hand and pull her to her Parents and say, this Bullshitt was going to Elope with a person seen only since a few days like Me and Ready to leave you Parents who looked after her whole life. Maybe she might also leave again with a better guy than me. Bloddy trash
    December 11, 2010 at 8:18pm
    Suroor Ps likes this.”

  216. It says he just made a new account in Nov 2010. Oh I wish we could see the old profile LOL

  217. Those are the absolute most disgusting arms I’ve ever seen. They look deformed! That’s not a good look for anyone!

  218. he should write “i love myself” on his profile..though i think he should change his mirrors or go see an optician so he can really see how weird and ugly are his muscles!! Give me the creeps!!!

  219. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @stone90 – He does say “I love myself” quite a bit actually. Just another cautionary tale in the world of steroid abuse, I guess.

  220. Did y’all notice the more buff he got over the years the worse his hair got?? It was actually pretty nice about 8 years ago, now it looks all frizzy and stringy. Is that a side effect of steroids?

  221. Oh he got another post! Milk it, Lamebook! Milk him dry!! Maybe I should submit my picture of him on the kitten site?

    Well, here’s his windows profile:


    An excerpt: “I have everything what i want, espcially my body only because i never wasted my time, energy or money on any Girl. Yeah, behind a successful man there is a Mother.”

    Umm… I suppose success is what you make it… though I wish his mother would have used a condom or something…

  222. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Yup. Hair loss is a side effect of steroids.

    Arrrr Why can’t I see his Windows profile? :(

    I almost wish I could define success so easily. I’d feel on top of the world right now!

  223. Oh here he is giving advice to a girl hoping to be an actress. He got “best answer.”

  224. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Ha ha. He posted something similar in other question/answers a bunch of times. I bet he’s real proud of what he wrote and had to copy and paste it all over the internet. That’s not psychotic or anything.

  225. Wow, what delusions of grandeur he has!

  226. That is a pretty awesome kitten.

  227. The kitten looks like its trying to escape… like it was trying to jump, and he had to hold it back… poor kitten…

  228. @horse – Haha, good work with the lyrics there man. Very cool.

    @agenda – Thank you, I heart you too. :D

  229. I think i should go buy a weapon now…or 20.

    Porter 3 / You mean the world to me
    And I love you so / I just wanted you to know
    Please don’t grow too fast / I want this love to last
    Cause when you’re 1 year old / you will be bought and sold.

    @IFITWERENTFORMYHORSE: KFC? no wonder his stomach looks so “blah”. OH MY GOD, he cannot even tell someone where to put a banana peel without being nasty, jesus, this guy hates women to a fault! and his marriage/elope proposal? sent shivers down my spine!
    I LOVE THE SONG!!! hahaha EPIC!

    @FLYINGWIRE: you may be on to something here, no one goes from normal keyboardist to unstable grotesque bodybuilder for no reason. i suspect abuse, but it may be to late to save him with therapy.

    @IFITWERENTFORMYHORSE needs to cut down on the Suroor doses! hahaha

    @MORRONMAGNET he claims his sister/parents and “straight” arab friends take his photos (he goes to great trouble to make sure everyone knows this for some reason LOL
    and yes, the kid-ice cream and kitten scenario y so disturbingly sad. i wouldnt let my kid anywhere near Suroor. they probably wont unfriend him because they fear he will make their lives a living hell! hahaha

    Suroor turns up unannounced at home of friend that unfriended him

    -heeeey what you doing here Suroor?
    - i come to ask why you unfriended me you garbage!?
    - are you serious?
    - yes you are nothing but a jealous dog who barks at greatness!
    -look, maybe you should leave
    - no, you tell me now, why you unfriend me? you jealous trashes!!! you jealous trashes because i live like a king and you are nothing!
    -im calling the cops!


    Suroor yells while he wipes tear from his eye: -please friend me again!!!!

    @NOTSOFAST: i think is the steroids, bodybuilders usually have bad hair like that, his hair looks like a wet, old mop

    @ALL: i was a the park with my two dogs yesterday and in what i can only describe as my “suroor moment” of the day, i wanted to leave and they wouldnt listen so i said “come on, lets go home you trashes” jesus, its come to this now? so i have been calling them trashes ever since! LOL

  231. So Sroor hates bulshit trashy girls who are into bad boys…
    But describes himself (amongst other things) as Suroor the bad boy under his posing pictures
    Hence, it would appear that Suroor is into girls who aren’t into him… Well that would explain his violent pseudo rape fantasies :S
    Gosh, he is just SUCH a catch!

