Friday, August 27, 2010

Replied and Denied

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  1. I would merry Casey in a heartbeat with that proposal.

  2. That’s also such a strange way to spell “megan”..

  3. Not really, Richey1.

    Casey, basic rules apply – especially on a public forum like Facebook. NEVER put something out there unless you’re certain it’s coming back in your favour. Even worse when it’s a shit proposal like that. Public humiliation is the worst.

  4. Poor Casey…. DENIED!

  5. Not as romantic as a taco sauce package, but close.

  6. i enjoy laughing at other people’s misfortune!

  7. Charlotte Sometimes


    i felt equally unamused when i read this crap and after i read this crap. too many marriage proposals via facebook have made me immune to it’s stupidity.

  8. Ah schadenfreude, how I love thee

  9. mass, if you’re out there, will you merry me?

    I’d merry you just for your pills. The ones the Doc gave me aren’t working. Feeling weak, dizzy, nauseous, and just downright weird. And, there is not a scrap of opioid in them. Fuck.

  10. mass is the opium of the people

  11. OK True and sappy story;
    (short one i promise)
    How I proposed to my wife.

    My wife and I had been dating for 2 years. We were not exactly having safe sex. She kept telling me that if I knocked her up I would have to marry her.

    Well by that time I was pretty familiar with her cycle and had noticed that she was late. I went out and bought a ring and hid it in her box of tampons.

    Sure enough she went to the doctor without telling me a couple of days later and came back to spring the news. I immediately told her to go get the box of tampons. Confused she went up. I found her wearing the ring crying for joy sitting on the shitter in our bathroom. I got on one knee and asked her right there. Of course she said yes.

    And she has been making me tea out of those bloody things since!

  12. Hi, kids! Welcome toooo… Storytime With Sideshow!

  13. that was soo mean…. :/

  14. Someone has to make this entertaining. Lamebook is obviously losing its touch with these recent posts. I’m here to please. And no kids please. By court order.

  15. This is just kinda faintly depressing.

  16. sideshow, call me unromantic, or just call me zombified from these drugs, but what was the significance of putting the ring in the tampon box? Sorry, I’m off my rocker, and not in the good way.

  17. sideshow’s tampon tale might inspire other’s to tell their proposal stories.

    I am not, but others may just be.

  18. One of my good friends proposed and his soon-to-be-fiance’s response was “holy shit.” She wasn’t freaked out or anything, he just caught her by surprise that much. It’s not proposing via FB or a sauce packet, but it makes all of us laugh everytime.

  19. Comments, I’ve been proposed to a couple of times. The first one – I’ve absolutely no recollection of the proposal, whatsoever, but I did say yes. I did not marry him, though.

  20. Word, I think it’s because it’s the reason he proposed in the first place; she wouldn’t be needing them for the next forty odd weeks. Poor girl, she must have been scared of his reaction if she went to the doctor without telling him.

    And seeing as you’re having tampon tea, sideshow, maybe you should eat the placenta when the baby is born :-)

  21. Wordymyperv,

    I’ll happily add to your total; I pass a Taco Bell on my way home from work – I’ll look for the right packet to express my sentiments ;)

  22. ^^ sorry if I scarred anyone with that placenta thing, I accidentally stumbbled upon an old post about said placenta when, while going through old posts to figure out when yoink dissapeared and why.

  23. I thought he had it with the “you know everything I have done to hurt you” part…bummer

  24. Saffer, honey, I still don’t get it, but it doesn’t really matter.
    Maybe a shower will clear my addled head…

    Comments, I’ve never eaten Taco Bell, nor do I want to, but I’d gladly say yes.

  25. word, as I write this I am wearing the scarf you mailed me.

    .. and then you go ahead and tell me you’re showering… awesome day!

  26. awww, I must be getting soft, I actually feel really sorry for Casey, despite his bad spelling and repetitiveness.

  27. dirtylittlepretty

    Meghan must have been fighting with some serious inner turmoil, and just look at how she has cheated herself (possibly) out of getting merried to one sweet ass romantic guy.

  28. Calm down people, I think he’s just asking for a blowjob.

  29. mass, you’re so easily pleased. That’s cute. If only all men could be made happy by scarves and images of showering.

    By the way, my merriage proposal still stands.

  30. I dew ..

  31. Where you gonna hide my engagement ring? Please don’t say a tampon box.

  32. word, does this make you a polygamist?

