Thursday, April 8, 2010

Religulous Part 2

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  1. Ben!! Last one is NOT original

  2. I’ve seen the last one before?
    Oh boy there might just be a religious debate coming

  3. Ah you beat me to it. Don’t hassle the Hoff….

  4. I’ve seen the last one a few times before.

  5. robotninjazombiebear

    if shes going to copy something like that, at least do it while it’s still fairly new.

  6. Spare will muzzle the bible-bashers lol

  7. robotninjazombiebear

    i think i even read that in Maxim once.

  8. The first one is the the funniest post I’ve seen on lamebook. Possibly on the internet in general.

  9. I’ve seen and commented about Sydney before.

    lamebook, you’re a repeat offender.

    I got nothin’ else.

  10. Sydney, I need you to correctly spell conversation, so I can put it in the computer.

  11. ThinkingInPictures

    Hey, Sydney and her Mr. Stuiped are back! Lovely.

  12. Just because the old post fits the new title doesn’t mean that you HAVE to use it.

    Just saying.

  13. not sure if it was exactly the same but the stupid people one has been on here before.

  14. Oh it’s the same one dc.

    Same stupid Sydney and her same stupid cronies.

  15. Oh, Lamebook, why do you keep reposting your old stuff? Are you turning into Frodo?

  16. I realize it’s a repeat but how does he not know how to spell his wife’s first and last name? yeesh.

  17. I cannot get over how annoying it is to see her spell it stuipid. Over and over and over again.

  18. Oh sorry. Stuiped*

  19. I can’t believe no one has noticed it before, but the last one on here has been on this site before. CRAZYness.

    And oh, how original and funny… Catholic church bashing.

    Yes, we get it, kids were molested, just like in every religion/organization in the world.

    Let’s get some boy scout molestation humor up there next.

  20. @mcowles, where the hell do you live that EVERY religion and organization molests children?!?!?!?!

  21. These were kind of lame.

  22. @nonnomnomzz wtf? where do YOU live, prude.

  23. unchienandalou molests children.
    he/she/it seems to believe expressing shock at the notion of child molestation makes one a prude. therefore he/she/it is a child molester.

    very inappropriate, unchienandalou. they’re just children.

  24. Its the fucking Beatles

    WTF? Who the fuck is Sydney? Clearly I’m not seeing the same posts as you lot are.

  25. @nomnomnom

    Humans aren’t all that great always… aren’t all that moral always, what makes rabbis and muslim leaders and buddhist leaders somehow outside the scope of that?

    “Well… but, the news said Catholic priests did bad things”

    So what? There is something “not good” happening in every organization that has over 15 members in it… it might not be child touching, but it’s something (and there are definitely some where it IS child touching).

  26. Its the fucking Beatles

    @ nomnomnom. That’s really clever, accusing someone of being a child molester on the basis of a comment. Twat.

  27. CommentsAtLarge

    If expressing shock at the notion of child molestation makes one a prude, guess that makes me a prude. Of course, not expressing shock at that idea may just make you a pedophile (or at least a pedderass), so I think I’m ok with being a prude.

  28. Its the fucking Beatles

    Calling someone a prude for not condoning peadophila = wrong.
    Calling someone a child molester for someone calling them a prude = Totally out of order.

  29. CommentsAtLarge

    How is that not directly proportional? I used their logic in reverse.

    Besides, I totally left them an out with “may just”…

  30. If you guys dont like molesting children, its probably because you haven’t tried it before.

  31. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    nomnomnom = Frodo

    Clearly this person seems to think that ONLY religious leaders in the Catholic church are child molesters. I do not believe that being Catholic is a precursor to child molesting/pedophilia/what-have-you. Perhaps it is time to get out from under the rock you’ve been hiding under.

    What’s with the uptight people today (i.e. commentsatlarge, nomnomnom)

    No one commenting is condoning child molesting! However, it’s stupid and rather ignorant to smear an entire faith on the basis of a few bad apples (that can be found in EVERY organized / unorganized faith).

    rant over.

  32. Um, everyone’s talking about a repeat post? I guess they removed it?

    Anyway, the only standout thing from this post was someone using ‘you’re’ instead of ‘your’, which thanks to Lamebook has become my biggest pet hate :P

  33. CommentsAtLarge

    So, apparently my sarcastic illustration of the flawed logic being expressed was missed. I’ll keep that in mind for the next time.

    I totally agree MonkeyC, no one is condoning it. Faith or no, molestation can be present. It is a stereotype of Catholicism (just like all Italians being in the Mafia, or everyone in Jersey being like the idiots on “Jersey Shore”). Stereotypes, by definition, are stupid and ignorant. The more we insult and degrade a stereotype, the less power it has. Nothing serious was meant, and in whole, this is getting too serious — this is Lamebook after all.

    Ok, rant over as well.

  34. @Beatles, @BritishHobo; Yup, they removed the repost. And I think you can figure out what the original was, based on the comments.

  35. @BritishHobo Lamebook has done that to me too! I hate the your/you’re mistakes. Had a go at a friend the other day for making that mistake on Facebook. There/their/they’re is also starting to really grate. Thanks Lamebook!