  232. *Suroor

    Sorry guys, fail keyboarding!

  233. If we take Suroor’s surrounding into perspective, his obnoxious personality starts making a little more sense.
    At the risk of sounding like a bigot. Let me generailze the middle east region a little. Of course all these rules don’t apply for all countries in middle east. But, This is the same region where women are not allowed to go outside in public without wearing a hijab. Women are not allowed to drive a vehicle unless accompanied by a male. It is not illegal to beat up one’s wife. Women are considered commodites, their status is much similar to that of house pets. Rich men over there take pride in “owning” multiple wives. Honor killing is a way of life,, brothers and fathers would rather kill a girl than let her live life on her own terms. Girls are married off at early age. Girls are rarely given opportunity to get higher education, so that they are always dependent on the men (fathers and then Husbands). If a man is accused of adultery or any other crime, he is innocent until proven guilty. On the other hand if a woman is accused of adultery, she has to prove her innocense, if she fails to prove her innocense, she is stoned to death. Even widows are not allowed to remarry.
    Now Abu Dhabi, Dubai region is comparatively liberal. So, that explains the girls in Suroor’s gym, who are allowed to workout.

    Now add steroid induced rage, schizophrenia, inferiority complex, identity crisis (a middle class Indian trying hard to present himself as a rich Sheik), health problems, porn addiction, elementary english speaking ability and access to internet- and the result starts to remotely resemble Suroor.
    I say remotely resemble, because Suroor is one in a billion. He is a complex being and can’t be described by a mere mortal in two paragraphs
    Just wanted to bring some facts to light from my perspective.

  234. @FLYINGWIRE: i completely agree that women are treated like commodities and pets in many places in the middle east (no driving, no interacting with males, even weddings are segregated (men partying in one room, women sitting with the children in another). women are not allowed to see male doctors in some places, or drive, or leave the house alone. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are modern in comparison to lets say karachi but women are still viewed as second class citizens.

    Indians in Abu Dhabi tend to be treated as second class citizens too, so it makes perfect sense that Suroor would look for someone to “dump on” to make himself feel better against the possible discrimination/stares/dirty looks he might face not only for being indian in an Arab country, but also because of his deformed muscles (he is so diluted he thinks he looks great, so he blames it all on jealousy)

    what i dont understand is how in a society where people are “married off” to their friends kids really early on (arranged marriage and arranged engagements in the indian community are nothing new) i wonder:

    why havent his parents arranged to marry off this little gem of theirs? could it be that no one in the community/extended family want to be saddled down with Suroor?
    how can his family not see this guy has serious issues/ inferiority complex/ and a deep hatred for women?

  235. Holy Gawd. I’m a lemming… I had to sign up just to comment. There’s just so much I want to say, but at the same time, I’m speechless!

    It’s like watching a really bad horror/ sci-fi movie. You want to quit, but you just have to see what lame crap happens next!

  236. And would someone be kind enough to explain what a meme is? I’m still catching up on interwebs lingo! ***blushing madly***

  237. Hey twitnit, welcome aboard!
    I just cut and pasted from wikipedia, hope this helps:


    A meme is a unit of social information.[2] It is a relatively newly coined term and identifies ideas or beliefs that are transmitted from one person or group of people to another. The concept comes from an analogy: as genes transmit biological information, memes can be said to transmit idea and belief information.

    A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols, or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena. Supporters of the concept regard memes as cultural analogues to genes, in that they self-replicate, mutate, and respond to selective pressures.[3]

    The word “meme” is a shortening (modeled on “gene”) of mimeme (from Ancient Greek μίμημα Greek pronunciation: [míːmɛːma] mimēma, “something imitated”, from μιμεῖσθαι mimeisthai, “to imitate”, from μῖμος mimos “mime”)[4] and it was coined by the British evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in The Selfish Gene (1976)[1][5] as a concept for discussion of evolutionary principles in explaining the spread of ideas and cultural phenomena. Examples of memes given in the book included melodies, catch-phrases, fashion, and the technology of building arches.[6]

    Advocates of the meme idea say that memes may evolve by natural selection, in a manner analogous to that of biological evolution. Memes do this through the processes of variation, mutation, competition, and inheritance, each of which influencing a meme’s reproductive success.

