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  1. As rude as Chris was… I still laughed and I hate myself for it!

  2. Looks like Kim needs to be more selective about who she friends on Facebook.

  3. That’s just mean

  4. I agree with #3, that shit’s just cruel

  5. chris still bitter she wouldnt blow him in hs

  6. perhaps Kim will learn to modify her caloric intake.

  7. Lame.

  8. i love malteaser too

    Where’s the mandatory pregnant, popular cheerleader comment? And the one from the nerd who liked Kim since high school, at whom Kim didn’t even look twice at? (We know that Kim fantasized about blowing Chris but never really did it in school)

  9. Chris is a piece of shit.

    That is all.

  10. Wow, that’s really rude!

    I wish we had reunions and stuff, I’m only a few years out of high school but I think it’d be fun in like ten years. I’d love to see what people turn out like!

    And laugh at them if they got fat.



  11. I’m guessing Slim nailed it. Either that or Kim and Chris were in a relationship at one time which ended sourly and Chris still hasn’t gotten over it.

  12. Chris pretty much proved her point really. He might as well have told her to get back in the kitchen… I mean, if he’d been funny, it… would have been funny xD

    Like… what’s funny about just saying ‘you’re fat’ to a girl? :S That’s something I’m seeing a lot now. Is just people commenting on statuses saying like ‘no, you’re ugly’ or ‘cos you’re fat’.
    What the fuck is that? Is that like… is it a joke? :S Cos… I don’t know if you understand jokes, but… they need to have some form of punchline. Just like… saying an insult and following it with ‘it’s a joke’… that, my friend… isn’t a joke.

    What… is with all… the ellipses in this comment…?

  13. i didn’t read too much into chris’s comment other than kim must’ve been a bitch in hs. funny cause all the bitches at my hs ended up either dropping out, getting knocked up, and/or getting extremely fat…wish we had someone in our class like chris who would say f*ck it and tell it like it is =)

  14. Either Kim or one of her friend’s will be mid-period, for Chris’s special BBQ sauce.

  15. Oh Chris is butt hurt that his fantasy of finally showing Kim that she should have choose him in High School is blown to hell because shit she gained a little weight…. Move on Chris

  16. What a dick…

  17. Haha, nice one Chris :D

  18. its not funny when you call someone who is fat, fat… you have to have more game then that if you are going to decide out of nowhere to make fun of someone… chris gets a major fail… wouldnt be surprised if its a self submit also

  19. I think you got or are close cupid… maybe he was hoping to find her miserable and instead she was happily so he took a shot at a superficial flaw… although its tough to say without pics

  20. Clearly Chris didn’t get much of an education…….

  21. Slim we totally need pics, I’m more of a visual person so pics would top the cake in my book and the more I think about it I think maybe Chris might be a little on the heavy side too either that or he was heavy in High School and all pissed that he lost all the high school weight for nothing. Damn you Kim

  22. British Hobo is the only one on here with both intelligence and tact. Both, in my opinion, are required to be humorous.

    Elle Bee – you are just a few years out of HS? Because I’ve been reading you as kind of a doddering old lady this whole time.

    Malteaser is funny, too. There is something to be said about the element of repetition.

  23. Euh hobo , you’re fat ?

  24. Well, Ben, my favorite dessert is banana foster, and my favorite color is blue. That just so happens to be the color of the sky, you know.

    And Chris is a jerk. I’m sure he thought that joke was the shit, and he may even have a few immature and idiotic friends who are cackling up his “wit” right now.

  25. I’m not sure which comment to post: “There’s so much hate on the Internet.” or “I would bet my paycheck that Chris is still working at the same place he worked at in highschool, only maybe now they let him wear the manager button.” I’d say them both, but then I’d be a hypocrite.

    I’ll will choose and post shortly.

  26. Ben waiting , while i agree that hobo has intelligence and sometimes tact (he has been known to be a tad bit rude lately) i do however disagree with your assesment. Humour can also be crude , obvious and plain dumb.

    Not do diss hobo at all, i like to hasle him a bit but he’s allright , a decent bloke.
    You forgot about a lot of other posters that do offer something extra, posters that think outside the box , sensible madness is the best example. Me , i used to be funny , now i am just an annoying old perv … and happy to be so 2!