  36. @Mcowles: I have yet to see someone who practices Buddhism to be a sexual predator. Although I cannot speak for all the other religions/beliefs and organizations, I am quite certain you would not find a child molesting Buddhist.


    article about a Buddhist monk who molested a child. From a Buddhist site, condemning the action.
    So yes, it happens.

  38. You hear (read) that? It happens.

  39. Frodo molests children!

  40. At least the Buddhist site condemned it. The Catholic church operate under Canon Law instead of Real Life Law, which basically enables them to diddle whoever they like, in as weird circumstances as possible, like making little children sign a contract to promise never to tell the police that the local priest was raping them. No one other than the Bishop that made them sign it. Canon Law Expert and Official Church Representative says: It’s okay guys! Its allowed under Canon Law! Phewarama.

  41. i’ve wondered, for a while, how the title “good friday” came about.

    i mean, good for whom?

    certainly not jesus.

  42. I would love to say “in b4 hatred of various groups and ‘my group is better than yours cuz we don’t do illegal stuff’ ‘yes you do’ arguments” but that would have required me to post many hours ago.

    Seriously, I have nothing against mocking the Catholic church for their shortcomings in this regard. Nor do I have anything against mocking any other church for their faults. I do, however, have problems with vitriolic hate-spewing such as is embodied in the first two posts. That’s not lame, that’s crossing into the territory of libel.

    Also, @danetta:
    I believe it’s meant to be “Good” for the human race, the sins of whom Christian theology states that Christ died to redeem on said Friday.

  43. jesus for the win?

  44. The Catholic church has a system that is setup perfectly for molesting children and they do everything in their power to cover up and condone these vile actions. They deserve all the hate the world can muster towards them.

    Other organizations/groups have these types present, but they are removed and punished when found out, not moved to other places so the crimes can continue.

  45. They deserve censure, yes. They do not deserve libel.

  46. After my priest stuck his penis in my butt, I was thrilled when the church censured him. It gave me an amazing sense of closure. Well, except my anus. That thing is still like a wizard’s sleeve.

  47. Soup.. i’ve stalked you for quite sometime now.. and yet.. you never cease to amaze me… your my fav.. along with wordpervert and slimjay

  48. I see no libel, only subpar jokes and scorn for an organization that when it finds out its members molest children do nothing to remove those people and continue the cycle of abuse. This stuff may be everywhere, but it more prevalant in the Catholic Church than anywhere else and when you combine that with their post abuse actions, people have every right to question and degrade these so called men of God.

  49. lol

  50. I’m ashamed at you Lamebook. Honestly. On a good day, you could get up 200 comments of furious, yet increasingly boring discussion on some major issue mocked in today’s Lamebook post. But 48, most of them jokes? That’s not even worth not reading.

    Or… fuck, I have a headache.

  51. “The Catholic Church is a cult run by kid fuckers”
    Is it true? Possibly, but I would guess enough of the higher ups are innocent to make this statement false. Is it meant to cause defamation? Yes. Ergo, libel.

    I’m not saying that we shouldn’t mock the Catholic church or priests. Have fun. But remember that there is a thin line between scornful mocking and a crime.

  52. Scene: International Court

    Judge: “The court will now come to order in the case of Pope Benedict XVI vs. The Internet.”
    Baliff: “Joseph Alois Ratzinger, place your left hand on the bible and raise your right hand. Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?”
    Pope: “Umm, aren’t we allowed to just affirm these days?”
    Baliff: “Sure.”
    Pope: “Ok, yes I do.”
    Lawyer: “Did you knowingly allow pedophiles to retain positions of influence over children?”
    Pope: “I plead the 5th.”
    Lawyer: “Sir, you are not in the US, nor are you an American citizen.”
    Pope: “Umm, I meant the 5th Commandment. Honor thy mother and father. Yeah. And since I control the infallible word of God, I’m kind of like your father. So go fuck yourself.”

    Lawyer: “Internet, do you have proof of Pope Benedict ever molesting a child?”
    Internet: “HE’S A NAZI!”
    Lawyer: “That’s not really relevant in this case.”
    Internet: “FIRST! LOL!”
    Lawyer: “What?”
    Internet: “COCKBAG! HAHAHA!”

    Suddenly, a blinding white light coalesces in the room.

    God: I can haz cheezburger? LOL!
    Internet: WE WIN!

  53. Its the fucking Beatles

    Soup. LMFAO! :D FTW!

  54. Soup, that was fucking epic. I love you… alot.

    “But remember that there is a thin line between scornful mocking and a crime.”

    actually, the line between a lame facebook post and a crime is pretty fucking huge.

    And while the higher ups may or not have done the molesting (though at least one cardinal has been caught and they are right below the pope in false idol status) is not really the point. By covering it up they aide and abet child molesters, making they themselves child fuckers by association. You could even argue that thier actions fucked over a bunch of children. Either way, CC=child fuckers.

  55. @ Kinga: Wow, one? Let’s sum that up to the millions of cases with the Catholics. I’m not against religion in any way (even though I am Atheist), I just DO NOT like their followers. Religion would not be so bad today if it were not for the followers of the religion. And do not even try to argue that point.

    BTW, Soup, you are my idol. =)

  56. Soup… Oh wow! Count me in as a fan too!

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