    Memes spread through the behaviors that they generate in their hosts. Memes that propagate less prolifically may become extinct, while others may survive, spread, and (for better or for worse) mutate. Memes that replicate the most effectively spread best. Some memes may replicate effectively even when they prove to be detrimental to the welfare of their hosts.[7]

    A field of study called memetics[8] arose in the 1990s to explore the concepts and transmission of memes in terms of an evolutionary model. Criticism from a variety of fronts has challenged the notion that scholarship can examine memes empirically. Some commentators[who?] question the idea that one can meaningfully categorize culture in terms of discrete units.

  238. Someone should start a webpage betting on when he self destructs…
    This can only end in disaster!

  239. @ twitnit: when we talk about “memes”, we usually mean “internet memes”. These are random things that have become popular over the internet due to various online forums (such as Lamebook), with the most common source of these memes being 4chan and YouTube. Common examples of memes include things like lolcats and getting “rick rolled”.

  240. good job lamebook. now we can all be friends with Sumoor Ps. you forgot to blurr his name in one of the photo’s tags

  241. Just wow…

  242. LOL @ lamebooklurker. Yes that’s how I imagined it would go when he found out someone unfriended him :)

  243. I’m wondering what he means by girls with “standard”? Standard what? Equipment? Does that mean he doesn’t like fake boobs?

  244. Also, maybe they haven’t “married him off” because they suspect he is gay?

    When I was talking to my b/f about Suroor, he said the first thing that came to mind was an angry 80′s George Micheal. I’m not sure why … ?
    I never paid attention to George, so maybe someone else that is/was a fan could tell me why he would say that?

  245. you see, kids, they take them ‘roids, which gives them the brain damage. with the pussin’, and the smellin’ and the kittens and they don’t know what the jazz is all about, you see!

    :D I suck.

  246. @lamebooklurker
    “marry off this little gem of theirs?” ROTFL
    I am pretty sure his parents and rest of the family are more than aware of this royal problem on their hands.
    And I doubt any of his parent’s friends or relatives who have seen him would be thrilled to have Suroor as their son-in-law.

    I also don’t believe that he is working in some bank. He seems to have too much time on his hand and is always bragging about his “MBA” degree (curious if he ever actually graduated) rather than his current position. He probably worked somewhere for a short time and then left or was fired.

    And if I am wrong and he actually has a day job, then I feel sorry for his social skills. I wonder what kind of work he does
    with that brain of his.

    He definitely doesn’t have many friends. Most of his photos that have other people are with health supplement salesmen and such. No photos of workplace only old photos from college/school

  247. Oh noes, I think he’s onto us trashes! He does thank us for sending girls his way. Annd for making him “famous”.

    His single hair won’t move. For jealousy there is no medicine.

    He loves his kittehs though.

    I know it’s totally a different country and accent but … when I read his posts & comments, I hear it in the way Henry Rollins reads the letter from Boris. I’m trying to find a video of just that part for those that might not know what I’m talking about. It’s from the Live @ Luna Park DVD. I hearts him :)

  248. Haha yeah @moronmagnet, I know what you mean, I’ve got that DVD… And yes Rollins is an f’n’ legend.

    And if Mr. Suroor is happy to be famous for being a steriod shooting, woman beating, stinky cocked, live with his parents, kawasaki riding, kitty lovin’, friendless waste of carbon and water, then good on him…

    Man, I am way too drunk for a Sunday night. :D

  249. This one’s sung to the tune of Tik Tok by kesha

    “Wake up in the mornin feelin like suroor taker
    inject some synthol in my arms just to make em look faker
    pet my kitty Porter 3 before I leave for the day
    He’s the only p*ssy I get, but i say I’m not gay.