  27. There’s so much hate on the Internet.

  28. Hehe mark , nice touch
    There is also lots of love on the internet, you have websites where they suggest people you never met as friends, websites devoted to kissing girls, love ins (aka gangbangs) and so on.

    If that aint heartwarming i dont know what is …

  29. @10 Elle Bee- i had my 10 year reunion a few years ago and all the popular guys got fat. the girls and the nerdy guys still looked good. i got a chuckle out of it.

  30. LoL – I think she took it well. And he just proved that some peolpe never change for the better. What an ass.

  31. Chris is a dick, but he’s just said out loud what others may think in their heads. I think all of us here have been in situations where you’re burning to say something, but just can’t.

    Thank God most of us have filters between the brain and the mouth in the social and work environment.
    We’d be jobless and friendless otherwise.

    Having said that, I do love it when you go to reunions, or other gatherings, and you catch up with people you haven’t seen in a while, and you look younger/slimmer or whatever, than most that are there.
    You can’t say anything though, gotta switch the filter on.

    Never burn your bridges.

  32. I didnt go to my 10 year… i forgot it was coming up and kept in contact with noone that I went to hs with… i did go to my wifes 10 year… it was alright… a bunch of people trying to show off what they done… I was just happy cuz i was worth showing off… lots of dudes with disappointed looks on their face when my wife introduced me as the hubby… boo ya!!

  33. Chris is the man

  34. My graduating class totally dropped the ball on any sort of reunion. There was no reunion for the 10th, and with the 15th this year there probably won’t be one either.

    Either that or everyone is just trying to keep it from me. Screw them, I didn’t want to go anyway. *runs away sobbing*

  35. That makes it worth going , slim

    I loved my ten yr because i was destined to end up on the wrong way of the track but am doing better for myself then most there. They havent seen anything, have smalltime jobs and small time lives. All of wich can be great if thats your thing but i saw and heard a lot of shattered dreams in their tales. Life tends to have that effect on people.
    Still bragging about my wage felt rewarding, great succes.

  36. That makes it worth going , slim

    I loved my ten yr because i was destined to end up on the wrong way of the track but am doing better for myself then most there. They havent seen anything, have smalltime jobs and small time lives. All of wich can be great if thats your thing but i saw and heard a lot of shattered dreams in their tales. Life tends to have that effect on people.
    Still bragging about my wage felt rewarding, great succes.

  37. Double post ? Not so great succes … Time to eat some humble pie

  38. What a Schmuck. I feel sorry if there is a Mrs. Chris…

  39. If there is a Mrs Chris, I bet she’s not fat like Kim

  40. I way Chris talks I don’t think there is a Mrs. Chris

  41. ^ The way

  42. Shouldn’t James catch some flak for “LOL” on the “fat joke”?
    I thought it was funny… Poor fat girl is probably going to go on a binge now….
    If Chris was a dick in highschool, why be his Facebook “friend”?
    I use facebook to keep in touch with old friends, and friends who live overseas…. You don’t have to accept EVERY friend request!

    I love comments like that, but really enjoy it when the fat chick has a better comeback then this one did…
    Get over it, you’re fat, you know it, do something about it….

    The world is getting so “PC” that you can’t even make fun of fat people anymore…..
    They started with the Blacks, then the Jews, and on and on, then the Mexicans! The fucking Mexicans!?! Have you ever been in a Taco Bell when a Mexican Family comes in? It’s CHAOS!!! Even worse than getting stuck behind a fat person….

    Who the fuck are we supposed to make fun of?

  43. iddjit,

    I make fun of fat people, don’t worry, there are some of us still out there.

    I’ve mentioned it a few times before.
    I hate fat.

  44. I’m with you guys. I’ll make fun of fat people all day long! I couldn’t imagine a world without being able to laugh at them.

  45. I’ll make fun of fat people until they turn into bulimic messes. Just ask soup

  46. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    hmmm…Chris is a “rectal wart”. <<– been wanting to use that for awhile now. * phew * can finally feel at ease. Thanks to whoever brought those words to my attention.