  33. That’s the plan, junebug. I’m going to be the female version of Bill Paxton’s (vomit) character on Big Love.

  34. I won’t hide anything from you word… huge parts of my past maybe but we’ll work through it.

  35. Well then it sounds like we have a lot in common, mass. We’ll do just fine.

  36. gotta love a happy ending.

  37. So sideshow, the reason you put the ring in the tampon box was to pretend that the next time she had her period, she would find the ring, and she would think you were proposing because you loved her and wanted to spend the rest of your life with her even though she wasn’t pregant?

    But you are saying that was actually a lie, because you had just figured out that she was actually pregnant, and so that’s why you proposed?

    That’s awesome!!

  38. I’ll tell you how I proposed to my wife. One day I was in the town market and I saw this fine young thing with her family. They were selling pigs. I was just buying some farm tools. Anyway, I followed them around all day and night to find out where they lived. Then about 2 weeks later I showed up at her house with three cows. Going rate for a bride back then was only 2 cows. Her dad was really impressed. He called her from their barn to come meet me. I told her I love her and her breasts and she was going to make me many children. She didn’t like me too much at first but I grew on her and after about 10 years she was used to me. The end. Now that’s a real romantic story.

  39. Ok maybe my story isn’t that romantic by today’s standards, but those were good milk cows and just coming to breeding age. And at least I was honest.

  40. Um, is it normal for a sister to refer to her brother as ‘Bub’ so often? Yes, I’m an only child, so can’t fully understand, but it seems a bit odd…

  41. @Milo,

    Both my uncle and my grandfather (as well as my grandmother, when she was alive) refer to my mother as “Sissy”. This was a name given to her because, when she was born, my uncle couldn’t properly pronounce her name (“Terri”).

    Both my papa and my uncle still, to this day, call her and label her birthday and Christmas gifts “Sissy” and not “Terri”.

    Given, my family is far from a great example of normal, but I’m just putting it out there that is does occur.

  42. @Jessi

    Your family is more normal then you think. My girlfriend is called Sissy by her brother and mother, due to the same reasons. Her mother even has a friend, who’s daughter goes by sissy also. lol.

  43. when i was younger my neighbors only called each other sister and brother and never by their real names,it was kinda odd.

  44. It is not strange to be called sissy and bubby. There is a gay bar down the street with with the same name.

    Thank you sideshow for the correct usage of marry.

    Casey is an idiot. They are obviously going through rough patches as you can see in his post. I guess after a week of being lonely your sack fills up and starts to leak in to your brain.

    Debra is a total bitch. I wonder if she likes Taco Bell?

  45. (Sigh)

    Wherefore art thou anonisgayisgay with thy musings of gayness and fagdom?

    So much lameness, so little humour.

  46. Did anyone mention that his sister will only show up to his wedding if it’s convenient? So sad. Poor Casey, nobody loves him….

  47. raven, that and she’ll only go if Meghan says yes to his proposal. Demanding.

    I do love the fact that he wrote the proposal out and then he and his sister had a little conversation on the status. Translate it to real life and it’s the equivalent if saying ‘I love you, will you marry me?’ and then turning to your sister before you girlfriend gets a chance to answer and inviting your sister to the wedding.

  48. I don’t think I would go if she said no. I’m sure it would turn out to be a sausage fest.

  49. Sissy, I understand. But Bub seems like an odd one… and with what BritishHobo said…

  50. bub might just be something she uses as a term of endearment? i call people bub or babe all the time, it doesn’t matter if i’m related to them.

  51. Maybe she’s secretly Wolverine? That would explain the ‘Bub’.

  52. lmao, nice… wolverine.

    i call my dog bub…

  53. I’m guessing Wolverine’s comment was deleted? I don’t see it on this thread anywhere.

  54. You’re out of your element du.

  55. lol @ defectiveuser I mean the actual Wolverine with the adamantium claws n all. He says ‘Bub’ a lot.

  56. I guess I am. I never seen the movie.

  57. … Wow. Had to make an account because the stuff on the 16th was hilarious. first one I tune into now is rather depressing….



  58. Longtime reader, and just wanted to let you all know that zombiekid appears to be alive and well on the CNN website as a commenter:

    Yes, he still likes turtles.

  59. Thank god, I was starting to get worried for the little guy.

  60. Proposal story: My dad asked my mom to marry him, and she responded with, “Who, me?” He said, “…yes…” She said, “You’re kidding!” He said, “I’ve known you’re the one for me since I looked across the room and into your beautiful blue eyes.”

    Her eyes were green.

    Oh, and she was pregnant, too. Maybe that’s what made her eyes change color.

  61. Meghan’s response was actually pretty tame.

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