    Talking bout punchin girls in the face face
    riding the kawasaki all over the place place
    Parents think I’m an ace ace
    Taking roids to get real big
    instead of lookin like a twig
    lamebook’s my new gig…”

    Thats all I got so far this morning…

  250. @MONIKER drunk? sunday night??? where are you? when i read that it was 4 pm my time! LOL

    @MORONMAGNET LOL LOL I dont think it would go any other way with this maniac! LOL he is so full of it i cant imagine how he can take rejection. “girls with standards” to Suroor? is a mystery to me… it could be a porn star with a hijab, or a muslim girl who is too hot for him but acts like she isnt, or a super hot girl who thinks HE is too good for her (the fucker sure doesnt like ugly, plain, average girls does he? LOL the george michael theory is a good one because it truly is weird that he hast been “married off” already at 30+ i would love to hear what his extended family and social group have to say about Suroor! LOL

    @FLYINGWIRE: well, you know my friend, the way i see it, ANYONE would be happy to unload this piece of shit, i mean precious gem of a son, on to a different family and have him be their problem suroor’s issues must have been apparent early in life, so, the fact that no one seems to mind, is beyond me or a sign that people “know whats up” and want to stay “on the down low” LOL LOL with him i wouldnt want my worse enemy married to this punk.
    I AGREE with you, this guy doesnt seem to socialize outside the gym (some of the photos is with gym friends, gym receptionist, gym trainers etc…. wondering why there is no photo with a Vet?

    @NCHA89 wondering if they didnt blur it on purpose, this post has taken a life of its own!

    @ALL: the only think that bothers me is that if we make him famous thats what he wants and he doesnt deserve it, hes a horrible person craving fame and i wouldnt want to be the one giving it to him.

    @SAMWISE: i guess im not cool enough, never heard of memes before LOL

  252. This person seems like he was smart and motivated at some point. He needs help. I find lamebook really repulsive for posting this. Usually, they post gaffes, jokes, and profiles of people that are not at risk, but this person clearly is.

  253. @fawndozer – LOL
    @lurker – Haha, yeah I’m in Sydney, Australia. It was midnight when I posted last night. Right now it’s ten to seven a.m. on Monday and I’m leaving for work…

  254. Well he knows we are talking about him. Still he chooses to be the same way instead of asking for help. Or his family and friends aren’t trying hard enough to help him. So, I don’t feel guilty at all for talking about him.
    He doesn’t want to go to a Dr to help him with of all the pus and fevers caused by his “muscles” supplements, because he doesn’t want to go to jail. He knows it’s wrong. He is afraid of his father. He wants to beat women, and probably would if he was alone with one long enough. If his family really is rich, they probably kind of just ignore him as much as possible. He probably stays in his room with his kittehs when he’s not at the gym. He probably gets a little extra on his allowance as long as he doesn’t embarrass the family locally. Then he spends that on the “supplements” and gym memberships. So that could explain all the angry internet stuff.

    I agree that he was probably smart and motivated at some point.

    I also think that if he has a degree, he should know the difference between famous and infamous. He isn’t famous.
    Maybe if he would read ALL of the comments on both of his “famous” Lamebook entries, he could try to help himself. But I doubt it.

  255. @Moronmagnet He probably knows he’s infamous but has to act like he is famous to cope with it. Also, just because he’s not asking for help does not mean that he deserves to be made fun of like this. He is clearly unstable, as you mentioned. It is definitely not a good idea to “cyber-bully” him like this. Maybe you should google what has happened in recent times to victims of cyber-bullying. A little fun here and there is okay, but I think that this is crossing the line. I strongly recommend that lamebook removes this post.

  256. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @fawndozer – Props on the song!

  257. He is not the only one who needs help. After almost a week, 2 posts, and over 700 comments, it’s pretty clear that many of you are more obsessed with this shriveldick than he is with himself. Suroor has certainly brought some ‘tards to the Lamebook yard.

  258. Agreed!

  259. So all of the things he says about beating women & kids, calling other people trashes and garbages, referring to women as bitches & etc is OK?