    I don't think my HS had a 10-yr reunion. I'm actually glad they didn't. Otherwise, I would have had to go with the moron I married. Any credibility I had would have gone out the window! Now that I'm rid of the trash, I wouldn't mind going. :)

    Before I get attacked, harassed, he became a retard AFTER we got married. Until then, he was tolerable. If only we could go back in time and slap some sense into ourselves… * sighs *

  47. I hate fat chicks, almost got ‘fat chicks’ inside a red circle with an X through it tattooed on my arm… true but no idea why I mentioned it, pretty loaded though. Father Sha and British Hobo both sound VERY intelligent I must say, I was just disappointed the Father bragged about his income.

  48. I like how your username is “mass” but you hate fat chicks. It makes me lol.

    That said, it’s people like Chris (and I guess mass) that make me so happy that I’m not a fat chick anymore. Though every time I go to my hometown someone asks about my nonexistent baby and compliment my loss of baby weight… I just say thank you and tell them she’s about to start kindergarten. (I’m 21. My school wasn’t known for it’s Math department)

  49. You’re right Father Sha, humor can be crude, obvious, and plain dumb. But I rarely find that funny when not combined with intelligence and/or tact (with tact being interchangeable with timing here). Again, Malteaser is funny, to me, because of his/her timing. I agree, Sensible Madness is a close runner up. You actually often come across as intelligent and witty, but while I don’t find you self-congratulatory here (reunions are for celebrating the strides you made), I find British Hobo generally more humble. Most others though, and you can see by the previous posts, lapse into that all too obvious humor that really isn’t that funny. It’s like Chris Farley humor. Or Sam Kinison. Or Andrew Dice Clay. Or Howard Stern. They don’t work hard enough to make me laugh.

  50. It’s people like Chris and Mass that make me happy I AM a fat chick. Because I will never accidentally fall in love with one of them.

  51. Ben Waiting is quite the Connoisseur of regular lamebook commentors it would seem.

  52. Kudos to Crispy_Bandana. That took a lot more courage than all the overly tired “I hate fat people” comments on here.

    Yes, XS, I suppose I am. I used to think the comments were on par with the actual posts (although those, too, are often ridiculous). Not so much lately.

  53. Chris = Rude idiot git who is either fat himself, or full of steroids and has erectile disfunction and he’s angry over it.

    I’m only a couple years out of highschool too and quite frankly if I never see most of the gits in my highschool again I’ll be quite content.

    I was the fat chick that everyone thought was a Satanist…fun times in highschool…fun times.

  54. a fat satanist… i’m guessing you give the thumbs up for anal then ;)

  55. Sure, the comment was mean. But it certainly invited all the bitter fat chicks from high school to come out of the woodwork in Kim’s defense.

  56. well tzigana… i imagine that shit was tough for a young fat gal… i give them their leave to be bitter… they are just another easy target for pricks… if you have to resort to making fun of fat, retared or gay people then you probably are just compensating for your own personal issues

  57. I did laugh a little, but have to admit, Chris was pretty much a big dick, or should I say “small dick?”

  58. Just when I was ready to write you off slimjayz, you say something meaningful. And impressive.

  59. Slim , or just plain evil ?
    Ben Waiting, while i see you commenting on the commentors (what a strange construction btw) i have yet to discover a funny post by your doing.

    You come off a bit snobby.

    And btw i do not consider humbleness to be a trump. Where i come from you better be vocal and proud about the things you realised in life, and bragging about the money you make comes naturally for us. Because so few of the people from my ‘hood’ made it to a standard the middle class elite appreciates.

    And if you do not get in their faces and make ‘em appreciate and even fear your quality then you succeed. Otherwise they will always treat you like the hoodrat that got lucky.

  60. Father Sha,

    You will find no posts by me other than reflective commentary such as this. I am okay with that. Frankly, forums such as this are all about the “in crowd,” and many (if not most) postings by randoms go on noticed, un-commented upon. I don’t like popularity contests, nor do I like trying to impress a crowd with how much oral sex I have (not something you have done but a whole lot of others have), so I limit my comments to authorship.

    I am certain I do “come off a bit snobby.” I am okay with that, too.

    I am also certain that you do not consider humbleness to be a trump. That much is clear. Given your confessional-esque postings (forgive the pun)(and that pun as well), I have learned that English is your third language (which I would not have known since your writing is more cogent than most here), and that your mother was a single mom, and you take great offense to remarks about single motherhood and responsibility.