    When I think of “cyberbulling”, I think of those people who are LGBT, a different religion, have a disability or just get made fun of for things that they can’t help. I don’t think of some jackass who is full of himself, threatens to beat a kid for looking at his bike, says he wants to beat a woman just because he feels like it, or spends his family’s money on things to inject into his body so he can be an even bigger bully.
    It is possible he is mentally ill, and/or he may have some disablity that he is trying to overcompensate for. He appears to have gone off the deep end sometime after he graduated from one of those schools he has listed. But I just can’t feel sorry for the guy. I understand he’s in a different country, a different religion, and English isn’t his first language. The way he types is amusing. But HE crosses the line first by a lot of what he says on a public profile. If he was smart he would have made it private. But it is still public. He must enjoy it. It is also possible he has always been this way but just recently got the balls to be more open about it. You know, probably around the time he started injecting that stuff to make his arms look like mini-footballs.

    Maybe he will finally go get help when he sees that his posts get a LOT of negative comments from people who aren’t just kissing his ass to keep the peace. Apparently none of his family or friends call his “issues” to his attention. At least not in public on his profile.

  260. @Moronmagnet: I think you should learn to sympathize or even empathize with people like Suroor. The human psyche is delicate and powerful; not always logical. In his case, whether it is the drugs or his personality causing it, he is unstable and will probably end up hurting himself in one way or another. You clearly lack in understanding that. This sort of cyber-bullying is not going to help.

    Also, If you really cared about why he is wrong in saying those things or even if you wanted to make him aware, try reaching out to him to talk to him with sensitivity, not belittling him. He is clearly from a different culture and background, so maybe you’ll learn something too.

  261. He just protests too much about not being gay. He has to point it out on in so many posts. I would never make fun of him (or anyone) FOR being gay. It’s all the other stuff combined that is just too much not to make comments about.

    Have you not taken the time to look at his posts or pics on his profile? If you haven’t, you should if you want to understand why we have made these comments. I’m sure you don’t have as much time to kill as we do, but you did have time to comment in his defense.

  262. I’m sympathetic to a lot of things. A few examples: I’m adopted, survived child abuse, struggled with many “demons” most of my life, suffered with & helped a few others with their “demons”, worked with the developmentally disabled (and will again when I move to another town soon), and been a sleep-deprived mom for 3 1/2 years (haha).

    I’m weird and have issues and was secretly a cutter for 12 years. I stopped cutting when I had my son. But, I don’t threaten to beat someone just because I feel like it or they looked at me.

    He doesn’t want anyone to talk to him to help him. He states that several times throughout his profile. Maybe this is what he needs to snap out of it.

  263. That was supposed to say “my hometown” and not “another town”. Oopsies!

  264. @chaiman
    We are not having fun at Suroor’s expense. We are just jealous people, barking at Suroor. It is no secret that many of us wish we had his “built” physique, money, motorcycles.

    What are you two doing here?

  265. there are some high and mighty people here who should just stay away, if you dont like us making fun of Suroor then what are you doing here reading the posts? i guess Suroor isnt the only hypocrite about…

  266. i tried reaching out to his sister to warn her that all this is out there, to tell her that her brother needs help…. even sent the lamebook link. well she mustnt care very much because she never replied. if his own family wont take the initiative why shouldanyone else?

    @moniker: got cha, we seem to be worldwide

  267. Watch out kids, the fun-police are here…

    @lurker – Yeah, :) maybe Suroor should join the U.N.. He could be the deformed narcissist who unites the world! So, where are you out of interest? In the U.S. I’m guessing, but a city?

  268. @Moniker “the fun police” can kiss my ass. I agree that Suroor needs help but its not going to come from me, i have to say, he has brought a lot of people to this site that would have otherwise never met! haha so thats his good deed for the year! LOL… i was feeling kind of bad about him until i read what he wrote “he would hit a girl so hard until pussy juice came off her mouth” to me that was it! im in the beautiful country of France :)

  269. @lurker – Alors…elles maintenant tous pense “Il est en train de la draguer” LOL

  270. Pardon my French!

  271. @moniker: LOL je pense que il a vraiment perdu sa tete completement…mais ce est drole! trainwreck! LOL

  272. @Flyingwire: Turning a blind-eye to something so blatantly wrong, “cyber-bullying” is not something that I’m willing to do. I will voice my opinion and hope that people gain sympathy.

    @Moronmagnet: Sounds like you had a rough time growing up, and I’m glad you’re past it, but frankly, you sound bitter. Also, I’m pretty sure “this” is not what he needs, although I do agree he needs a reality check..