    I have also learned that when you perceive others slighting you, your comments say more about your own questioning of yourself than they do about the original post. For instance, by humble I was not referring to bragging about or celebrating your financial gains, but you seem to be stuck on that aspect, as is evidenced by your last post to me. I don’t doubt (or disagree with) your position on rising above your origins, exceeding expectations, or securing respect from others. But there is a time and place to be self-congratulatory. I’m not entirely sure if Lamebook is the place.

  61. As much as i hate to admit it,i am very impressed by your post and the little piece of psychoanalysis you threw in for free.

    So thank you for that.

  62. Making fun of fat people will never get old or unfunny. Sad but true.

  63. krasivaya_devushka

    Chris is a dumbass!

    Father Sha – may I ask where you are from?

  64. Hmm. While I do always enjoy being praised for my intelligence and tact (okay, it was just this once) it does feel slightly like accepting an Oscar from somebody who just said everybody else who worked on your film wwas talentless.

    And I gotta say there’s people on here far funnier and more intelligent than me. If I was to name em all I’d probably forget someone, but y’all know who I mean. The main names.

  65. I have to say I don’t find it funny to make fun of fat people, some are overweight because of health issues, some are overfed as children and then start off life overweight and find it difficult to get out of it. yes some are fat because they have overeaten and made themselves like it. But people say “haha that fat chick shovels food down her throat.” and similar thing but it is an addiction if someone is like that and before you laugh just think if you saw a heroin addict that was a mess would you say “haha she injects heroin into her veins.” or would you feel sorry for them? The answer is more than likely feel sorry for them and see that they need help to overcome their addiction. overweight people sometimes need that kind of help.

    Before anyone makes any remarks, no I am not overweight myself but I do see the reality of it and realise that it takes all sorts to make a world, fat people, thin people, straight people, gay people, black people, white people, boring people, loud people. Everyone is different and thats what makes life interesting.

  66. krasivaya_devushka

    #65 – I agree; well said! I don’t make fun of them either or anyone for that matter. But once they realize that they have a problem, they need to work on it instead of bitchin’ even more and complaining how they can’t lose the weight. Yeah, it’s hard but where there’s will, there’s a way :)

  67. # 65 & 66:

    We’re also presuming Chris is right about Kim “getting fat” since high school. I went from being straight up-and-down in high school to having hips and a chest. I’m sure a lot of the bitchy people I knew in high school would say I “got fat” because I’m no longer the ultra-fashionable stick that I once was but a woman with an hourglass figure. I’m in no way overweight (actually, I was underweight back then and am pretty much right now) but to them, anything healthy is “fat”, especially if you were what they thought of as “normal”.

  68. watersinger I completely agree with you. And us women have it worse, If you see a man thats slightly overweight people just say he’s built but if women are anything higher than a size 8 people say we’re fat. And women are naturally meant to be curvy and are built to be curvy. If you look at marilyn monroe she’s what people say women should be like yet some people who are the same sort of size as her, and some even smaller, get called fat.

    Chances are also that kim has had children since being at school and a majority of people don’t remain exactly the same size as your metabolism slows down as you get older and your not always able to dedicate as much time to exercise.

  69. Father Sha, You are welcome, and I meant it in the best of spirits. I also retract saying you were self-congratulatory, because compared to cali4niachef, whose posts are maddeningly smug, you are in fact a saint.

  70. WaterSinger, you can’t judge, since anything bigger than the ultra-fashionable stick was probably fat to you back then.

    Also, Chris’ comment was funny, cruel and will hopefully leave a scar.

  71. You know, it’s really easy to go around hurting people’s feelings by judging their every little physical defect, but I find it’s always the sleazeballs who have no sense of self-worth who end up doing things like that.

    While I understand the stigma against fat people (I mean, sometimes I do think, whoa, how did that person get that fucking big?), I also understand that most fat people either lack the education to take matters into their own hands, or have other issues causing them to gain the weight (stress, sickness, etc).

    I rate this as a dislike.

    Not only because it’s rude, but because a good joke needs to have some intellectual value to me, not just “HAHAHA I CAN INSULT PEOPLE BECAUSE I’M PERFECT AHAHHAHAHAHAH”.

    I approve of Crispy Bandana

  72. lol

  73. Maybe I don’t understand, but I feel like the title is a fail

    Is that a wordplay on the words reunion and ruined? Shouldn’t it be ReUnIoNED?

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