  273. @MORONMAGNET, someone wants to make you the next Suroor LOL LOL “you sound bitter you trashes” LOL LOL

  274. @Moronmagnet: I think you’ve attracted your moron^^

  275. Well I can see why chaiman says that we are being mean. Some of the comments are a little over the line. But again I don’t feel guilty for anything I’ve posted. I haven’t contacted him or made a fake profile to get him to add me or anything like that.

    He should get more tattoos. That was my “therapy” for a while.

  276. @CHAIMAN: IN TRUE SUROOR FASHION: SHUT UP YOU TRASHES! HAHAHAHA i can see a bigger moron here *wink wink* since you hate the trashing but are doing some of your own, hate what we are doing to suroor yet are here everyday, why dont you go somewhere else to preach your half-hearted crappy gospel? NO ONE WANTS IT HERE, in case you just havent noticed.

    @ALL i wont respond to this hypocrite again, ( goes all high and scrupulous) yet is still here EVERYDAY, reading and laughing at Suroor…. while all the while telling us how bad we are. FUCK OFF!

  277. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @chaiman – If you care about Suroor so much then you can contact him yourself and offer help. You’ll probably notice very quickly that he reacts violently to any and all advice. I’m guessing you didn’t see any of his posts, because he talks quite a lot about wanting to beat the crap out of anybody who offers help. Good luck. :)

  278. @MORONMAGNET: we are not meaner than someone who: wants to hurt small kids for touching his bike. wants to make women bleed for saying “ooops”, wants to get black people deported from Abu Dhabi, gets in random fights with people outside KFC, oh, and wants to “punch women until pussy juice comes out of their mouth”…i am not as mean as Suroor and he doesnt have my sympathy and someone else trying to make me feel bad about my joking isnt going to make me either, am i a jerk? maybe, but i know i am a smaller jerk than Suroor!

    @IFITWERENTFORMYHORSE: i did my bit for social services by writing to his sister, i bet thats a lot more than some “holier than thou” folks around here have done!

  279. Oh yes I agree.

    I don’t sympathize with the guy. But I do understand how it would appear we are being mean and cyberbullies to anyone who hasn’t wasted the time we have reading all of his stuff.

  280. @MORONMAGNET: i seriously doubt ANYONE has commented THIS FAR DOWN THE LINE without reading ANY of the previous 270 comments (hence reading the “bundle of joy that is Suroor”, but whatever!, there will always be people telling others what to do when they do/enjoy the total opposite.

  281. You guys are morons. Chaiman out.


  283. it amazes me always how appropriate that saying ^^ that is :) lets not turn this to infighting, lets focus on whats important: SUROOR LOL LOL LOL

  284. I meant reading his profile posts and his picture captions LOL

  285. Hahaha, one thing I will say for Suroor, his English is way better than my French. I’ve got no idea! @lurker, not sure if you realised my intended meaning, trying to be cute. Stupid dictionary, how embarrassing…

  286. @Moniker, i got it (thought we were talking about someone else LOL) , and no, your french is better than Suroor’s elementary school english LOL

  287. @lamebooklurker… Don’t you mean “Good riddance to bad trashes (or garbages?) ;)

    @chaiman I’ve been through a lot of the same things moronmagnet has… multiplied by 20, and I’m definitely going to sit & make fun of any guy that wants to beat a woman for any reason.

    Especially a guy who can’t get his slimy paws on me through the computer! So there! *sticks tongue out & blows raspberry*

    And for good measure, I’m adding a “nanny, nanny boo-boo!”

  288. @lurker ~ Je m’en doutais… ;)

    @All – Lamebook have put ANOTHER Suroor post up as I’m sure you’ve seen so I think the chances of them taking any down are small to none, no matter how strongly chaiman recommends it.
    Also I’d like to second twitnit’s “nanny, nanny boo-boo!”

  289. Just because he says nasty things and does not want help does not give anyone the right to bully him. 2 wrongs do not make a right. Also, this is definitely risky and probably not productive for him.. and us for that matter.

  290. @twitnit: YOU ARE GINIUS!!!

    @ Moniker: :)

  291. @twitnit: i am copying Suroor! LOL LOL

    @ all: am i the only one that sees muslima dating sites and asian sites ads on this page?

  292. You’re not the only one lurker, I’ve been seeing those. Maybe just a coincidence…At least you know Suroor won’t be coming to France to find the girl of his dreams now it’s illegal to wear the face covering veils…

  293. ifitwerentformyhorse

    I don’t think chaiman understands that Lamebook is not for people trying to be productive.

  294. or decent human beings for that matter..

  295. Ouch! chaiman is back… You really must be kinder to people ‘man. Somebody may get hurt feelings.

  296. *Weighs options of being a “decent human being” and being a “trashes.”

    I choose to be a trashes. And a garbages too.

    ***snickers as I put my broken washer on porch next to ratty sofa***

    chaiman, nobody’s cyberbullying him. None of us are going to his pages & saying mean things. None of us are emailing him telling him to kill himself. We’re commenting within a small scope of the internet community. He’s aware of what we say. If he doesn’t like it or it hurts his feelings, he doesn’t have to come here & read.

    Obviously you’re missing the concept of LAMEBOOK.

    ***cackling insanely***

  297. ***Pokes chaiman’s high horse***


  298. @MONIKER i thought it had something to do with the content of the page (suroor, emirates, muslim, indian) i tell you i am not crazy, thats why because i sure am not looking for no indian asian wife! LOL and yes, they are not allowed to wear burquas but they can still wear the veil, i think is good the french wont allow the burqua, i mean, you want to be covered like that, then stay on our country, dont impose that to western people IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES. lets face it, europe isnt known for covering up, specially france where people go topless in the beach!

    @iIFITWERENTFORMYSHORSE: hes defintely in the wrong web site, needs to go to save the children LOL. chaiman is like champagne: smooth going in…. shit going out

    @ALL: chaiman (or whatever the fuck that means) doesnt understand the concept of this site, so i laugh at both his/hers/its sense of “right” and bullshitness LOL we all need to be amused LOL

  299. @LURKER I’m amused! :) That’s why I keep coming back. ;)

  300. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Gotta love it when somebody visits a humor site that’s meant for poking fun at people, and then gets offended when he sees exactly that. And then keeps coming back and getting offended again. And won’t put his money where his mouth is, of course. To quote Suroor, “advices are free” or something like that.

  301. From suroor26 twitter:

    haha. Facebook again got disabled with the help of others for the 13th time. & for the 14th time I will be back again with a Bang with new 1
    web • 11-04-13 3:51 PM

    13 times?!?!? Disabled?!? How many times have people found this guy?!? Wow…

  302. Question…

    Why would he get disabled? I mean, other than the obvious puss filled, Synthol issues?

  303. That’s what I’m asking… And why so many times?

  304. ifitwerentformyhorse

    And by “disabled” does he mean Facebook shut down his page, or that he deactivated it? Uh-oh, maybe FB doesn’t like all that talk of beating slutts’ faces in.

  305. @Twitnit and Ifitwerentformyhorse: LOL LOL LOL

    @Mydoogyface: only god knows….

  306. but for i have my own problem now in which yours is nothing..facebook disabled my page!!!! jealous trashes!!

  307. @suroorps: yeah, whats up with that, his profile is disabled but as of today the fan page HE created himself is still up (has 290+ fans…. all making fun of him of course. arent the pages you create disabled along with your profile? i guess not!

    i am starting to feel the suroor withdrawn though, without any new LOLs coming from him, whats there to look forward to? by the way, perhaps having his facebook profile removed means this is a wake up call for this guy? i would want him to get help (before he goes out on a shooting rampage)

  308. @Lurker… I agree. Deep down, I kinda feel bad for the guy. I mean, how desperate do you have to be, to do what he does to his body? How much do you have to hate yourself, to say some of the things he says? I do have compassion for him, but at the same time, I do get my chits & giggles from his crap.

    Bless his heart.

  309. I doubt it’s any kind of wake up call if he’s has it removed like, 13 times…

  310. *had

  311. TO ALL: MORE RUROOR: hey guys, feast your eyes on the latest lamebook suroor entry:
    http://www. lamebook .com/more- suroor/morsor1/comment-page-1/#comment-175454

  312. @twitnit check out the latest lamebook entry called “more suroor” this one its worth its weight in gold LOL

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